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1  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / 2 computers and a very strange install problem. on: July 12, 2009, 11:24:06 pm
I have a fairly new Compaq Presario, and a very old (but still trusty) made to my spec PC. I had Sims 2 on both PCs but I took it off my old one. And now it won't read the base disk at all. It'll read all the other disks but not the base. It'll still read on my new PC. Anyone else have this problem? I'm at a loss and really don't want to buy a new game. Please help if you can, thank you.
2  Resident Creators / Mod Requests / New Hula hack on: April 01, 2009, 11:04:31 pm
I'm not sure if this is ok so if not I apologize right now. But I was wondering if the Hula Hack will or can be updated up to M&G? I love using it when I don't have the time or ability (community lots) to place pose boxes. I have every EP and all but Ikea in the SPs.

Thank you so much
3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Can't get in my neighborhood. on: May 25, 2007, 01:07:20 pm
Ok so whenever I try to get into Plesentview (that's the only main hood I play) it does this loop thing and it goes between when the hood first comes up to the middle of the pan. I can't do anything but click out. It doesn't do it in any of the other hoods, and unfortunatly my contest lot is in there. Anyone have an idea oon how to fix it? I went through my CC to make sure I didn't have any doubles of conflicting hacks but it still does it. I know that you can get rid of the cache files besause they can become corrupt so can yuget rid of the neighborhood manager package?
4  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Game won't start. on: May 16, 2007, 09:46:44 am
I need some help my game won't start. I don't know what's wrong with it. I get the little screen that comes up before the EA Games one does and a bit later it just stops. I've check my task manager while I waited for it to start up and it gets up to areound 30,000k and then shuts off.

Can anyone help me? I just started 2 new contests and I'd hate to have to drop out.
5  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Downloads gone haywire, need major help on: May 07, 2007, 11:25:38 pm
I went through all my downloads today and took out the pics and readme files. I then put everything in separate folders by type of item. I.E. Meshes, readmes, cleanpack installs, and then the downloads. Now I have them names as thus, downloads, meshes, installs, & readmes. Then when I went to play my game none of my body content worked. The thumbnails where there but when I put it on it was gone. Does anyone know what happened? My CC works but some things just aren't there. Was it because I separated everything? Or because I put a downloads folder in a downloads folder?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have to go re download everything.
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Beauty & the Geek... Teannas & Jacocby on: May 03, 2007, 02:11:36 pm
[SIZE="6"][COLOR="Purple"]Chapter 1[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Teannas: So I'm getting ready to get my mud bath and massage, when my phone rings.
"Hello... This had better be good cuz this is my special time!"" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
"Teannas Daaah-ling, this is Amanda from the station. I'm so sorry to catch you at a bad time, so I'll make this quick. You got a spot on Beauty and the Geek."
"Wait a minute... I thought it was Beauty Week!?!"
"No..NO... Hun Beauty and the Geek. Anyways I need you to come down to the studio by Friday so we can finalize the paper work. Love ya dearie Ta~ta."

 I hung up and I just couldn't believe it... Beauty and the... the... GEEK! The rest of my day was totally shot. I didn't even look twice at the hottie eyeing me at Neiman Marcus.

Friday came around and I went to the studio. Amanda the Producer met me at the studio door.
"Hello Teannas. We just need to go over the guidelines for the show. Now first you'll..." I tuned her while she talked about the paper work and ratings and rules... God this show was gonna be a pain. I was thinking I should just back out and go home.
"So I'll need you to hand over all credit cards and cash. You'll not be allowed to use your cell phone. We will provide one..."
"Umm Amanda not that I'm happy to be on your show but umm I have a standard of living to uphold. I can't just not have money or contact with my friends."
"Oh hun you'll still be able to talk to everyone just not from your phone. The studio will give you a 15,000$ budget to furnish your house, and to..."
"Wait a minute! Furnish my HOUSE! What do you mean?"
"Teannas I thought I went over that... You and your Geek will be living in a house together for the next few months."

I couldn't believe it... Living with a... a... a... GEEK! *gulps and starts to shake* says to self "ok I can do this... it's just like acting..."
"Ok so where do I sign?"

Sunday came and I drove to the addy that Amanda had given me. She told me that the camera crew will already be there and that they'll be filming immediately. As I pulled up I saw a totally hot guy standing out front. All I could think was how am I suppose to be interested in a geek if I have this eye candy filming me.
I got out of my car and started unloading my luggage, when Dreamy walked over and offered to help.

"HI you must be Teannas, I'm Jacoby."" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
"Umm Ok are you supose to be talking to me? I thought the whole idea was just film my life?"
"I'm your roommate."

*shocked* "You're my GEEK!" I was in total geek heaven. He was so cute. I tried to hug him but he backed off like I was wearing knock offs of last year's Malano Blaniks." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
"HEY WHAT GIVES!"" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
"Sorry I've spent the last year by myself so I'm still getting used to other people. So looks like we're gonna be roomies for a few months. Have you been inside yet?"
"No, have you?"
"Nuh uh.. Shall we?"

I walked into the house and ran out screaming! It was horrid! I couldn't believe it. I knew that there wasn't no furniture, but the walls and floor were just so sick! I just stood in front of the house and sobbed." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
Jacoby: I wasn't sure what was wrong with her, she was so freaked about the inside. When she screamed I almost had a heart attack I didn't think it was bad. The roof didn't leak, and there was no wild animals, I mean hell I've lived in worse. I went up to Teannas and talked to her." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
"Hey it'll be ok..."
*sobs louder*
"Well if you want you can decorate any way you want to."
*hiccup* "Really?"
"Yeah well except my room, I'm kinda picky"

She started smiling then.
"I know what you mean, but we don't have that much."
"Well ummmm I don't know what to say about that. I've been living in worse than this."

Teannas: Jacoby was such a sweetheart, wow smart, good looking, and a nice guy. MmmmMMmm! Yummy!" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
So we sat down and talked about what we needed and where I could splurge. I told Jacoby that I needed to go change first.
"Well I'm an Heiress. I need to look my best at all times, and I can't be caught in the same outfit twice in one day. Just get used to it."

So an hour later...( I had to do my hair and makeup) and then we got in my car (Jacoby doesn't drive).
 When we got to the first store I noticed that he looked a little green.
"Are you ok?"
he squeaked out "Do you always drive like that?"
"Ummm most everybody does! Well except old people!"
"Hmmm. I need a dramamine"

The first couch we tried out was nice but just didn't really go with the walls in the house." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">

At the second store Jacoby found a room set he liked... But to my embarrassment it was the employee break room." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">

We found a few things that were ok. Not what I'm used to but not all sick and icky.

While we waited for the furniture to arrive at the house we did a little shopping for a new outfit." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
We got matching geek shirts at his favorite store. I don't think I'll ever wear it but it was a nice gesture.

Jacoby: Back at the house, Teannas made sure everything looked good. After that was done she called for a grocery delivery, and dinner. She set up the table and well... lets just say I study fish not eat them raw! She had ordered sushi." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
"Come on try it. You just might like it"

She was right. it wasn't bad at all. We even had green tea.

After Dinner I sat down to watch a documentary on the life of Mozart, Teannas came out of the kitchen with a bag of funyuns and sat down to watch it with me." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
I was amazed that Teannas had even heard of him and knew much about his life. Later I asked her about it and she explained that her Dad and Mom love classical music. She grew up with it in her house all the time.

Teannas: later that night I came downstairs to do my yoga, (my room is full with my stuff) and Jacoby surprised me by doing it with me." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">

Jacoby: I do yoga and ti chi everyday. It helps me stay in shape and feel good.

Teannas: The next morning the phone started ringing and Jacoby got up and answered it.
"This is Amanda did you get settled in ok?" Jacoby put it her on speaker phone.
"Listen up dears you have a photo shoot in 3 hours. Teannas hon don't worry about looking good we have hair and makeup teams over here just for you. See you later, love ya. Buh-bye."

We got showered, dressed, and ate breakfast. As I headed out the door for my car, Jacoby cleared his throat.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Umm Yeah"
"Well I don't know what to do."
"HUH? Whatdya mean?"
"Well ummm I don't know how to look cool."

Awww my heart went out to him.
"Don't worry I'll make you look good."
With that we got in my car and drove to the studio. Jacoby didn't even need a dramamine this time.
As soon as we walked in we were ushered off to our stations.
I couldn't believe what I was forced to wear... It's just too horrible to talk about.

Jacoby: I was clear on the other side if the set when I heard Teannas scream. I ran over to see what happened, and what she was wearing I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy Ok yeah I would but not someone as hot as Teannas. I ran up and asked everyone for a minute alone with her.
"It''s just a few pictures..."
She sobbed "But people I know will see me like this... I'll never live this down."
"But think of this... you do this shoot with me, I'll take you out where ever you want to go and we'll do what ever you want. Does that sound like a plan?"

*weakly* "Yeah"" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
Teannas: If it wasn't for Jacoby I think I may have just killed myself. The shoot went well. He was a natural in front of the camera. It was actually really fun. We even got to just be silly." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
 I've never done that and let me tell you, it was a friggin BLAST!!!!
After the shoot Jacoby told me to go on home to get ready that he needed to do some shopping.
"I don't need HOURS to get ready. I don't mind driving you."
"Well I wanted it to be a surprise. Is that ok?"
"Ok... OK... I love surprises! Well as long ass they're good ones and not bad ones."
"I'm sure this one comes under the good ones."

So I went home and about an hour later a taxi pulls up and Jacoby gets out with this big bag. I walk down stairs and see him putting the bag down. His jaw dropped when he saw what I was wearing. I kept the braids, glasses, and no makeup. But more than that I looked the part of a girl geek.
Jacoby: I think Beauty has fallen in love with the Geek... *thinks to self* "Yeah baby! How you doin?"
Teannas: Just then I hear a little bark, I look to the floor and there is a baby chiuaua. I couldn't believe it. He went out and bought me a chi." target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
"Her name is Buggie. Cuz she was driving me Buggie in the taxi.. Do you like her?"
"Like her! I LOVE her! But why?"
"I knew you missed you dog so I thought it might help make up for earlier."
"Thank you. Well I'm ready to go. How bout we go see Night at the Museum?"
7  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Stewart Townsend meets Green Acres on: March 29, 2007, 06:52:26 pm
It was a normal day at work... I clock in, my shift starts, I get hell from the cook for my nails, (though I know he's just trying to make me laugh). So why am I writing about it?

He walked in... 6 feet of movie star GOD!!! Stewart Townsend. I couldn't believe it.
"Tuleah pinch me cause I don't think I'm awake!... OWWWW! That hurt!"
"Well you told me to pinch you."
"Yeah but did you have to do it so hard?"
"Nope I just like to hear you yell!"

The hostess came up to me just then, she looked all flustered. I didn't think she even knew who Stewart was.

"Freyja, you will be taking care of the VIP's. No one else will be seated in your section. Now listen up, just because a hot, rich guy is seated at your table doesn't mean a damn thing! Don't screw this up for the restaurant. Understood. No talking about how you want to be somebody... or trying to nudge your way into a film. GOT IT!?!"
"YES MAMN! No problem."
"Gee Honey tonight is totally you're night. I wish I was as lucky as you."
"Tuleah what am I gonna do? You know I'm gonna screw up. I am such a butter fingers when I'm nervous."
" Just think of them like normal people. That's all they want I hear."

*thinking to self* Just go over get their order and don't do anything stupid! I give them a bit to decide what they want, Tuleah gives me a thumbs up and tells me "Good luck. It's not everyday you get to serve a star."

"Would you like to start your meal with any appetizers or maybe a drink from out bar?"
Stewart looks up at me *oh what  face* "What do you recommend?"
"Oh now Stewart I'm sure she has better things to do than talk about food." Now this women had class out the wazoo! Swanky black dress, gorgeous flowing black hair. Definitely arm candy. She turns to me " We'll start with a bottle of your '74 Merlot, and the prosciutto mushrooms." turning back to the table "There see isn't that much better?"
They all had a good laugh at that one.

As I waited for the starters to cook I watched Miss Arm Candy. She was so posed and confident. Wish I could be that way. I got looks too, but I'm just so gangly. Comes from working on a farm your entire life.

"Oh what did you say Gary?"
"I said your table is up get it out there before they get too hungry and leave!"

*Thinking* One foot in front of the other... Just get it to the table.
"Here we go, and have you decided on the main course?"

I wrote down the order and walked back to the kitchen.
"So get to hear any good gossip?"
"No Tu I can barely walk. Do you really think I'm gonna hear what anyone is saying if I'm concentrating so hard."
"Well learn!" And with that she walked off to her table.

30 minutes later had me walking back to the table with the meal in hand.

I did very well. My etiquette teacher would have been so proud. I cleared from the right and served from the left. Everything when so smooth until I got to Stewart.
"Ummmm, can I get some A1?"
I was so startled by his voice that the tray flew out of my hand and landed right in the middle of a very expensive Armani suit.
"Oh I'm so sorry, I really didn't..."
"Freyja! How could you!"

"I'm so sorry Camille, I really didn't..."

"MR Townsend I'm so sorry for this. Please I'm going to comp your whole meal for this and if you'll send the cleaning bill to me I'll pay for that as well.
And as for you!" Camille turned to me."You will make a formal apology to Mr Townsend and his guests and then you will leave these premises and do not return!"

Downtrodden all I could say was a meek "Yes Mrs. Carmichael."
"Mr. Townsend I'm truly sorry I didn't mean for this to happen. Please take my sincerest apologies to you and your guests. I am so sorry to have ruined your dining experience here and I truly hope that you do not slander this fine establishment because of my actions."
With that I started to walk toward the front doors.

"Really this isn't necessary, it was an accident."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing Stewart was defending me...
"Stewart really do you need to do this here? She spilled food on your brand new suit."
Yes but is was an accident, firing her doesn't seem fair"

After that I didn't hear anymore. I was unlocking the door to my car when a hand touched my shoulder. I grabbed it and flipped the "assaliant" over my shoulder and to the ground. There looking up at me was a very stunned Stewart Townsend.

"Wow your pretty strong for one as tiny as you look."
He got up and dusted himself off. I was mortified before now I was wishing I was dead.

"I'm so sorry, really I didn't mean to... Oh bugger!"
"it's ok, I completely understand. I'd do that too if some stranger grabbed me. I was coming out to apologize to you for getting you fired. But now I'm thinking I want to take you out on a date"

"Oh Stewart!"

"Well here's my entourage, what do you say I'll pick you up next Friday at say 8?"

"Ummmm, did you crack your head on the pavement?"
"No I like your spunk. So I'll get all the details ready and see you then."
"But you don't know anything about me. Where I live and well anything!"
"Don't worry I'll be there at 8. Just look pretty."

And with those parting words he walked to his limo.
8  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Pets and Uni problems... Need major help! on: January 31, 2007, 04:43:07 pm
Ok so when I install Uni, first I can't use my disk to play. (a message says I need to use OFB/NL disk) Even if Uni was the last ep installed.

Then if I install pets I can't acsess my Uni lots, and I can't use my phone at all!

What is wrong with my games? Can anyone help? Would the patches help?
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