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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Athena's Mediterranean Beach Home. on: September 09, 2007, 02:04:17 am

This is my birthday present to Athena from me to you. Happy 23rd hun!

File name: AthenasBeachhome.rar
Size: 634 kb
Description: This is a mediterranean style beach house, great for an entire family who wants to live on the sea side.
Price: 66.531
Rooms: Living area, Kitchen, Diningroom, 3 Bedrooms, Bathroom, a relaxing area outdoors, Basement and a big open spaced area upstairs.
Required EP: All - Except Bon Voyage as I had made and packaged it before I installed it.
Required SP: All - Except H&M


+ Ocean Waves - Windkeeper - [PAY] - You can find them in the Custom Built Aquarium Superset.
+ Sand - Windkeeper - [PAY] - You can find them in the Custom Built Aquarium Superset.

+ Japanese Panel Wall 1 - Windkeeper - [PAY] - You can find them in the Tokyo Windows Superset.
+ Basic Paint - Yellow Light - HystericalParoxysm  [Included]
+ Basic Paint - Orange Light - HystericalParoxysm  [Included]
+ Cementa 9 - Tribeccasims2  [Included]
+ Bathroom Tiles 1 *EasyLiving* - Frillen [Included]
+ Basic Paint - Brown Lighter - HystericalParoxysm  [Included]
+ "Khaki Mists 3" with Crown and Kick Molding in White Wood - Izla [Included]

+ MI_Metro_Floor2 - Michelle0959 - Unknown link. [Included]
+ Trinew Light 1 - Tribeccasims2 [Included]
+ The Slats v3 LIGHT Floor 3 - Tribeccasims2 [Included]
+ Kitchen Tiles 1 *EasyLiving* - Frillen [Included]
+ Woodland Floor Pt. 2 - Sim-Placement [Included]
+ Reza Collection f1 - Tribeccasims2 [Included]
+ Wood Floor - Sim-Placement [Included]
+ Clear Transparent Tile - RGiles [Included]
+ Dink_floor_cake1_pink_mid - Dinkytink [Included]

+ "Loft Set" Window Short 2 tile - Jonesi [Not Included]
+ Cadena Window - Windkeeper - [PAY] - You can find them in the Cadena Doors and Windows set.
+ 0ds2numenorwindowrecolor05 - Numenor [Not Included]

+ Cadena Double Glass Door - Windkeeper - [PAY] - You can find them in the Cadena Doors and Windows set.
+ GEA Arch2Tile - Simtomatic - [PAY] - You can find them in the GEA Build SUPERSET set.

+ Ailias Modern Pediment - Ailias [Included]
+ Simple White Fencing by Fence King Co. - Wil-Redfern [Included]

+ Washingtonia filifera (3,50 m) - alex_stanton1983 [Included]
+ Phoenix canariensis (2 m) - alex_stanton1983 [Included]
+ Birch Tree Shrubby Larger - Khakidoo [Included]
+ 4ESF Ourdoor5 Dahlia - 4 Ever Sim Fantasy [Not Included]
+ Taro - Macarossi [Included]
+ "Eponymous Garden" Fennel - Kate at Parsimonious [Included]
+ "Eponymous Garden" Hosta - Kate at Parsimonious [Included]
+ 4ESF Ourdoor5 Plant - 4 Ever Sim Fantasy [Not Included]
+ 4ESF Ourdoor5 Yucca - 4 Ever Sim Fantasy [Not Included]
+ "Eponymous Garden" Lily - Kate at Parsimonious [Included]


+ London Space - Jonesi [Included]
+ Contempo Courtyard - Jonesi [Included]
+ Pond Rocks - Macarossi [Included]

You can find all pay items for free on the booty.

If you would like to see more of my things please visit Juicy Sims
2  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Flipping Hairs? on: August 29, 2007, 03:30:06 am
I've been wondering if it is possible to be able to flip hairs without having to recreate an entire mesh and if so how. I've tried the usual way you would flip an image, eg. (Photoshop) Select > Select All > Edit > Transform > Flip Horiztonal but it didn't seem to work, the only thing it did manage to do was make the hair just a tad darker. Thanks in advance.
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Sienna on: August 23, 2007, 03:23:49 am

Sienna Tanner is a single woman with a bachelor degree in marketing, business and economy. She is the CEO of her own company called Haute Cosmetics. When she isnt running her own business she loves to do adventourist things like hiking, rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping and alot more very active things. Even when she isn't doing all of that she loves to sit down in front of the fire with a nice hot chocolate and read a good book.
She is an Aries and is looking for somone who is compatiable and can keep up with her active life and someone who wants to have a family just like her.


Hair: Rose Sims 2 - Pay - Not included but you can get it from the Booty for free.
Skin: ReginaS - Included.
Blush: @Stefan - Included.
Eyeliner/Mascara: Eyeliner003 - Included.
Eyeshadow: Unknown - Included
Lips: Just Lips For Men and Women - Included.
Outfit: Pretty Casual - Included.
Eyes: Unknown - Included.

Juicy Sims

If you like my things and would like to see more of them please join Juicy Sims and spread the word!

4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / JaCalsGal Simself on: August 23, 2007, 02:36:41 am
This is my first simself request that I have done and I hope JaCalsGal will like it.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome =)

Skin: - ReginaS Skin - Included
Hair: - Rose Sims 2 Donation hair - Not Included
Eyes: - JoanneDyer - Included as their eyes cannot be found anywhere, due to her deleting everything.
Blush: - LaPink Sweet Cheeks - Included
Eyeshadow: - LaPink Stay The Day Eyes - Included
Eyeliner: - Barcelonista Eyeliner/Eyelashes - Included
Lips:  - Bruno Lip Candy - Included
Outfit: - SolidGoldFunk Partcipation Prize in Miss Juicy contest (Coming soon) - Not Included

If you would like more of my things check out Juicy Sims
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / Caridee - America's Next Top Model Winner Cycle 7 on: August 23, 2007, 02:36:19 am
This is my first ever request and celebrity request. Someone on InSimenator wanted Caridee and I thought I'd give it a shot as I thought one of my sims looked alot like another celebrity and thought it would be easy and something I would have a knack for, but boy I was wrong. So I hope you like it Gex192000!

Any comments and suggestions are welcome =)

Skin: - Kreiss - Included
Hair: - Rose Sims 2 Donation hair - Not Included
Eyes: - Secret Eyes - Included
Freckles: - Set of 3 Freckles - Multi-Wearable - Included
Blush: - Skin Tint - Sheer Coral - Included
Eyeshadow: - Natural Eyeshadows - Included
Eyeliner: - Lash Extension - Included
Lips:  - Matte Extreme - Included
Outfit: - Lianna Sims 2 Donation Set - Not Included
Eyebrows: - Realistic Brows - Included

If you would like more of my things check out Juicy Sims
6  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / Vibrant Eyeshadow Set - Couture. on: August 23, 2007, 12:05:06 am
I have decided to start uploading some of my things on InSimenator so I bring to you my birthday special that was realised on my birthday on August the 3rd. I have called this set "Vibrant Eyeshadow" as the colors are bright, vibrant and radient. Almost like couture make up which happens to be my most favorite type of make up. So enjoy and please credit xK-la at if used on your sims, my policy is you can include any of my work with your sims as long as you credit and link back to me.

Also go easy on me if I have done anything wrong as this is my first upload and I'm still unsure about some things.

If you would like more of my things please visit Juicy Sims
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