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1  Simmers' Paradise / Objects & Recolors / New computer and video games on: December 09, 2009, 05:30:53 am
I was wondering if it could be possible to have a buyable Sims 2, Sims 2 expansion packs, and Sims 3 and expansion packs for my sims to go to the store and buy.

Also wondering if it's possible to make playable Sims 2/Sims 3 game for my Sim simmers.
2  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / Wcif a troubleshooting program? on: December 07, 2009, 07:58:02 am
I'm looking for a program to help search downloads folders for downloads that conflict and bug up the game. I know I used to have one, but I don't know what it's called or where it is now.

My Sims 2 isn't working, and I think it might be a conflicting file.
3  Simmers' Paradise / Facial Items / eye glow makeup on: November 17, 2009, 11:28:00 am
I'm looking for a subtle mask that makes it look like there's a light reflecting on the cheeks and the eyelids and under the brows, like the eyes are glowing.

I don't mind which shade the glow is, as long as it's either red, white, yellow, blue, or green, so that it goes well with spme of the eyes out there already.
4  Simmers' Paradise / Objects & Recolors / Coffin Request! on: November 05, 2009, 04:48:46 am
I have some "modern day" vampires in my game, and I find the Maxis coffin doesn't fit into the decor. I have no problem with the coffin itself, but the coffin steps and the candle stands don't fit into my houses.

Could someone please remesh the stand and candle stands so that they're modern?

Maybe even make a version where a coffin is sitting on wooden sawhorses, with candles sitting on mismatched dishes on the floor, for the vampires on the go or on a budget?

Thank you in advance!
5  Simmers' Paradise / Accessories / Ananda Kalsa's jewelry on: September 16, 2009, 12:54:56 am
I found just the most awesome jewelry here:

I would love these items done:

Sorry for the long list. It's hard to choose which ones I like. Smiley If even just a couple of them get done, I'd be happy.

6  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / Marrionette barbie clothing (to dress my ingame Servos in) on: September 01, 2009, 09:57:10 am
Just wanting a naked barbie outfit for both male and female of at least teen up through elder with ball joint textures like this,

so that any sim of any skin color or race can put the clothes on and run around looking like a (albeit naked) puppet. Also would be nice with a face mask with jaw lines too, so they can look like a full-blown marrionette.


A semi-transparent woodgrain overlay to make the sims look like Pinocchio.
7  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / WCIF tutorial for realism? on: August 30, 2009, 08:20:34 pm
I'm looking for a tutorial for making sim's face shape more realistic. I think mercosims or All About Style used to have it, but it's gone now.
8  Simmers' Paradise / Pets / Pet goldfish? on: August 29, 2009, 06:01:59 am
My son's self-sim is lonely without his own pet goldfish.

My son's RL goldfish is all white, and is named Bubble. She's a Ryukin goldfish.

Here's a good reference for her bodyshape:

Here's a reference to what her coloring is like:

Also, could you do some bettas?

If need be, a fishbowl that isn't interactive is ok, too.   Cheesy
9  Simmers' Paradise / Skintones / A Twilight-inspired set, please? on: May 29, 2009, 10:37:27 am
I was wondering if somone was willing to make a skin with a little shimmer to it (let's not get glitter-crazy), with black eyes and matching contacts, one set red and one set orange.

If possible, could you see if it can be done with an ultra-realistic eyeset?

Thank you!
10  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / Corresponding indoor/outdoor outfits? on: May 20, 2009, 04:32:08 pm
I requested a similar request on insimadult, so here is the kid-friendly request:

Can someone make me a set of outfits that correspond one onother?

For example, in real life we don't change our whole outfit when we walk from inside to outside and back again, especially when we're visiting other people's houses (that would be awkward).

Our sims shouldn't have to change their whole outfits in Bon Voyage, either.

So why not outfits where the only thing changed is that the mesh has a coat on the upper body?
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