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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / Lenalee Lee of "D.Gray-man" on: February 10, 2008, 12:51:03 am
So, I've been watching and reading the anime/manga of "D.Gray-man" by Hoshino Katsura, and it is getting better and better.

I got this random urge to make a sim of one of the characters, my favorite female anime character: Lenalee Lee!

Lenalee is a sixteen year old Chinese girl, whose older brother Komui raised her. She is an experienced Exorcist of the Black Order, and is the conformer of the Dark Boots crystal of Innocence. She considers everyone in the Black Order to be part of her family. Later on, she is suspected of being the conformer of the so-called "Heart."

This sim is based off the anime version of Lenalee, and features her in her Exorcist uniform and her unactivated boots. This is basically what she looks like when we first are introduced to her.

Custom content:
Skintone by Louis @ SimCribbling
Lipstick by Louis @ SimCribbling
Hair mesh and texture by Noukie @ MTS2 and NoukieSims2
Clothing mesh by Simchic, snagged from All About Style (and inspired by a dress from AAS)
Clothing and hair recolored by me.
Eyes by DJMulsow
Eyebrows by Helaene
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Girl / Night Life dresses for little girls on: February 07, 2008, 04:59:00 pm
The tie-front floral dress from Night Life (available in three colors for Teens and Adults) is probably my favorite Maxis outfit, and it has bugged me for the longest time that such a frilly, girly dress isn't available for little girls. It turns out that a mesher named Zoe has modified the mesh for little girls, and converted the pink floral dress to fit that mesh. Unfortunately, it appears that Zoe didn't bother to convert the other two colors as well.

So that's where I come in. My favorite of the three Maxis colors is the blue one, and in deciding to convert the one, I chose to convert the other color as well.

These dresses are really quite adorable in-game, and except for the sleeves being slightly longer and the neckline needing a slight modification, it was a snap to convert the textures from the teen dress to the child one. (I've, uh, never understood why the yellow dress has green shoes, but whatever.)

Because Zoe's version omitted the necklace part of the texture, I chose to follow suit, in the interest of consistency, though it isn't hard to add it back in if you want it.

So now, at last, your family of Adult, Teen and Child females can all have the same cute dress, in all three colors (The pink version is of course available from Zoe herself. Just follow the link for the mesh, and you'll get the pink texture along with the mesh.)

As a bonus, since there are only two files being uploaded, I'm including the following.

After completing the two Maxis color conversions, I decided to attempt to convert my favorite of my own recolors -- the green and yellow pansy dress from this upload. I'm pleased to announce that it was a success. I think they look great in-game on Teens and Children, possibly even better than on adults.

I will reiterate that these are the Maxis textures (for the first two) converted for children, and a conversion of my own texture for both ages. The Teen version requires Night Life because it uses the Maxis mesh. The Child versions do not have any expansion pack requirements to my knowledge.

So here's what's included in this upload:

Contains: CF-tiedress-bluefloral.package
Requires: Mesh_Zoe_ChFeBodydressGonna190806.package

Contains: CF-tiedress-yellowfloral.package
Requires: Mesh_Zoe_ChFeBodydressGonna190806.package

Contains: CF-tiedress-pansy.package
Requires: Mesh_Zoe_ChFeBodydressGonna190806.package
Download mesh here

Contains: TF-tiedress-pansy.package
Requires: Night Life expansion

Special thanks to Sims2Cri for bringing this adorable mesh to my attention by doing a couple of recolors. I never would have discovered this mesh on my own!
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Myosotis Floral Wardrobe on: October 18, 2007, 05:36:39 pm

"The Forget-me-nots are the genus Myosotis of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae.

There are about 50 species in the genus, and among them there is considerable variation. Nevertheless a considerable number of the species fit the same description, of a small (1 cm diameter or less) rather flat 5-petalled blue flower growing profusely on straggly stems, flowering in spring."
-- Wikipedia

Next to the pansy, the Forget-Me-Not is my other favorite flower, a delicate little blue pop of color. After learning about recoloring clothes in my Pansy Floral Wardrobe set, I decided to do another, similar wardrobe, this time using Forget-Me-Nots (I use the term "Myosotis" in the files because it's fewer letters)

This actually took a lot longer than the pansy floral wardrobe did to complete, mostly because I didn't want to be too cookie-cutter, but the flowers weren't showing up so well. I also expanded a little bit more variety. A little bit.

To use the complete set, you'll need University, Nightlife, Glamor Life Stuff and Seasons. However, if you don't have, for example, Glamor Life, you can simply not install the files, they're labled in the filename.

The files are grouped into .rars by category. All use Maxis meshes, and I'll detail them below. I believe all of these are available for young adults as well, but I created them mainly for adults.

Contains one file: Myosotis-Active.package (653kb)
** Requires "The Sims 2: University" **
A simple blue jogging suit with a flower on the front left-hand side of the chest, and three flowers across the back over the tailbone.

Contains three files: Myosotis-NLdress.package (226kb), Myosotis-Skirt.package (165kb), Myosotis-Top.package (118kb)
** Dress Requires "The Sims 2: Nightlife **
Top and Skirt are base-game compatible
The dress is a recolor of my favorite mesh, the tie-front floral dress. I didn't mean for it to come out looking so much like the actual Maxis dress, with the blue accents being almost the same color. Bodyshop really does kind of distort colors when you're working on stuff. Anyway, I added an extra detail to it, by adding a large flower pendant to the necklace. There are also little flowers on the sleeves.
The top is a basic t-shirt that I recolored, but I extended the alpha down so that it doesn't leave a bare-midriff, because I frankly don't like bare midriffs. The shading was a huge pain, so I went with a simple pattern for the shirt.
The skirt is a basic skirt that I altered the color filter to a pleasant blue and then lined up a ring of flowers across the hem. As far as I can tell, they match up pretty well on the seams, (it's hard to tell when your sim won't hold still in Create-A-Sim!) and the color matches the colors of the shirt.

Contains two files: Myosotis-GLSformal.package (233kb), Myosotis-Formal.package (169kb)
** Myosotis-GLSformal.package Requires "The Sims 2: Glamor Life Stuff!" **
Myosotis-Formal.package is base-game compatible
The Glamor Life gown is a minimal edit, really, because all I really did was put a mild color filter on the dress and then add little flowers along the vines; however, this was the first one I did because I wanted to have a dress like this in my game, and it wasn't until after I'd completed it that I decided to go further with the set.
The other dress is a base mesh and took insanely long to complete. Along with adjusting the color, I added my usual Myosotis pattern in the band at the waistline, and then added little flowers along the straps, including on the criss-cross on the back. I initially added little flowers along the hem, but it didn't look very good, so I scrapped that idea.

Contains one file: Myosotis-Outer.package (700kb)
** Requires "The Sims 2: Seasons" **
As I've said before, this is my favorite Outerwear mesh, and it was remarkably easy to do. Mostly I just recolored the fabric of the dress underneath and filtered the color of the outfit. Personally, I think it looks great in the game and it is probably my favorite of this set.

Contains two files: Myosotis-Chemise.package (213kb), Myosotis-GLSpjs.package (391kb)
** Myosotis-GLSpjs.package Requires "The Sims 2: Glamor Life Stuff!" **
I love the long silky pajamas in GLS, and after seeing a set of pajamas at work that was very similar (except with blue roses rather than forget-me-nots) I was inspired to make this recolor in addition to the chemise I made.
The chemise is a basic mesh. I piled the little myosotis flower over the lace, because I wasn't able to properly erase the lace without screwing up the main texture. Unfortunately, despite numberous, numerous attempts in the game to capture a good close-up showing the detail of the little flowers, I've been unable to properly cap them, because my game seems stubbornly determined to blur them when I zoom in. I've provided the best screenshots I could get.

Contains two files: Myosotis-SwimBikini.package (31kb), Myosotis-SwimOnePc.package (186kb)
Base-game compatible
I prefer simple swimwear for my sims, and these two actually utilize the same fill-pattern, but the bikini has an added texture accent to give it a bluer-sheen so that it doesn't look like a clipped version of the one-piece. The one-piece was a nightmare to shade.

Contains one file: Myosotis-Undies.package (68.6kb)
Base-game compatible
This is just a basic bra-and-panty recolor that I added little flowers to the base of the bra-straps, and along the front of the panty. I wanted them to look like actual lingerie, without being too racy, or too athletic.
4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Pansies Dresses Rainbow on: October 04, 2007, 03:14:33 pm
Remember the purple dress I made in my first clothing upload here at InSIM? The tie-front Nightlife casual dress is my favorite mesh of all and I liked the way the pansies came out in the purple dress, that I decided to make a rainbow of the same pattern.  Each dress took between twenty minutes and an hour to complete (though the Yellow one took significantly longer because I was unhappy with the colors it kept giving me).

NIGHTLIFE is required for this dress! It should work for both adults and young adults.

There are eight colors: Blue, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow. (Again, Purple is already available here. Same texture and everything, just with a purple hue filter in place.)

The "Details" screenshot is to give you an idea of what the patterns look like in the game. It's a zoomed-in shot of the dresses in use.
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Pansy Floral Wardrobe on: September 19, 2007, 06:56:12 pm
Pansies are my favorite flower. Thus, I have chosen to recolor something from each category to create an entire wardrobe of pansies!

Everything uses a Maxis mesh, and there are some variations in the swimwear and everyday-wear categories.

All pansy images used are from stock images on my computer that came with my copy of Paint Shop Pro or PhotoEditor.

The files are grouped into the .rar files according to category.

These files (there are two) are both based on Maxis meshes, though the top is heavily inspired by Hairfish's Body-Shirts with Tights. The skirt has two bands of pansy fabric across the bottom to match the top, but it can be used separately if you'd like.

These files (there are two) require Nightlife and are both recolors of the tie-front dress that I absolutely adore. In fact, the one that took the most time was the green-and-yellow one. To create the second one, I put the first one's texture through a color-filter and altered some other things. Other than that, they have the same pattern, for that reason. I wanted a purple dress to go with the whole purple theme, but the one that took hours of work was the green-and-yellow one.

This one requires Nightlife. It took forever to get those little pansies in the right place and to make the criss-cross straps, since the mesh is of a strapless dress.

There are three separate swimsuits included. First is the one-piece, then the bikini, and the tankini (yeah, I know, it's not really a tankini, more of a halter-kini, but that's what I called the file when I named it). The files are clearly named so you can just install the one you want if you don't want all three.

This uses a Maxis mesh from the original game. I originally did a bra and panties set, but they didn't look good at all, so I went with the tank-top and panties look. You could, with SimPE, reclassify this file also as sleepwear and as swimwear, but I left it as underwear.

This file may or may not require University, since it was cloned off the sleepwear/underwear for YAs. I think it's a basic Maxis mesh, so I don't think University is strictly necessary, but I'm not 100% on that. It is edited to work for Adults and Young Adults.

This file will probably require University, since I don't think this mesh is in the original game. This was cloned off the YA activewear, but I've added it to the Adults category as well.

This definitely requires Seasons. This is my favorite of the Seasons Outerwear meshes, so it's the one I chose to use. I'll probably be doing more recolors of this mesh, since it wasn't as difficult as some Maxis ones are, and because I love the mesh and want more variety with it. Meanwhile, here you go.
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