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106  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Nualah Lore on: August 22, 2008, 02:19:50 am
Do u mind if i change her name???
107  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Hunks / Roderick on: August 21, 2008, 10:52:38 pm
Did anyone els change his name..I feel bad i did know..anyone :-(
108  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Clementine on: August 21, 2008, 08:03:23 pm
Dude this is one of the natruly prettyest sims EVER! i LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!
109  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / I Need LOTS of hep! on: August 21, 2008, 03:21:03 pm
Ok here are all my Questions

1. I have been trying to download things onto my Sims game 4 a while and I FINALLY gave up being stubborn and actually spent the time on the web asking around. That’s when I found WinZip Soooo it helped a little I downloaded Houses, and  GORGEOUS sim's and lots of things from this site BUT I can only download thing that have a specific filename I think it was like simspack or something (??) anyway I REALLY wanted to download these 3 sets of multiple dazzling eyes but when it shows up on WinZip it says it cannot download it?Huh? AND when I went onto Sims it said custom content was found and only some of the things I downloaded where listed and THEN I started my game up again and I looked only one house was there and the sim I downloaded wasn’t but all her stuff except the hair was in the Make-A-Sim section. BUT the nursery set I downloaded WAS there. I downloaded stuff from! :sad4:

2. Ok well I feel bad I JUST got back into the swing of Sims again and I am glad BUT being on this site makes me feel bad. I don’t have many download AND I feel like the way I play seems is bad! Since I am not a pro at downloading I don’t have a lot of cool stuff. And I was downloading a girl from this site and one of the comments was "I want her but I don’t know where I can fit her in" I almost choked I have SOOOOO much room because I usually make a sim or a couple and put them all in the corner of Pleasentveiw or Downtown ANYWAY my Question is How do you guys handle having HUNDREDS of Sims?Huh? :smt120

3. If I have two Sims with custom genetics does there kid have custom

4. Did any of you pros have this trouble w/ filling out your neihborhood? What are some suggestions??

5.Is it OK once i start having more and more custom sims to still have a couple ordanairy ones??

6. What are your guys's opinions on keeping the familys that are alredy there in the neihborhood ounce you start playing?? Like the pleasants??

         THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:worship:
110  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Eyes / Captivating Eyes on: August 21, 2008, 01:45:54 pm
Why cant I download them off winzip??
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