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1  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / Look at me hack? on: October 17, 2008, 10:33:38 am
I have heard some people mention this. I think it would be useful in storytelling pictures can somebody point me as to where and what this hack is?
It sopposedly makes the sim look right into the camera?
gotta run some errands bbl
2  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / How do you? on: September 21, 2008, 10:42:02 pm
Create a link for your chapters?  So that people can go to first post and click whatever chapter they want to read?

Sorry, I am doofus never figured out how to do that.
3  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Therapists Files Open: Case 2 updated 10/28/08 on: September 17, 2008, 08:36:21 pm
This is in the fashion of short stories found in Ladies magazines of troubled marriages.
I decided to start with Don Lothario and Cassandra Goth. Since at least to me it seemed a doomed relationship.
I am playing them as I tell their story I hope you enjoy.
Btw I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures forgot to reset my settings but hopefully next installment that should be fixed and I promise much better pictures.
I love comments! Please let me know if you would like to see more of these!
Case One Don Lothario and Cassandra Goth
Case 1 part 2
Case 1 part 3
Case 1 part 4
Case 1 part 5
Don's Sessions
Session 1
Cassandra's Sessions
Session 1
Session 1 part 2
Case 2
Pleasant Family
Session 1
Session 1 part 2
Session 1 part 3
Session 1 part 4
Session 1 part 5
Session 2 part 6
Session 2 part 7
Mary-Sue Pleasant
Private Session 1 part A
Private Session 1 part B

Can This Marriage be Saved?
Meet the couple:

Cassandra Goth 36 year old Research Scientist. Cassie as she prefers to be called is rich, successful and completely miserable. Cassie has caught her husband Don of only three years cheating on him with a local hairdresser.
Don has asked Cassie to forgive him and give him another chance. They have both agreed to marriage counseling as a last resort before ending the relationship once and for all.
Cassie has just found out that she is three months pregnant and in interest of her and Don’s child has agreed to receiving therapy.
Therapist says...
Cassandra is drowning in a sea of doubts and despair. While she says she is willing to try to work on this marriage trust is going to be a very difficult issue for her.
Meet Don Lothario.
Don is an Intern at the Local Hospital. He is very goodlooking and charming. He has had a reputation as a ladies man for years. He is 39 and admits he has a problem keeping on his pants with the ladies. He swears he tried to be faithful to Cassandra Goth but felt lonely and ignored by his wife.
She says….
"I need help my marriage is very bad. Everyone tells me I should leave my husband but I can't seem to let him go, even though he is breaking my heart
"Do you want to leave him?"
"I don't know. He is the only man I have ever loved. I have been in love with Don since I was a teenager."
"Cassandra? May I call you Cassandra?"
"Please call me Cassie."
"OK Cassie tell me how you met your husband Don."
"OK well...the first time I saw Don was in the local bookstore. I have always been a bookworm so I basically haunted the store going there each afternoon after school and staying well into the late night until they closed.
I would buy so many books my Father jokingly said he should buy me the store and let me run it since it was my favorite haunt anyway.
I was not beautiful like my Mother Bella. I was not interested in business like my Father. I did love science. I read everything and anything I could get my hands on.
My junior year in high school I was enrolled in college part-time taking science classes all they would allow me. By the time I finished high school I was accepted into an internship program at the university and had enough credits to qualify as a sophomore. The fact that my Father Mortimer Goth was funding the Universities Science department might have had something to do with the fact that the University was only too happy to accommodate all my scholastic plans.
During my internship was when I first saw Don. Our Lab was located on Pleasantville Hospital. We were running a research program on genetically related illnesses.
Don was a resident there at the time. I had seen him always surrounded by gorgeous young nurses flirting shamelessly with him.
He had already acquired a reputation as a ladies man. Everybody wanted Don. It seemed he was only too happy to service all the ladies.
One day I was in my favorite bookstore just reading through some of the new arrivals when I noticed Don over at the magazine isle. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was so good looking. He must have felt my eyes boring into him because he looked up and met my stare.
I was very flustered. I immediately looked away. But Don went right up to me and in the most overused line ever asked me "Do I know you? I am sure I have seen you somewhere." he flashed me his amazingly white teeth and to say I was flattered by him even talking to me was an understatement.

By this time, my Mother Bella had already abandoned my Father and our family. She had basically dropped off the planet. My Father's humiliation was very public and painful. There were many wild rumors going around that she was dead that she had run off with some young lover.
I had withdrawn even more into myself and my studies. I was very lonely and talking to my father was difficult as he was usually gone on business or in a foul mood. So the fact that a gorgeous man was interested in me at all boosted my ego tremendously.
I must say I noticed Don became interested in me once he knew I was Mortimer's daughter. But as time went by I tucked that thought away fooling myself into thinking he only wanted me.
My Father doubts about Don were a source of friction between us he constantly pressured me to cut him loose as he would say. “Cassie find yourself some smart Scientist like yourself that will appreciate your mind and you!” I pretty much ignored Dad’s constant warnings of Don being an ambitious gigolo.

We had been dating for about two years when Don began to pressure me to marry him. At first I was deliriously happy but then I got cold feet. I was worried what if all he wanted was my Father's money? I just didn't know if I could tame Don Lothario enough to be a good husband.
There was also the nagging doubts about his fidelity while we dated. There were times when I couldn't find Don. He would just be gone and his cell would go right into voice mail. He would explain it as he fell asleep on the couch or in the Doctor's lounge but in my heart I knew he was sleeping around on me.
I suppose since I never caught him it didn't seem real. So when I heard about him deflowering Nina Caliente and also banging her sister Dina from Brandy Broke their cousin I chose to not believe her.
Brandy was a waitress at the dinner I frequently ate at during my internship it was right across the street from the hospital. She told me I should dump Don Lothario that he was a creep and was cheating on me not just with her cousins but with other women in town as well.
I told Brandy I was not interested in her gossip and stayed away from the diner. It was my way of sweeping Don's indiscretions under the rug.
Brandy Broke had looked at me hard and told me before I left. "He is going to hurt you girl and you are going to eat it because you think he is gold but not everything that glitter's is gold! she hollered as I quickly left the diner. I will never forget her look that day she thought me pathetic.
In a way I was pathetic. I wanted Don and I chose to not to see what he was like I only saw the Don I wanted to see.
Right around the time Don was pressuring me to marry him. My Father began seeing Dina Caliente. He had been truly alone since my Mother had left him.
I was completely consumed by my dislike and distrust of Dina Caliente. She was for one younger than me the whole idea was disgusting to me my father swooning over a trampy Caliente girl.

She was playing my father for every dime. He took her on expensive vacations, bought her fancy clothes and to my disgust bought her a tacky huge engagement ring.
I knew he was supporting Dina and her sister. They were both hairdressers but didn't work anywhere. Not only did I suspect they had slept with Don but Nina Caliente was spreading rumors that she was having Don's baby.
I actually confronted Don with this particular gossip. He laughed and said if Nina was pregnant which he doubted anyone could be the father they would have to DNA all of Pleasantville to be sure.
He said he had a one night stand with Nina before we met and that had been the end of it because she was a harlot and he was afraid of diseases.
Dina's grip on my father was iron clad she used her youth and beauty to make a complete fool of him. Before I knew it Father was announcing their plans to be married.
It was one of the worst days of my life. I found her presence to be unbearable. Not only was she an obvious gold digger but she was spoiled and impossible to please. It sickened me to watch my father kissing her butt and catering to her every ridiculous whim.

It was after my Father's marriage to Dina that both she and her sister moved into our family home. I couldn't stand living with the two sisters who had now taken over our home. My poor brother Alex was sent away to camp and with him out of the way and me always at work those two made themselves very much at home.

It was at this point that I accepted Don's proposal. I felt taking a chance on Don had to be better than watching my father be Dina's fool. So we had a small ceremony in the garden with only close family present.
My wedding day was lovely Don looked so gorgeous and I looked ok I suppose the groom was lovely and the bride was at least looking groomed. Don and I said our own vows and it was beautiful. I felt loved that day. He looked deeply into my eyes and said to me “Cassie I promise that I will love you best of anyone on this earth. No one is like you I respect you and I cannot believe you love me back. I don’t want any other woman but you to be Mrs. .Lothario.

I had not allowed Don to touch me before our wedding. It wasn't that I didn't want to. God knows I desired him very much. I was just afraid that he would treat me differently once we were intimate. Don is an intense passionate lover.
Making love with him made me feel unnerved. I couldn't relax because all I could think about was did he do this with Nina? or Dina? or god knows who?

Don was not a patient lover he wanted me to respond and quickly. It was awhile before I was able to respond to him. To be honest because he was so concerned with his performance and my own many times I would fake satisfaction just so it would be over. Marathon sex was just not romantic to me. I wanted to feel loved and appreciated and Don is just good at getting it on.

Cassie do you frequently fake during lovemaking with Don?
No. Not anymore truthfully we haven’t made love since I got pregnant I been sick and well catching in bed with Nina of course didn’t help make me want it.
Tell me about the day you discovered Don’s affair..
OK well…It was our anniversary. It had been three years since our wedding. I was feeling really sick I suppose nausea from the pregnancy but at the time I thought it was the flu. I was working that day and Don was off.
We were in our own place we had purchased a nice townhouse. I was feeling happier because I didn’t have to see Dina spending Dad’s money and pouting when she didn’t get her way.
I decided to surprise Don by coming home early from work. I went straight into the storage closet downstairs and got my wedding gown on and put it on. The house was dark and too quiet.
I figured Don was asleep upstairs I would wake him for surprise lovemaking he loved that spontaneous sex always made Don happy. Except when I flicked on the lights in the room Don was not alone right there in our own bed was Nina Caliente and my husband getting ready to make love.

Don was shocked to see me and was trying to get me to calm down but it was a terrible scene. He apologized over and over. He tried to tell me that I was so cold to him never wanting to make love and Nina came over and forced herself on him. That he was sorry to please forgive him.

I lost it that night. I slapped Nina Caliente hard and threw her out of my house in her underwear. She had the nerve to be arrogant and say that Don loved her that he would always go back to her when he got tired of his rich frigid wife.
Can This Marriage be Saved?
He Says….
I don’t know why I did it. Frankly Nina Caliente is one of the stupidest women I know. She has been throwing herself at me since she was a teen. I swear I was faithful to Cassie in the beginning.

I do love her. She is the smartest woman I know. She has a gentle way about her that truthfully even when she was in pigtails and a geeky student I fell hopelessly in love with her.
Cassie is frigid. Me Don Lothario married to a frigid woman. That’s our story. Cassie never wants to make love. Then when she finally does give it to me I can tell she is stiff and uncomfortable.

If Cassie got some kind of sex therapy maybe using a surrogate female of course we could be happy.
Are you suggesting a sex surrogate for Mrs. Lothario?
Well I don’t know that’s not my area. As long as it was a woman and I could participate then I would be ok with that.
Doctor. Lothario may I call you Don?
Yeah sure.
I don’t believe Mrs. Lothario is frigid.
I don’t believe she needs that type of therapy.
Well what do you think is wrong with her then? Do you think she prefers women?
No. I do not.
I believe Mrs. Lothario does not have enough trust in you to relax and open up to you. By having an affair with another woman you have not made that any easier for her.
I…messed up I love Cassie what can I do? We are having a baby I need her to forgive me. Just tell me what to do and I will do it.

I have always felt Cassie was too good for me. She is everything I am not a genius so smart. She is always looking at me with disappointment in her eyes. I want her to be proud of me. But the truth is I’m just a mediocre washed up shift doctor and I guess I cheat to put her in her place because I’m a bastard.
I have always been able to manipulate women and get them to do what I want. It was easy except I don’t want to manipulate Cassie or hurt her. I just want her to give me another chance.
The Therapist says…
Adultery doesn't have to end in divorce. But it is a wake-up call -- a very loud one -- that something is seriously wrong with the relationship. Still, if a couple can learn to recognize the real motivations for the infidelity, as well as the skills to deal with the underlying problems, they will be able to survive the trauma.
In my experience, however, an affair that's been going on for years is much harder to reconcile than a one-night stand, since a person who has a history of deception is likely to continue to lie over and over again. Nevertheless Don insists he wants to stay with Cassie and, though unsure of success, he seems ready to at least give counseling a try.
Before we can begin, however, he must first take responsibility for his actions and end the affair with Nina That means breaking off all contact -- phone calls, letters, messages. You cannot fix what is wrong with a marriage by adding another complication to it. And all the counseling in the world can't help if there are three people in a relationship.
My instruction for Don were to break off with Nina to make it clear to her that he loved his wife and that anything between them was over.
Don agreed to do this and meet next week together for one on one therapy and with Cassie as well.
My instructions to Cassie to try to open up to Don. To set aside her anger and allow him to touch her heart.
Cassie agreed she would at least try to open up a bit.To be continued….
4  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Nanny kidnaps infants? on: September 01, 2008, 09:52:04 am
I have no idea why this is happening but it's so irritating.  I will have my sim hire useless nanny because they are exausted.
Nanny comes she takes mediocre care of baby, makes messes half prepared food then....when it's time to leave she tries to take the baby.  Apparently the game won't let her get away with this crime so she throws baby in front of mail box!  Ugh!  Why??
  It's happened twice on two different lots.

I have all the patches so I don't know why this is  happening.  Anybody know what I can do?

Here is some pictures I snapped of attempted kidnapping.

Here she goes trying to take baby her acomplice waits in van.

Getting in van with baby.

Look at these two.....they look like psycho kidnappers.

They can't take baby so they throw baby on road by mail box!  Poor baby!

5  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / Strange story.. on: August 12, 2008, 10:23:15 pm
I have begun writing a rather strange story based on a girl who's mother is a medicine woman or shaman.

She lives a very western life and her mother's sorcery remains secret to her until her fifteenth birthday.  That is when her life changes completely and she has to become initiated into her mother's world.

I am basing this on old amazing Carlos Casteneda spanish books I have read they include Shaman type magick, shapeshifting, interdimensional astral and physical travel amoungst other weirdness..

I do not want to post this until I have taken enough photo's to wet everyone's appetite though.

Just wondering would you be interested in reading this story?

I haven't done a story in awhile I been doing contest for so long to hopefully better my pic taking.  
If anybody is interested in this story please let me know because I need encouragement to execute it.
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Sim's Of The Darkside...Post Here! on: August 09, 2008, 01:56:16 pm
I must admit I have a darkside.  I think every Gemini does..

I like to express it with my sims sometimes in strange interesting characters.

Here are some of my darky sims based on my mental picture of some dark beings.

or Black Eyed Kids...

The Black eyed kids, also referred to as B.E.K., started making an appearance around 1998, when journalist Brian Bethel wrote of his experience in a newsgroup posting. These children are said to have eyes that are coal black; there is no sign of an iris or pupil. Some people have stated that these children could possibly be ghosts or demons, specifically vampires: the tales frequently emphasize that the children must be admitted or invited into the house or car in question, and in this way are reminiscent of some vampire legends. Another common element is a feeling dread or uneasinesss when in contact with the children (whether or not one sees the child's eyes). It has been said that if you let these children into your house or car, you will die. There has never really been an explanation as to why the children’s eyes are black.


Creole Hant Lovely and Dead...

OK I will keep adding but Please let me see some of your scary sims!

If they are associated with an urban legend or chilling tale all the more better!
7  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Silk chapter 2 on: April 10, 2008, 07:42:09 pm
This story is loosely based on a movie I fell in love with from Asian Extremes on Sundance.
I been wanting to do something a little J-horror for awhile.  I hope you guys enjoy it!


Yes...yes I'm at the location.  I received the formula yesterday....As

usual then?  Spray the film and take polaroids no flash.

Hey...friend it's your money.  If you want to waste it on pictures of

empty derelict homes that's your deal.

Ok....ok..lemme hang up and finish up here then...


Man...this place is crawling with bugs....ugh...ok let's get to work taking

pictures of empty chairs for the nice man now....

This job is easy money but damn this is the worst place yet I have had

to come to.

Here ghosty, ghosty let James take your picture for the cuckoo


Damn it it's dark I can't see!
What the hell?

What is this???

Yes I have the file. Yes this is a clear line we may talk.  This has

all become a mess.  I got chewed out by smoky.
Alright lemme see..

Here it is everyone including project manager Mr. Meioto is in it

Ok hold on....

Mayling Akiro
age 28 Electrical Engineer.  Single.  Graduated from MIT.  lives alone

is involved with a married professor for approximately six months.

Works as a independent contractor for the US government in black

project through the University.
Has done extensive work with the Frank Box

Frank's Box scans AM/FM and low band frequencies to create a noise

matrix from which the dead — as well as other entities — can use to

modulate for messages. It's made of computer, radio and electronic

components. Like real-time EVP (electronic voice phenomena), Frank's

Box produces messages from a word or two to complete sentences in


Apparently Ms. Akiro has been working extensively with the box to

communicate with all sorts of entities.

Ok next is Jaqueline Morse.  Computer and systems analyst.  Has

extensive experience working with Mr. Maito.  Is also his live in lover

as well.  

Ok we have Mr.Juan Hernandez.  Special Ops US Military.  Undisclosed

branch of the service.  Specific talent lip reading and photographic

memory and vision.  Rumour has it he was a part of the remote viewing

team with the US Army and was their star.
He has a sick mother in a nursing home who is in a coma otherwise no

Michelle Mendez
age 22.  By far the baby of the group.  Recruited by CIA in highschool

for abilities in psychic visions and extraordinary ESP ability at the

age of 16.  She comes to us highly recommended and at a ridiculous

price tag.  But she has the ability to communicate with any entity.
She has been emancipated legally apparently to facilitate her
government work.  She is estranged from her family now for the last two

and of course Mr.Meioto project manager and mad scientist

extraodinaire!  Sorry sir!  Yes...I will update you as soon as I meet

with the group....yes sir!  I have the photo in front me very weird...
cause of death appears to be heart attack but have no idea who the  

ghostchild is in the photo.
We hope to know soon..

No sir the photographer didn't seem to have any family fortunately for

us......Yes sir we will clean up the mess...Thank you sir I will be in


A few days Virginia Beach, VA.  

Michelle:  Hello??  Is anyone there??

wind howling.....
Michelle felt a presence watching her.  She knew that feeling well it was an unmistakeable feeling of eyes on the back of her neck.
She turned around quickly to see who it one...

Michele:  Are you living or dead?  I can sense you there is no use in hiding!

Michelle concentrated on the energy invading her senses.  Not living...the energy was too cold to be living.  Ok just another dead person wanting to talk to her no big deal.  She would just block it out she had no time for this now.
She started to do her blocking technique which was usually very effective.

Except it wasn't working!
This was no ordinary ghost this was something else.  Oh No!  A negative!
She felt her flesh burning like a hot oven opening onto her face!  She was unprepared for a negative or demonic presence!

The hot energy swooned and spiraled Michelle until she began to see a blurred vision.  There was no use fighting this entity mean't to show her something and would not take no for an answer.

Slowly a picture began to form in Michelle's third eye...a vision of a ghostly child sitting and waiting and vibrating at such a frequency that it was almost impossible to see his features except for the eyes....which were white blanks with no pupils...
The vision was so intense that it knocked Michele unconcious...
to the ground.

This would be her first day at work with the new group.  Fortunately she was found quickly and brought in before she froze to death at the entrance.
Michelle was stunned never had a ghost knocked her senseless that way.  Only demons....yet the entity she saw was a child...

Mr. Maito:
Ok group you have all met one another.  Now if Miss Mendez is feeling well enough I would like to explain our project to you.  Miss Mendez do you feel well enough to go on?

Michelle:  Yes...I think so.  
Good...After I explain the project I would like it very much if you would share your vision with us Miss Mendez.

Good let's begin then there is no time to waste.

to be continued...
8  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Mitzi Short story 2 up now! on: December 29, 2007, 05:19:09 pm
:smile:My little girl loves, loves kitties I wrote this little story for her.  It's a short I might add more later not sure.

Oh!  Hello!  I am Mitzi.  I am a little busy right now to chat with you but...hmmm...oh well OK, I see you are bored and need to know my story.  I don't blame you really.  I am very important in this neighborhood.  Some might say I am full of myself.  They just don't know how much I have to do to keep chaos from breaking out at all times.

It is a lot to expect from a little alpha feline but alas somebody has to be in charge and I am the best qualified to lead these poor inferior creatures,  although God knows I have tried to teach them and make them  independent.

I have to patrol the front yard fountain, you can stay if you are quiet.  You see that fountain?  Flying mice like to land on it and wash their rears and poop in it.  I have just about had it with their presents in my water bowl.  So I try each morning to catch them in the act.

You know I share this home with others.  There are two human females.  I have done my best to train them properly since adopting them.  But as of yet they have not learned how to hunt and stalk prey.

It is not my fault, I have tried.  I brought them birds, mice, and small lizards but they have yet to bring home any live prey to share with me.  

This is human Rose.  She is fast becoming feeble.  I sit on her lap and try to keep her brittle bones warm.  Her energy is weak and depressed.  Her mate died a few months ago.  Since then I have had to work hard to keep up her spirits.

I have never had a mate.  It's something I have been thinking about a lot lately.  I must pick a Tom to sire me some kittens.  But how can I concentrate on my love life with all these helpless apendages I call a family?  I need to figure that out.

This is my human Emily.  She has moved back into the house since Rose's mate died.  As a teen I kept her balanced while she was and in and out of heat.  Aparently no human Tom was suitable to sire her some  good human kittens.  It's a shame really.  I will have to help her find a suitable human Tom soon before she becomes too old to come into heat.

I am proud of the job I am doing with my human family.  I have done the best I can to keep them from falling apart.  They would surely die without me, of that I am certain.  Although I have failed at teaching them how to hunt they do bring me food from a box.  It is not as delicious as live prey but it is edible.  My human Rose goes hunting far away to capture these boxes of dried mouse and while it's barely edible I am proud of her for her effort.

My humans are so gratefull they have an image of me in the food room which they rub daily for good luck.  I don't quite understand what luck has to do with it when I am holding them together but alas....humans be so naive sometimes.

I guess what really pisses me off is after all my effort to teach them how to hunt live prey and eat their tasty inards the feeble confused human Rose brought home two perfect meals and proceeded to spend all her time feeding, playing and mothering them!

I can't really talk about it too much because it just turns my stomach.  Here is the first one.  His name is Crackers.  He is an old deformed crow that Rose brought home and stuck into a wire litterbox.  At first I thought she was going to eat him when she was alone perhaps while I was busy elsewhere in the house.  But no every day she feeds him and spends hours and I mean hours talking and carrying him around on her shoulder.

This deformed crow has made a total fool of Rose and mimicks her ramblings all day long.  I can't hardly stand it.  I would eat him except he has a mutation that gives him a razor sharp beak that really could damage my eyes or something.  I try to steer clear of him and only speak to him to tell him he is an ugly freak that is imprisoned in a smelly metal litterbox.  He is quite haughty for a bird and gives me no respect.

Just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse human Emily brought home a mouse and did the same thing!  She spends hours kissing and cuddling it!  I just don't get it.

 Every day I smell this mouse on her and I run to it's glass box and it's still there!  I don't know what she is waiting for to eat it.  If she doesn't eat it soon I will have to.  I know playing with your food is good training but this is  getting ridiculous!

Something is not right with my human family.  I can't quite figure it out yet.  Human Emily was yowling on the Hello? for a long time this morning.  When she finished yowling she was sad and worried.
Later, she and human Rose sat on the couch and shared this troubling energy and talked for a long time.  I think our family is in some sort of trouble.  It smells like human trouble.  

I decided to investigate.  The human Rose was crying and talking about how now that the business was in trouble there would be no money coming in.  Silly Rose I know money is a human toy a sort of cat nip that makes humans do many stupid things.  Aparently my humans had developed some sort of addiction to this money and now that the business was in trouble there would be no more cat nip money for my humans.

This was serious.  I would have intervene.  I knew perfectly well human Rose and human Emily would not be able to get over their depraved lust for this money thing.  This money was an evil thing.  I would never allow my kittens once I had them to ever even sniff it!

I walked up to my simple, poor addicted humans, I felt so much sadness in my heart.  After all my lessons I was losing them to this great evil.  What could I do?

I walked up to my human Emily I tried to reason with her.  "Emily there is still time for you!  I will help you find a human Tom who may take you even tho you are past your heat cycle!"  I pleaded with her to no avail.

It was no use she was too wrapped up in her withdrawl from this money nip.  Just as I was about to leave to think this out clearly, Crackers that filthy crow squawked at me loudly and startled the heck out of me.

"You don't know much about the human world do you?" he said in his usual condecending demonic voice.

"I know everything about these human kittens I have cared for them all my life!"   I said trying to sound convincing.

"Humans use money to obtain everything.  It is NOT catnip or an herb it is what they use to get what they need.  They don't have the ability to gather food or hunt it.  They have lost that a long time ago.  They exchange this money with trained experts who do it for them." he said patiently.

"I knew that!"   I lied.  How could this freakishly deformed crow know more about humans than me?  Now I was worried.  

"If the humans do not learn how to get this money from the dead ones business I'm afraid they will lose everything and our family will be in a lot of trouble." he said quietly.

I went into the food room to think and to well groom up a little too.  I had to help straighten this mess out.  My own cushy lifestyle depended on it.  If there was no box food, I would have to hunt for my kittens instead of nursing them comfortably from my cushy bed.  This money crap was ruining my own plans for a comfortable delivery and mothering of kittens once I found the right Tom.  
It was going to be up to me to fix this my biological time clock was ticking and I wanted all things in place once my kittens were on their way.

That evening, My humans wanted to go out in the car.  Usually going in the car makes me sick and vomit but I thought it would help human Rose and Emily to go out and forget for awhile.  I would do my best to help them keep up their spirits.
On the way out I noticed Scout.  He is a mangy mutt that is always looking for scraps.  Human Rose feeds him every night and now we cannot get rid of him.

I told him to get lost as usual but.....human Rose ran back in the house to leave him some scraps.  It really pissed me off after all my work with her that she would do that.  Scout is getting way too comfortable here I put it to the back of my mind as I have enough to worry about.

We finally took off in the "car thing".  I only threw up once.  I wasn't sure where we were going but we arrived at a small shop and human Emily had the key and opened the door.

Human Emily and human Rose played all night with flowers.  It was certainly strange behavior allright.

It suddenly dawned on me that we were in a shop and this might be the dead guys business that was in trouble.  Or at least thats what Crackers had commented.  Hmm....Good this would keep human Emily and human Rose busy fixing the "business" so there would be money for the kittens to come.

There was a quiet back room in the shop and the place was soon full of humans.  At first I wasn't sure what was going on but as more of them came I felt the worry and sadness leave human Emily and Rose.  It was replaced by excitement and happy feelings.
I had saved them again.

I went into that quiet back room and took a well deserved nap.  I only slept for about sixteen hours.  When human Emily came in the backroom and turned on the lights.
"Let's go Mitzy we have made enough money for now"  she said with a big smile.

Thank God I'm exausted.  On the trip back I threw up twice a kitty can only take so much of taking care of everybody!  Now to find a gorgeous hunkyTomcat....
9  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Cats / Fluffy! on: December 03, 2007, 01:19:35 pm

My first upload!  A sweet kitty for your female sim teens who will pamper him and hug him alot!  He is a little snotty!

Hmm...don't know why I couldn't get a pic in the thread title?
10  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / A Gypsy chapter 3 part 2 on: November 07, 2007, 09:14:33 pm
Here is a little story I been wanting to write about a Gypsy girl living in Pleasantville.  I hope you all enjoy.  I still need to finish my other story but this one I wanted to get out of my system. LOL!

A Gypsy story

Chapter one

This story begins in the outskirts of Pleasantville City. On the land that belongs to Gypsy King Don Jenaro and his queen Marisela.  They have occupied this land as long as anyone can remember.  Here Don Jenaro with the help of his men raise the finest Pasofino horses available anywhere.  While his horses earn the Gypsy king quite a bit of money his people's lifestyle has changed hardly at all in this time and age of progress.

Don Jenaro and Marisela use the funds from their horses to bring in tutors to educate the children of both clans and keep social services off his people's back.

He sent his very own daughter Mia away to Pleasantville college to study to become a teacher.  Once she had finished her studies and earned a state license she began to teach all the clans children under the age of sixteen for five months out of the year.

The children were learning how to read in English.  The Gypsy dialect is a spoken language with much mythology and none of it written.  Mia had begun to write down some of their people's stories and myths and hoped to publish them some day.

Don Jenaro insisted that the children also learn traditional Gypsy trades such as blacksmith work and for the female children Tarot and divination.

He was very proud of Mia her work with her books would earn finally some respect for his people.  Perhaps people would finally know that not all Gypsies were thieves and scoundrels.

That some such as his own clans were hardworking good people.

Times were changing it was very difficult to maintain his clans traditions and way of life in this new and noisy world.  He knew if his people were to survive they had to put away their petty differences and stick together.

Don Jenaro had decided he would unite the clans with an arranged marriage between his daughter Mia and the Bandoleer Alejandro Rani's son Jose Manuel.

Mia was really past marry age as far as Gypsies go.  He had delayed making arrangements for her because of her attending college now there was no reason for her to remain single.
Alejandro Rani was a permanent member of the Kris a group of Gypsy judges.  He was a fair man and was a distant relative of Don Jenaro.  

Don Jenaro had no sons to be the next Gypsy King upon his death.  Although his wife Marisela would remain queen for the remainder of her life most probably someone from the Rani clan would step in as the next king.
The more Jenaro thought about the more it made sense if that was what would happen it might as well be his son in law or Grandson then.

Don Alejandro and Don Jenaro made an agreement.  Jose Manuel would go to their home tomorow night and begin courting Mia.

All the time Mia slept unaware of the plans of her father and Don Alejandro.  

The next morning Mia got her chores done quickly she had plans for the afternoon secret plans...she hated to be deceptive but it was the only way she could see Antonio.  Antonio was the love of her life since childhood.  
Antonio was a member of the Sabatino clan.  His clan was always in trouble being brought before the Kris for this and that.  Mia's Father even though he was related to the Sabatino clan had disdain for their Bandoleer Eliseo Sabatino.  Don Eliseo had done nothing to help the reputation of Gypsies in this and other communities.
He would not bring the children for teaching.  Mia had to falsify records for the social worker so that the clan would not lose their children to social services.  Also the Sabatino women supported the entire clan with their tarot readings and divination.  Don Eliseo was a lazy drinker who would not work or force his clan to work in blacksmithing.

Never the less Mia could  not remember ever not loving Antonio.  As a child she saw him more frequently because he lived with her clan.  Once she went to college and returned they had resumed their love affair in secret so as not to enrage Mia's father which could be dangerous.

Mia had decided one day she and Antonio would have to leave their families and make a life for themselves outside the Gypsy community.  Her Father would never approve of their union and the thought of leaving her mother and sisters to never see them again broke her heart.

As Mia tried to quietly slip away she ran into Berta this was bad Berta was the biggest gossip if she suspected anything she would surely tell on her!

"Mia!  Mia!  Where are you going in such a hurry?" she shouted as Mia tried to walk past her.

"Oh!  Hello Berta" Mia said halfheartly..

"So....where are you off to in such a hurry?" Berta was not letting Mia off the hook.

"Oh I am going into town I need school supplies for the children." Mia lied.

"Oh yes...that is nice deary....Come here Mia I want to see your lovely face...

"What are you doing Berta?"  "Quiet the spirits tell me you have a lover you? you have a lover?"

Mia became flustered Berta was an incredible medium she could be frightening with her spirit revelations at times especially now.

"NO!  Berta your spirits lie!" she shouted and walked off in a rush.

"Berta!  Have you seen Mia?  I need to talk to her and I cannot find her."
"Well...yes I saw her earlier this afternoon Marisela she said she was going to town to buy supplies for her lessons with the children."

"But my queen may I die right here and now painfully if my spirits did not tell me she was meeting with a lover" Berta whispered to Marisela.

Marisela became enraged at Berta's insinuation.  "Look Berta if you repeat this nonsense to anyone I will personally arrange it so that you and your bigmouthed spirits can be together literally!  Do you hear me? you gossip"   she spat between her teeth.

This was serious Marisela knew Mia was slipping away to see Antonio but up until now it didn't much matter.  But now that Jenaro had arranged this marriage it was a big problem.  Marisela looked for Mia everywhere but couldn't find her she wanted to tell her what her Father had done.  How Jose Manuel would be coming to dinner that night to ask for her hand and court her.  But it appeared destiny wanted this to be a surprise for Mia as she could not find her.


Mia:  Antonio it is getting harder for me to get away to see you.  I don't know when I will be able to do it again.

Antonio:  I think the time is coming for us to leave Mia.  I don't want to hide anymore I want to marry you and live our love in the open for all to see.

Mia:  I think so too Antonio it breaks my heart to leave my Mother and sisters but it is time for us to begin our lives together.  I will tell mother tonight about our plans to leave.  Do we have enough money for a place Antonio?

Antonio:  Yes Mia I have found a small home for us the owner is a friend and offered me a discounted rent.  I also have found work in town I begin next week if we leave tommorow we can have a few days of honeymoon before I work.
Mia:  I will apply also in the local school as a teacher so we will be ok.

Mia and Antonio had made up their minds it was time to move on and begin their lives together as man and wife.

"Jose Manuel I have picked Mia to be available for you to marry.  I hope you understand that of all my daughters Mia is my favorite.  It is my hope for her to be Queen for our families once her Mother and I are gone.  Of course for you that means being King at some point and having children with true royal Gypsy blood." Jenaro wanted to see what kind of man this was who would be next in line once he and Marisela were gone.

"I will do my best to make Mia happy and treat her as not only my princess which she is but as my queen once we are married.  I promise you this Don Genaro." he said.

Jenaro was satisfied with his answer.  Hopefully this would work out Jose Manuel was a fine looking man.  He seemed gentle and considerate Mia should be happy to have such a husband.  He didn't understand why Marisela was so opposed to the idea.  She kept mumbling about love and how no one should be forced what was wrong with that woman?  Arranged marriages were common amoung Gypsy people their own had been arranged by thier parents.  Silly romantic ideas thats all!

That evening....

When Mia arrived she found her Mother and Jose Manuel Rani at the table waiting for her.  Father had not yet arrived from the stables.  She greeted them and apologized for being late.

"I'm so sorry if I had known we  had a guest I would have not been so tardy to dinner.  How are Jose Manuel?" she asked politely.

"My love Mia Jose Manuel is a special guest of your father tonight I tried to find you today to let you know about this special night but I didn't find you.  Jose Manuel is here to ask your father officially for your hand in marriage Mia."

Mia was stunned...Jose Manuel had never even looked at her before he was very popular with the gypsy ladies but word was he was only interested in his work and horses.  What was she going to do?  How could she let Jose Manuel down gently without making an unpleasant scene?  Also he was her fathers special guest??? What did that mean?? Did her father want her to marry Jose Manuel??  Her head was swimming and spinning and her throat dried up so that even if she had words to speak they would never come out of her mouth.

"Mia...I know we don't know each other very well.  I understand it will take time for you to accept me.  I would like to court you for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable with me.  I promise I will be a kind and gentle husband to you.  I will do all in my power to give you all that you desire so you may live in the way you are acustomed to living." he said with a big smile.

Mia looked at Jose Manuels handsome face in shock.  She started to speak but just then Father returned from the stables and joined them at the table.  She looked at Father's face how could he?  How could he do this to her?
11  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / sims freeze at 7pm! on: October 23, 2007, 03:09:14 pm
Ok I haven't seen this particular problem posted here but my sims freeze exactly at 7pm sim time for some weird reason.  the animations still work like ingame noises and fire in fire place ecetera but my sims will not budge they turn to stone the minute their clock hits that hour! weird does anybody have any idea what would cause this?

I'm so turned off because I'm in like two contests I'm going to have to drop out of because of this.  Please help me!
btw it's not the neighborhood that is corrupted because I moved them and the same thing happened.
12  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / Short Story Idea on: October 09, 2007, 08:35:43 am
I been wanting to do a short funny story something different.  I want to a nursing home with some well known maxis characters something along the lines of the old famous twilight zone episode of kick the can. Where the old ppl can become children for a night.

Do you think anyone would be interested in reading this?
13  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Feeders chpt6 part 2 on: September 14, 2007, 03:36:11 pm
Hello I am new to this forum and I have been wanting to do this little story for awhile.  It's a horror story.   I hope you enjoy.  Please to give any constructive critisms. Especially regarding photo taking since I feel this is sort of my weakness.   I will try to update asap.  Please comment and fuel me to write more!

Hello my name is Ilina Curtis. I want to tell you my story it is a strange story, an incredible one, but it is all true. I have held on to my story for a long time.  But I feel now after all these years I can tell it, if only to maybe prevent any one else from suffering my own fate.  I need to tell you about my experience with the unknown and predatory beings I call the Feeders...

 It began about two years ago.
I was young in love and married for about five years. I had just finished nursing school and Tim my beautiful darling was a Police Officer.

  We had been renting a small apartment and scrimping and saving every dime for a new home and now we finally had enough for a down payment on a nice little starter home.

Mellisa our realtor had called one evening with the news of a nice house in our price range.  It was small but the bones of the house and neighborhood were good.  It was in a good school district something very important to me since I intended on having children.

I had decided to try to start a family right away and begin my nursing career after the baby had turned a year old.  Tim was excited about getting started on a family he wanted to get pregnant soon too! How in love we were how wide eyed and innocent.  I never dreamed that innocence would be shattered with a darkness that would consume us.

Tim took that morning off and we met Mellisa in front of the house.  Mellisa greeted us with a big grin and started right away on her pitch "You know this one will  not last long"  It's in Pleasantville school district and it's in great condition for an older home" she was right about that I thought if the inside looked as good as the outside we  might have finally found our home!

"This house meets all your wants on your list there is one little thing I am obligated by law to tell you." Mellisa seemed to have an embarassed uncomfortable look on her face.  "The laws in this state require I inform you that there has been criminal activiy that has occured in this home."  Mellisa stated quickly almost in one breath.

"It was a long time ago about 10 years ago a family lived here the Husband well he lost his mind and murdered his family and then killed himself"  It was a very sad story and long ago the present owner lives out of state and bought the home as a rental property and well now wants to sell it.

My heart sank suddenly my light happy thoughts of our new home felt all wrong.  I remembered the story the man had shot his whole family point blank in the head while they slept, I shuddered while that awfull thought filled my head.
Mellisa is the house rented now? I asked.  "No dear it's vacant"  "Oh that's odd I thought I saw someone peeking through the window must have been my eyes I guess" I was pretty sure I had seen someone at the window how strange.

We went into the house it was perfect small but comfortable I pushed thoughts of murder out of my mind the house was clean tidy and well lit.  The owner had remodeled the kitchen and replaced the apliances it was indeed perfect.
Tim was quiet the whole time he told Melissa to give us some time to talk it over and we would let her know in the morning if we wanted to make an offer.

"You guys talk it over Tim but remember this one won't last long so we need to get an offer in soon" she preached as we got in our cars to leave.

Tim took me out to dinner that evening so we could talk about the house.  I so desperately wanted to talk him into the house.  I was tired of waiting to start our family.  My biological clock was screaming and here was the perfect place to have our baby.  Ok so it was the scene of a horrific murder but that was a long time ago and we could fill this home with our love and happiness I just knew it.
"Tim this house is perfect I think we should make an offer" I pushed as we sat down at our favorite restaurant.
Tim was quiet he had not wanted to discuss it until we had some time to think about and could do so in our favorite place where we had met.

Tim looked at me with that familiar look of concern.  I hated that look.  It was the look he gave me when I had been sick.  Yes I guess I neglected to mention I had a bout of depression or what some people call the crazies.  It was very bad I had spent some time in the hospital.  Of course Tim would never forget that.  See I had lost a baby.  The doctor's called it post-partum psychosis.  I really don't remember much except that I was very angry, sad and insane.
"Baby I don't think we should live in a place with such bad history call me supersticious but I feel houses hold memories of evil.  I have seen that as a cop Ilina houses where misery never ends" I knew what he was thinking with my history living in that house might make me sick again.

I told him he was being silly.  The house was great and exactly what we were looking for.  I told him our lease was up in the apartment and everything else Mellisa had shown us didn't compare to this house.  In the end Tim agreed as long as it didn't bother me about the history of the house and I was sure we could go ahead and make an offer on the house.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  I had gotten my way.  Nothing was going to stop me from having our perfect life in our perfect home with our perfect baby.  Looking back on it now I would have done anything to get that house I was already under it's spell.
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