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1  The Sims 3 / Pudding WCIF / WCIF Teen Male clothing? on: May 18, 2010, 10:01:42 pm
Now this WCIF is a bit of a shot in the dark, but here goes...

I haven't been able to find outfits for my teen male simmies, at all! I find different jeans and tees with logos but that's not really what I'm after.

I would like an outfit, I'm not really after anything in specific.
Probably something for my sluggish rockstar teen maybe?
Kinda thinking, flannelet, scarf, baggy jeans etc?

If they're separate I don't mind, just... urrgh sick of finding nothing but logos and Naruto stuff >.<
2  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / WCIF This Hair? [FOUND] on: May 01, 2009, 02:32:51 am
I had this in my downloads a few years back and for the life of me, I can't seem to find it.

I do beleive it wasn't binned and was available to all ages.

Seen it before? OH! And any binned recolours would be just SUPER! Thanks in advance  Love
3  Welcome to / The Welcome Wagon / SO glad to see this site up and running again! on: May 01, 2009, 02:01:40 am
Under new management I see.. Well that's fantastic!

Been offline for seemingly ages now, and thought i mite check upon the good ol' Insim.. But when I did it was nowhere to be found  huh
After reading up a bit on the whole debacle, I'm really glad to see some dedicated simmers pick up the pieces and carry on.

So hello new InSim!


4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Keliiarbuckle's Self-Sim on: June 05, 2008, 10:02:54 am

Hey Simmers!
I... have a confession to make..


Yes.. I have become incredible slack with my Sim-Self requests, so these threads of mine are no longer flashy-dash.

Here is keliiarbuckle's Sim-Self

As per request, this Sim is a male teen. Packaged with Maxis hair.
With the pics provided by keliiarbuckle, this was the best I could do, I'm afraid Sad
He much suited the Adult age, I think. That's just my opinion, however.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Have a great week!

Xoxoxox... =]

EDIT:[/COLOR] With laziness come lethargicness...
I completely forgot to include the .rar package!! Forgive me as I fix this sliiight obstacle xD
It's too early for this. *sigh*

EDIT #2:[/COLOR] Children, sleep is a virtue. I forgot to add a thumbnail picture to this thread! Neeeed... Snooze. Need more Snooze!
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Cutey1900's SimSelved Sister on: May 19, 2008, 02:19:50 am

*Insert Thematic/Dramatic Evil Music Here*

Why hello there, dear Simmers. MamaFirecracker is back to wreak havoc with another addition to the SimSelved community.

Please give a warm welcome to...

:clap:Cutey1900's Sister:clap:

LaPink "Stay The Day Eyeshadow"
Rensim "Zine Eyeliner"
Rensim "Circonflex-Anti-Shine"
Rensim Earthern Curved Blush
Buffybot's "Idolatry of the flesh" @Stefan/HP Blend (Login Required)
Maxis Hair/Clothes/Brows

  • [.]
  • [.]
  • [.]
  • [.]
  • [.]
  • [.]
  • [.]
  • [.]
  • [/b]

    You know the drill, Simmers; if there's any problems/concerns or words of motivation, (Huzzah. LOL) feel free to contact me via PM at anytime. I feel special when you do.. *Cries at friendlessness*

    I'm a SimSelf sculptor, not a CC creator, so I have no solid policies on my Sims. Because they ARE technically thanks to the people who made the CC! Be obliged to give them your and my thanks aswell :thumbrig:
    I'd love for you to shear your SimSelves with the Simming world, so post pictures, make a video, rule the day!
    I also take requests! So if you have any SimSelf requests (Not to be confused with SimCelebs or SimCharacters.. I'm not that good.. yet >.>) again, Pm. Me. You. Now. Washing Powder.

    With that said, bittersweet Simming community, I bid you adeau.
    Yes, you will miss me. Miss me, or I'll bite >:3

6  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Tiffany [&&] Kassi on: April 20, 2008, 09:27:55 pm
Hey There, InSimmers!

Today, I bring you not one, but TWO Sim-Selves as requested by babyblueheart of her BBFs...
Tiffany + Kassi

Thankyou, and Enjoy!


7  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / To upload, or not to upload? on: April 13, 2008, 02:16:04 pm
G'day G'day, Insimmers!

I was playing around in the GIMP a few days back with a few of my own pictures. It came to me then to say "What if I could make a Sims eye set out of my own eyes..?"
Well, I happy snapped my own eye >.< and here are the results!

I personally don't mind the look of them (remember, these are but a few) and I thought it would be a great first upload of mine to shear with the Insim community!

So.. do you like these eyes?

All in favor say "I".
All appose say "DIE" :chainsaw:

Kidding, but I'd love for some critique! Cheesy
8  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / MsDandelion's Sim-Self on: April 13, 2008, 02:01:37 pm

Hey, you guys!
MamaFirecracker here bearing some more and awaited Sim-Selfy goodness :thumbrig:

By request, here is the lovely and ever so sweet

Now I must apologize for
1. My crappish photoshop*coughGIMPcough* skills.
2. My poor time-management skills
3. My Sim making-skills
They're mostly because... WHOA!! Far out Brussel sprout; it's 4 in the morning, I didn't even realize!! :-P

Anyway, here's what you got in this pretty little Package

Custom Content Included
Earther Curved Blush by Rensim
Zine Black Eyeliner by Rensim
Bruno Eyelights Recolor
Light Brown Curved Brows by Heleane
Cinnamon Real Eyes by ME
(Not available for Download yet, but I might upload the set if people like them! Cheesy)
V3 Tasty Skintone by KSK

Custom Content NOT Included
Nouk Winter Hat Hair fringe-less retexture  
Various Clothing by Liana Sims2 and some random kids at TSR

Ehh... I'm too tired to explain anything more. Need... Coffees... :smt120
So I'll leave you to it, I hope you enjoy such a lovely Sim in your game! :rabbit:

Going off into a magical land of dreams, wonders and Simming alike...
-MamaFirecracker xoxoxoxoxxox
9  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / SimSelf Request-- juniornkristy1's Step-Daughter on: March 21, 2008, 11:09:09 pm
Well, I'm have to sincerely apologize for the long wait.
 Real-Life has been a bit of a bummer for me over the past few weeks..
and a slow computer doesn't help a cause much either! >(

Anyway, I present to you the long awaited juniornkirsty1's Step-Daughter,

Pretty as a picture, cute to boot, and she makes for a very pretty teenager too!

"V3 Tasty Skintones" by
"Real Eyes" by KSK
Unknown Eyebrows, most likely from Heleane, but it makes me wonder I probably should know where I got them from now...

"Female Hair 69" by Raon
"Donation Hair 0080" by RoseSims2
Clothing by LianaSims2
Makeup by Barcelonista, Bruno and LaPink

As always, if there's anything wrong or you just wanna yell at something, Buzz me anytime.
Take Care now

-Mamaness >3
10  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Whoa! Talk about a Premonition!! on: March 04, 2008, 03:57:03 am
Warning!! This is a very long and most probably annoying/boring story.
I'd advise those who hate girlish talk run away NOW

Hello. My name is Jessica, and I am a Simmerholic.

In my many years of Simming I've noticed many a different occurrences. Whether it be the annoyance of Nanny Sims, or the joy of watching your Sims desperately look for the pool ladder...
But just now, I've NEVER had something like this hit so close to home!!
Right; Since the base game, I've had an unhealthy obsession with the Maxis family, the Grunts. You know, General Buzz, Tank, Ripp and Buck? Most Simmers don't know/care for this family, but the Strangetown Grunts have always been close to me for some reason. Especially Tank Grunt, who I pretty much dedicated my game to. (Take note now his outfit)Most of my downloads and every family I made in Strangetown often had something to do with the Grunts!

Now when I heard about the latest EP, Freetime last year-ish, boy, was I exited! I watched the videos, saw some pics etc. and just got more and more ecstatic by the second. I looked on Snooty Sims for the release date of this epic game, and to my shock...
It was to be released 26th February, 2008: My 16th Birthday!! Strike One

After my months of dancing with joy, my ever-so-nice sister bought me a copy for my birthday last week. Wow, big surprise! >_>
Anyway I didn't get much of an opportunity the last few days to play it. With both my schooling and my... Ahem... Love life getting in the way.
But that's where I get to, Simmers. My new boyfriend's name is Matthew, he's the most amazing person I could ever ask for...So sweet, so cute *giggles* He's just my perfect! I won't develop into it much with it being so OT, so let's just leave it as 'he's rad'.

Anyway, I finally get around to playing my new FT game today. I've gotta say, that game is TOTALLY AWESOME! ^_^ I love the new hobby and aspiration aspects and all the new clothing and such... ANYWHOO...

I went into the new neighborhood, Desiderata Valley, to check out the locals and see what was going on in their little Simmie lives. I also notice there's a few new faces in the Sim bin as well, I go to check them out too and notice a little blurb of one family that made me go...

"Wait... Is that couple named MATTHEW and JESSICA?!?! And are doesn't Matthew look suspiciously like TANK GRUNT!?!?!?!?"

:jaw: :jaw: :jaw:


I don't know about you guys, but that to me was just too plain FREAKY for words!!
:smt120 I mean, WOW. That just blew my mind!!

Please don't tell me I'm the only Simmer like this. PLEASE, OH GOD tell me you've had premonitions like this?!?!
I've yet to play this family... But if Jessica sim has a Pisces star sign and Matt sim an Aquarius, I think I might just DIE!
EDIT: *EEPS!* The Jessica Sim isn't a pisces, but is a Family sim just like me! And the Matt sim is a Aquarius!! *dies x.x*
Disgruntled, shocked and somewhat relieved at this point in time...
11  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / SimSelf Request-- Amharris3 on: February 29, 2008, 06:11:13 pm
Updated. It seems that the hair was causing problems downloading. I've packaged it now without the hair, so try it again.

Hi Simmers! I've come back at you bearing a gift of a Sim-Self!

May I present to you..
The lovely amharris3!


"Pixie Glow" Skin By Enalya
"Medium Nose Blush" by dachshundsr4me
"Blush Set" by Barcelonista
"Promesse Mascara" by Bruno
"Playbill Eyelights" by Bruno
"Mid Just Lips" by A.S.K
"FHair 45 Pay Hair" by Raon
"Real Eyes" by KSK
Archived Brows by Helaene (From a grave site)


Clothing from all over the place! Packaged with Maxis clothing

If there's anything wrong with the download, please feel free to give me a buzz anytime. I'm sorry for the wait, but I got FreeTime now ready and waiting to be installed! Cheesy

Enjoy, Simmers!
MamaFirecracker xxx
12  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / SimSelf Request-- juniornkristy1's 'Devil' Son on: February 24, 2008, 01:37:31 pm
Everyone, meet the

Just kidding, it's juniornkirsty1's Sim Son,

Cute as a button, and sweet to boot; be sure to enjoy him in your game... Because Heaven knows how long I took to create this request!

"Insim me, MamaF!! I'm starting to rash!"
"Kid, unless you tell me how Tsar Nicolas II came to rule the Russian throne... We both 'aint going anywhere!"

Yesh... Thing is I have major studies going on around this time of year, and SimSelf requests end up going ALOT slower than planned. Heck, I could smell my desktop going sour from a mile away.
So sorry for the inconvenience!:smt120


"Ivory TASTY Skin" by KSK
"Helena" Eyes by Jaydee
Eyebrows Unknown, but included in David's request by MEHz!!!1!


"Sporty Tee's Toddler collection" by Spiffyriffic
My unofficial Sim-Self. Trust me, you don't want that crabby melodramatic in your game!

If there's anything I've missed out on, or anything you do/do not like about this or any of my uploads, feel free to tell me as you please. Honesty is delicious!:tongue8:

So it's that time once again, Dear Simmers. You stay pretty, otherwise Ugly people like me WIN
MamaFirecracker xxx
13  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / $Subject Glitch on: February 19, 2008, 02:05:15 pm
G'Day Smiley
Recently, a few of my Simmies have succumbed to the '$Subject Glitch', where you'll enter a house and find one of your Sims missing and the memories of others reads '$Subject' where your missing Sim should've been.
This happened twice not long ago, and it didn't give me much cause for concern until I entered my favorite Sim's, Anna Hawkins', house and saw that she was gone. Vanished!
The worst part was that practically my entire game revolved around Anna, I made CC for her and everything. I can't explain it, but she was one of my favorite Sims, and she was gone...
The strangest thing is that this has happened in only one Neighborhood; Veronaville.

Anyway, I've been lead to believe that there is no reversing of it. I have searched for her character file with SimPE, but to no avail.
Does anyone know about/had this glitch before? How do you overcome it?

If worst comes to worst, I still have her cloned in Bodyshop, and if there is a way to attach memories/relationships/careers to a Sim, that'd be so much better. Is any of this possible?

:smt120 Oh, I'm just so fed up right now Sad
Please help!
14  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / SimSelf Request-- juniornkristy1's Hubby *Updated 18.2.08* on: February 17, 2008, 01:36:11 am
:blob6:**ATTENTION** :blob6:It seems as I've made a little doodie in the pantular areas of this thread. I've posted the pictures with the older version of Junior! :doh:
>This< is what he looks like now. Not much of a difference, but if you're a bat with hypervision, this will come in handy!

Update: I've excluded the Nouk hair from the download, which was causing some EP capability conflicts. Try again and see if it works.

It's a Family outing! Along with David and Kylee, may I present to you, dear Simmers, juniornkristy1's devoted Boyfriend and father to their beautiful children...

Junior is wonderful with the kids...

Whether it's cuddling up to Kylee...

Or playing with David...

Junior is always there for his little ones!

Note2 JuniornKirsty1: I have seen your request on your other son, Nathanyl. If you like, I could Sim him, too and update here as well =D [/SIZE]

Once again, critique is encouraged. In fact, it's more than encouraged; it's a rule. Don't criticize me? I do hereby solemnly swear a chihuahua with an umbrella hat will come and bite your toes off >:3  Seriously, though. I don't care if you say "Your Sims look like they've been chewed up and hocked out by a diseased ridden rat in a pool of rubbish then consumed again by a man named Joe." As long as you're honest, that's all that matters.
I know, I know. My Sims still breed beavers, but they sure do look purdy for a while. Wow, had a thing for the Animalia kingdom, hey?

ANNNYWAY... Here's a CC List

Nose Makeup by dachshundsr4me
"Just Lips" by ASK
"Real Eyes" by KSK
"Character Skins: Maxis Style" by Hafise25
"Realistic Brows (Archived)" by Haelene Ask me which ones they are, I slappa your face xD
Clothing by Maxis

"Don Tribute Hair" by Nouk
Clothing by oepu
David & Kylee by Meh!!11!
All else by..... Can't 'member Tongue

So there you go, Simmers. Enjoy, and stay purdy Tongue
xxx MamaFirecracker[/I]
15  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / SimSelf Request-- juniornkristy1's Daughter on: February 15, 2008, 05:30:04 am
Dear Maxis, disgruntling,
I have tried again at a toddler Sim, this time it's juniornkirsty's request of her beautiful daughter, Kylee.
Yet again, the lack of ages!; It burns me soul, and makes my bubba Simmies grow up with noses the size of a pyramid.
However, Kylee was just a sweetie-pie, I HAD to share her adorableness with the Sim world!

What an angel!!

Ack! Do one year old's have teeth like that?!? I don't think so! Tongue
Seriously though, juniornkirsty. Be honest. If you don't like it, I'll understand. I could try again, but that's only if you'll trust me again... Pwetty Pweese? :sad5: You can ask someone else, I'm better at Adult creations LOL :angel:[/I]

Eyes by Barcelonista
"Ivory TASTY" Skin by KSK
"Eva" Brows By Helaene
Hair and packaged clothing by Maxis

Natural Lips by ASK, Blush by unknown
Clothing by Sim Secrets and Sim Squirts

Tell me the truth, I thrive upon honesty. Maxis mishap or just my unskillful simming? I know I can do better, but enjoy as much as possible.

Again with the annoying letter-style posts,
MamaFirecracker xxxx
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