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16  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / How much time do you spend on houses? on: November 03, 2008, 02:14:01 pm
I have spent around 1 week so far on a new house i am making for my newly-wed couple to move into and start a family it is all kitted out and has every top of the noch thing you could buy.

I always spend at least 1hour or 2on a room to make it look nice. It might sound weird but its what you have done at the end of the day.

.X.  Cheesy
17  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / kids crying over parents kiss?? on: November 03, 2008, 02:08:44 pm
A current family i am making:

They're first child really hated her father even if he hugged her mother she would throw a tantrum but then when the twins came along she totally changed and did'nt mind.

18  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Small or large houses? on: November 03, 2008, 01:47:43 pm
I would rather big houses, small houses are just not me. I have big families around 4+ and i need alot of room. There are around 3 levels with big spaces.
19  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / What have you done with your default sims? on: November 03, 2008, 01:27:59 pm
I play alot of default families.And i have never reset them because i ethier left them and i havent played on them for awhile.

The Brokes

Brandi remarries Lucas Williams (A sim i made who already has 2 daughters) who has Ariel and Ieliana his toddler daughters(his wife died in a house fire) they have 3 children Troy, Cari & Ollie.

Dustin is sent of to collage and has a child with a sim there, he leaves them and returns home where he marries Angela and starts a small family with her(2 boys Eric & Lewis) then has an affair with lillith and Angela moves away untill she returns with the boys 2 years later and re-kindles her love with Dustin, while Lillith is left to concerntrate on her career in medicine.

Beau becomes a ladies man and moves out when he is and adult to start a family with Lillith but only to find that she has an affair with his brother and moves away to stragetown and becomes obsessed with aliens.

The Pleasants

Daniel cheats with the maid but Mary-Sue does not know, she then has his baby without Mary-Sue knowing. He then moves the family to strangetown and sends the girls to collage.
Mary-Sue loves daniel and wants another kid but he really does'nt and because she loves him she accepts it and adopts a lovely baby girl named Rosie.
Lillith has an affair with Dustin then when her sister moves away she starts to concertrate on her career and adopts a baby boy and names him James then gets him taken away because she does'nt spend that mich time at home with him. Her and Beau end it when he finds out about the affair
Angela marries Dustin and has twin boys Eric & Lewis and finds that Dustin cheated on her with Lillith and moves away with the boys, she then returns to find that Dustin is still in love with her and they re-marry.

The Dreamers:
Darren stops the painting and marries.
Dirk goes to collage then finds a nice woman which he marries and leaves collage to start a family, she has an affair with Don which ends in a pregnancy, dirk then allows her to stay living with him and brings the child up as his own and they have another kid, on a one night stand.

The Lothario:
Don continues to win over the hearts of women and gets Dirks wife Emma pregnant but after many months of becoming a father he decides he wants the same and marries Dina mortimers ex wife and takes on her child with him and after years of marriage he cheats again and Dina leaves him and marries Nina, Dina's sister and adopts a child, Michealangelo and lives to old age.

The Caliente:
Dina marries Mortimer and has a child(Ella) with him, she then leaves him for Don and after a long marriage he cheats and she leaves him but marries Aleander a young goth who is career obsessed and has a large family and lives happily ever after.
Nina is career obsessed unlike her sister and marries don and adopt a young boy who goes on to collage and has his girlfriend to move in.

The Goths:
Mortimer marries Dina they have a child and then dies a natrual death.
Cassandra struggles to get over Don, and falls in love with Darren.
Alexander does very well at school and work after that he comes home and meets Dina(who is close to elder) and has a lovely little boy Zach who is next in line to the goth throne.

20  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Why Did You Get The Sims 2 And + on: November 03, 2008, 09:44:12 am
So i kinda new on here and i was wondering why you all wanted to get sims 2,

Was it for the Educational look ?
The Careers?
The Families?
The Pets? and soo on

I picked it for the families and most of my sims are family people with the most having 23 children one died and another died recently and two are still at home and 102 grandchildren , around 12 adopted and 7 died and 4 were taken away. And there being around 34 families due to divorce and re-marriage.

21  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Here is the story of my daughter Sophie on: November 03, 2008, 08:40:47 am
Thats a really good story is there a contiuned bit ? Cheesy
22  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / How do you decide if your Sims are going to have kids? on: November 03, 2008, 08:31:01 am
If one sim does'nt want to have children and the other does they ethier adopt or leave their spouses and re-mary or in some cases they have children and leave because the other spouse does'nt like the baby.

And as for having the children i had one couple who wanted 10 children and when theyt had them the wife wanted another 10 which i quite unusual and they ended up having 23 children (13 boys and 10 girls). They had 6 when they were teenagers and 2 while they were elders.

23  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / My Gift-An Adoption Story:Chapter 9!!(November 5th) on: November 02, 2008, 10:26:12 am
It is a brilliant story keep it up Cheesy
24  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / What would you like to see In Sims3 on: November 02, 2008, 10:16:27 am
I want them to be able to have more children and maybe triplets and quads that would be cool. I would also like it to more realistic because no one like its been said on this post eats food in the palm of there hand and no one kisses like that.

There should be more patterns and different varities of furniture. Cheesy
25  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / LARGETS SIMS 2 FAMILY on: November 02, 2008, 08:38:59 am
I Have another extremely big family that i have been working on for 3yrs.. straight on...

Take in point that they had alot of children while they were teens and that goes for the children to... i would rather have them have chidlren and bring up there children then do other things.

Twins = Red
Triplets = Pink
Quads = Green

Parents: Troy and Chanelle Harrison.

Rain - Adult (Married Leo)
Brianna - Teen (Twin)
Katherine - Teen (Twin)

Haley - Child
Maia -Child (Adopted)
Black - Baby (Twin)
Lewis -Baby (Twin
Amina - Baby

Aiden - Adult (Married/Divorced Leah)
Nikki - Teen
Corey - Teen (Adopted)
Clover - Teen
The Married Violet And Had:
Ivy - Toddler
Joy - Baby (Triplet)
Jerry -Baby (Triplet)
Joe - Baby (Triplet)


Ethan - Adult (Married Tina)
Mike - Child (Quad
Heather - Child (Quad)
Beth - Child (Quad)
Alec - Child (Quad)

Blaze -Baby (Twin)
Mabel -Baby (Twin)

Kaleb - Adult (Married/Divorced Shawna)
Laine - Child (Twin)
Zayne - Child (Twin)

Then Married Fluer And Had:
Cheryl - Baby
Whitney - Baby (Adopted)
Kaiden - Baby

Keira - Adult (Married Taylan)
Allie - Teen
Kirsty - Teen
Joey - Child (Triplet)
Ralph - Child (Triplet)
Jimmy - Child (Triplet)

Nico - Toddler
Franck - Toddler

Kyle - Adult (Married Katherine)(Adopted)
Annie - Teen
Anabelle - Child
Melinda - Child
Joel -Toddler
Curtis - Baby (Twin)
Chandler - Baby (Twin)

Cole - Adult (Married Melody)
Dominic - Teen (Quad)
Bailee - Teen (Quad)
Acton - Teen (Quad)
Storm - Teen (Quad)

Alvin - Child
Cora -Toddler
Jeff - Baby (Adopted)
Lowri - Baby (Twins)
Lori -Baby (Twins)


Seth - Adult (Married Lizzy)
Nora- Child
Rick - Child (Adopted)
Sadie - Toddler (Quad)
Cale -Toddler (Quad)
Sapphire -Toddler (Quad)
Ben - Toddler (Quad)

Marc - Adult (Married Sofia)
Joanna - Teen
Hugo - Child (Twin)
Calvin - Child (Twin)

Kendall -Toddler (Triplet)
Avia -Toddler (Triplet)
Faye - Toddler (Triplet)

Lacey - Baby (Quad)
Clare - Baby (Quad)
Tegan - Baby (Quad)
Earl - Baby (Quad)

Abrielle - Adult (Married/Divorced Greg)
Warren - Teen (Twin)
Bobby - Teen (Twin)

Then Married Dex And Had:
Tianna - Baby (Quad)
Atlanta - Baby (Quad)
Idiana - Baby (Quad)
Alissa - Baby (Quad)

Monique - Adult (Married John-Paul)
June- Child (Triplet)
Felicity - Child (Triplet)
Keisha - Child (Triplet)

Toby - Toddler (Adopted)
Ally - Baby (Twin)
Ray -Baby (Twin)

Thomas - Baby (Adopted)

Alan - Adult (Married Love)
Star - Child (Adopted)
Brad - Child
Louis -Toddler
Andy - Baby

Brielle - Adult (Married Ty)
Darwin - Toddler (Twin)
Pax - Toddler (Twin)

Colt - Baby
Ashlee(Girl) - Baby (Adopted)

Dale - Adult (Married Avah)
Perry - Child (Adopted)
Kaylan - Child
Arthur - Baby (Twin)
Morgan(Girl) - Baby (Twin)

Finn - Adult (Died- Cow Plant)

Derek - Adult (Married Natalia)
Karl - Baby

Ziva - Adult (Married Harris)
Zabrina - Toddler
Raven - Toddler
Kain - Baby (Triplet)
Betty - Baby (Triplet)
Gordon -Baby (Triplet)

Serana - Young Adult (Married Aran)
Apple - Child (Twin)
Avril - Child (Twin)

Trista - Baby
Bandi -Baby (Adopted)
Duke - Baby (Newborn/Just Born)

Todd - Young Adult (Married Elise)
Adrien - Baby (Quad)
Laina - Baby (Quad)
Trisha -Baby (Quad)
Ali - Baby (Quad)

Jasper (Died- Lightning)- Young Adult (Married/Dirvoced(got emma pregnant)Evelyn)
Cerys - Toddler
Then Married/Divorced Emma And Had:
Alexander - Toddler (Twin)
Arani - Toddler (Twin)

Then Married Juliet And Had:
Zarani - Baby

Amalia - Young Adult (Married Luca)
Guy - Toddler (Adopted)
Kimberly - Toddler (Twin)
Kacia - Toddler (Twin)

Layton - Baby (Twin)
Liana - Baby (Twin)

Still At Home
Milo Harrison (Twin)
Trent Harrison (Twin)

:-P Love it Cheesy
26  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / What would you do if you woke up inside The Sims 2?! on: November 01, 2008, 06:07:09 pm
I would, have fun then find a man, get married and have loads of children... then stay at home and look after them and watch them grow up. Cheesy
27  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / LARGETS SIMS 2 FAMILY on: November 01, 2008, 06:01:39 pm
They are all impressive Families ( I have set mine out similar to "KAT" & qtpie3552" ). I have 19 children and +grandchildren

The main children are highlighted.
Red = Twins
Blue = Triplets
Orange = Quads

Parents: Eleana and Nick Harrison. (Dead)

Mark - adult (married Emma )
Jake - Teen
Chris - Child
Noah - Toddler
Erica - Toddler

Bailey- Adult (Married Harriet)
Milly - child
Cari- Baby (Twin)
Poppy - Baby (Twin)

Tommy - Baby(Adopted)

Tyler - adult (Married/Divorced Quin)
Sarah - Teen
Alysaa - Teen
Then married Laura and had:
Lyla - Baby (Twin)
Lance - Baby (Twin)

Holly - Baby (Adopted)

Logan - Adult (Married Kayla)
Hayden- Toddler
Ava - Baby

Wyatt - Adult (Married Jenna)
Savannah - Teen
Hailey - Child
Brandon - Baby

Tristan - Adult (Married Grace)
Alexis -  Teen
Justin - Teen
Bradley - Teen

Kaitlyn - Child
Amanda - Child (Adopted)
Trinity - Toddler (Twins)
Jennifer - Toddler (Twins)

Austin - Baby
Riley - Baby

Chad -  Adult (Married Lexie)
Amelia - Child

Kade - Adult (Married Jade)
Makayla- Toddler
Amber - Toddler
Jaydon - Toddler
Cody - Toddler

Christian - Adult (Married Ariabella)
Marie - Child
Autumn - Toddler (Twin)
Mya - Toddler (Twin)

Victoria - Toddler
Adam - Baby (Twin)
Marcus - Baby (Twins)

Skye - Adult (Married Timothy)
Robert - Child
Nathen - Toddler
Aron - Baby

Brooke - Adult (Married Zane)
Rhianna - Teen
Charles - Teen
Alison - Child (Twin)
Katie - Child (Twins0

Ariel - Toddler
Peyton  - Baby (Triplet
Colin - Baby (Triplet)
Blake - Baby (Triplet)

Isabella - Adult(Married Patrick)
Ashton - Teen (Twin)
Josh -Teen (Twin)

Mark-Toddler (Adopted)
Zander - Baby
Molly - Baby (Adopted)

Ella - Adult (Married Oliver)
Chelsea - Child (Triplet)
Trinity - Child (Triplet)
Maddie - Child (Triplet)
Scott - Baby (Adopted)

Dustin - Adult (Married Rose)
Ada - Child
Cooper - Child (Adopted)
Scarlett -Toddler (Adopted)
Reese - Baby (Twin)
Rylan - Baby (Twin)


Trey - Adult (Married Cassie)
Dean - Teen
Brian - Teen (Adopted)
Derek - Child (Twin)
Wesley -Child (Twin)

Alex - Toddler (Twin)
Jaxon - Toddler (Twin)

Piper - Toddler
Rae - Toddler

Alice -Baby (Adopted) (Twin)
Tessa -Baby (Adopted) (Twin)

Corbin - Young Adult (Married Ellie)
June -Child (Twin)
Amy - Child (Twin)

Sadie - Toddler
Jamie - Baby (Quad)
Wayne -Baby (Quad
Owen - Baby (Quad)
Parker - Baby (Quad)

Daniella (Dead - House Fire)- Young Adult (Married David)
Micheal - Baby (Twin)
Anya - Baby (Twin)

Charlie - Baby (Quad)
Jay - Baby (Quad)
Ruby - Baby (Quad)
Daisy - Baby (Quad

Tori - Young Adult (Married Nathan)
Hannah - Toddler
Charlotte - Toddler (Adopted)
Destiny -  Toddler (Adopted)
Miley - Baby (Triplet)
Crystal - Baby (Triplet)
Eddy - Baby (Triplet)

My extremely large family.... i have been working on it for agesssss and when i mean ages i mean 3 yrs like (well arround that)

Hope you like Cheesy .x
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