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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Life Stories Help / Do you know the answer ? on: May 01, 2007, 01:35:08 am
Hey peeps,
Well I gave in and bought Sims Life Stories.. Yeah I know not that great, but well I completed rileys storey fine,(apart from when she was preg and wanted a good time party, she wouldnt move past that goal til I completed it and when I did she finally gave birth).. now I am on Vincents only thing is for 3 real life days now I been stuck on this goal, where he says Naomi is the one and now he needs to confront samantha to get her to leave him alone, How does he do that ? I mean I have gone to community lots in the hope of bumping into her and talking to her thinking thats the answer, I have emailed her, ive phoned her and invited her over vincents house but that goal is still unchanged, so just wondered can anyone help with this ? Pretty please.
Very Much appreciated.
Oh and finding out insim works whoop!!! kind make me like the game more than I did yesterday when I didnt know insim worked :lol:

Im guessing no one knows the answer to this then ? anyone please.. I am still stuck and it almost a wk now.
2  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / What is an OFF File ? Oh and HELP!!!! lol on: April 19, 2007, 01:40:48 am
Hey peeps, sorry to bug you but well gave in and need help :tard:
I have developed this problem since yesterday morning and now I give up I done all I thought of and then I noticed something..   I went to the sims2 exchange, I know my first mistake... but anyways, I downloaded a couple of houses which was fine, installed them using the clean pack installer thingy, some red things came up in some of the stuff so as the norm I deleted them and then carried on to install.. possibly my second mistake... anyways I went off to play the game kept crashing on the loading screen of the game it wouldnt even get to the neighbourhood screen, so I take out the downloads goes back in fine, so then I finds all the files downloaded since it crashed and slowly put them in a few at a time.. gets into the game great it working but everytime i try to load a family new or old since downloading, nothing it jus continuosly jus loads and loads and loads and loads the family... but then this morning I had another look.. and noticed all the files downloaded yesterday are called OFF Files ? and all the rest got the lil sim logo thing on them (downloaded files before yesterday).. so wot u rekon jus get rid of the OFF Files ? as I aint seem them before so I assume they aint meant for the game ?

ANyways any help greatly recieved.. some of u I bet think jus deleted the files from yesterday it jus well I hoped to save some CC lol.
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