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1  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: What are you currently doing (besides being here)? on: May 22, 2011, 04:09:25 am
Im contemplating why im not sleeping considering i have work in 6 hours
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / 1990s NYC Housing police on: May 07, 2011, 12:45:22 am
Ok to start off.
Sorry i haven't released anything in the past month and a half. Work has been hectic and will probably get more hectic over the summer.

Suburbia has not been canceled im in the process of trying to find time to work on it.

ok so heres the car and the background on the agency.

NYCHA PD was established in 1952 to police housing projects. There uniform and badge was almost identical to the NYPD uniform. They had a few specialized units like ESU, Anti-Crime, Detectives, ECT. there RMPs were blue/yellow in the 70s and 80s. in 1991 they switched to the color scheme featured in this post. and in 1995 they were merged into the NYPD housing bureau, anyway enjoy

3  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Re: Suburbia on: March 24, 2011, 01:33:17 am
Suburbia Season 2 Episode 1

Russo wake up! I heard as i woke up in the police and EMS lounge of the hospital. My Supervisor PO McGrady was standing over me and handing a cup of coffee to me as i got up off the couch. "How long was i out?" i said. "about 3 hours" Replied McGrady. "Michelle's out of the ER and has her own room in the ICU the Doctor thinks that shes going to pull through but she did lose a lot of blood  and whatever she took before hand didn't do her any good" said McGrady . "is she awake?" i asked. "No the doctor is up there now with her so you can talk to her if you want". "Lets go" i said. On the way to the elevator McGrady mentioned to me that the captain was taking personal interest in Michelle's attempted suicide and he wanted to speak to me in the morning.

When we walked into her room a red headed doctor was standing over Michelle's bed tapping an IV needle. "when your ready to leave ill be outside meet me in the ambulance parking lot". I walked over to the bed and the doctor asked "are you family?". "No. Im the officer that found her" I said as i pulled my shield out of my pocket. "Shes also my best friend". "Well shes stabilized now but the fact that you found her when you did probably saved her life. Her family just left. They were getting in my way and theres nothing much more i can do for now so i asked the other officers to drive them home." I looked around the room which reminded me why i hated hospitals. Light gray walls, white stained tiles, tan corded desk phone on a cheap plastic end table. "Do you know when shes going to wake up?"
i asked the doctor. "Well her vitals are all good now but she just wont seem to wake up. It might be something emotional. When someone is in this state there in a dream state or some sort of alternate reality which can sometimes be manipulated by real world actions. I''ve seen a man that was out for 3 days make a complete recovery after his 4 year old son came to see him. I have 4 other patients that i need to attend to tonight so i have to get going but if there are any changes leave your cell number at the nurses station and we can give you a call." I held Michelle's right hand and wispered "Your going to be ok. Im going to fix everything."  I walked out of the room and left my phone number and made my way to the ambulance parking lot.

"Hey James" I heard coming from between a few ambulances. "What the hell are you doing here Melanie?" i said as she approached me. She looked at me and said "I heard what happened to your little girlfriend". "How did you know that?" I quickly responded. "Its completly against my subculture to help you out knowing what the agency you work for stands for but since i knew you before you got the badge ill do you this one favor. Jason's been back for the past 2 weeks once he found out about you and Michelle" "Stop" I interrupted her "There is nothing between me and Michelle." "Not according to the rumors flying around school" Melanie replied. Hes been selling steroids to the football team and i think he gave Michelle the pills.

A bright light shined on both of us. "Your rides here and i wasn't here " She said as McGrady pulled up to the ambulance garage with the pillar spotlight pointed at us. I got into the passenger seat and McGrady said "I'm driving you home but were making a stop first." The ride was silent as we drove up to the Garcia house. Mrs. Gracia was waiting at the door. There neighbors were watching through windows as the marked car slowly drove up the driveway as one once did 12 years before. We got out of the car and approached Mrs. Garcia. She ran up to McGrady and hugged him. "i haven't seen you since the Memorial dedication" She said. The Sergent Alex Garcia Memorial Elementary School. She asked if we had heard anything about Michelle and made us coffee while putting the bottle of Vodka in the closet. On the wall was a plaque with 2 Shields one was a silver Officer's badge with the numbers "35790". Next To that was a gold Sergent's badge with the number "1282"  and a Picture of Alex Garcia in full dress uniform with the dates October, 3, 1965 - December, 12, 1998.  McGrady and her caught up on things when Alexia walked into the Kitchen. I turned around and asked her if Michelle was acting funny before all of this happened and if we could talk in Michelle's Room.

When we were in her room i logged onto her computer and downloaded her emails to my flash drive. I also found a Password Protected zip file named "Dad". I added that onto the flash drive and looked around the room. There was a half empty bottle of Percocets on the desk. "Russo lets go" I pulled the flash drive out of the computer and grabbed the bottle of Percocets.

As we were driving to my house McGrady said "I used to ride with Garcia in anti-crime". I looked up when he said this. "We were in plain clothes that day. We were at a light Rockland ave. One minute Garcia was telling me a joke then next thing you know there were 3 holes in his chest and blood was gushing all over. At the time Captain Murphy was the Lieutenant in charge of anti-crime, he was the first unit on scene. He held on for a few hours after that. He was a fighter. He had a lot to live for, He had a great family with a kid on the way." As we pulled up to my house i noticed a light on. My parents were waiting up for me. "Give me your radio" I pulled my walkie talkie off my belt and handed it to him. I walked into my house and explained what happened to my parents and went to bed
4  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Re: Suburbia on: March 24, 2011, 01:32:40 am

"Hey Michelle" i yelled out when i saw her in the hall on my way to lunch. After what had happened earlier this morning i was relieved to see her in school. She quickly said "Hey James im not feeling well i cant make it to lunch today" "Ok but when you get a chance we need to talk" i said. I thought i heardher say somthing as she walked towards the exit. As i walked towards the cafeteria i got a phone call from PO McGrady saying i was needed at the station right away.

20 minutes later i was in the vice unit office. PO McGrady and Captain Murphy had given me the OK for my first assignment... Underage alcohol buys. meaning that i they would be sending me undercover into clubs. And since this was my first time doing vice work PO Mcgrady and Captain Murphy would be observing me from a second car. PO McGrady told me to sign out a radio and an unmarked car. I signed out a black crown vic and walked out to the parking lot. Captain Murphy gave me a list of addresses to buy drinks from. The plan was for me to buy drink and an hour later an officer would issue a summons or revoke the liquor license.

We left the station in a convoy with me driving the crown vic and the others following in the captains impala about a block before we got to the club the captain radioed me and told me that he would be parking a few blocks away so it wouldnt be obvious that i was a cop. i stuffed the radio under the passenger seat and went in.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a whisky sour. the bar tender hesitated and gave me a strange look but still served me.

I took it to a back table where i drank a sip to confirm that it was liquor. it was but i didnt drink enough to impair my driving. My cell rang for some reason Michelle's little sister Alexia was calling so i picked up. She was crying because Michelle was bleeding. I asked her to put Michelle on but she said she took sleeping pills. This raised an eyebrow for my. So i asked where she was bleeding from and how badly she was bleeding. She said Michelle was bleeding alot from her wrists. I ran to my car and pulled the radio out from under the seat and screamed im taking a meal period.

Im not sure if anyone responded to what i had just said but i thought i heard Captain Murphy yelling at me but right now i didnt care. I turned the key and the car purred I wasnt that used to Crown Vics but that was a non issue today. I pulled the gear shit to drive and hauled ass out of there. As pulled out of my parking spot i hit the switch that turned on the cars emergency lights. I turned onto a main road flooring the car and i felt around the console in an attempt to find the siren. 60MPH and and an intersection apporaching i was still trying to find the siren. 70 MPH and the intersection was a few hundred feet away.

75 MPH 250 feet until the intersection I found the siren and switched it to yelp and tapped the air horn button a few times and the intersection was clear. I still had a few miles to go so as soon as i got to less crowded streets i switched to the priority siren tone and went to 110 MPH. After a few minutes i was a mile away from there house so i pushed the car i got it up to 125 MPH the steering wheel started to shake.A block away from there house there was a sharp turn so i had to slow down to take it. I hopped the curb in front of there house and pounded on there door.

Alexia answered she wasnt crying but still upset. I tried to talk to her to get a basic idea of what happened. According to Alexia, Michellehad been bleeding for about 20 minutes and tok some pills from her mothers medicine cabinet. I cringed when i heard this knowing what her took. I walked upstairs quietly listening for signs of life. I knocked on her door and said "Michelle its me" there wasnt any answer so i opened the door.

She was laying there eyes closed with an open bottle of pills next to the bed. I approached her and looked at the bottle. They were Valium which cannot kill anyone but next to the bottle i found a bloody razor blade then i  looked at Michelle. She was unconcious and her wrists were bleeding heavily. I looked for my radio which i thought i left on my belt. I screamed down the stairs "ALEXIA GET ME THE WALKIE TALKIE IN MY CAR IT SHOULD BE ON THE SEAT" within 3 minutes my radio was in my hand. I pushed the button on the side and spoke into the front "Dispatch i have a 10-54 sucide attempt i need an ambulance at 104 Maple Drive ForthWith.

Within 5 minutes Captain Murphy and PO McGrady were at the house along with an ambulance. After the Paramedics had stabilized Michelle and loaded her into the ambulance she became semi conscious. as we were gathering outside of the house to watch the ambulance pull away the Paramedic in the back jumped out and said that Michelle had asked if i could ride with her i looked at Captain Murphy and he nodded so i said to him "can you drop the crown vic off at the station and arrange to have the caprice left at the hospital?"  And then i jumped in the back of the ambulance.

Michelle had been drifting in and out of consciousness on the way to the hospital but when she was awake she gavme me a weird smile while the paramedic treated her. A minute before the ambulance got to the hospital she reached out so she could hold my hand. When i reached out to grab her hand i could feel the gauze and bandages. It was a weird feeling. Then the doors of the ambulance flew open and a team of doctors and nurses wheeled the gurney into the hospital. I followed them as far as i could but a hospital securiy gaurd stopped me. I grabbed a drink from the vending machine and exausted i walked back to the waiting room and layed down on the benches there.
5  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Re: Suburbia on: March 24, 2011, 01:32:12 am
I was pulling an all nighter at the police station getting ready for the offical unveiling and activation of the auxilary youth vice squad. There was currently a few issues over giving us decent equipment and the budget and i needed to fill out a request for some equipment and more officers. another issue was arming auxilary youth vice squad officers. While i was filing out recqusition forms i was thinking about Michelle who had latley been acting strange and distant the past few days

My supervisor PO McGrady walked in and said that the CO of the Vice Enforcement unit wanted to speak to me. "What does he need" i asked himl. He said "I dont know but your too new to the squad to be in trouble but you should get over there before you are". I dont normally look good after pulling an all nighter so i grabbed myself a cup of coffee before i went to his office. I walked down the stairs contemplating calling Michelle. I pulled out my phone flipping it open and selecting her number before noticing the time, 2:30 am not the time to call to ask if someones ok. Realizing that i was going to meet the person that would make or break my career and that i looked like crap. I checked how i looked in the mirror of my caprice which i somehow managed to get a decent parking spot for that night. i smoothed out my hair and continued walking towards the main building. I walked past the desk sergeant and flashed my badge, he didnt even look up from his book. I made my way to the Vice Enforcment unit and knocked on the door that said Capt. Murphy

Captain Murphy was sitting behind a large wodden desk and an impressive computer behind him was a wall of awards and commendations. While Captain Murphy was a small man sitting in front of his large desk and wall of awards was an intimidating experience. He Looked up and introduced himself and i started to introduce myself. "Hi my name is James Russo". He looked me straight in the eye and said "I know everything about you I read your folder and ive been watching you for awhile." I began to question what he was saying before he interupted me again. "Your best friend Michelle Garcia her father worked for me when i was a Lieutenant. This was back about 12 years ago i was in the second car that responded to the scene that day. This was right after Michelle's sister was born. That day was the worst day in department history. I never expected to see Alex's Daughter again. The reason i called you here is too tell you one thing. Theres the right way and my way it sould be obvious what i expect in my unit. Now go about your business officer".

As I walked back out to the parking lot i saw someone trying to use a coat hanger to break into My caprice. I yelled "Police Don't Move". The person walked towards me and said "Hello James". I grabbed my mini MAGLITE from my pocket and shined it in the persons face. She walked towards me.

I took one look at her and noticed her dilated, blood shot eyes and there was a sweet musky scent coming from where she was and said "why are you at my place of employment Melanie" She said "I rode along with my dad tonight and he said that your working with the cops now. arent you a bit of a hipocrite. remember back in freshman year we used to run from the cops". I replied "that was mostly you because i didnt smoke or drink or do as much of anything illegal as you did. thats why your parents sent you to boarding school remember?" She gave me a strange smile and said "I got you a present". I quickly replied "If its a severed head im going to be VERY upset." She handed me a valentines day card and said "i was going to leave this in your car". "You realize that this is june" I said.

Her father The EMS Supervisor walked out of the back of the station and said time to go and she got into the EMS SUV and her father quickly waved to me. I waved back and made my way back to my desk. PO McGrady asked me how it went and i said "the usual" and continued out my shift until about a half hour before it was over i got a text from Michelle saying that she needed to talk to me and that she would see me ver soon. I Figured that she would see me in school later on in the day so after my shift was over I walked down to the lot. i hoped that i would get atleast 2 hours of sleep before my first period started.

When i got to my car i noticed Michelle was Leasning against the Sergeant's SUV. I asked "what are you doing here?" She said that she wanted to say somthing. "ive known you for most of my life" She said "you have always been there for me especailly these past few years. So..."

I was confused so i asked her what that was about and she was almost crying and ran off. I figured that i would see her later and that i was too tired to think so i got into the car turned on the radio to the classic rock statio and drove home.

What do you think?
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Suburbia on: March 24, 2011, 01:31:43 am
Setting: Suburb outside a large city 2010

"are you sure he didn't screw up the directions?" my friend Michelle asked. "yeah it should be" i responded. Michelle leaned against a parked police car as i asked an officer standing around in the lot where the auxilary youth vice squad was. the officer pointed to a small 2 story building at the end of the parking lot and said up the steps and knock on the door. Me and Michelle walked upstairs and knocked on the door. A voice called from inside said "im happy with my religion and no i don't want to buy anything". I said I was told to report here to an Officer McGrady. Enter said the voice.

When we walked in we were gretted by Officer McGrady who had been expecting me. "so your the new udercover auxilary?". "yes sir James Russo" i replied and shook his hand. fill out this paperwork he said as he handed me a stack of papers. He looked at Michelle and asked who she was. she replied "Michelle Garcia". he gave her a look that said "where have i heard that name before?" After i filled out the paperwork and showed department and school ID to confirm that i wasnt a nutjob posing as a Underage Auxilary Police Officer. He noticed that i was a student at Winslow High School which was known for a high drug problem and said "your going to be seeing alot of action, how much experaince do you have?" "I have been an auxilary cop since i was 16 and when i turned 17 i was put through vice training  and the instructor told me to report here". Ok I guess i should show you around. Kitchens over there bathrooms there and my office is behind that door and the garage and the vehicle sign out is downstairs, ok follow me and ill show you the garage and your car.

"This is your car its a 2004 crown vic. I heard Michelle say somthing about it being a grandpa car. I saw you drive up in your car. Its the 1992 caprice right?" "yeah" i said. "so your used to big cars like this". "yeah" i said. ok come back tommorow at 4 and bring your program from school. As me and michelle left the police station she asked me to come to her house to listen to a song that she has written.

We walked itno her house and saw her mother passed out on the couch with a half empty bottle of Vodka on the floor which was her way of self medicating after her husband was killed in the line of duty several years ago. When her husband was killed it destroyed the family. Michelle's mother had a self medication ritual which was drinking a bottle of vodka and passing out in front of the big screen. sometimes she added perscription painkillers to that ritual. either way she neglected her 2 daughters.

We went upstairs and Michelle played her song on her guitar the lyrics were somewhat depressing lyrics so after she finished i asked her why it was so depressing. she looked at me and said her mother was getting her so stressed because she has to take car of her sister by herself and so i said to her calm down and relax. and that it was alright to be upset after all the things that have happened to her in her life

ill handle dinner tonight i cant do this every night. Me and Michelle made dinner for all family members that werent passed out on the couch which was Michelle and her little sister Alexia. and before i left for the night they both thanked me and Michelle walked me to the caprice and looked me straight in the eye and said i really appreciate you being around since my father died.

End of First Episode
what do you think?
tell me whats good and tell me what sucked. keep in mind that im extreamly tired so cut me some slack
7  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / NYPD Highway Patrol on: March 24, 2011, 01:29:05 am
Highway patrol is an elite branch in the NYPD that patrols the highways in NYC. they have a slightly different uniform then regular officers.
There RMPs are different from regular RMPs
Slicktops are almost always assigned to Highway
Highway is the only unit to have Dodge Chargers and Harleys
the unit i made is a slick top

8  Welcome to / The Welcome Wagon / hey from NYC on: March 24, 2011, 01:23:00 am
hey names Crownvic but people call me merc I'm an NYC native (Brooklyn Born) . I've been playing the Sims since 2000. i create cc and lots for ts2. my specialty is police cars so if you have any requests tell me. i also have a site here
other stuff about me. I'm 18 im an Auxiliary police officer with the NYPD, looking to become a full time officer when i turn 21. I love cars, fire buffing, history and urban exploration. As you can probably tell by my screen name I drive a Ford Crown Victoria.
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