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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Female Hair / 'Alternative' Recolours of Peggy mesh 0049 on: February 15, 2007, 08:56:29 am
Hi everyone Smiley
This download requires a donation/ pay mesh on oder to function ingame. The mesh can be aquired by paying for one month's subscription to Peggy Sims 2... Wink
Just a few recolours of Peggy's 'second Britney Spears' hair mesh :lol: It is also known as MESH 0049, Juice hair 0025 & Female Hair set 00043 0___o
This hair is colour-binned. Although this might annoy some, I thought it made sense, since for toddlers and children the hair is natural and singly-coloured (see below). Elder hair is grey. If you feel strongly about it, you can export and import the hair; it will then show up as custom Smiley
1) Blonde & Black - in blonde bin

2) Pink & Black - in brown bin

3) Honey Blonde & Light Brown - in brown bin

4) Brown & Purple - in brown bin

5) Red & Black - in red bin

6) Black & Blue - in black bin

For toddlers & children, the colours are as follows and correspond to the numbers above:
I hope that's clear ^^; Though the browns look similar in these pictures they're actually noticeably different ingame.
The files are uploaded in one .zip containing all the recolours, as well as individually for those who'd prefer to just grab one or two.
Thanks to:
Peggy, for allowing recolours and for making the mesh in the first place!
I hope you enjoy these and that they appeal to some people :| If you do download, please consider leaving a comment <3
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Eyes / Realism Eyes by Schuldig {Update: Default replacements fixed, new dark blue option} on: February 03, 2007, 12:47:04 pm
Presenting - a realistic (but not too freakily realistic) eyeset! Having used them on my own sims for a while, I'm quite happy with how they turned out and thought I might share Cheesy

Unlike my previous (as yet unreleased) set, these were made from a photo. Unfortunately, I think I accidentally used the same photo as someone else, as I have an eye (just one  ^^; ) in my game that I didn't make which looks extremely similar. Mine is better because it comes in more colours with prettier preview thumbnails =P  but that's just to warn you - and to tell you that I didn't rip it off!


~ 15 colours
~ Four 'fantasy' shades
~ Variety of hues within each iris
~ Shadowed sclera
~ Drawn-in highlights

This picture is included in the download, with labels matching the file names, so that you can choose which eyes to install.

The hazels don't look very different in the thumbnails above, but look very different ingame. Similarly, because the thumbnails are so tiny there seems to be little difference between the two blues, or between dark grey, brown and black. Hopefully the pictures below make the diferences clearer.

Appearance when used on sims:

Shown clockwise from top left of each pic:-
~ green, purple, grey, earthy hazel        
~ black, grey, brown, soft blue

*Update* - Defaults replacements fixed! They apparently turned sims' faces black - I'm so sorry about that :crybaby:

2 new, fixed sets of default replacements Smiley Only use one at a time; remove any other default eyes!



Please do not redistribute the set! They may be included with sims, in which case credit is very much appreciated, and perhaps a link to this thread too Smiley

I hope you all like these ^^; If you do download them, please consider leaving a comment! :love2:
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Male Hair / Edits of Peggy Donate November Special Gift hair on: December 23, 2006, 07:36:18 pm
NOTE! This is an edit of a DONATION MESH! Do not complain that I did not tell you because it's RIGHT HERE at the TOP OF THE POST and in the title! These are posted with permission Smiley

You cannot legally get this mesh unless you donate to Peggy Sims for at least three months; she then emails to you or otherwise makes available all the special gifts on the site, this one included. The mesh used is that of the November special gift - I've included a picture to show which one I mean, on the sim with red flowers behind him. I will not email/ PM it to you, nor is it included in the file. Sorry if I sound harsh - I just don't want to leave any room for misunderstanding. :|

With that over with - Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you enjoy these Smiley

Anyway, on to the edits ^^;

I loved the hair as it was, but realised that shortening it might make it a little more versatile. I've edited the alpha to trim the length & change the bangs, and I've also done a slight retexture. The texture at the back is slightly dodgy for some colours, but nothing too noticeable (I think) - apologies, I missed it until it was too late .___.

The hair comes in 8 colours, works for all ages and is colour binned. If you only want to install certain colours, I've included the number in the file name next to the hair colour previews - 1 is black, 2 is dark brown and so on. Not sure why I felt the world needed that particular shade of orange, though....

Preview pictures

1. Black

2. Dark brown

3. Light brown

4. Orange

4.2. Red

5. Blonde

6. Silver

7. Purple streaks

-> Original hair style

Thanks to:
Peggy, for her wonderful mesh and permission to upload recolours.

Skins in previews by Enayla, Louis/Ren, GLANCE and Peggy.
Eyes by Enayla and Exnem at MTS2
Clothes by various creators at MTS2, Sshodan, minnana, the Sim Artist's Union, Peggy, Fanseelamb at MTS2.
Before anyone asks =p  Sunglasses from Peggy Sims 2
Sims in preview by me ^^;

I hope you like them! If you download, please consider leaving a comment :love2:
4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Male Hair / Layered Edit of MyoS's Long Male Hair Mesh on: November 05, 2006, 05:45:08 am
Smiley Hi everyone!

This is pretty much a re-post of my upload at MTS2, but I figured some people might like it over here, too ^____^

  This is just a little edit which I managed not to mess up too badly of MyoS's male hair mesh no. 5, from The Sims Artists Union. The hair is lovely as it is, but I wanted something a little different. Retextures have also been done, but until I get permission for using those textures, these use the original ones by MyoS Smiley

For this hair to work you need male mesh number 5, found under 'Downloads' in the top bar, from MyoS's site (link found under the download file). The preview picture has black and white examples with hats on.

Just in case I hadn't said it enough already -this hair is for males. Please don't ask me to do refits for females because they are not my meshes and I wouldn't know how to anyway Tongue

  The hair comes in 6 colours, works for all ages and is colour binned. If you only want to install certain colours, I've included the number in the file name next to the hair colour previews - 1 is black, 2 is dark brown and so on.

Time for some actual preview pictures, yes?

1. Black

2. Dark Brown

3. Light Brown (hat not included!)

4. Red

5. Blonde

6. Silver

:love2: Many thanks to:
MyoS (and Coris) for permission to upload these edits.
DreDo for colour binning these for me.

All skins and eyes in previews are by Enayla.
Clothes used are from Hnote, Sims 2 BNP and MTS2.
Sunglasses are from Peggy Sims

I hope you like them! If you download, please consider clicking the 'thanks' button or even leaving a comment :grin:
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Male Hair / Seomi Retextures of Sshodan's 'Guilty' mesh - Blue-black added! on: July 25, 2006, 09:28:36 am
Hey everyone! ^____^
This is pretty much a repost of what I said at MTS, but I thought I'd share here too :brushtee:
After Sshodan came out with these lovely meshes, I experimented a bit with retexturing for a slightly more realistic, silky look =D This is my first time retexturing a mesh, so I hope you like them! Remember, the textures are all Seomi's work Smiley
These are the 6 colours available: black, dark brown, light brown, red, blonde and white. If anyone would like more colours please request them in this thread Smiley
Anyway, I'm sure you're waiting for pictures :tongue5:
Here are CAS/ BS shots

The requested red

The requested blue

Here they are ingame ^___^


...and here are some random pictures of them on sims ingame.




You need Sshodan's fantastic Guilty mesh for these to show up in your game. They are colour binned - the black, blonde and red show up in their respective bins, the two browns in brown and the silver (download separately) in custom Smiley A blood red was requested and added, which goes in custom too.
I've uploaded a .zip file to keep whiners off my back Wink and because Winrar can open .zips as well as .rars, I believe.
Many thanks to:

Seomi for allowing me to use her amazing textures
Sshodan for allowing me to upload my retextures
ProfessionalLoser for very kindly colour-binning them for me

Erm, with regards to requests for retextures and recolours (other than this one), I don't take requests so much as...I'm open to suggestions Smiley Either PM or ask/suggest here ^_____^
I hope you like them! If you download, please consider leaving a comment Smiley It would make my day :hello2:
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