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1  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / A Request to Convert a Few Small Objects to Accessories on: March 27, 2014, 07:03:54 pm
Hello. There are a few small custom content items that are new meshes for the scanning gun in The Sims 2, and I've been trying to use them for a fan project I've been working on for ages, but it's hard to pose the Sim characters when they want to wander around with the scanning gun. Not to mention it has that big ugly cone that appears when they use it... So I've been trying to convert the meshes into accessories that fit into the Sim's hand (which would also let me give the items some new textures) but so far I haven't had much luck. I've been trying to do it myself but I'm terrible with models and importing them and what have you so I haven't had any success with them yet. I'm great at skinning models, but when it comes to importing, editing, or anything more "technical" like that I quickly get lost...
So I thought that maybe I'd try posting here and see if anyone would be willing to convert them for me, please? There are three items, one is this Stormtrooper blaster rifle found on Sims2Workshop and the other two are the DL-44 (which looks like a bulky black pistol) and the DH-17 carbine (which looks like a somewhat larger black pistol with a silver cylinder on the front) found on ModTheSims. If willing, the bowcaster would be interesting as well, but isn't necessarily required.

Would someone be willing to convert these into "held" accessories for male and female adult Sims in The Sims 2? I'm willing to offer some compensation if desired.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
2  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / A Mesh Rquest for a Star Wars Helmet(s) (Offering Compensation/Payment) on: March 15, 2013, 09:38:55 pm
Greetings! I have a request that I thought I'd post. I'm aware that it's fairly unlikely that this request will be taken up, and understandably so, but I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a shot, right?
This is something (well, more than one "something", but I'll get to those later) I've been trying to work on by myself for quite some time-- over a year in fact-- but I just can't seem to do it, mainly because I can't create a decent 3D model to save my life. I can draw and create textures, sure, but an actual model? Well, if my life depended on it... I would probably not survive. Heh.
So I'm posting here in hopes that maybe someone might find this project interesting and be willing to give it a go. Again, it's worth a shot, never hurts to ask. Right?
I don't usually like to post and ask people for help with things as I don't want to bother anybody unless I absolutely can't do it myself and can't find any other solutions. As much as I'd like to do it myself, and not bother anyone, this is one of those "can't do it myself, can't find another solution" times, unfortunately...

The helmet(s) are for a fan project I've been working on for a while. If there would be anyone willing to do the helmet(s), be it just the one helmet or all three, I would be in your debt. You would also be my hero for life, and doesn't everyone want that? Tongue
I am also offering compensation for all three, which I will describe below.

Alright, enough of my rambling. This request actually consists of three mesh requests that all relate to each other, but the first one is the most important one to me, and if I only got that one I would be happy. The other two would simply be icing on the nerd cake. All three are helmets from the original Star Wars trilogy (primarily Return of the Jedi). Preferably, these meshes would be made as accessories for adult male and female TS2 Sims, and would, hopefully, be able to be equipped along with other accessories. Also, I'm only asking for the mesh, you don't need to worry about the texture image part of it, I can make that.  

The most important one to me is the helmet below. It's called a "B-wing pilot helmet".
For this helmet I've got a whole bunch of pictures, but I'll only post a few to save space and then link to a gallery with more. If a mesh-maker needs more images that will not be a problem because I have two of the helmets. I have two of the "real" helmets-- three if you count one that I haven't put together yet-- and are helmets created from the molds that were used for the movie, so I can take more pictures of anything that's needed.

And here are some pictures (these are my helmets, which I'm using here because I have pictures of all sides)...

Silver helmet:

White helmet:

Here's a gallery of mine with even more images-- too many to post here...

Here is a picture for size reference. It's a picture of me in my costume, and as much as I hate this picture, it's pretty good for judging the size (note: the visor/face shield should be covering my eyes more. I made that one and it didn't turn out very well; I need to make another)...
Thanks G4 TV

The pictures above are just to show the finished helmet. I know that the mesh for TS2 can not be that detailed, and the wires would be next to impossible, and that's just fine with me-- and honestly, most of those details are things I could put on the texture image and it would look just fine. I know that the chin strap would also be rather difficult, so that can be left off as well, I don't mind.
I would be quite happy with something somewhat similar to this...

The helmet can be simplified some, that's okay with me, and it doesn't have to look exactly like that. As long as it looks somewhat similar and gives the idea of what it's supposed to be that's okay with me, but I'm not asking anyone to spend hours studying the pictures to make it look as accurate as possible. Simplify away (again, as long as it still moderately resembles the helmet).

I do have a few requests for this helmet, though. Hopefully these are nothing major, and if they are too difficult they don't have to be added. These are just something that would be nice to have on the helmet but are not required.
1. A microphone from the right side. It doesn't have to look exactly like the one I showed above on my helmets.
2. A round "disc" on the right side, similar to what I showed above, but it doesn't need the holes/vents, of course.
3. A visor/face shield, or whatever you wish to call it, though it doesn't have to look exactly like the one on my helmet. It would be great if this visor/face shield had a texture image applied to it (a texture image and an alpha image) so I could easily change the color and transparency of the face shield as I needed. But if the image part would be too difficult, making it like a pair of glasses would work, too. Here is another example of this piece.
4. A piece on the front for the edging (as you see on the helmets above-- one has black edging on the front, the other has red-brown edging).
5. If possible (and I'm not sure if this is for an accessory) could a bump map/texture map be added to it, so I could give it some simulated definition?
6. If it is possible I would like to be able to texture either side (left and right) of the helmet differently-- that is, so the texture of one side doesn't simply duplicate itself on the other side. I would like to be able to make both sides look a little different. If this is possible, anyway.

Again, I'm just asking for the mesh, I can make the image texture myself.

As a "thank-you" for the work on the mesh, if anyone does it, I would be willing to send you the matching set of clothes I made for this pilot outfit, and even the walls I made (so it looks like the character is sitting in the correct cockpit). I made the clothing for male and female adult Sims, though if you do want them you will need a custom mesh for the male outfit. If you want I would also be more than happy to add your name (real, username or both) to the credits of my fan project once it's finished.

That helmet, the B-wing pilot helmet, is the most important one to me. However, as I mentioned, there are two others, if anyone would be interested in taking up the challenge. If someone is willing to make all three meshes I would be happy to trade you all of the matching outfits and walls (and even the X-wing and TIE fighter pilot so you'd have a whole set), and/or I would be willing to pay you for your time, work and effort. I know that these meshes take time and can be frustrating, and I understand that very well, and in compensation I would be willing to pay you for them for a fee that can be determined privately. Being the broke college student that I am I couldn't pay a lot of money, but I am willing to pay something fair. I'm not one to take things for free.

The other two helmets are an A-wing pilot helmet and a Y-wing pilot helmet. I can gather more images for them if required. Again, these meshes can also be simplified, though I do ask for a microphone on them as well, and the bump map/texture map if possible, as well as the face shield/visor on the Y-wing pilot helmet (which can either have an image texture and alpha image applied to it-- preferably-- or can be like a pair of glasses), and to be able to texture the left and right sides differently if possible. Again, these would be accessories for male and female adult Sims.

A-wing pilot helmet:

(These are rather large images so I'll just link them. Sorry about that.)
-Right 1
-Right 2
-Left 1
-Left 2
-Left 3

Gallery 1:
Gallery 2:
Please don't add the round "pits" on the sides-- where the helmet is cut in on the front sides... I'm not sure what to call that...
Also, despite how some pictures don't show it, the helmet should have the top "shield" part to it.

Y-wing pilot helmet:


Gallery 1:
Gallery 2: http://

And, after my long-winded post, that's all. If anyone would be willing to make one or more of the helmet meshes it would be very much appreciated!
Thank you for your time!
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