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1  Retired Creators / Female Hi-Res Bodyshape Project / Gargoyle body shapes on: July 02, 2007, 08:03:51 pm
Hi I'm a BIG fan of disney's gargoyles tv show and comic book, I would Love it for gargoyle bodys to be made, with tails and talens and wings and horns, and eyebrow ridsges, and loin cloths. In an assortmant of colors. That would be aussome! I have asked for gargoyles for years and no one ever payed attention, but it would be really cool, and the perosn who made the mer peolple and satars and body builders could deffinatly do it! Thanks
2  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / Gargoyle bodys with tail and wings on: May 28, 2006, 04:43:50 pm
Please HELP!  I've looked every where and asked a miilion times. Can you make the disney gargoyle meshes from the TV show? If you don't know what it is go to google and images and type in disney Gargoyles. There is many differen varyents of the wings and horns. Please Please help me!:sad5: :sad5: :google: :idea1: :queen: :cry: :female: :pray: :help: :worship: :pickme: :h3lp: :h lp: :clap: :thumbrig: :goodidea: :salute: :notworth: :scratch: :king:
:hiding: :doh: :animal: :dontknow: :crybaby: :happy10:
3  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / Can you make Gargoyles tails horns and most important,Wings! Please!!! on: May 28, 2006, 04:34:07 pm
I have been looking and asking for disney gargoyle the TV show meshes for Ever!! please help! for boyls and girls. If you need to know what they look like go to google images ant type disney gargoyles. There will be plenty of pitures. They have many variants. Most look sort of like bat wings. Please help.:h3lp: :salute: :scratch: :hiding: :sad5: :animal: :dontknow: :crybaby: :lol: :doh: :king: :notworth: :goodidea: :pickme: :help: :pray: :?
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