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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / The Reflex House - Hommage to Mary "Ozzucay" - Released! on: March 24, 2007, 05:17:29 am
               *** THE REFLEX HOUSE ***
                  In Loving Memory of Dr. Mary Elizabeth "Ozzucay".

I built and furnished a house I called "The Reflex House" because its large windows made with one-way mirrors (Atavera creations.).  In this nice house will live forever in my game, the self-sim of my deareast friend Mary "Ozzucay", who recently we all missed in the real life. Mary, you're in my heart, forever.

I'll upload soon on this site the "unfurnished" version of this house. I choose this way because the "giant" size of the file of the furnished house (over 184 Mb) and because the furniture I placed are mainly from 4ESF site and are pay items.

The unfurnished version is available here

Here are a lot of pictures taken outside and inside the house to show to you all how I furnished it and to give you a "line" to furnish by your own taste this house.

We start here with the external views, front and rear, of the house, and with the aerial layouts of the two floors:

The following two pictures show the main entrance and the front balcony on the first floor, street side:

In the next posts, I'll show you the backyard with the pool and the garden and then the inside of the house.

*** See You Soon ***
2  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / "A Lovely Tale" - Chapter 24 Released. on: November 18, 2006, 11:53:55 am
In Loving Memory of Mary "Ozzucay"

This is my first attempt to write a sim story. I was inspired by a lot of funny, pleasant threads I have read on this site and by the great sense of humor the users have here.
English is not my mother's tongue, so sometimes you will find some sentences, some phrases, some words not correctly written, even if I had an exceptional aid from two wonderful girls.
Please, forgive me for this.
But, before I start, I'm proud to thank some persons, without their help and efforts this story would never have seen the light.

Kathy & Eric:     The InSimenator mod and the Insimenator site are the two things I cannot play the sims without.

Squinge:    The "Hackmastah" is a high-standard mods producer. Without his "Hula&More" this story couldn't be possible to do.

Almost all the great modders hosted here: Warlokk, Persephone, Kathy, Beosboxboy, Marvine, Serafina, Enayla, Comicalmuse, Wirelessguy, Sgoobysnacks and so many others I'm not able to remember them all right now, please forgive me but you are all in my thoughts.

Of course there are many outside of this site, as the great Numenor, Quaxi, Monique, Twojeffs,
Crammyboy, Pescado, Syberspunk, Marilou, Sim2cri, Inge and many many others.

Almost all stuffs you will see in the pictures are from these great persons.

Finally, but not least, my biggest "thank you" to two girls, two "real" friends who inspired me, helped me, entertained me all the time, while correcting my bad english or giving me new ideas for this story:

            MissDoh  and  Ozzucay, thank you very much.
Link to Chapter 5:
Link to Chapter 6:
Link to Chapter 7:
Link to Chapter 8:
Link to Chapter 9:
Link to Chapter 10:
Link to Chapter 11:
Link to Chapter 12-A:
Link to Chapter 12-B:
Link to Chapter 12-C:
Link to Chapter 13-A:
Link to Chapter 13-B:
Link to Chapter 13-C:
Link to Chapter 14-A:
Link to Chapter 14-B:
Link to Chapter 14-C:
Link to Chapter 14-D:
Link to Chapter 15-A:
Addendum to 15-A:
Link to Chapter 15-B:
Link to Chapter 15-C:
Link to Chapter 15-D:
Link to Chapter 16:
Link to Chapter 17:
Link to Chapter 18:
Link to Chapter 19:
Link to Chapter 20 Part One:
Link to Chapter 20 Part Two:
Link to Chapter 21:
Link to Chapter 22:
Link to Chapter 23:
Link to Chapter 24:


... and now we go on the story.

3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Sim Iceman on: July 03, 2006, 03:33:44 am
Here my nearest Sim. (of course, it's a little jounger, no way to have wrinkledness Cheesy )


Aspiration: mostly Popularity and Knowledge, often acting as..ehm..Romance,
never Fortune.

Neat = 4
Outgoing = 9
Active = 5
Playful = 7
Nice = 5 (some days 10, some other 3, eheheh)

Turns-on: Body, Blonde (and Brunette and Red)
Turns-off: Fat and Stench

Skin: ©Navetsea Custom Light
Eyes: ©Barcelonista - Brown
Eyebrowns: ©Helaene

Edit: Attached here the image Ozzucay gently made available (thanks), while taking some other pictures.

Edit 2: Another pic, without glasses.
4  Retired Creators / Bodybuilder & Athlete Requests / A Request, Not a problem on: May 02, 2006, 10:14:12 am
Hi and thanks for your work. It's amazing!
I like very much your high-heels mesh and the various re-color I found here and I use it extensively.
Due the fact I have also the very good mod "pregnants wear any cloth" by Squinge (here also), I have a request, if possible:

Can you add the pregnant morph to your mesh?
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