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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Re: Surprise for Jeni on: January 24, 2013, 05:17:12 pm
 cool I've downloaded the house thank you for letting us know it's working. Got my fingers crossed hoping everything works right. Grin
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Re: House for interior designer on: January 24, 2013, 04:59:54 pm
 Sad I would have loved to download this house only it seems to have a lot of problems. So I'll check back later a see if things have changed. Thank you just the same I know the time it took to make.
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Re: Five Brick Road on: January 24, 2013, 04:34:30 pm
 Rock  "Oh my goodness"  I've been looking for this or a two family flat for a long time now. Thank you can't wait to download it. YAY
4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / Re: Gingham Dining set 4 colour's on: January 14, 2013, 04:03:33 pm
At last something different for my sims love the color so refreshing thank you  YAY
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Re: 204 Ridgeway Drive on: January 14, 2013, 03:30:16 pm
Beautiful house only couldn't download something is wrong with link. Please fix!  Thank you Sad
6  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Re: Skins don't show on female infants. on: October 27, 2011, 10:01:18 pm
Thank you so much raven I did what you say and It worked  Rock YAY.  I had two different meshs in my download folder removed them it worked.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!! Grin
7  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Re: Skins don't show on female infants. on: October 26, 2011, 07:29:31 pm
Thank you raven I'll go do that come back and let you know if it works. Rock
8  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Skins don't show on female infants. on: October 24, 2011, 01:57:17 am
I have a problem my female infants don't have skin on them.  The mother is holding the baby you just can't see it.  My male infants show up just fine no problem with them.  At first it was the head now you can't see anything.  Can anyone help me?  Thank you.
9  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Re: Milk Chocolate Cake on: August 17, 2011, 02:56:37 pm
Thanks for the cakes and my sims thank you too. Rock YAY
10  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Re: What action or Animation you hate the most in sims2? on: July 12, 2011, 04:30:29 pm
I hate when they talk to the flour baby!! Embarrassed
11  Simmers' Paradise / Mods & Careers / Re: [TS2] Family member instead of Social worker ! on: June 14, 2011, 02:15:58 am
Hello XPTL294  I would like to have the teleporter  if you could link it to me.
12  Simmers' Paradise / Mods & Careers / Can this hack be maked? on: March 14, 2011, 02:12:27 am
I'm looking for an hack to stop teens from making and drinking from the bar. I think only young adult and up should be able to drink. In real life you're suppose to be 21 to drink.
13  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Hunks / Re: Ethan Mars From Heavy Rain By Request on: October 31, 2010, 06:18:51 pm
I love your work you always do awesome work Rock.  Thank you!
14  The Sims 3 / Pudding Improvements / Re: 24 Hour Name Change At City Hall on: August 27, 2010, 01:23:47 pm
We need somthing like this for sims 2 can anyone make it for us? huh
15  Retired Creators / Meshes / Re: infant diaper replacement* Dress with Pacifier on: August 23, 2010, 03:07:28 pm
I love this canyou make one for boyes and make it not default.  So if you have a boy or girl you can choose. YAY
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