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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / [[ the queen legacy ]] Chapter 2 07/01 on: January 06, 2009, 08:51:07 am
Hi everyone. This will be my first proper legacy so lets hope I can get through it.  Grin


Hi, my name is Rosalyne. Thats Rosalyne Queen.
I'm 18 years old, and just the right age to have some fun.
I'm in college. I thought it would be better off starting my legacy while I'm here. You wouldn't want to miss out in all the action.
I'm a libra and I'm also a romance sim, so you know what that means  Wink
I'm living in the dorms, and I only have 500 simo's to my name.

my dorm, not much to look at, the same goes for the boys in there too. Talk about maxis ugly. But you take what you can get.
I don't even know what my major is, thats how interested I am. I'm more interested in my lovely profesor. He's a dark haired hunk,
He out-ranks any of the boys in my dorm.

So when I arrived, I thought I'd get to work on some skill building, "lalala paint paint paint, hold it, what was that I seen out the corner of my eye"

I got distraced by all the boys that were arriving...
So I went to say hello instead, well it would be rude not to.
Lets have a look at what we have here.

hey there boy number one, do you come here often?
"um.. my first time actually"
Well you can come knock on my door anytime.
"aahh... thanks, I think"

"is it hot in here or is it just me?"
Its all you baby, that Jacket has steam comming from it, maybe you should take it off?

well this dude is kinda full of himself, and there really is no need to be, wonder why he's wearing his mak inside...
New challenge for me, see what he's hiding underneath

I some how got through to my next samester...

thats my profesor by the way. Do you think that had anything to do with it?

"Oohhh booth woohoo, your getting a AAA+++++++++"
Shut up, your putting me off

Now he's no longer my teacher, he was getting hot and heavy and I have a fear of commitment, when he began to
get down on one knee I told him to hit the road.

"but I love you"
Oh big woop get over it buddy.

Me and my friend Marla decided to throw a little party.
Everyone, do the smuttle
Shame it was just us two that were interested

I got abit fed up and left her to it, it was time to discover what this town had to offer.
And I don't mean in oranges and babanas

Kennedy? is that his name, well, it was just suppose to be a kiss...

but it turned into some booth luv.
I'm not complaining. I wanna woohoo with at least 20 sims before I'm old and grey.

Back in dorm, I got a lovely suprise when another of the dorm boys kissed me.

I am so attracted to his blue hair, I don't really know what his face looks like.
Ohhh whats your name? I like your style

Whats this, did I woohoo you already?

whats in that bag? Well if yur leaving gifts, it musta been good, I just dont remember you though.

Will Rosalyne woohoo 20 sims? Will her prof ever get over her? Did she actually woohoo that sim and not remember?
Will she ever find a nice sim boy to settle down with? Or is this were the legacy ends?

Stay chooned to find out.
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Hunks / Regan Marshall ~ My 1st upload on: April 24, 2008, 06:45:19 pm
Regan Marshall

Turn On's
Make up

Turn Off's
Glasses (no offence, just what I rolled)

3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / snapobjectstogrid question on: April 11, 2008, 10:38:07 am

Hope your all well.

Well, I've kinda mastered the snapobjectstogrid and the move_objects. But my problem is, that when I do have these on, the objects, or sims, are always on the floor. I can put 1 object on a table, But the rest always on the floor. Say I wanted to put a tray on a bed, well it would just disapear when I went near it. Of coarse if I moved the bed the tray would be there sitting on the floor.

Is there another cheat to gravatate the object to were you want it? Or something like that anyways.

I see so many awsome pics of rooms, and I just can't get mine to look remotely like it.

Thanks for any help

x x x
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