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1  Simmers' Paradise / FreeTime Help /! on: November 04, 2008, 06:09:43 pm
I had a HUGE game crash and need to re-install I un-installed everything but when I put the Sims 2 nu. 1 disk in to install it  nothing happened, why?
2  Simmers' Paradise / FreeTime Help / Please Help! My facorite family might be messed up forever! on: October 13, 2008, 09:14:51 pm
OK, so I was reading the directions on how to make new NPC's and Walk-by's and the person that wrote the directions wrote to empty the characters folder, so I did but then all my Sims were gone, even my legacy family, and I love them dearly SO I exited and I pressed "Undo" and all the data went back but know the toddler can act like an adult (flirt,kiss) and she is floating the child can do the same and Is also floating the dogs are not on that separate bar thing where they show a head shot and it is the two bar distinguishing between  
if you are a human of pet. Anyway the dogs are floating and are all distorted and none of them think of each other as family-the don't even know each other! please help me!:worship::worship::worship::worship::worship:
3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Why Wont my dogs mate? on: October 11, 2008, 03:45:33 pm
My two dogs are young, diff gender and are BFF but they always get distracted when asked to mate..HELP!
4  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Wolf Family Legacy~Upadated 10-11-08~Chapter 4 up!!! on: October 04, 2008, 07:52:07 pm
Hello! My Name Is Maddie, After Reading Astral's Legacy story on the Avalon's I decided to write my own (It Isn't half as good as hers though). I am sorry if the pictures aren't amazing or my Grammar isn't good. I decided to do this legacy just for fun. Please comment-I LOVE comments! Anyways thanks for reading! Oh and Asha is Astrals GORGEOUS simmie!!!!
                            CHAPTER One

Hello, I am Asha Wolf. I have a Long story behind me, I used to live in a place far away nestled in the forest  I lived with my parent and a small community of other people like us, they where wear wolves, now we weren’t like the pathetic wear wolves you see downtown there a joke! We where real wear wolves I'll save you a nightmare and I wont tell you what I mean. Our whole community struggled with our magical curse. We where ruled by the Wear wolf king and his wife who live in a palace that loomed over our houses- the modern Middle Ages. Anyway At age 16 I knew I wanted to cross the border and live among the humans (If a wear wolf crosses the boarder there powers are lost) of course that would mean sneaking away from the king and leaving my family-my life but on my 20 birthday I made my way out my window, on a moonless night all I could rely on was my night vision but even that would be lost at the border, Well you get the picture I am here now and I am ready to start my legacy!

My tree!

When I snuck Out I also brought along my best friend-My dog Misty. She hopes to carry out a legacy of her own too.

Here is my "Home" I bought the grill with the last of my starter money and it doesn't even work!-rip off!

I decided to go to the spa, not only because I can satisfy all my needs there but I am starting to feel depressed at my empty lot


When did coffee get so expensive! Gosh! Who has that kind of money??...don’t answer that

Never Mind about the coffee, Look who just walked in, he is kind of cute! minus the creepy old lady though.

Asha: Hey Hot Stuff
Griff: Hey..

Asha:..Ughh yeah I guess I like gold
Griff: gold..Goooold

Asha: Ahh what are you doing you old PRUNE! We where just talking!

Griff: You are Hot,Hot,Hot HOT!
Asha: Hmm..I thought you would think so

I excused myself from talking to Griff and snuck behind the guy at the coffee shop to make some hot dogs, he didn't even notice what an Idiot!

Hi random person, no feel free to sit with ought to asking be me guest.

Griff has me talk about money-related things alot..I wonder is his passion is Fortune..Hmm.

After I took care of the rest of my needs I walked to the place across the street, since Griff left I thought it wouldn't hurt to look some more.

So I was at this game place and I started playing the piano when a CAT came up and started moaning, my wolfy instincts came over and I stopped playing and growled at it
Blonde Lady: Hahahahah, did she just growl at that cat?

Asha: you lost your self a legacy place

Blonde: NO Please uggh *growls* I like growling at cats too!

I left the Game place half because of the annoying blond and half because it was late but when I got home It was light again!--I am SO confussed..And Tired..

I woke up in great pain, I slept through the entire day which should be night, but since I can apparently time travel when ever I go somewhere I slept through the day where I was really at the spa but I was sleeping-HOLY CRAP I AM CONFUSED!

Asha: Oh Hey Griff..Umm what up?? Ohhh..SURE I'll go downtown with you at the Hub..yeah I heard it’s climbing the charts too. Meet you there!


   Will Griff and Asha hit it off? Will Asha ever find out about her time traveling powers? Stay tuned next chapter to find out!
5  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Life Stories Help / Sims 2 Stories-Uploading the pics on: October 04, 2008, 12:47:17 pm
*groans* Ok, so I took all of my pic and I found them in one of those folders after a mad search, I moved them to MY Pictures but when I try to upload them to photobucket the pics arent in the folder anymore!
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Life Stories Help / Object Error on: September 28, 2008, 04:21:09 pm
Ok, whenever I play my sims a Object error box pops up and wont go away. People ALSO my game is REALLY slow. I highlighted all my files of CC and it said there was over 2,000 things in there is that too much? I am really mad because I need to take Pictures for my story but my computer is crashing! PLEASE HELP
7  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Press "ENTER" to say i love you * NO LONGER A STORY *SEE iNSIDE* on: September 21, 2008, 07:45:04 pm
Ok the title is really confusing at first but you will get it by the end of chapter 1 (hopefully). This is my first story so be free to comment or complain I need to learn so I can make more! Thank you very much and I hope you like it!*sorry 4 the bad pics guys I am learning! oh and IDK why 2 of the pics turned out small!



Hello! My Name is Jamie Lee me and my family just moved into this small house in a almost barren neighborhood, with my dads job as a Business Tycoon we could move into the white house but my parents aren’t like that. At all

This is my mom, Tina and my little brother Cori

And here is my dad Jonathan I also have a cat named fluffy but she is camera shy.

And here is my house just great this new life is going to be boring there are no kids in this neighborhood and no kids boys...I am sure that will make my parents happy though they have been giving me "the talk" since I was like, 7!

Just like my mom, the second she comes she dumps corie into my arms and starts gardening. Who would choose spreading cow poo over dirt than spending time with her family?
   8 hours later

I still had to go to school my dad dropped me off before leaving for work in his helicopter and when I came back at three guess what I saw?

My mom was still fertilizing, Fluffy was licking her never-before filled bowl so much I swear there was a tiny wet dent in it and Cori was crying softly in a puddle of toilette water! I was so mad but my mom yelled at me when I tried to talk to her so I had to do everything SHE was supposed to.

After I fed and washed both Fluffy and Cori I hid in the garage with fluffy to do my Homework so my mom wouldn’t scream at me to do something else.

At 8:00 when me and dad where about to resort to eating pop-tarts for dinner mom came in smelling so bad fluffy ran into my room and hid under the covers. She proudly announced that she was finished and was ready to make dinner but it would be a while, I grabbed an apple and ran to my room to join Fluffy.

I have to admit it was worth the wait, the salmon was amazing "So" my mom said "How was school?" "Greeeat" I said "JAMIE you DON’T use sarcasm with your parents" my dad grunted in agreement. I stuffed the rest of my dinner in my mouth and before I could be yelled because of that too I ran to the computer and turned it on

I wasn't expecting anything but I just wanted to check my email and then a loud *PING* erupted out of my computer "Jamie WHAT WAS THAT?" my father boomed “umm an IM dad" my dad mumbled something intelligible under his breath and my mom said that Cori was asleep and not to wake him. I muted my computer and I looked at the sender, It was Unknown I knew my parent would be mad at me for this but I didn’t care plus the sender's IM said " Hi Jamie!" I took a deep breath and typed back "Hi...who is this?" a long pause fallowed then the person typed back "My...My name is Jordan I don’t go to your school but my sister does and I saw you when I went with my mom to pick her up, I'm home schooled" "oh" I replied still confused and slightly scared but excited that a boy was sending me an IM. "So why you home schooled I replied trying to be friendly" "oh well my mom read somewhere that boys should be home schooled" "oh, that’s weird" I replied I was about to type something else but He suddenly typed back "I need to go oh and Jamie?" "Yes..?" "I think your really pretty" and Jordan sighed off.

I went to bed with a funny feeling in my heart and I knew I had developed my very first crush on a boy I have never seen before, I went to bed dreaming about how jordan might look.
8  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / How do u get rid of the sims green diamond? on: September 21, 2008, 01:16:40 pm
How do u get rid of the sims green diamond? and how do u get up reaaaaaally close to the sims??
9  Simmers' Paradise / FreeTime Help / I need help when it comes to my Downloads Folder..PLEASE HELP!! on: August 26, 2008, 10:58:55 pm
Ok, so in my downloads folder there are TONS of things and there all jumbled together..Since i am an Fracking idiot i didn't change there names OR put them in seperet folders IN my downloads folder..HELP!:sad4::worship::worship::worship:
10  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Life Stories Help / Green Diamond and Pics on: August 25, 2008, 09:55:10 pm
How do i get rid of the green Diamond in pic's and get in closer?get better angels when taking pics? I need to know this to make stories..THANKS!:worship::happy8:
11  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / I Need LOTS of hep! on: August 21, 2008, 03:21:03 pm
Ok here are all my Questions

1. I have been trying to download things onto my Sims game 4 a while and I FINALLY gave up being stubborn and actually spent the time on the web asking around. That’s when I found WinZip Soooo it helped a little I downloaded Houses, and  GORGEOUS sim's and lots of things from this site BUT I can only download thing that have a specific filename I think it was like simspack or something (??) anyway I REALLY wanted to download these 3 sets of multiple dazzling eyes but when it shows up on WinZip it says it cannot download it?Huh? AND when I went onto Sims it said custom content was found and only some of the things I downloaded where listed and THEN I started my game up again and I looked only one house was there and the sim I downloaded wasn’t but all her stuff except the hair was in the Make-A-Sim section. BUT the nursery set I downloaded WAS there. I downloaded stuff from! :sad4:

2. Ok well I feel bad I JUST got back into the swing of Sims again and I am glad BUT being on this site makes me feel bad. I don’t have many download AND I feel like the way I play seems is bad! Since I am not a pro at downloading I don’t have a lot of cool stuff. And I was downloading a girl from this site and one of the comments was "I want her but I don’t know where I can fit her in" I almost choked I have SOOOOO much room because I usually make a sim or a couple and put them all in the corner of Pleasentveiw or Downtown ANYWAY my Question is How do you guys handle having HUNDREDS of Sims?Huh? :smt120

3. If I have two Sims with custom genetics does there kid have custom

4. Did any of you pros have this trouble w/ filling out your neihborhood? What are some suggestions??

5.Is it OK once i start having more and more custom sims to still have a couple ordanairy ones??

6. What are your guys's opinions on keeping the familys that are alredy there in the neihborhood ounce you start playing?? Like the pleasants??

         THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:worship:
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