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31  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / **The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant** ~ Updated 6/12 - Chapter Two: Part Six on: August 14, 2007, 10:20:35 pm
Chapter Two (Part 1): Troubled Teen Years

The years passed in the Pleasant household and Mary-Sue and Daniel soon found themselves with two teenagers in their home. Angela had grown gracefully into a pretty young woman and her parents claimed that there was a light that followed her everywhere she went. They insisted that she was perfection incarnate, and while she sometimes questioned whether or not she was perfect, Angela allowed Daniel and Mary-Sue to continue showering her praise and honour.

Lilith, too, had grown, but her childhood gave rise to what her parents referred as a "beast" of her twin sister. Preferring to spend her time away from others, Lilith would lock herself in her bedroom for hours at time, contemplating the darkness of her life and barren wasteland that was the bright Pleasantview in which she lived. Everywhere she looked people were happily walking dogs and pushing babies in strollers, all oblivious to the hell fury thrown in her direction each day. She began to dress in all black as if silently telling the rest of the world to stay away from her, since no one ever did anything to rescue her from the abuses of her childhood.

Regardless of what negative impact the world had to offer, everything paled in comparison the sheer arrogance and vanity Lilith saw in her sister. Angela oft times compared herself directly to Lilith, noting how much brighter her hair was, how few dark circles her eyes held as opposed to Lilith and how boys and young men from all over the city would look at her and remark upon her perfect she seemed.
Each day, Angela would come downstairs, run her hands through her and sigh saying, "Ah! Life is good."
Needless to say, Lilith hated her...

...and the feeling was mutual. No matter what bright face Angela displayed on the surface, Lilith knew the truth about her sister that lied just beneath her false exterior. Years of malice and sublime contempt sent toward Lilith had trained Angela to drive the pure malevolence in her heart directly on her sister. She argued with her any time she had opportunity, she fought Lilith by pushing her downstairs or simple fisticuffs, which she normally won since her own nutrition had been so much better than Lilith's, and she denigrated Lilith more often that Mary-Sue or Daniel who, in the middle age, had reduced some of their torment of the "other" daughter. The world saw Angela as a fresh-faced teenager who was on her way to greatness, but each time she slapped Lilith on the arm just because she happened to be passing by, Lilith professed that one day, the world would know the true Angela.

Yet, through all her attempts at having others believe that she did not "fall" down the stairs again, no one ever believed Lilith because her façade was so well played. Anytime visitors came to the house, all they would see was Angela studying quietly and Lilith lazily shirking her school responsibilities.
Skepticism of Lilith's claims also came from the sharp contrast of how each performed academically. While Angela was on her way to becoming class valedictorian, Lilith had been barely passed to the ninth grade, never having home support from either Mary-Sue or Daniel, who did not seem to care about Lilith's grades unless they were in need of something about which to yell at her. As time continued, Lilith learned to withstand the abuse and trudged to school each day, socially inept and lonely, never thinking that anything could change.

School administrators eventually took notice of the profound differences between Lilith and Angela and placed in Lilith in the Pleasantview Social Academy outside the school to increase her social skills. Lilith hated every moment of the new class, but for the first time in her life, she found solace in another. Sitting beside her, just as glum and irritated at the irony of a small, anxious teacher trying to teach teenagers to be socially buoyant, Dustin Broke had an instant rapport with Lilith.
Dustin's father had died in a pool accident a few years earlier and his mother took out her frustrations, both financial and otherwise, all on Dustin. His mother treated him like he was a criminal and behaved as if his younger brother was going to be the saviour of their family.

Lilith would call Dustin every other day, eager to commiserate on how life had handed them each a raw deal. Each time they spoke, Lilith could feel her own stresses fade. They always talked about how their parents could be so uncompassionate and Lilith was shocked to hear that Dustin argued with his mother almost as much as she did with her own. Throughout all the sharing though, Lilith made certain to keep Angela out of her conversations. Angela, being the pretty and popular twin, was a part of nearly every aspect of her life, and Lilith loved knowing someone who did not know or care about Angela.
"Who do you talk to all the time?" Angela asked her one day after Lilith had spent an hour on the phone. "I mean, I know you don't have any friends."
"Whatever," Lilith said. "The best thing about my relationship with Dustin is that it doesn't concern you."

Angry that there was someone in the world who would rather talk to Lilith than speak to her Angela, shoved Lilith as hard as she could. Instead of taking the abuse like normal however, Lilith jumped right back up and pushed Angela in return. Finding friendship in Dustin Broke had given Lilith a new grip on life; one she was not willing to relinquish because of Angela's pettiness.
"Don't you dare touch me again!" Lilith yelled, and Angela, shocked by Lilith's first retaliation since they were small children, simply nodded in fear by her sister's sudden appearance of backbone.
Neither twin cared about the other, but it was the last time Angela ever laid a hand on Lilith.

...on to Chapter 2 - Part Two

32  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / **The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant** ~ Updated 6/12 - Chapter Two: Part Six on: August 06, 2007, 09:43:35 pm
I am so glad people like this!
*Sigh* Unfortunately, this is a tragedy, so it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. But, destroying sim lives is what life is all about...:twisted:
33  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / **The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant** ~ Updated 6/12 - Chapter Two: Part Six on: August 05, 2007, 08:19:23 pm
Part Two of Chapter One: Harsh Beginnings

Indulged to the fullest, Angela was allowed to do whatever she wanted: jump
on beds, blow bubbles in the house, leave a mess wherever she felt like leaving it, and Mary Sue and Daniel would simply chuckle and congratulate themselves on what an energetic, boisterous little girl they were raising. Angela also triumphed in every obstacle life could present with the least little effort. She was accepted into the gifted classes in her primary school, where she excelled instantly and was quick favorite amongst teachers and peers alike. Spoiled and unaccustomed to discipline, Angela enjoyed every luxury life had to offer without working for it and was told that she was the perfect person each day of her life.

In gross contrast, Lilith's primary years were just a cut above outright child abuse. Still dressed in whatever dark hand-me-down clothes Mary-Sue and Daniel could find, Lilith was blamed for every occurrence in the house; from dishes left in the sink to problems with the fireplace to wall graffiti that read "Angela is Beautiful" in pink letters and surrounded with butterflies. Every day she woke, Lilith dealt with her parents' harsh words and watched miserably as her twin sister was afforded every measure.
"You're so stupid!" Mary-Sue would say when Lilith brought home poor grade cards, and when her teachers would comment on Lilith's lackluster social abilities, Daniel would scream to her, "Well, it's not our fault the children hate you! Look at you! Can you blame them?"

Every harsh word was spoken in Angela's presence and in accordance with her parents' wishes, she too grew to despise her twin. She was nasty to Lilith, calling her names and hitting or pushing her just because she happened to be there. Twice, social workers came to visit upon the house to inspect the cause of the bruises with which Lilith would sometimes attend school, but Mary-Sue and Daniel would account for the issues as sibling rivalry and managed to dodge further investigation. Each time, Lilith simply sat and withstood the arrant opprobriums tossed in her direction, and Angela became more contentious and hostile toward her.

Finally, growing frustrated with the injustice found in her own home, Lilith began to fight back; pushing her sister back when she was pushed, screaming in return to parents who yelled at her and becoming just as hateful toward all those who were hateful to her. She woke up each day and went to sleep each night with a scowl set upon her young face, while Angela was presented with love and admiration from the moment she opened her eyes to a new day to the moment Mary-Sue and Daniel tucked her in bed at night after reading a nighttime story.
One night, after Angela was given a dessert for finishing her vegetables at dinner and her own inquest went ignored even after completing the very same task, Lilith pushed away from the table and attacked Angela harder than ever previously, screaming "I hate you!" the entire time.

Daniel and Mary-Sue were quick to separate the girls and forced Lilith to sit on a crate in the corner of her room for three days straight while Angela, who had delivered the majority of the blows to her sister,  was allowed to play in the sunshine and was even given a gift for having to deal with the "other daughter."
"It's not fair..." Lilith would cry to herself each night.
In her heart she knew she had done nothing to deserve such mistreatment from her family and she simply could not understand how someone who looked exactly like her could be given everything while she was given nothing.

By the time she was ten years old, Lilith began to demand answers from Mary-Sue and Daniel.
"Why does she get to play in the pool all day and I have to stay in the house all the time?" Lilith yelled one day to her mother.
"Because stupid, ugly girls don't get to do as they please!" Mary-Sue sneered in return.
"I look just like her! We're exactly the same!"
Without a valid answer, Mary-Sue simply screamed what she had been wanting to say since the day Lilith had been born.
"We never wanted you!"
With tears in her eyes, ten-year-old Lilith ran to her room and threw herself on her bed to bawl into her thin covers for the rest of the day. She always had the inkling that Mary-Sue and Daniel had not wanted her, but to hear the words, to have them float through the room as easily as if Mary-Sue were telling her to take out the garbage was almost too much to bear.

Having watched the argument, Angela, feeling sympathy for the first time in her life for her sister and simply troubled by the revelation, looked to Daniel with wet green eyes.
"Is that true, Daddy?" she asked. "You never wanted us?"
Daniel turned to his cherished child and smiled. "My darling, Angela. We always wanted you."
Once Angela had been tucked into bed that night and Lilith still cried in her own room, Daniel went into the study to speak to Mary-Sue.
"You shouldn't have said that to her," he said.
Mary-Sue sighed at her desk. "I know. I just slipped...besides, you know how busy I've been at the office lately. Congressman Michaels is looking to run for governor next year and I've been under a lot of stress.
Daniel sighed and left Mary-Sue to her work, knowing full well how busy Mary-Sue had been recently. They had not simply held one another in months, let alone made love and with their new problems with Lilith, it seemed even more likely that their marital troubles would get worse before ever becoming better.

The months passed and the atmosphere of the Pleasant household grew darker. When the twins were about to celebrate their eleventh birthday, Daniel pleaded with Mary-Sue to throw a birthday party for both girls.
Annoyed by the suggestion, Mary-Sue attempted to tell Lilith about the what she had planned for her upcoming birthday, but the wounds inflicted had not nearly enough time to heal and Lilith spat in Mary-Sue's face for even proposing that she participate.
"Why should I go to your party? You didn't even want me!"
Instead of making amends at the birthday party, Mary-Sue forced Lilith to sit in the hallway and listen as Angela opened present after present. Lilith, hardened by years of abuse, did not bat an eye even after hearing Angela open the RC Car she had been wanting for weeks, and decided on that day she deserved better and rued to never forgive either Mary-Sue or Daniel.

Seeing that Mary-Sue had botched an attempt at reconciling with their young child, Daniel pulled Lilith into the hall after the party with a special gift he had picked out just for her.
"You can keep your stupid gift!" Lilith yelled and she turned toward the wall, refusing to even look at him.
Not knowing what else to do, Daniel called for Angela.
"I have something else for you, Precious," he said giving her Lilith's gift.
Lilith turned from the wall in time to see Angela accepting her gift and anger coursed through her.
"If he really cared, he would have tried harder to give it to me," she thought. "I hate them all!"

Hate festered within Lilith and burst forth at inopportune times; sometimes during dinner, sometimes while at school, and sometimes just while walking through the house and passing her sister who always had a contented smile on her face.
"I hate you!" she would yell. "I wish you were dead!"
Instead of replying with the same malcontent, Angela found herself simply recoiling in fear at the version of herself that had gone off the normal path. Lilith was angry with her all the time, and as they grew older, she knew there was very little that could change what their parents had done to her.
Rather than shower Lilith was continuous poor treatment that was bound to be noticed by the neighbors, Mary-Sue, Daniel and Angela, took to ignoring her and as the years passed, Lilith became cold and apathetic toward the rest of the world.

Chapter Two (Part 1): Troubled Teen Years

34  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / **The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant** ~ Updated 6/12 - Chapter Two: Part Six on: July 31, 2007, 09:57:24 am
Yay! Thanks for the comments. I will probably have the second half of Chapter One up by this weekend.

I got the skirt at Smiley
35  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / **The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant** ~ Updated 6/12 - Chapter Two: Part Six on: July 30, 2007, 10:57:55 pm
Yup. I did it. Lilith Pleasant's life story as played through my game. This is my first real effort at a Sims 2 Story and I am open for suggestions. The story is also available in cool Flash here:
I got the okay from kathy on this one, so here it is:

Chapter and Part Links:
Chapter 1 - Part Two
Chapter 2 - Part One
Chapter 2 - Part Two
Chapter 2 - Part Three
Chapter 2 - Part Four
Chapter 2 - Part Five
Chapter 2 - Part Six

~.:: The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant ::.~

Chapter One (Part 1): Harsh Beginnings

Married on bright summer day, having grown up with one another in the almost whimsical setting of Pleasantview, Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant found themselves swept in a wind of love. Both born into wealthy families and determined to make their mark on the world, the came together to continue a tradition of rich, happy Pleasants. Yet, they both desired to throw a caveat into the wishes of their families. Mary-Sue and Daniel decided at the moment they first discussed marriage they wanted one, and only one child to raise. Mary-Sue was an only child while Daniel, who had a much younger sister, was raised as one, and they agreed that more than one child would be difficult to raise when they both desired so much from their careers.

While Daniel trained hard each day to become the best of athletes, Mary Sue spent long hours in the office of Congressman Michaels, intent on making her political dreams come true. Each night, Daniel came home to an spacious, but empty house. His entire family had been obsessed with money for generations, but he soon realized all his true ambitions were simply to love and be loved in return. After several disastrous miscarriages and unsuccessful adoptions Mary Sue finally held fantastic news: at long last, they were going to become parents.

Nine months came and went quickly and the soon-to-be parents discovered the happy news that they were to become the parents of a baby girl. Yet the doctors had more news in store for instead of the one child they desired, Mary-Sue and Daniel were going to have twin girls.
"What are we going to do?" Mary-Sue asked Daniel. "We only wanted one."
Neither being particularly religious, the first notion that sprang to mind was to do something with the "other" child, but their doctors, apart from wanting to have nothing to do with aborting a twin, warned them that it was a miracle that Mary-Sue was even able to conceive. An abortion might hurt both babies.
Resigning to the task before them, Daniel and Mary-Sue decided on names for their new daughters: Angela Netaniah, meaning angelic gift of God, and Lilith Bethany, the bringer of disease and illness who might find redemption.

When they were finally able to bring the girls home, Mary-Sue and Daniel immediately fell in love with their bright-eyed first child, Angela. Quiet, peaceful and always happy, both parents would spend hours simply holding her in awe and wonder. Lilith, however, held a rambunctious spirit neither, Daniel nor Mary-Sue appreciated. She cried constantly and never seemed settled no matter how long they held her or how much they fed or changed her.

The parents found parenting a simple joy when it came to Angela, yet an absolute nightmare in regards to Lilith. They could not have evenings out because Lilith's screams tore through the minds of any sitter that came to the house and as their frustrations with the "other" child grew stronger and stronger, Mary-Sue and Daniel saw a definite rift in their marriage.

At barely a few months old, Lilith spit up on Daniel's new athletic uniform and he knew he had had enough.
"That's it!" he yelled. "I can't deal with the other one any more!"
"You have to take care of her," Mary-Sue replied calmly holding her precious Angela.
"It's not my fault you had twins! I'm not dealing with Lilith any longer!"
The conversation soon erupted into a loud argument, and Mary-Sue and Daniel found themselves having the first quarrel of their marriage...all over Lilith.

By the time the girls were able to crawl about the house, Lilith cried all the time and instead of doing their best to calm the torments of the younger daughter, Daniel and Mary-Sue showered their affection and love on Angela. They took the time to do her hair and dressed her in the finest, most adorable clothes they could afford, changing her outfits with the changing seasons, while they left Lilith in whatever they felt did not look good on Angela and kept her in the same clothes until the ripped at the seams when she grew too big for them.

Angela's every accomplishment was exhaulted with jubilant praises; from taking her first steps to her first precocious acts such as colouring on the walls. Mary-Sue and Daniel gave every ounce of their strength into making Angela as comfortable and happy as possible and all the while, Lilith was left nearly isolated socially and without the slightest inkling of parental love. Left alone for hours at a time, Lilith's cries went unanswered and her parents only ensured that the was fed to keep the Pleasantview Department of Child Welfare out of their lives. Every single day of Lilith's life was spent alone and unhappy.

As a result of their incommensurate upbringings, Angela and Lilith grew into disparate twins: one showered with love and affection, the other treated like something nasty something had found in the bathroom. Differences aside, the twins were identical and Lilith found some meager kindness thrown in her direction when either Daniel or Mary-Sue would mistake her for Angela, yet both parents were always quick to correct their mistake by disparaging her, preferably in front of Angela so that she could see only she had their adoration.

...onto Part Two here
36  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / kaitco's First Sims 2 Story on: June 24, 2007, 09:18:37 pm
I have read through a couple stories here and there, but I am not sure if I have the idea of it down. I started one here (, but I am not sure if I should try to start it over or not with some better pictures. I admit, you can see signs of Insimenator parts lying around in some of the pictures, but I am not sure if that is a "no-no" in making sims stories or not. Either way, I am just starting out with this one and would like some direction, if anyone is willing. I also have questions too: If you use custom items, do you have to credit the creators in the stories? Is there some trick to taking pictures with "sim signs" in them, eg: the pluses that appear when sims like one another...?

Many thanks!
37  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / What was your 1st EVER sim called? on: November 13, 2006, 10:19:56 pm
I think my first sim was Veda Catherine West, who I remade in The Sims 2 and renamed just Catherine West. I tend to play the whole neighborhood as a generation so, her kids are just now in their last year at Sim State...after two real years of playing the game.

My first Sims 2 sim, however, was Mason Bramble. He died in my game about six or eight months ago. He and his wife, Tara, had five kids and had seventeen grandchildren, by the time Tara finally died. Since the Brambles were my first family, I have made them a type of "ultra" family. They are the biggest and wealthiest in the neighborhood, and after my current generation, every single sim will be at the very least a second cousin to someone of the Bramble family. Smiley
38  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Social Security/Welfare Career! Testers Please! on: October 15, 2006, 07:53:17 pm
This seems cool. Do we have the status yet on the Saturday missed work issue?
39  Simmers' Paradise / Content Creation & Recoloring Help / Creating custom content using SimPE on: May 15, 2006, 11:00:17 am
Okay, so here's the situation:

I've got the newest SimPE and I know some of the very basic nuts and bolts in regards to changing sim data, however, now I want to get more into recolouring and creating new meshes.

I know all about recolouring via Wizards of SimPE, but the wizard will only allow me to recolour Maxis objects and not any of my custom content/meshes. I've tried opening some of my downloads with SimPE and editing the image files, but I don't know how to save the new recolour as such.

The place where I get stuck in SimPE is after I've edited the image file using Photoshop and I've imported the image back into the file, I can't figure out how to save my recolour properly. All I am wanting to do is recolour some downloads to be used in my game. If someone could lead me to a tutorial or just give me some tips to get me through to the next step, I would be most grateful!

Many thanks!
40  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / You have been playing the Sims 2 for too long... on: January 02, 2006, 11:54:24 am
1.) When trading daily stories with friends, you have to consciously keep from mentioning things like Dustin and Angela Broke just had another baby or how proud you were when Alexander Goth made Dean's List.

2.) When you get up from playing for hours and realize it is still Thursday night and not Tuesday morning like you thought when you pressed the quit button.

3.) When you have dreams in Simlish.

4.) When you scheme of ways to put the R&B, Hip Hop and College Rock songs onto your iPod.

5.) When the latest expansion comes out a few days before your birthday, but none of your friends buy it for you because they know you've had it since the morning it came out.
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