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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Diaries of Jane, The Strangetown Fallout; Entry 2 is up! 26.06.2010 on: June 23, 2010, 09:16:54 pm
This story was inspired by Breaking Benjamin song, thus the title. After hearing that song the idea develop and I'm posting this. I always wanted to write a long story with a deep plot, and Strangetown seemed like a perfect place for the setting. Original concept much more different, but I actually love in what it developed. The beginning might be tiny bit confusing, but things get clearer in chapters after, I promise. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as my other stories. Smiley


StrangeTown, 1989.

Darkness has surround the dessert of the town. Radiated steam was slowly rising above the ground as young woman run down the street. Thunder could be heard in the distance and lighting was elumintaing the sky as the giant camera flash. Young woman held on to something that was covered in a lot of blankets, as she run down the street of an empty town. Tears run down her cheeks and she hid in the alley and blended witht he shadows. She held the blankets closer to her chest and breathed heavily. Two soldiers run by the alley she was hidding in," Where'd she go?!"
" I don't know pal, Let's keep on running, we will catch up! Those darn bats using darkness to their advantage..." Their voices faded. Young woman looked down and moved corner of the blanket revealing a pale baby. Baby had red hair and it was peacefully sleeping, completely unaware of the surroundings. Young girl smiled as she kissed baby's forehead," Mommy won't let them take you sweetie!" Mother hugged her child. She covered the baby with the blanket again and peeked out of the alley. She made sure no one was around and run back up the street. It started raining. Mother covered her child from the rain and sped up. She run up to the grungy looking house. Even after nuclear fallout that struck the town few months ago, house looked pretty good, even if the obvious repairs were made with cheap and rusty materials.

She violently knocked on the door.
" I'm coming I'm coming, hold on!" Low masculine voice replied. A tall pale young man opened the door and looked down. He had a lot of facial scars and his hair was long and messy," Maria? What are you doing here?"
" Walter you gotta help me..." Maria cried as she stepped in the house.
" But of course!"
" They are after me I can't stay here..." She cried harder as she shook violently.
" I'll hide you!" Walter offered.
" NO!" Maria cut him off," If I hide they will take all three of us down, I can't let that happen! Here!" She handed Walter the baby," Take care of her please..."
" Maria..."
" They attacked us Walter. Michael went down as they he was defending me. We are the survivors of the nuclear explosion that took place at the facility. Vampire as plotician? No, it's an outrage. They killed him Walter...They killed him..." Maria broke in tears," He told me to run and save myself and Jane..."She said as she lifted the blanket. Little girl opened her eyes.
" Oh my..."Walter exclaimed as she looked at the girl. Even this young, she looked like her mother.
"Please..." Maria pleaded," please, Walter, You're my closest friend, I trust you. Take care of her, raise her as your own. She will be safe here. You are one of the few outcasts they don't bother. Please..."
" Maria, I don't know..."
" My time is done...At least I will die knowing she is safe..." She said as she stroked Jane's cheek. Jane gigled," please? When time comes, tell her the truth."
" I..." Walter stuttered.
" Please Wally..." Maria cried.

" Alright...I'll do this..." He said. It was hard for him. He knew Maria for the longest time and her bravery amazed him. He flinched as he heard the soldiers few blocks away. The Explosion gave him sensative hearing and he really hated it in the moments like this," Oh no..."
" They're coming? sweety, mommy loves you, don't you ever forget that..." Maria kissed her daughter," I love you...Bye Walter." Maria smiled at her friend as she backed away to the door," Thank you. Thank you so much!" She cried," Goodbye Jane. Listen to Walter and be a good girl...goodbye..."She whispered as she disapaered behind the door. Walter heard her run down the steet.
" There she is!" Soldier shouted as he run down the street. Gun shot. Walter held Jane close to him. Girl cried as she heard loud noise.
" Come here mutant!" One soldier screamed. They were at least five blocks away but Walter heard them as if they were in the house. Maria gasped as she got pushed," Any last words before your silver bullet execution? Be happy I grant you that after the chase you caused us!" Soldier barked.
" Yes..."Maria cried," Walter I know you hear me. Thank you...for everything..." She paused.
" Done?" The other asked.
" ROT IN HELL!" She screamed at the soldier. Soldier screamed. Gun shot. Splater. Thump.
" Paul, you alright..." The other soldier asked.
" Yeah...She jumped me...They are freaks man, they are freaks!" He cried out. Walter looked down at Jane. Jane peacefully slept on his shoulder. Walter swallowed his tears held the girl close," Let's get you to bed." he sighed as he walked up the stairs.
Strangetown is never going to be same again and every resident knew it.
2  A Safe Haven / Forum Games / Stealing game on: April 26, 2010, 12:13:51 pm
No, you monster! angry

^steals mad hatters hat and shreds it.
3  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / Baggy hoodies for YA/A Ladies on: April 07, 2010, 04:01:36 pm
Sort of thing that happens when you wear your boyfriends/husbands/guy friends hoodie. Smiley

I tired meshing myself, but it did not work out very well, I'm more of  a recolrist lol (i know that's not a word)

Like this hoodie except as separate and a little bit longer.

Thanks a bunch in advance.
4  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / WCIF animation boxes? on: April 02, 2010, 01:58:36 am
Well I guess that's the name...

I need animation boxes or posing boxes that do these expressions.
On last two pictures, girl with brown hair looks sort of sideways. I also need the interaction/pose. I can't find pictures right now.

Thanks in advance
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Red Sauce on Pasta|| KyleTheArtist's Self Sim on: March 27, 2010, 01:36:23 am
I decided it is time to share me with every one. What can I say about this?

Name: Ana K.
Age: 18
Gender Preference: Straight( But she can swing anyway in your game Cheesy)
Zodiac: Cancer
Turn on: Brown or Red hair, Muscles
Turn off: Stink(eeew)
Aspiration1: Popularity
Aspiration2: Family

Kyle is an energetic artistic girl. She is very optimistic and friendly, but don't get on her bad side because she as unforgiving as siamese cat. Kyle has a lot of obsessions and she loves cats. She loves gothic clothing but she does not act like one. She loves to eat and exercise and she is  obsessed with reading. Her favorite music is Rock and she hates RnB. She is a very good girl and she will love living in your game. If you hook her up with Tybalt Capp, She will love you even more Cheesy

Okey about Custom content. I packed her with some sort of clothes, but when I was testing her, she spawned with Maxis stuff. If anything got included that shouldn't have, notify me, I will fix this. In these picture in particular credits go to:
Hair - For the love of me, I can't find it, but something tells me it's XMsims(correct me if I'm wrong)
Lipstick and eyeshadows -
Eyebrows, skintone and top - Hysterical Paroxysm
Bottom - I forget, but it's from MTS
Jewelry - By aikea-guinea
I think she has these too -

I can't find her eyeliner and other bracelet, so if it belongs to any one and you want me to take it off, notify me.

Hope you enjoy her, if there is any problems tell me Smiley

Click to adopt! Grin

Just for comparison, here is actual me(OMG I'm so fat and ugly  Cry delicious! XD) I'm also cutting my hair same way as the sim in June  :cheer:


Breed her all you want, because real Kyle want little nubus IRL, so I'm pretty sure Sim Kyle would love some nubus Grin
NO EXCHANGE OR TSR!!!Other then that do what ever you heart desires. Also don't claim her as your own, I'm not your wife Cool
6  Simmers' Paradise / I Want My Own Thread / Delicious Cookies||Ruffnut's Picture Thread||Updated 07.11.2010 on: March 23, 2010, 05:39:48 pm
Because I'm in mood for some and there isn't any.

Well, what's this thread about? My picture spams. I have A LOT of Veronaville picture( because I'm such a geek) and I feel bad spamming other threads with them. I play other hoods too, but ATM Veronaville is my greatest obsession. I'm gonna start with newest pictures and mix older ones in here. If there is any new not story writing related pictures, I will post them here.

I play quiet a few families. Veronaville is a giant yarn ball of drama and mystery and pretty much every resident(even cockroach under your sink) is involved in it some way or another. Here is Capp Family. Tybalt married his best friend Diana. They have a young daughter named Christina(Christie or Tina) and at the moment, they live quiet happily in their big house with pet cat Hershey and guard dog Ralf. I came back to this family last week so I didn't get to make too many pictures yet. Any how enjoy Cheesy

Grab it! Grab it!

Imma tickle jooo!

Pool is SRS business!

So SRS you forget to take triangle off..

...And then you wonder why they didn't roll... rolleyes

Talk to the hand!

Doop dee doo!

As teens they always played pool or video games...

..Old habits die hard rolleyes

Even if it means your wife kicks your butt in SSX3 Cheesy

Don't worry, they made up Tongue

Just for fun, pool playing feetz.

Gambling addiction started early in this family rolleyes

If looks could kill O_O

Iz a raptor Cheesy

yeah, she kicked his ass few times as a teen Cheesy


OH Snap!

Holy Crap, she hit me with a pillow!

I said, I don't want to go to movies!

I don't know, very random...

Lookit, a cat Cheesy

Just random and adorable shot.

Okey, end spam for now.
7  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / What is the most cute/romantic thing your spouse ever did/said? on: March 21, 2010, 02:11:09 am
They aren't always silly you know? XD

One of the cutest thing my hubby did was when we went to the mall last week or so. I've been looking for an orca plushie for the two years I live in USA now, and I could never find decent one. While we were in FYE, I saw him at the cash register but I thought he found a game for himself, so i didn't pay close attention. I asked him what's in the bag, but he said he will show me later. When we got out the store, he presented me an orca plushie. I named it Wuzzy( Fuzzy Whale)

What about you ladies/gentlemen?
8  Welcome to / The Welcome Wagon / Hi guys :D on: March 19, 2010, 12:24:05 pm
I've been a lurker here for longest time and I wanna say hi. I made few post here and there already. I am 18, female, married for a year now and I addicted to sims 2. Played TS3, was not that impressed so I went back to TS2. Viva la sims 2 as some one said. I joined the dark side again and I still never got my cookies. I love writting TS2 stories, because they are so exciting and fun to mess around with.

I am active user on MTS forums and I plan to stick around here as well. Oh yeah...I am your father!
9  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Verona Is Not Just For Romeo and Juliet 2, Chapter 10 is up! 06/26 on: March 19, 2010, 09:33:40 am
I feel like the only Veronaville addict, who actually plays this hood Cheesy I hope you guys like, please comment as they motivate me Smiley I was originally doing this in TS3 but characters do not look the same at all. In order to understand this story you need to read the 1st part which is here. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - More Grumpy Then Usual

Tybalt layed on the sun bed by the pool. His face was covered with a magazine and he wasn't looking after his sisters as he was supposed to.
" Hermia get back here!" Juliet screamed as she chaced her by the pools edge.
" No running." Tybalt mumbled not even attempting to see what the heck girls were doing. Girls complitely ignored his statment. Juliet leaped forwards grabbing Hermia by her foot, which caused her to slip and both girls fell into the pool, splashing giant wave on Tybalt.
" The hell?!" Tybalt jumped up," really now?"he shook water of himself and then layed back on the sunbed and opened the magazine.
" Stop being a grump and join us," Juliet swan up to the edge.
" Nope." Tybalt said.
" You are mean!" Hermia exclaimed and stuck her tongue out. Tybalt just raised his eyebrow then stretched his arm to the hose with out even turning away from the magazine and sprayed Hermia," Eeee!"
" TYBALT!" A blond woman with peircing gray eyes exclaimed as she stood over Tybalt with her arms on her hips.
" What?" Tybalt shrugged," She is wet as it is mom." Tybalt said in his diffence. Woman continued peircing her son with cold stare. Tybalt rolled his eyes," Sorry, Hermia..." He proceeded reading the magazine.
" It is okey. Can you throw the hose to Juliet, I liked it." Tybalt reached over, again not taking his eyes of the magazine and tossed the hose towards the pool.
" Knock yourselves out..." he mumbled as he flipped the page. His mother sat on the other sunbed.
" Grumpy today, I see?" She asked as she watched the girls run around the pool spraying each other with water.

" When am I not grumpy?" Tybalt answered flipping another page.
" I'm sorry, you are much grumpier today." His mother chuckled. Tybalt didn't answer," Wanna talk, honey?"
" Not really." Tybalt said coldly.
" Which means yes, just spill it out." His mother was persistant. She crossed her legs and tilted her head letting sun touch her face.
" It's grand dad again." Tybalt glanced at his mother.
" Go on," She said.
" I don't wanna go to the dinner tonight. He is gonna push another girl in my face. I just turned 16 few months ago for creator's sake. He is already showing marriage in my face. I'm not even gonna marry till I am 25."
" I said the same at your age and I married your father at 19." She said calmly.
" Your point?" Tybalt put his magazine aside.
" Your mind changes sweetie."
" Did you have to go through this?" he asked.
" Of course. How do you think I met your dad?"
" You liked him though?"
" Of course!" his mother exclamied," I wouldn't marry him if I didn't."
" Well I don't like any of the girls he pushes in my face," Tybalt exclaimed," They are all snobs and just...dumb." he concluded.
" Who said you have to like the girl he introduces you to?" his mother asked.
" He does!" Tybalt pointed toward the mansion.
" Because you're the heir," His mom explained.
" Gee, thanks... That cheered me up!" He rolled his eyes.
" BUT," His mother continued," You don't have to marry a girl he introduces. Your father wasn't introduced to me by him. I met him in university. My father liked him, we married, then you guys were born."
" What are the chances of me not finding a whore that is chasing you for money and sex in this town?"
" Watch you italian mister," his mom said in a strict tone," and they are pretty high. Don't worry, your princess will come along..."
" When I am eighty..." Tybalt huffed.
" Hey," his mother chuckled," It is getting late you better go and get ready honey..."
" Yay, another boring and dull dinner, with another not potential bride." Tybalt got of the sun bed and walked towards the mansion. His mother watched as he walked away and sighed. She saw Consort come out and he said hello to Tybalt. Tybalt replied in a grumpy tone and disappeared behind the doors.

" What little bug crawled into him today?" Consort asked his daughter.
" Same as usual daddy dearest. He doesn't like when you push girls in his face." His daughter replied.
" Well what can I do, Cordelia! Your son shows no interest in any females what so ever!" Consort exclaimed in his deffence.
" Well maybe if you didn't load him with so many things to do, he would be interested!" Cordelia exclaimed.
"He is an heir! He will be Don after I die! There is many things he needs to learn!" Consort exclaimed," Now, stop complaining! Let's just hope he will like this girl..."
" Father you are unbelivable!"
" Stop treating him like he is five, Cordelia. The kid is 16, he should know whats right or wrong."
" At least let him pick a girl for himself. Like I did."
" You are just purely lucky, I liked your husband. He will marry who ever I chose..."

" Oh, so I have no say in this even though he is my son?!"Cordelia crossed her arms on her chest," So if I want him to pick a girl for himself, it does not matter, does it now?"
" Look, Cordie, honey I don't want to argue about this right now. Let's just hope dinner goes well...I don't wanna get on the bad side of one the Verona clans..." Consort hugged his daughter.
" Don't be tough on him dad, don't pressure him. He has many years ahead of him." Cordelia said,"he is only 16 dad."
" Alrgith, you are lucky you are my favorite," Consort rolled his eyes," Now go get dressed. And you two," Consort exclamied ot he girls who were still in the pool," Go clean up, the guest will be here soon." Juliet and hermia climbed out of the pool and run to the mansion. Cordelia followed their daughters. Consort stayed outside for few minutes and sighed. He had a very bad feeling about this evening.

Hope you like it guys, please comment and tell me what you think Cheesy  . Just for reference, Juliet is 14 and Hermia is 12.
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