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1  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: Anyone else sick of Materialistic Sims on: August 15, 2009, 03:21:50 am

I agree, there should be a 'nonmaterialist' trait (or something) which would eliminate acquisition-based wishes.

But, at the risk of being disagreeable, I just wanted to note that yes, a more expensive Fridge or Stove/Oven -can- lead to better tasting food.  Higher quality kitchen hardware allows people who know how to use that hardware properly to provide more consistent flavors.  I don't know how to store food very well, so I'm not one of those people, but certain Fridges have zones set up for specific food items, which allow those items to stay fresher, longer, and not take on the flavors around them.

On the other hand, stoves and ovens I can say that there are a wide variety of types of both (gas, electric, wood, induction, convection) all of which can lead to very different results depending on the skill of the cook.  This is probably why such items also increase your sim's skill gain.

so, sorry to nit pick :-x, I still agree it'd be nice if not every sim was obsessed with Moving Up.

2  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: I'm I the only one who would rather just keep playing sims 2. on: August 15, 2009, 03:16:05 am
I've played the Sims series since the Sims came out.  ... I remember my first house... I joined the military career because it paid the most.

In any case...

I find Sims 3 to be a better game than Sims 2.  Although my gf's instance is bugged (I think because of a Mod she installed), I've had far, far more stability out of this game than any of the others, even after the others were fully patched.  I've never had a Crash in Sims 3.  I used to have crashes in sims 2 every couple of days (which tended to make me stop playing for awhile..)

From a developer perspective, either their team has grown dramatically in size, or their code base has shrunk and become much more maintainable (hence why they are able to come out with an expansion so quickly...) The increase in stability (from my perspective, anyways), in addition to the ridiculously faster load times, indicate that the application is just... better designed.

I find that my sims don't stare blankly at the wall anymore, but behave rationally given their sets of traits.  I found the Horoscope system and collection of binary spectrums to be very limiting and sorta trite.  The use of traits is just really a much more natural reflection of reality, and that those traits are used to guide the sims when they act autonomously just greatly enhances my game play.

There are things missing.  I miss dates, College... The other things (pets, vacations) I tended to find to be interesting but nothing that would make/break the game for me.  I look forward to the eventual return of magic, as well.

This is the first installment in a series that will, just like the Sims 2, last for several years.  The Sims 3 is a great base to grow off of.  I'm obsessed with it, though I'd sorta rather not be, since it takes my time away from other pursuits, but, so it goes.  I enjoy the graphics far more, as the sims 3 graphics were dated.  I like the customization, and that I don't need to rely on Modders to have new textures or colors for furniture.  I have little to no artistic talent, but i can generally style things okay, atleast pleasing to me... So Modding on my own was never an option, but this egalitarian approach to customization is something that has been great for me.  Truly enhanced gameplay.  I look forward to a multitude of new Meshes from modders, who now no longer have to spend time creating skins, but can focus on truly beautiful models...

Yes, it is NOT the Sims 2.  And YES it is a Sims game.  As such, there will be many things missing, and many things to be found in common.

Anyways Uh.. Play what you enjoy.  If you don't like Sims 3, don't play it you know?  You'll always have Sims 2.

And if you enjoy Sims 3... then don't let the opinions of others try to sway you from enjoying it.

Oh and.. I hate the EA store thing.  I'm not partaking of it.  It's stupid, and flies in the face of what has made the Sims series so popular-- the modding community.

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