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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Men / Simlish Racing Team-Jackets - Part I on: September 25, 2008, 11:48:41 am
Even if you're just "that guy who hands out the refreshments" - you will still be part of the team if you just wear one of these jackets!
(You can click on the pictures to zoom in.)

Team SimSpin

Team Petrofast

Team United Minerals

Team Texaco

A total of ten jackets, using a maxis base game-mesh,
plus matching recolors (7) for Blooms Retro Motor Helmet. You'll need to get that mesh.
You can choose if you want just a certain team or all in one download. Smiley

Thanks in first place to WittyOne whose 1969 Camaro (that's the car in the pics) somehow has triggered this whole "racing" project!
You can find his car on his page WittysRides or Sims2Plaza which also is the place to find my recolors.

As well big thanks to SIMale for his simlish font - keep sims world simlish with ease!

Thanks to BlooM for his Retro Motor Helmet. That is so cool!

Thanks also to Maximum_Spider for his Pontiac GTO in the background!

Oh, I almost forgot to thank Decorgal for her modeling poses! Thanks, Decorgal, your work is awesome!
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / By Design: Holiday House - The Belairs Summer house on: September 03, 2008, 02:46:33 pm
So finally here's my contestant of Deses contest two months ago! Sorry for the wait, I had problems and organizing uploads with CC is really time-consuming... Here you go:

A cozy little lightweight design jewel built on a little mound next to the dunes! :happy8:

Unfortunately Simtomatics wonderful kitchen

isn't allowed to be redistributed. So you have to get it yourself here: MESHES and  RECOLORS
Both versions, furnished and unfurnished, include a big picture so you can easily reconstruct "my" kitchen.
(To place the middle room divider like I did, you'll have to use the cheat "boolprop snapobjectstogrid off".)

Lot size: 3x3
(Note it's not a beach lot nor did I know at that time how to build fake beach lots, hence the edge is pretty rough.)

Price: It's almost a starter, 19.906§ unfurnished (but that means not even a toilet) and 25.217§ fully furnished for a young family.

EP requirements: Nightlife and maybe Uni

Known issues:
 For some reason my game refused to package these lots after I had deleted superfluous recolors I think.
  It seems to work fine apart from that (imported into a clean game the same way than you would and play-tested quite a time), but as every CC, installing at own risk.

 ***Due to this problem these lot files (cx_90...) must be placed directly into the "LotCatalog" folder!***

  I gave them high numbers so they shouldn't conflict with other lots you've made or downloaded. Otherwise just rename the files.

 It might be that the first time you enter the lot the terrace door is filled with wall.
 That's because of the awning in front of it. In that case, open the cheatbox (Ctrl+Shift+c) and enter "moveobjects on".
 Then move the awning away, grap the door - it should appear correctly immediately, otherwise move it a bit -,
 after that move the awning back to it's place. It should be fine from then on. Smiley

 For another mysterious reason your sims will take the windows next to the entrance door with them when they move out. Greedy sims. lol

I almost forgot a fair warning: The fridge is almost empty, make sure to order food in time. Wink



 Window clear and Window Loft by
 Shiny Urban Door by Macarossi @mts2
 Louvre Door by
 "Sleek and Modern" stairs with matching fence by nengi65 @
 light green carpet by Funny2401 @
 Mosaic/Sekto Bathroom tiles by Tolli @
 snf_set_1_1 floor by Huh?
 Chicago Bathroom floor by Solander @
 "Water & Snake" Mosaic wall by
 Colorelle wall by aili@s
 Lineas green wall by Funny2401 @
 RetroMod Stripes #6+#8 wall by Ailias @mts2
 Suza Stripes 04 wall by
 Edge Smoother by Ailias @mts2
 Jope gardenplate by
 Long grass by Cazkiwi @mts2
 Grass patch by Huh?
 invisible driveway recolor by roddyaleixo @mts2
 maxis window and door recolor by

Furniture (only in furnished version):

 "My House" Awning large by Solander @
 Curtains by bbsims @
 Wooden Blinds - Long and Short by Shoukeir @Sims 2 Play -
  recolor by
 several "Arizona" items by Holy Simoly
 Bathroom "ANIS" by (formerly caravanshopsims2)
 Bedroom "Ibiza" by Chrissie @
 Nursery Set "Campagne" by (formerly caravanshopsims2)
 Polyphonic Hi-Fi System by zookini @mts2
  recolor by mizmugs @mts2
 TV by Huh? filename jrm_entertainmentcenter
 Stove and Trashcompactor by SolanderCGN @
 babbye_ Dining Table by bbsims @
 "Vision" Chair by Shoukeir @Sims 2 Play -
 Toddler Booster Seat by rebecah with perfectly matching stripy highchair recolor from TSR I think
 "Inner" Paintings by Shoukeir @Sims 2 Play -
 Painting 04 by Shoukeir @Sims 2 Play -
 Painting 11 by Shoukeir @Sims 2 Play -
 "Tis" Wall Mirror by Shoukeir @Sims 2 Play -
 'Wall of Memories' Shelf by Holy Simoly
 "Tischlein deck dich" table deco by or Bienchen83 @mts2
 Bowl of Lemons by Holy Simoly
 2x1 and 3x4 floorrug by Echo @mts2
 Bedside Mat by Echo/Numenor
 "Orion" lamps by Holy Simoly
 Modern Line - Study - Table lamp by Sandy @
 KS InWallLight Down by Huh?
 Jope_bath1_walllamp by Jope @
 Wall light from Court Square series by Solander @
 Outdoor Lantern by Numenor
 Cocnut Palmtree by (gone offline)
 Diningroom 03 plant by
 Jope_gardenlounger and sunshade by Jope @
 other recolors by, justmoi @mts2 and Suza @

 NOT INCLUDED original house content (original place):

 "DINER" kitchen (with room divider) by simtomatic @mts2 (see included pic)
 Plant "Dieffenbachia" by (bathroom)
 AVENIDA Tree Plant 005 by (living room 2x)
 Bowl with Kiwis (kitchen 4) by (dining table)
 Orange Bowl by teko @
 Catalog by teko @ (both coffee table)

The boats and piers you can see in the first pics background are one of the awesome nh-decorations by Criquette @mts2

 THANKS to all creators and MaryLou for her custom thumbnail tutorial!
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