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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / April Foolery / Donation Set: Los Hoyos – Seasons Required on: March 31, 2007, 05:27:17 pm
Due to increased operation costs caused by the elimination of pay sites, it has become necessary to increase our exposure to the TS2 downloading world by subjecting ourselves to the condemnation and subsequent bandwidth reduction caused by the deliberate misrepresentation that the My Insane Construction Company and its subsidiary collegiate entity, Woohoo U, are forevermore donation only downloads.

We do not ask much, a mere §500 per sim donation from each sim in every neighborhood in your game (required prior to download.) They’re worth it, right? Where do you want your sim to go to college, L’comedy Grenada or Woohoo U? Pay the money; have them well educated before they embark on their adult life. A Woohoo  U. education has carried many a sim luxuriously to his grave.

    What is required?
  You must purchase all lots on this page at the price of a mere §500 per sim from each sim in every neighborhood in your game. Proceeds go to ensure that everyone here has a good time (unless they are those that insist on being subject to ridicule in which case they get what they ask for.)
  My sims are all poor and most don’t have §500 to spare. Can’t I just send you cash instead?
  Yes, that is allowed. Please send any cash, gold, gemstones, jewelry, credit cards, etc to:
  The Dean  Vernon Wormer  Administration Building
  Campus of Woohoo  U.
  Fort  Hope, San Serriffe OU812
  What happens if I don’t pay?
  Some people will be along shortly to break… er… I mean help you.
  I can see the download links, what happens if I click on them and don’t pay?
  Since the previous question didn’t help you, please don’t be alarmed at the loud sounds outside your window. They will subside once you have been subdued.
  I have managed to download all your stuff without paying. What are you going to do about it?!
  Nothing Cheesy  Absolutely nothing Cheesy
  I have managed to download all your stuff without paying before you enabled the pay system, what happens to me?
  Your hard drive will reformat itself automatically within the next 3 seconds. Should it fail to do so, please hit the any key repeatedly until it does. (Sorry, it’s a bug in the software. Programming has us assured it will be fixed in the next patch.)
  Can I catch fish at the library?
  Yes but you will not see them until they are in your sim’s hand.
  Is this for real?
  Yes, yes it is. It is April onced and the day is gnu. My sims are horny, time to go fishing.
  Can I ask one more question?
  You just did.
  Can I build on these lots and share what I build?

  That’s two questions but yes you may. There are two restrictions though: 1. You may not post to the exchange. 2. If you post them to a pay site you must send me a link to it so I can get it posted on Paysites Must Be Destroyed.
  Lot Data:
  An Empty Lot, Half Under Water (both versions)
  Size: 3x4
  Cost: §6800
  Custom Content: None
  A Hole in the Ground with Water (both versions)
  Size: 6x5
  Cost: §18,500
  Custom Content: None
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Updated for Seasons: Splashscreen Text Change Hack on: September 25, 2006, 05:06:39 pm
I was hunting around for some things to download and at one of the adult sites I found someone offering a hack of an adult nature that modified the scrolling text the game displays while loading with “Adult Language.” It was an interesting idea but it only worked for FFS, was a little crudely worded and the pedants were raking the maker over the coals for his/her misspellings. I thought that perhaps there may be interest in a similar hack for general audiences, specifically InSim members, so I made these. Instead of the default text which is funny for a day or two but gets old after time, you get the following (same for all versions and it also will of course get old after time):   Waking up the Reaper
Loading Kathy's Basement
InSimenating the InSimenator
Error-proofing the Forum Database
Lowering Ethical Standards
Corrupting Your Downloads
You Didn't Need that File Did You?
Ruining Your Sims Lives
Making Doors Stick Open
Reformatting Your Hard Drive
If you should tire of these, by all means open the file in SimPe, click on the “EP/SP Startup Strings” file for the newest expansion/pack that you have and change the text to whatever you like.

Only download the file that corresponds to the latest expansion you have. There is no file for the holiday pack, sorry but that one I don’t have. The expansions in order:
TS2 - base game
UNI – University (EP1)
NL – Nightlife (EP2)
OFB – Open for Business (EP3)
FFS – Family Fun Stuff (SP1)
GLS – Glamour Life Stuff (SP2)
Pets - (EP4) link Thanks to Sadie79 for making the Pets version as I refuse to buy it
Seasons - (EP5)

This file goes in your downloads folder. It is a direct copy of the original file Maxis included with the base game and each succeeding expansion/pack, with changes made to the text strings. Anyone with knowledge of the game’s file structure should be able to make their own version of this if they don’t like mine (or just alter mine.) Should you need to remove it or wish to alter it, its name is UIText.package. If you upgrade your game and come back for a later file, simply extract the new file to your downloads folder and allow it to overwrite.

Thanks to  woohoo1353 at Sexy Sims 2 for the idea.
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