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1  Retired Creators / Others / Split Alpha BB Coat on: August 07, 2009, 11:28:15 am
Split Alpha BB Coat:
A New Version of Something Old for the Body Builder

Although the TS3 has been released, there are dinosaurs like myself, reluctant to give up our TS2 custom content.  Many fabulous creators have shelved their games and some are focusing their attention on the latest EA offering.  Consequently, I decided to get up the nerve to ask my dear friend BlooM to edit one of his earlier creations,31955.0.html so that neglected body builders in my game would have more clothes to wear.  He shortened his BB full length coat and separated the gloves attached to it, so my adult males would have an opened-jacket top that’s interchangeable with different pants.  I am sharing eight different looks for the body builder, as shown in this one gif image.  (Don’t worry about the split in the maroon shirt by the edge of the coat; it’s just the animation.)

Theoretically, you can use any pants you want to go with these tops, but unfortunately, all the Sbb pants in my inventory clip through the upper mesh.  Also, low-rise pants will look funny because the mesh doesn’t span the entire torso. I tried recoloring matching BB bottoms, but the antiquated files I have either added a weird dark hue to my sim’s upper torso and hands, or didn’t match the coat, outside of Body Shop.  (I know my computer’s graphics are not the greatest, the variation between the game and BS was significant, especially with lighter colored coats.)  Since I am no expert on recoloring, and have no idea how to mesh, I am only including one Maxis-sized base game pants that I spruced up to go with the BB tops I created.   I am not uploading any light colored coat because I don’t think they look as good as the dark ones.

My biggest thanks and kisses for all of this goes to the wonderful BlooM, whose patience and time knows no bounds.  Goes without saying that I love and worship you, hon!  I also want to thank Marvine and Beosboxboy for making my men so fabulously hot with all their variations on muscled men. Brokenrose and FzzyDg8, my best friends, you have my undying gratitude: you know I couldn’t have managed this without your tempered advice and excellent taste.

This upload is my thanks to all my wonderful friends at The Writer’s Well, whose encouragement and support has made me feel so loved, as well as everybody else who ever bothered commenting on my work posted there, as well as Insimadult.  

All the sim models are featured characters in my latest sim story, “Bon Appetit!” , my fanfiction of Antique Bakery, posted at the Writer’s Well.  Since I use the “stretchskeleton” cheat in my game (1.08, 1.05 and .95), the tops look different, depending on the height of the sims.  

Known issues with the mesh:

1.   Most Sbb bottoms cause parts of the chest and arm to extend beyond the top.
2.   The sleeves bag a little at the end & the back portion may appear to vanish from some angles, which happens when the gloves were removed.
3.   Long hair will cut through the collar in the back, and the pecs.
4.   This is my first attempt to do something beyond basic recoloring and resizing.  I’m not a professional.

Feel free to recolor and use this mesh in accordance with BlooM’s TOS.,99337.0.html

For your convenience, I am also uploading the UV files, courtesy of BlooM.  If you only all of the tops, take the file marked the "complete collection", which includes the mesh.  If you only want certain ones, take the file labeled "Individually compressed files" where they're all packaged separately, but be sure to pick up the mesh which is packaged separately.  The UV file is just there for recoloring.

2  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / Shortening Bloom's Top coat so it's jacket length on: June 20, 2009, 11:49:33 am
This outfit,31955.0.html is what started my obsessive love with BlooM, and... I know how to do basic recolors and resizing, but anything after that is beyond me.

While my game has Maxis suits with the jacket opened, the closest the other male body shapes have is Bloom's Top coat, and Kielen's lean BB jean suits (but the shoulders aren't right for my favorite Sbb males.)

I was hoping someone  Dreamy could just shorten the long coat. It's ok that it's BB and not Sbb.  I'm not that picky.
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