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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / My contribution to the MLB Project: Joe Mauer on: August 22, 2008, 02:35:28 pm
Considering where I'm from- yeah- I had to go there. Tongue Anyway- I've made two versions of him- one was from before I had Pets that I've used for modeling clothing (You remember my athlete band tees, right?) and then there's this version that I've been playing for awhile.  What you get in this pack is a maxis-linked skintone and fabulous tucked clothing from Aikea Guinea, whose content is now free in the TSR.  Sadly, unlike the other athletes in the MLB project, it's just normal clothing, not a twins uniform.

Quote from: Wikipedia
Joseph Mauer (pronounced mao-er) born April 19, 1983 in St. Paul, MN), is a Major League Baseball catcher for the Minnesota Twins... is considered by many scouts to be the best young catcher in the sport and has been said by some, including Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr., to have the best swing in baseball.  In his breakout 2006 season, Mauer became the first catcher in major league history to lead both leagues in batting average and the first American League catcher to win the batting title, finishing with an average of .347.

Just a little bio from wikipedia.

Back to the content- what he comes packaged with is all of this content:
-Zbushybrown (unknown creator)
-Foundation by Barcelonista
-Layerable teeth by alkaloid
-both of Navetsea's chin make-up (dimple and clift)
-Lipstick by Serasims
-Nose Makeup by AnKeiode
-S1 skintone by Amun-RA
-Blue hoodie and dark jeans by Aikea Guinea

Well- I'm not sure if there's anything else I can add in there.  Well- I'd probably say that if anybody has a little beef with the title, which is most likely the worst case scenario, let me know so- hopefully- I can change it.  And for the record- he doesn't look half-bad with one of Marvine's meshes; the last one that I made was made with the athlete mesh, as a matter of fact.  If you want proof- I still have photos in my photobucket account from those good ol' days.  I guess that's it.  Enjoy. Smiley
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Rominalicious' self sim on: August 17, 2008, 06:06:02 pm
I'm back with another sim- this one being the lovely Rominalicious.  (All apologies for the delay.)  She comes packaged as a teen, and, unlike in my prior pictures, she doesn't come with the clothing that she's pictured in.  The clothes in the pictures are available with the OfB expansion pack, but she is packaged in base game, EAxis clothing.

Eyes are by Sara
Lip Gloss by Bruno
Blush by Barcelonista
Mascara by Mango
Skintone is S2 by Amun-RA.  My favorite skintones ever and you can grab them on this site in Amun's section.
Hair is by Harripwns at MTS2, but I know that there are some recolors up on this site; I've uploaded different sims with that hair.

Special thanks to inSIM's creators, Kathy and Eric, even though they dropped off the face of the earth.  I think that's all I can say.  Well... I do have another sim to add later.  Enjoy. Smiley
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Bon Voyage! TSF77's (my) self-sim. on: July 04, 2008, 06:40:41 pm
Okay- all apologies for the excessive amount of self-sims that I've posted in this thread (seriously- the thread is the first link whenever I type in insimenator in my link box in firefox now and days), but I've decided to release one more, and this one is my self-sim.  Now there are a few things that I should add.  For starters, I have made myself into an adult because, even though I'm 16, I look like I'm in college; like 18-25 range.  And I've made myself into a bear in the game... probably because I'm more like that bodytype now and days than anything else, except that I don't have huge-as-hell arms... =/ oh well.  And the reason for the title is because I'm going on a trip to Europe on Sunday, not because I'm leaving.  Happy Independance Day, y'all. Cheesy

Anyway- without further ado- the credits:

-Eric and Kathy for making inSIM (where are you two, anyway?  I miss you two)
-monotodo for creating the bear bodyshape

-3Dconsortium for the brows
-Eyes by Kamikitten
-Lips by helaene
-Stubble by LaPink? o_O
-Goatee is unknown
-Skin credited to Monotodo
-Hair by Raon
-work clothes by ZephyrAsh (or was it Monotodo?  I can never remember. *sweat drop*)

For the record- if I failed to give you the proper credit, let me know nicely, so I can give you credit. (lol I love the caption picture.  "Why am I watching TV?  I don't speak French!)
4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Deeyoutsa's self-sim on: June 30, 2008, 11:38:09 pm
requested by Dee herself

Anyway- she comes packaged with black hair, as seen in the attachments below.  Sadly- I've been busy with stuff in real life, so I had to go quickly and take craptastic photos.  One of the pics is just her in general, but the one in the funky top is similar to the one that she's packaged with.  Sadly, that was the only female, non-Warlokk custom content that the game was registering.

The content:
Brow by helaene
Eyes by sera
Teeth by Rensim
Foundation by Barcelonista
Eyeshadow by Bruno
Nose makeup by ephemera
More eyeshadow by Louis
Mascara by Kamikitten
Skintone by Louis
Hair by Raonsims
Top by Juttaponath at TSR (now free content)
Bistro jeans by Cerulean Talon at TSR

Coming up next- my self-sim.
And now without further ado- the downloads. Cheesy
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / EngelchenS's self-sim on: June 22, 2008, 12:12:04 pm
As requested by the lovely EngelchenS herself.

The pictures are in the attachments as well as the file itself.

And now- the content:

Hair by Raonsims
Eyes by Kamikitten
Skintone by Louis
Lip gloss by Bruno
Brows by... uh... no idea xD Sorry.
Foundation by Barcelonista
Mascara by Kamikitten
Teeth by Rensim
Clothing by Openhousejack (mesh by rose)

Anyway- constructive criticism and praise are welcomed. Smiley And if there's any trouble with the meshes and you can't find anything, then just let me know.
6  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / Alison Waite- Tallsimsfan77's gift to insim on: February 11, 2008, 10:53:43 pm
"If you, or your band have a Wikipedia page, then you're famous enough to be counted as a celebrity." -Tallsimsfan77

Where do I begin?  Well for one thing, ever since I saw the 93x commercial (warning: slightly scantily clad, but that's what was seriously on the tube) on the TV, I have always thought that she was a pretty thing.  Okay- the words were kinda lame, but you know the idea.  So why did I decide to post her? And why now?  Well- tomorrow is my 16th birthday, and I can't really celebrate it right being that I have to be at school until 9 PM tomorrow.  Not to mention that the A-list celebrities have been simmed to death.   So, on the occasion of my super sweet 16th, I have decided to give you a simmed version of Alison Waite.  Playboy cover model May 2006, 'hired playboy playmate' for 93x in Minneapolis and 96-1K in South Florida, as well as an alternate case model for Deal or no Deal.  Pictures and file are in attachments.

So what's the content?  Well:

-There's the sim
-Helaene's 202 brow
-Helaene's Luna #3 eye color (at least I think it's the eye color...)
-Alkaloid's Layerable Natural Teeth 1
-Engelchen's "recolored blush"
-eye liner from
-Lipstick from Doursim
-Eyelights Stage Fright by Bruno
-Barbie Mid by Louis converted to the Fitchick by jwilson5
-Hair by Harripwns (MTS2)
-Then there are the clothes in the attached photos made by jwilson5

Other credits: Maxis (sims 2), Kathy and Eric (running inSIM), MixdCrysy (clothes mesh)

I guess that's it.  Hopefully this is in the right section, but if it's not for any reason- then feel free to move it to the right one, mods.  For everybody else, enjoy. Smiley Well- if you want her.

EDIT: Okay- I have to put in a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I did not make up that quote just now so I could have justification for posting a celebrity in the sim celebrity bin.  I have always thought about wikipedia like that.
7  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / Tom Brady- by request on: February 10, 2008, 10:56:25 pm
A long time ago, about the first Christmas I was a member of Insim, I decided to sim Tom Brady and make some boxer briefs for the bodybuilder.  Little did I know that the Superbowl after last, he would be so requested.  Whether people want to have his sim babies or simply want to torture his sim, the version two is available for upload.  The only differences between the two would be that:

1) he has a new skintone that links to the bodybuilder, but I think he's more of a slim bb.
2) his eyes have been updated to green, as opposed to brown.
3) his hairstyle is way better, being that it's by Kavar, not to mention that it looks like an exaggerated version of the hairstyle he models with, but Engelchen made a hairstyle that better suits the sim, but I cannot find a brown recolor and last time I tried a hair recolor, I grew bored.
4) I updated his lips, so that they look better in my opinion.

Anyway- everything you need relating to the sim is in the attachments.  The pictures of the real Tom are on the bottom.  All apologies for the large file- 11 mb?  What the $#&%?  This is what it contains:

The core sim
Eye Brows from
Green eyes from Barcelonista
The Clint Beard by whoever made it
The BB Rolex Explorer II Gold by Marvine
Light Aging Mask by Simenroute
Foundation001 by Barcelonista
Louis 7 Skin linked to Bodybuilder.  Kudos to Wirelessguy.
Havok hair- brown in color by the wonderful Kavar
Then there's the business clothing made by the lovely Kathy, who helps run InSIM alongside Eric and the numerous mods and admin here.  Oh- and Marvine, who also made said mesh.
Other thanks goes to Beosboxboy, who was also involved in the creation of the muscle meshes, including the athlete, bodybuilder, huge bb, slim bb, and superhero.

I thank you all, and once again, I ask for your forgiveness for one hell of a large file. :oops:

Oh- and lastly of all- the modeling pictures:

I guess that's it.  Enjoy.
8  Retired Creators / Male / The 'Oh Crap Where's my Pants?' long johns for the lean bb on: January 10, 2008, 07:20:59 pm
Yes- I have more clothing for the lean bodybuilder.  Now this is for those whom have parents at home that would spaz out if they saw a naked muscle man in their kids' PC games, such as mine.  Well- assuming I'm not the only one who can't find recolors of this fine mesh anywhere on any custom content related-site.  Anyway- this idea for these long john bottoms would be after taking a stroll on American Eag... that's weird- there aren't any long johns listed in the site at all. :animal:Weird; I'll just upload it in that case.  Anyway- the long johns are based off of a pair that is/was sold at AE.  These are bottoms, so you at least need the bottom mesh.  Extracting/Downloading the top is only simmer's discretion, but highly recommended.  Anyway- these are pics showing my hard work and dedication for y'all. Smiley

Front side:

Back side:

With something completely different, proving that this IS a bottom, and not just some undies:

Anyway- enjoy.  Credits to SynapticSim, Kathy and Eric, EAxis, and American Eagle. :toothy5:

9  Retired Creators / Male / Jammers for the *lean* bodybuilder! on: January 06, 2008, 03:46:49 pm
I made these swim trunks for the same reason that I made my hollister trunks way back when; these are "jammers" for the lean bodybuilder, which are kinda like the aquatic cousin of boxer briefs, for those who don't know.  Anyway- the mesh can be found here, and you absolutely need it, otherwise it'll look like a suit or something.  And great news: I uninstalled Pets because it was being stupid, so you need not worry.  Included in the file are all three packages, including a notepad document giving credit, which package goes with which file, the proper credit, and plenty of other things.

And now for something completely different- the pics:

Also- two more things.  As seen by the file attachments below, you are able to use these for working out, however- running barefoot on a treadmill doesn't seem like a good idea.  Also, the colors are based off of three high schools' colors that are fairly local-ish.  I guess that's it.  Enjoy.  And mods, if this is in the wrong forum, or if this completely sucks that bad, then feel free to take the appropriate action.  Happy simming. :happy8:

10  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Coming to a theatre near u! (sims movie) on: November 11, 2007, 12:04:19 pm
All apologies if a topic on the subject has been made or stickied or whatever, but I read something interesting on wikipedia.

The Sims (working title) is a film currently in preproduction. The film will be live action.[11]
 On May 25, 2007, it was announced that The Sims film rights had been purchased by 20th Century Fox.[12] Not much is known yet about the upcoming film. However, it has been noted that the movie will be live action. It will be written by Brian Lynch, the man responsible for writing the Angel: After The Fall Comics and writing/directing the 1999 film Big Helium Dog. The film will be produced by John Davis, responsible for films such as Norbit and Eragon.[13]

Now I thought that the whole idea was like... well- there are people with the last name of Sims in the world; this could be a different movie.  Nope. Source:

Once again, all apologies if this has been made before; feel free to delete or merge by all means, but I honestly want to know what people think about the idea of a live-action movie based on The Sims.
11  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / IT'S AAALIVE!!!! Kurt Cobain on: November 02, 2007, 10:44:40 pm


*cough* Sorry- still in the Hallows eve spirit.

Keep in mind that I made this a year ago, but decided to release it Halloween 2007.  Then, three days ago, I had to be at musical rehearsal for Oklahoma!; apparently no conflict. D= So happy late Halloween, anyway, and to celebrate, I have decided to release my Kurt Cobain sim.  Yes, the Nirvana lead vocalist and guitar god is now alive and kickin' in your game.  Well- either that or a cute sim boy who looks similar.  Whatever floats your boat.  Kudos to the creators of the custom content, Kathy and Eric for creating this awesome site. (I think they both helped)

Face shot:

Body shot with packaged outfit, made courtesy of RabidAngel:

Also, kudos to whoever made the custom content.  The list:
Eyebrows- unknown (file name is a25cc85d_Amun_EYEBROW_001)
Eyes by Rock Chick
Black goatee (stubble or beard I don't remember) by dlsimsf6 @ tsr
"sexy black eye liner" by helaene
Skintone- KSK Tasty Cream
Hair- blonde Armani by Kavar?  I don't remember what was packaged; it's been a year. :smt120
Last, but not least, the Black tee and torn jeans by RabidAngel.

Enjoy.  And let me know of any problems you encounter. :wink:

EDIT: I also forgot that being that this is a celebrity sim, one would have to have proof that I tried to replicate the sim, as opposed to just make one in bodyshop and slap it with a random celebrity name.  The real picture of Kurt is in the attached thumbnails.  So, now you can enjoy.
12  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Packaging sim WITHOUT using Bodyshop on: October 22, 2007, 04:42:03 pm
After pages of questions, I couldn't find a topic that was similar to what I'm asking.  So here goes nothing.

I've had a bit of an issue with bodyshop as of recent, so therefore after I release my creation for Halloween, I might be done with custom content creation for a long time, maybe forever depending on whether or not I want to rid the packages from my download folder, or if you can answer this question:

Is it possible to package a created sim without the use of bodyshop, and if so- how is it done?

I'm asking this because I wound up creating a sim who I thought was pretty nice-looking, and I thought that the rest of the community might like the sim in their games as well.  I'm not sure if EPs and SPs matter, but I have Uni, NL, Pets, and HH and GL stuff packs as well.  Thanks if you can help, and that's alright if you can't.
13  Retired Creators / Male / Under Armor for the Bodybuilder on: August 07, 2007, 10:50:34 pm
I created this a long time ago and haven't gotten around to uploading this until now.  I'm suprised that nobody thought to create Under Armor for the bodybuilder.

All apologies if this is the wrong forum- feel free to move it to the correct forum.

I believe the mesh is the same as my christmas boxer briefs- which should be MESH_ju-beos-barbie210705.rar here: AKA the unlucky 13th file down.  Keep in mind that it has been forever since I made this, so I'm about 89% sure that I'm right.  PM me if the mesh doesn't match the content.

The content that I upload here consists of two sets of white... bottoms with four different colored muscle shirts- red, white, blue and black.  One set has shoes and the other is bare foot, so your sims can wear these to bed if they wanted to.

~Beosboxboy and Marvine- for creating the mesh and the bodybuilder- I cannot do this without.
~Kathy and Eric- for creating :happy8:
Let me know if I forgot anyone!

I think that's it.  Enjoy. Smiley
14  Retired Creators / Male / Hollister-style trunks for the Huge bb on: March 25, 2007, 12:06:59 pm
When I first started up the game with the new Huge bodybuilders, I noticed that the huge bodybuilders were lacking some swim gear.  So, then I started to make some swim trunks based on a type of pair sold at Hollister.

For those who don't know what Hollister is, it's a store that pretty much "captures the spirit of California".  From what I've read, the only stores are in the US and Canada, and I don't shop there since A) I'm too tall, B) I'm too fat and C) I'm too good for the store. xD  The model has height issues with the clothing there as well, so the trunks are a bit too short for him as seen in this picture when he's talking to a girl.

The mesh can also be found here.

Tell me what you think. :wink:
15  Retired Creators / Male / Christmas boxer briefs on: December 23, 2006, 11:47:15 pm
Alright- twas the night before Christmas and I finally gained the courage to release my Christmas present to the Insimenator crowd. My apologies if I need special permission to post in here, or if I posted this in the wrong spot. If that's the case, then I won't mind if any mods/admins deletes, or moves this thread.
Anyways, I'm almost confident that the mesh is here: and the mesh title is "MESH_ju-beos-barbie210705.rar", which is about 13 from the top. Remember, I'm human, so I may be wrong on that one.

Oh yeah, one more thing- because of the spirit of the season, I also added a suprise sim for your game if you want it. Along with a sneak peak of the what the sim looks like compared with the real man.
P.S. I had some issues with the package file myself, because in bodyshop it wouldn't show as the actual undies, and WinZip said that there was an "error", but it still added in the zip file. Those two things worry me a little bit, so let me know about ANY issues you have with downloading/extracting/getting the file to work, etc.
P.S.S. I DO have pets, so it might show up funny in your game if you don't have the expansion pack.
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