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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Eden Kohler - ANTM 3 Winner on: February 15, 2008, 03:34:54 pm
Greetings, terrestrials, extra and otherwise! :wave: For your simming enjoyment, I bring you another pixel to add to your game should anyone be interested: Eden Rebecca Kohler, the winner of ANTM 3.

Eden is a homegrown Texas girl with a dry wit, rough-and-ready attitude, and sexy Southern accent.  She puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does, but is a little short on patience and has a hard time acting like a lady.  By some bizarre twist of fate, she beat out 107 other gorgeous, talented sims to take the title in ANTM 3, and all without the use of photoshop or posing hacks.  Viva simming as it should be!

Here are some pics.  Her full portfolio can be viewed here.

Here are her ingredients.  She is packaged in Maxis hair and clothing.  Her eyes are by Enayla and recolored by Schuldig, skin is a Glance edit by flyingpigeon, eyebrows are Rensim, and makeup is Rensim (lips) and Bruno (the rest).  The hairs in her preview pics are all Rose except for the warrior one (Peggy) and Eve (Marko at TSR).

The usual rules apply: download, give her a happy home or make her part of an Asylum challenge, marry her off and start breeding (she does make good kids), and enjoy.  However, please do not alter her and then try to pass her off somewhere else as your own creation.  That is bad juju.

Thanks for looking!

Eden with the gorgeous and deserving finalists in ANTM 3:
Geneva by Jelly (fourth runner-up), Sable by Essa (second runner-up), Eden by spaceyphysicist (winner), Stella by Cinamun (runner-up), and Layla by puccamichi (third runner-up)

2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / Eva Green [Actress, Casino Royale] on: March 04, 2007, 01:13:18 am


For your simming enjoyment, I give you lovely French actress Eva Green.  Eva has appeared in a number of films, notably Kingdom of Heaven and as Bond girl Vesper Lynd Casino Royale.  She and her Casino Royale costar Daniel Craig will reunite in The Golden Compass later this year.  Outside of acting, she enjoys playing and composing music, cooking, walking her terrier, and collecting art.

Below is a picture of what Eva will look like when you download her, as well as a list of the custom content included.

Lips, eyeliner, and brows: Helaene
Eyes: sims24ever
Blush: Barcelonista
Eyeshadow: Rock Chick
Skintone: Oepu

Eva's hairstyles in the pictures above are from Peggy Sims (left) and Helga Sims (right).  Her outfits are from Outrageous Secret (left) and Peggy Sims (right).  Outrageous Secret was down at the time I grabbed the link for this post; hopefully it'll be back soon.

Take good care of Eva!  Please do not alter or claim as your own.

3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Jessenia, Persian lady on: October 01, 2006, 11:46:06 pm
Hello everyone!  :howdy:

For my very first upload to this site, I'd like to present Jessenia Ansari.  She is currently entered in omclark's Miss Beauty of Color pageant right here at InSIMenator. :love3: Her first name is Arabic, meaning "flower" (thank you amar_el7ob), and her last name was borrowed from one of my personal heroes, Anousheh Ansari.

Update 10/30: Jessenia has managed to hold her own against the amazing competition in Miss Beauty of Color and placed first!  Now you can have the winner in your game. Smiley

She comes packaged in the following:
Skintone by Louis and edited by Lin
Eyes by Enayla
Eyebrows by Helaene
Eyeliner by Helaene
Eyeshadow by Barcelonista
Lipstick by icedmango
She will be in Maxis hair and clothing.

Shown but not included are hair by Rose (donation) and outfit by juttaponath.  Also not included is her nose piercing, which I'm 99% sure came from Sim Chic, but when I went to Sim Chic to check I couldn't find it.  (It was from the members section so it would not have been included regardless)  A similar piecing can be found at Lyran 2.0.

Thank you for taking the time to look.  I hope you enjoy having her in your games! Smiley
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