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211  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 FAQ's / Sims 2 Pets Unlockable Codes on: October 20, 2006, 03:13:19 pm
They did it for those people who are more into traditional video games. My little brother wouldn't know how to play a game like this but give him a challenge like having to unlock object and he'd play until he'd done them all.
212  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / The Asylum on: October 19, 2006, 06:09:17 pm
OMG! This is so perfectly what I need for a storyline I'm doing! I've been looking for something just exactly like this! Thanks you so much!
213  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 FAQ's / Sims 2 Pets Unlockable Codes on: October 19, 2006, 05:47:24 pm
I wanted to thank you and everyone who contributed to these codes VERY VERY much. I was freaked at first about them because I don't play careers, there's too many fun things for my sims to do. It didn't take long to realize people would be posting codes all over the place but this was very quick and comprehensive. Personally, I appreciate it.
214  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Accessories / GeneralZoi's Jacket Recolors by SynapticSim on: October 03, 2006, 03:31:33 pm
These are so great! I love them so very much! My super-powered neighborhood needed these!
215  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / Firelord - Former Herald of Galactus on: September 28, 2006, 09:27:52 am
Dude! Great job! I can see you are a fan of the more intergalactic characters. Should we watch for some more heralds?

216  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / Evanescence ~ Amy Lee on: September 21, 2006, 11:08:27 pm
um, the links aren't working so I can get the parts
217  Resident Creators / Marvine's Slimmer Bodybuilder / Pin stripe suits for the slimmer bodybuilder. on: September 12, 2006, 02:08:33 pm
Um, when I went to get the mesh, I got a message that the link is broken. Help! My sims really NEED these suits! They're very demanding.
218  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Families & Groups / Two Teen Titans on: August 13, 2006, 11:53:55 am
Man, I didn't know they had a Teen Titan series that far back. I had the "new" one with Ravyn and all them, but when they went to the alternate timeline with the "Evil Robin" who attacked the girl whose-name-I-can't-remember that he supposedly "loved", I stopped reading it. Coincidentally the series ended not too long after because it had gone so far down hill.
Actually, I think the thing that really ticked me off was when Wondergirl and her husband got divorced. Before then he had been very understanding of her career and all that happened, his character just changed overnight. Or that's what it seemed like to me.
Anyway, I think its cool you've brought back these little known characters, because SOMEONE has to remember them. Guess now it'll be us, huh?
219  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Gerret Lace Top & Denim Skirt + Mesh Leggings on: August 10, 2006, 02:14:21 pm
She's really pretty, I can't imagine I'm the only one who likes her Smiley
220  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Gerret Lace Top & Denim Skirt + Mesh Leggings on: August 10, 2006, 09:42:44 am
Very nice. But a question, is the model available anywhere? I really like her.
221  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / X-Men Fan Art: Alisa LeBeau on: August 07, 2006, 09:00:01 pm
Oh! I like this a whole lot! I've even read a story or two with her in it.
222  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / POLLY - Razorblade Dancer. HONEY on: August 05, 2006, 12:58:30 am
Very nice, indeed.
What about the clothes though? Do they need a special mesh?
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