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16  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Re: Harvestable produce restocking fix on: January 02, 2010, 10:50:48 pm
Will someone please confirm if this fix works for them, if they use it, and if the fix is actually necessary? No offense Cheesy, just most mods on this forum have a reply or two.
17  Resident Creators / Mod Requests / Combo Mod Request-OFB fixes on: January 02, 2010, 06:38:33 pm
First, Thank you Thank you to Squinge, Chaavik, and anyone else who makes mods for us to use.  I love all the ones I have downloaded so far!

I may just need pointed in the right direction, having missed something that is already there, but I have searched for a few days now for a solution, so please bear with me if there is already a solution.

File Type: BHAV
Procedure Name: Interaction - Patron Buy
Group ID: 0x7FDE81DC
Instance ID: 0x00002007
Packages Containing This Procedure:

1)  I have UNI, OFB, Pets, SSN, and AL, with HMF, TSS, K&B, and IKEA stuff packs.
2)  I would like to have shopnosaveitem in my game, because it works the way I play, I want playable characters in my game, but I don't want them to go broke.  That is the # 1 concern atm.
3)  Looking at both JM Pescado's ofbfixes, and shopnosaveitem, on the surface the problem is they both include a fix for bag throwing.
4)  Ofbfixes has a few more fixes in it:
1. Servers no longer forget about a customer forever if interrupted by
   something after taking the customer's order: When the server resumes his
   task, the customer will be delivered his ordered food.
2. Fixes catch-22 situation associated with trying to sign up at a bandatron
   where you can't move to the bandatron unless you sign up but you can't sign
   up or even go home unless you move to the bandatron.
3. Foods now respond to "Set Price of Type".
4. Reporters no longer spawn an erroneous "change wage" dialog.
5. Fixed "who are you trying to call" when checking in with a manager at an
   owned community lot.
6. Fixed horrible lag caused by ghosts trying and failing to use elevators.
7. Customers bag throwing will no longer occur immediately due to route
   blockage.  Standard timeout duration now applies instead of immediate
   throwing merely because some other sim obstructed the line.
8. Robot stands must now hold the correct robots to restock. Munchies no
   longer restock as Sentries, Hydros no longer restock as Cleans, and
9. Fixes the "double pay, double decay" fix with businesses that causes the
   remote payout popup to appear twice in succession, before you can reasonably
   check in after the first popup.

5)  I realize this is someone else's mod, but what I am asking for is an alternative to JMPescado's ofbfixes if one exists, which does not conflict with Squinge's mod.
6) I love the idea here too:,105631.msg1538136.html#msg1538136

So my problem is:  I would like to use all of the fixes. Is there a way that is compatible with each other? I use the HCDU a lot, and it seems to only be that one BHAV, but I don't yet have the ability to fix it myself.  If a compatible solution already exists, once again, I would be very happy for someone to point me in the right direction Smiley

Thank you very much! <O.o>    severely confused wolfie is grateful.
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