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1  A Safe Haven / Teen Discussion / Prom Rants on: February 01, 2009, 03:33:37 pm
It can't just be me can it?
I mean prom is about four months away, and yet I'm already sick of it.
My friends have completely lost their sanity and dragged my parents with them!

Let me tell you the story:
Before Chirstmas, Best Friend (lets call her J) askes if me and friends A and D want to get ready for prom at her house. A and D agree, but I, (knowing that since I don't like A and D that much and that it will cause lots of annoying arguements) say that I will think about it.
At the start/middle of January we had mock exams, I fell out with J, A and D (cause still unknown) and made alternative plans to go with M and B, I felt this was okay sice i never agreed to go with J, A + D.
The next day i tell J (we are now speaking again) that i don't want to get ready at her house because it will be awkward with A and D. She says that she would rather have me there than them and that she doesnt want to go to prom if we dont all go together (guilt trip).
The day after...
in form time J says to D that even though A says she is no longer going to J's house to get ready D can still come. J says that I agreed to go and promise to be nice to her. (how eveil is she!!)
Trapped, I resign myself to going to J's house first and though if we make it fun it could be okay somehow.

I started looking into transport since no one else was bothering to get any details. The most I knew was that J and A (who was now coming again) wanted a nii-nor (fire truck). since some other people were doing this i looked into other funny things and came up with a scooby doo van.
J, D and Me loved the idea, but apparently since A didn't like it (with no reasoning or alternatives) we, aka I, had to find something else.

1 week of being forced to look at dresses passes...

A contacts me and asks how we are getting to prom.
I say i dunno and she asks if we can go in the scooby doo van and how much it would cost
I say since you said you didnt want to go i didn't really look for many details and that she would need to give me some time.     5mins later
D contacts me and says are we going in the van and how much is it
So rationally A has told D that I am aranging the van, J has no idea yet and im already sick of the whole thing.

Anyone else having this sort of trouble yet?
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