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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / ~*~Dreaming of Love: The Dreamer Family Legacy ***PROLOGUE***~*~ on: July 14, 2009, 08:14:32 pm
Hiii. I haven't really been around for awhile, but I decided to start a story with the Dreamer Family. So, here's my best shot. I know it's a bit short, but my mom is yelling at me to get off, so I cut it a bit. Nothing vital was left out though. =)

A few notes beforehand: I realize that some of these pictures are actually during daytime when they're supposed to be at night, that the ceiling is sometimes not up, and that in one or two of the pics, you can see cheat items (Tombstone of L&D, Reaction Tester). This is supposed to be a very casual story, just something fun for me to do, and you to read. So I hope you'll overlook those flaws, and just enjoy the story.

My name is Darren Dreamer, I live with my son, Dirk, in a good sized house. I don't have a job, but I paint, and sell art for a living. I have been looking for work, but so far, nothing. I decided that a good way to bring in more money, would be to rent Dirk's room out. We moved a couch into my bedroom, and Dirk slept on that while we tidied his room up in hope that people would come to see it. But, unfortunately, after a month, no one showed.

I was cooking dinner one night a few weeks after the two month anniversary of us putting Dirk's room out for rent, when I heard a knock at the door.

Dirk was concentrating on his homework (or so it seemed), and I didn't want to ask him to get it, so I put down the bowl of half-mixed Mac & Cheese, and headed towards the door

As I walked to the door, I hoped that it was Cassandra, and not Don, here to pick a fight again.

But when I got there, it wasn't Cassandra, or Don, it was a strange woman.
I opened the door, but she didn't notice. I walked until I was right behind her, but she still didn't notice.

Finally, I tapped her on the shoulder, and she spun around, startled.

"" She mumbled, seeming scared to death of me.

She turned away shyly, and mumbled, " I.."

"Can I help you ma'am?". I asked, wondering what this strange woman was doing on my front step.

"Y..yes..yes. I was...just..just wondering... if.. if your room is still for rent? Um..something...something has..happened boyfr- I..I mean, between me and.. ur.. my ex-boyfriend. And..and I need someplace to stay. Is your room..still available?" She murmered, almost incoherently, but I was just able to make out her words.

"You want to rent it? Seriously?" I said in disbelief.

"Well..well yes. If..if it's still available, that is.." She trailed off.

"Yes! I mean, ur, yes. Yes it's still available. How long would you like to stay??" I asked, joyfully.

"Well.. well.. at least.. for the night... but.. but I have enough money... to last me...two...two weeks. I..I guess you could say...indefinitely... for right now." She murmered.

"Great! Sounds good to me!" I said, and I led her into the house and showed her the room. I told Dirk, and he quietly but reluctantly accepted, as he had been living back in his room for the past month. That night I went to sleep not worrying as much about money, but about making the house look better, so that this woman, whom I knew nothing about, wouldn't leave...

Little did I know, I would soon want her to stay for reasons other than money.


2  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / ~*~Mermaids Galore! Share your beautiful Mermaids here!!!~*~ on: October 07, 2008, 06:49:49 pm
I just thought it was time to start a thread for mermaids. I mean, cmon! They're cool too!
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