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1  The Sims 3 / Pudding WCIF / Re: WCIF worlds? on: December 26, 2009, 05:09:01 pm
Well I got the new patch, and it's working fine now. But I still am looking for a good world to download. This is what I'm looking for in a world:

"I don't really know what to make of these pictures on the exchange of the new worlds. They don't really give me an idea of what I'm downloading. I'm looking for a world that has no residential or community lots, only spaces for them. There should be rabbit holes of course, but I want to put in my own residential and community lots. Does anyone know where I can find that download?"
2  The Sims 3 / Pudding Improvements / Millionaires By Default on: December 26, 2009, 12:08:45 am
Well mts doesn't allow cheaty type mods, but we do! and I'm glad we do. I know I will get tons of use for this, I never yet to this day figured out how to use that familyfunds cheat in the neighborhood.

Here's what this mod does:

This mod will change the default amount of money given to each household in the neighborhood after you have created them in Create A Sim.

Every Single household (households with only one person) get: 1,000,000 simoleons
Amount of money per YA, Adult, Elder (households with more than one person) get: 500,000 simoleons
Amount of money per Teen get: 100,000 simoleons
Amount of money per Child get: 100,000 simoleons
Amount of money per Toddler get: 50,000 simoleons.

Hope you enjoy it! Tested in my game, works great.

I have World Adventures now, so don't know if it requires WA or not, I'm pretty sure it doesn't any who have base game only are free to try it out for me and see!
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / Ultra Modern Floor Lamp (Sims 2 Version) on: December 23, 2009, 09:34:07 am
I've converted my sims 3 floor lamps for sims 2 for you to enjoy!


This is not recolorable on it's own, it was repositoried from Maxis' thrice as nice floor lamp. If you want to recolor it, you will have to recolor the original thrice as nice floor lamp in order for it to show up.

Poly Counts


EPs/SPs Needed?  Which ones?

Base Game Compatible, EP ready

4  The Sims 3 / Pudding Flavours / Ceiling Fire Alarm (Sims 3 Version) on: December 22, 2009, 04:52:45 pm
I've taken the fire alarm and made it fit on the ceiling for sims 3. I had been meaning to do this for a long time, but the old TSR workshop was unable to handle meshes with no recolorable texture, until now! I hope you enjoy this new fire alarm placeable on ceilings! It takes some getting used to to place it right, you might get the error, must be placed against a wall. Just make sure to place it like you would a painting. Packaged as a .package file.

5  The Sims 3 / Pudding Flavours / A Prickly Cactus on: December 22, 2009, 03:55:36 am
I was able to make a new tree mesh for the sims 3. This mesh is a prickly cactus for you to enjoy! Comes in 2 channels. The plant is one channel and the flowers are another. Found under trees, packaged as a .package file.

6  The Sims 3 / Pudding Flavours / GrandDuchessEmerald's Foo Dogs Sculpture for sims 3 on: December 21, 2009, 02:57:31 pm
I've made these with permission from GrandDuchessEmerald. I've converted her sims 2 Foo Dogs Sculpture for the sims 3 for you to enjoy. Comes in one recolorable channel. GrandDuchessEmerald  has asked if I post on a site other than sapphiresims to give a link to

7  The Sims 3 / Pudding Flavours / Asian Inspired Artwork on: December 21, 2009, 01:56:15 pm
Today I bring you Asian inspired wall art in 4 different sets. Each set has 3 recolors. The frames are recolorable packaged as a .package file. I hope you like it! Smiley

8  The Sims 3 / Pudding Flavours / Decorative Genie Lamp on: December 21, 2009, 10:55:15 am
This lamp only serves a decorative purpose. Found under Decorative/Misc. One channel. I hope you enjoy it!

9  The Sims 3 / Pudding Flavours / Ultra Modern Floor Lamp on: December 21, 2009, 08:40:23 am
Enjoy this new Ultra Modern Floor Lamp. Comes in one recolorable channel. Packaged as a .package file. I hope you like it.

10  The Sims 3 / Pudding Improvements / 24 Hour Name Change At City Hall on: December 20, 2009, 02:40:48 pm
With this mod your sim can legally change their name at city hall 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instead of EA's hours which were only between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. this can be useful for you if you wanted to change your sim's name and weren't able to, then forgot about it, got busy having your sim do other things, e.c.t. I hope you like it!

11  The Sims 3 / Pudding WCIF / WCIF worlds? on: December 19, 2009, 03:21:07 am
None of the sites I frequent have any custom worlds created with the new CAW tool. Where are new worlds being downloaded? I'd really like something besides Sunset Valley. Also, do you have to have the patch in order to download a world? I'd rather not have the latest patch if I can help it, it totally messed up my cc last time.
12  The Sims 3 / Pudding Wrappers / Reoloarble Mulit-Placeable Moles on: December 19, 2009, 01:44:23 am
I've made a variation on the moles. The moles are now in different spots than before, and you can recolor them. These are found under Costume Makeup, and not under beauty marks. I hope you enjoy them. I have packaged this as a .package file instead of my regular sims3pack, because of problems with the latest patch. To install as a .package file you will need Delphy's Installer Monkey Helper found on

13  The Sims 3 / Pudding Wrappers / Shocking Diamond Eyes on: December 16, 2009, 11:25:39 pm
Enjoy these one tonal eyes found under costume makeup. Packaged as a sims3pack file.

14  The Sims 3 / Pudding Wrappers / Glitter Lipsticks on: December 16, 2009, 08:50:58 pm
I hope you enjoy these lipsticks, they took me a very long time to make. They come in 3 tones (recolorable channels). Packaged as a sims3packfile

15  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / Re: ~Toddler Favorite Teddy Accessory~ on: December 16, 2009, 11:56:53 am
Wow great job, thanks so much! Cheesy
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