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1  Welcome to / The Welcome Wagon / Hi . . . ? on: August 09, 2011, 10:35:17 pm
Hi. I'm Melissa. Nothing really much to say, I'm a sims freak who doesn't get out much. I run the "help desk" on YouTube for sims machinima . . . people come to me for any game problem and for machinima help. I'm turning 16 in September and I'm fairly experienced with bodyshop, as well as simpe and milkshape. I might post a couple things here in due time.

My username is snapshotofasoul on YouTube. I'm not out to get anyone, I'm just here to download and maybe host some stuff I've made Smiley


RIP Sims 2 Exchange
2  A Safe Haven / Teen Discussion / Re: Teen Mental Health Quiz on: August 09, 2011, 10:31:58 pm
1. Do you depressed or upset/sad as often as____ many times a week:
   a. 0 days
   b. 1-2 day
   c. 3-4 days
   d. 5-6 days
2. On a regular basic do your friends talk about hurting themselves?
    a. Yes
    b. no
3. Do you physically hurt yourself?
   a. yes
   b. no
4. If answered "yes" to number 3, why do you hurt yourself? If "no"
   move on to question 5.
5. Do you eat to comfort/cheer yourself up?
   a. Yes
   b. No
6. Does your family have a history of mental health issues?
   a. yes- little to none.
   b. yes- mild
   c. yes- many members
   d. no- none
7. Did you grow up in a unsafe neighborhood?
   a. yes
  b. no
8. Did you feel threaten a family member growing up?
   a. yes
   c. no
9. Were you sexual abused?
   a. yes
  b. no
10. Do you starve yourself?
  a. no
   b. yes, why
11. Did you grow up in a single parent home?
   a. yes
   b. no
12. Do you believe that you have a emotional issue?
   a. yes
  b. no
13. Are you:
         a. gay
         b. straight
        c. bisexual
         d. asexual
14. Was a parent(s) an alcoholic?
   a. yes
   b. no
15. Has a family member ever commit/attempted suicide?
   a. yes, they were closely related to me (parent, sibling)
   b. yes, they were a distant relative (cousin, aunt, grandparent etc)
        c. none
3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Re: Healthy Size of Sims 2 Folder *SOLVED!* Thanks! on: August 09, 2011, 10:25:59 pm
I have 64.5 GB and it runs smoothly on windowed mode with Vista. Smiley I have a pretty nice computer so it takes around an hour to get going, when on my old one with better specs it took at least 3 hours. o_o So yeah, there is NO limit. Grin
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