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1  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: BREAKING NEWS: TSR INSTALLS SPYWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER! on: August 27, 2009, 10:11:01 pm
ATTENTION EVERYONE!  Not everything that your virus detection software detects as "risky" is actually a virus. Virus detection software detects potential viruses by checking for files that attempt to change your system registry, DLLS, or configuration files. Many of the thing being created for the SIMS 3 requires modding of the configuration files and registry. The Sims Workshop, I believe is a program used to create meshes and "modded" files for your game. It may very well be that in order for the files to work in your game, the registry needs to be changed or DLLS needed to changed. For people that have new systems that are very alert, everything will get flagged. When your computer encounters a new program or file that it is not familiar with your virus software will come up asking if you want to continue to allow interactions with the program and file. You may not know that this happens constantly, but when you manually install software (like the sims) It doesn't ask you because you are consciously installing it.

When using virus software, you must be educated and aware of what you are donig. You can really mess up your computer by getting rid of or blocking things that were flagged as "potential threats" that turn out to be normal processes and not actually viruses. I wouldn;t be so quick to regard this alert you recieved as an actual virus. Your system is simply very sensitive and is attempting to protect you by flagging every "change" it comes across, thst is why the virus software leaves the decision up to you. You need to make an informed decision when choosing to address the "suspect file" or ignore the alert. In this case, I would say this is not an actual virus!

Now, What I would like to say is there are some websites out there for Sims content that ARE infact malicious.  Some sims content creators who have their own websites, use Mediafire, its a website that allows you to host files and images when your service doesnt have enough space, or you are over the bandwith. The content creators themselves are innocent, its this host website I am warning against. I would not reccommend anyone to download from a website that uses mediafire. Mediafire installs trackers, and marketing software, as well as worms and trojans on your system. You will also start to notice that it tracks what you do online, so If I do an internet search for "Sims 2 Houses", I will start to see ads related to real estate, or recieve emails about mortgage. This is how marketing software and bots work it "spies" on you. Mediafire has reason to do this, they need the marketing information to be able to pay for the free services they are providing for file hosting so that they stay in bussiness. Beware of "free" services online... you aren't buying anything, instead you are the product. Your activity online is what that want, it is valuable info. Whereas, there would be no intention for thesimsresource to use spyware, it is a user populated website like modthesims it survives based on the community.

I hope this information is helpful to everyone.
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