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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Improvement :: MCR suspenders outfit on: March 20, 2008, 07:20:54 pm
I love MCR! Thank you so much for making this beautiful outfit! Your model is beautiful too! KUDOS!
2  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Re: Akward,Funny,wierd, PICTURES on: February 17, 2008, 05:26:33 pm
"Since when did I have an arm?"

This one is pretty funny no sounds sorry lol

3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misses / Angelic Pretty Collection on: February 05, 2008, 11:36:05 pm
Wow I needed these thank you sooooooo much I LOVE THEM! Cheesy
4  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / You In or Out? - Chapter 6 - Jeepers Creepers Keepers UPDATED: 12-6-07 on: December 06, 2007, 06:09:42 am
Ok there's what I've done Chapter 7 will be on it's way soon! Medagic and BlaqJayd for commenting! ^.^
5  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 6 - Jeepers Creepers Keepers part 2 on: December 06, 2007, 06:09:03 am
Ok here is the rest of Chapter 6!!!!!

It was in matter of seconds she was human. She still has her pale white skin and same eye color
but, her hair was black since being alive is opposite of dead and black is opposite of white get it?
The girls all stood there in shock to see what had happened infront of them.

Trixie: OH MY GOD! This is so fricken weird! We still need a shower. First, we just wake up
like any other egular day we walk to school with this guy dressed in a long black trench-coat stalking us
and asking us insane questions like "Can you get me the 'shar dushi'?" what the heck does "Shar Dushi" mean? And if we don't get it
he will kill us and use what's left of us to add to his years! We have been to 7different places that is leading us to this
piece of dump!

Katini: Don't you dare call my home a "piece of dump"!
Lexxi: You live here?
Katini: No, I just thought I'd stop by and see if the skeletons would like to go tango dancing with me.
Lexxi: oh uh sorry I didn-

Katini, Trixie and Lexxi both looked up at the hill behind them and there was Clover and 8 wolves.
Clover ran as fast as she could to get away from them. You know the wolf Lovota had?
The eyes glowed and growled except there are 8 of them as you can see chasing her.
"Oh no.....not again.....This can't be. Clover be calm!" Yelled Katini.

Katini ran after the wolves and Clover was at and end "I can't go anywhere else! help!" cried Clover.
The wolves were ready to kill until Katini jumped in well more like flew in front of them
"Stand back Clover get behind me now!
Вы пойдете и никогда не возвратитесь, Вред нас, и Вы будете видеть смерть! Уйдите или умереть!"
(Vy poydetye i nikogda ne vozvratityest', Vred nas, i Vy budetye vidyet' smert'! Uyditye ili umeret'!)
With that said which threw all the girls wondering what she was speaking and saying.
But atleats the 8 wolves were gone but little did the sisters know there's more to the 8 wolves
than just grownling glowing eyed beasts.
Trixie: What the heck did you say?! I wanna roll my tongue like that!
Lexxi: Trixie shut up that's not important.
Clover: You saved me thank you!
Katini: I just saved you from being eaten I didn't save your life.
Clover: What do you mean?

Katini sighed and told the girls to sit with her on the cold ground
"There's more to the wolves than you know. I was shocked to see this happen again."
"Again? You've seen the wolves before? What happened the last time?" said Clover
"It's been a while but it's not good news especially to see all 8 of them at once.It's just..... just sit down and I'll explain it."
Katini sat down on the cold snowy ground along with the sisters. "You know what the number 8 means right?" she said with a sigh
"Well incase you don't know the number 8 means: Death and resurrection;infinity;old fonts and baptisteries are octigonal because
of the association with regeneration. In this situation we just had it means....." she took a pause sighed and said "Death it means death."
The sisters hearts all raced who's going to die? "Wha..wha..what do you mean death? I'm gonna die?" cried Clover
"I don't know who is and who is not going to die all I know is that the wolves are like stalkers and drainers usually you see
one everyday until 8 days are up then on the 8th day someone dies practically the person who saw them.
I have to tell you something else too it's a long story but I need to tell you."
"I wanna know what the heck you said that was so awesome!" said Trixie
"It's Russian and I said 'You will go and never come back, Harm us, And you will see death! Leave or die!'
now let me tell my story!".

Katini looked very un-easy and had a bad feeling.
Like people say "Expect the un-expected." and it is going to be a real surprise about how Katini got cursed to live forever.
Katini looked up and said "I was the first one."
There it is the rest of Chapter 6 enjoy!
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 6 - Jeepers Creepers Keepers part 1 on: December 06, 2007, 06:08:18 am

It's 4:12 AM its cold and it starts to snow. The girls are cold,hungry and tired but they have to follow this quest
to keep each other alive they have been through so much in the past 48 hours. It's only faith and hope is what makes them stronger and is keeping them on the move. They arrive at the place but were disappointed because there were no trees well live trees anyway there were only dead ones like Lavota described it would be just like a dead zone.There were tombstones creepy noises they were at a gravesite.Nobody was around exepct for dead ground. The wind was howling its a full moon outside just the right time for the scary stuff like telling ghost stories to freak your little cousins or siblings out but in this case the girls didn't have to tell stories to freak eachother out. The looks of this place could scare somebody easily.

Yet Trixie wanted to sit ontop of a tombstone for gow knows why. "Trixie what the heck are you doing?" said Clover "I'm tired and I want to rest give me a break would ya?" as she comfortably sat down "Yeah but why sit on a tombstone couldn't sit on the ground?" but before Trixie could answer out of nowhere appeared the 19 year old. They all stood up in shock to see her.

"So you're the sisters eh? By looking at ya'll I'd say the oldest is Lexxi? 15 years old am I right? And you two are both 13? I'm Katini and I'm 19 I am also half dead and half alive I was cursed to walk here forever and have been for 1,268 years." Trixie scoffed at her as she got off the tombstone.
Lexxi: So you are the one we need help from?
Trixie: All I want to know is how do you know our name and how old we are? Plus I thought you talked with that weird talking voice like "Hieth nice to meeteth. How mayeth I help youeth?"
Katini: Woah, sarcasm I see mabye thats the way you'd think but thats not how I talk atleast. Yes, we are all weird for example, I'm a 19 year old body that is 1,268 years old. I'm kind of like a vampire except I can live during the daylight and I don't drink blood nor do I bite but thats what I am during the night.
Trixie: *leans over to clover and whispers in her ear* I'd hate to see what she looks like during the day.
Lexxi:Wow I've never been this close to a dead alive person before.
Katini: Yeah, weird for you.
Trixie: I thought ghost or dead people were supossed to be scary and mean.
Katini: Nah, we can be funny, sarcastic, sweethearts and blah blah blah blah!

It's almost time for the sun to rise and then they can see what Katini turns into we all can see what she turns into.
What will she look like? The sun can tell us that very answer in 5.....4......3......2.......1!
The wind stopped blowing everything went dead quiet and lights were swirling around Katini and hearing the echoing beams of the orbs as it was transforming her into.........
7  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 5 - The Hidden on: December 06, 2007, 06:07:13 am
Ok I'm posting chapter 5!

Clover: Uhh. Where am I?
Lexxi:Oh thank god we thought we lost you!
Trixie: Yeah those lights wen't right through you and you just wen't KABAM on the ground knocked out cold!
Clover: What? The last thing I remember is is...but how did I get back here? What the heck is going on?!

Clover was going into a panic and I wouldn't blame her. But while Lexxi was trying to calm her somebody walked out of the little house. "Who dares walks on my land?" she had red hair a red dress and black midnight skintone. As she walked a little more further out a wolf followed behind her. Its eyes glowed like the sun making it day it was very aggressive wolf. This was a rumor that was spreading around about the wolf that the sisters never heard of its name or what the poeple call it around here "The leader of the pack" but where are the rest of them?
Lexxi: Who are you?
"I'm Lavota" She said with a firm greeting way "Why do you stand on my land?"

Trixie: I don't like this. *whispers* she's wack!
Lexxi:We're sorry for disturbing you we just need something for this person and we will be out of your way.
Trixie: Yo! Chill out lady geeeez!
Lexxi: You shut your mouth Trixie! So you know what we need right?
Lavota: There is nothing here go away!
Lexxi: Then why are you so upset?!
They say curiosity killed the cat but in the case it's the other way around hard to think of it that way but thats how it is.
It was silent except for the wind blowing and the leaves brushing up against each other on the trees its almost 3:00 AM.
Clover felt weak "Go sit over there." said Lexxi but Clover refused because the more closer she got to the house the more weak she got. "No come here." Lovota was wondering if whatever that person needs is apart of Clover and can be used for good or for evil. It's an extra power called an "Orb" many people have heard about orbs like in pictures of ghost and stuff but, this is different this orb contains many strengths and can make world peace or world destruction if fallen into the wrong hands.This is also so powerful you can and control your entire past.
Lavota can help them but only to another place to get what they need.

Clover: Why do you want me to come over there I'll pass out!
Trixie: Don't do it Clover she'll eat you alive she's crazy!
Lexxi: Oh and you're not?
Lavota: ahem. Trixie have you been roaming this Earth for 776 years? Anyhow
the reason I ask is because what that person wants mabye a part of Clovers soul but if Clover gets anywhere near here the spirit guards will attack her.
Lexxi: So thats what those lights where? That wen't through Clover?
Lavota: Yes, I will send you to another person that will help you her name is Katini Lorsetova she's not normal.
Trixie: Like you?
Lavota: Well if you want to put it that way yes, She's 19 but has lived on this Earth longer than me once you'll get to know her you'll be happy you met her.
Lexxi: Oh well ok thank you.
Trixie: Yeah thank her if I would've tried you would've yelled at me!

The place where they have to go is like a dead zone creepy dead trees and such its further into the woods
but they'll know when they get there the 19 year old was cursed to walk this Earth forever sad truth is she doesen't know who did it to her mabye 2 mysteries will be solved.What's hidden beneath these floors come out in very strange ways but its gotta happen one way or another.
8  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 4 - Wicked Ways of The Gray part 2 on: December 06, 2007, 06:06:00 am

It was still raining outside. Like the saying goes "when it rains it pours."
After awhile, It was time to see the shocking results.
"Clover, Lexxi and Trixie please come here." as he let out a big sigh.
Officer: I don't know how to tell you, but we know the man you saw.

Lexxi: GREAT! So you can catch him?
Officer: We did catch him. Two years ago.

Clover: You let him out?
Officer: No, he was…
He took a pause and finally said it. “Girls the man you saw was sentenced to death
row and was killed 2 years ago. The man you saw is dead."

Clover didn't know what to say. She felt her whole body go cold and light.
"What?" she said with a whimper "WHAT ABOUT THE PHONE CALL?!"
It was all so confusing, especially when Lexxi said "What phone call?"

Lexxi: Catch who? Are you ok?

All of the sudden Clover began to feel weak and began to see black spots. She felt paralyzed.
Suddenly, she fell.
Knocked out cold on the ground. She could still hear her surroundings but they began to change from hearing keyboard key's being typed to hearing the wolves in the woods and leaves brushing against each other from the trees in the night. Where could she be this time? Suddenly, she heard Trixie and Lexxi saying "OH MY GOD CLOVER WAKE UP! WE CAN'T LOSE YOU!
She woke up screaming, it is all so confusing to her.

She took a
second to look at her surroundings and she realized that the dream she had about the woods.It wasn't a dream after all it was reality.
9  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 4 - Wicked Ways of The Gray part 1 on: December 06, 2007, 06:05:16 am
Hey everybody I decide to go ahead and post chapter 4 I hope you like it!_________________________________________________________________

It was morning and the girls were still tired and stressed out,
but they had to get up. They didn't eat anything. Their Mom
dropped them off at the police station on her way to work.
It was a rainy and dull day and it was going to get worse.

The officer saw the girls and invited them into his office.
The sketch artist was already in his office as well. They all took a seat
and it was show time. Clover was giving out all the details that she could.
While Lexxi was comforting Clover as much as she could; Trixie was
quiet which is the oddest thing you'll ever hear.
"Thank you for doing the best you can Clover." the officer said.
She was shaking and cold.
Officer: We can have this man identified in a couple of hours, if you feel like staying here that long.
Clover: I'd rather be here than at home.
Officer: Ok. Well, have a seat out there and we’ll call you when we have the results. Is there anything I can get you girls?
Trixie: A clean pair of underwear? A boyfriend?
Lexxi: It was so nice when you had your mouth shut. It was like you weren't even there. Sorry officer, she just gained consciousness.
Officer: Uh, it's ok, just have a seat out there please.
So the girls sat outside his office and the whole time Trixie wouldn't shut up for nothing.

Trixie: He is already taken you idiot!
Lexxi: How am I supposed to know? I’m 2 years older than you! OH! By the way; what is that you are drinking?
Trixie: Coffee.
Trixie: UH! You don't tell me what to do.
Lexxi: I bet you would if I rammed this chair up your butt!
Trixie: Where is the trash can again?
10  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 3 - Another Dream, Another Day, Another Night part 3 on: December 06, 2007, 05:18:43 am

Trixie:Oh come on Clover stop joking around!
Lexxi:I don't think Clover is joking something is wrong.
Clover: He knows.
Lexxi: Who know's what? Clover your scaring me!
Clover: He knows where we are.HE KNOWS! The guy on the phone he knows!
Lexxi:Clover what guy on the phone?
Lexxi: Trixie go away and shut up do something else instead of torturing your sister like that just go away!

Trixie: ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! YEESH! But I'm not the sister with the mahogony
hair color thats going to have natural black eyeshadow by an insane blonde head!
Lexxi: UGH! Ok he know's? I need to know who know's where you are?
Clolver:The guy on the phone from prison.
Lexxi: OH MY!Did you...dream? Your dream when you woke up screaming this morning was he in it?
Clover:The second one.
Lexxi:What did he look like? We can get a sketch artist so they can draw him and lock him up.
Clover: You promise?
Lexxi: I promise.

Clover felt beter inside so she went to take a bath Lexxi
cooked dinner again and Trixie was in their room playing on the
computer Lexxi called them for dinner they talked about things that happened to them that day.
They played video games after dinner and got sleepy so they went to bed Lexxi and Trixie
fell straight asleep it was hard for Clover to go to sleep so she got up to get her a glass of water.

When she walked out of the room her door shut behind her by itself she ran downstairs as fast as she could to
turn the light's on but they wouldn't turn on she started to panic but calmed herself down enough to get
her a glass of water.

She went to the sink and saw the reflection of a man in the sink she looked up at the window and there he stood the man from her dream looking at her and said
"Hi Clover."
She dropped the cup and glass shattereed everywhere all over the floor Clover really didn't care if
her foot was all scratched up she was to worried that he would get inside the house so she ran to lock all the windows
and doors and she could hear him laughing while following her.She tried to call the police but the phone was
dead and her cell phone was in her room.

She ran as fast as she could to her room banging on the door yelling
"Lexxi!Trixie! LET ME IN!" but they couldn't even open the door from the inside.Finally after 3 minutes they got it open
and Clover called the police

she said screaming into the phone they heard glass breaking downstairs so they ran into the attick.
2 minutes later they heard a knock on the door should they dare to go downstairs?
It was quiet to quiet.But they took the dare the girls slowly creeped down the stairs and opened the door.

To see the police officer standing there.Their minds were releived Clover was crying and telling the officer what happened
all the girls were.He understood and asked the girls to come in his office tomarrow so she could give the details
to what the man looked like."I will have our officers surround the house to make sure you feel safe." he said with a comforting voice.
Their mother got home at 2:00 a.m. and was happy to see the girls alright.But all there is left to do is wait for tomarrow.
11  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 3 - Another Dream, Another Day, Another Night part 2 on: December 06, 2007, 05:17:49 am

Clover got dressed for the day and sat down on the couch in the
livingroom and turned the tv onto the news channel.What she saw
was unbelieveable a girl was all alone in a place a few blocks
from her house to be killed by an unknown reason."My dream!
That was my dream!" Clover screamed out with a cry she couldn't
stand to think of it anymore she turned the tv off and ran to get her
a glass of water.

After that she decided to lounge on the couch
and she fell alsleep and dreamed a nightmare.

She dreamed that there was a prison and car had crashed into the building
one prisoner escaped there were 4 people in the car 1 of them was
still alive the prisoner stole a gun from one of the gaurds and shot in the car.

Clover woke up screaming and falling off the couch.Lexxi and Trixie were outside
argueing so they couldn't hear her.A couple of seconds had past and the phone rang.

So Clover rushed to get to see if it was her Mom and to her surprise a man on the other end said "Hi Clover." and in a very threatning way.
"Who is this?Leo stop pulling pranks!I know it's you!" Clover said with a frightened voice.
The man on the other end laughed at her and said.
"Leo?Oh Clover emember the dream about 3 girls being in the woods all alone
and a you pointing to a light?Remeber the dream where you were sleeping on the couch?
I can finally meet you since I know where you live now that I'm out of this prison.
See you in your next dream Clover or face to face." and hung up.Clover didn't
know what to do she stood there just in shock and hung the phone up.
7 minutes later Lexxi and Trixie walk in and see Clover on th couch
staring into the wall."Clover whats wrong?" said Lexxi but Clover
wouldn't awsner back.Lexxi sat beside Clover and Trixie sat across
from them.
12  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 3 - Another Dream, Another Day, Another Night part 1 on: December 06, 2007, 05:16:51 am
Ok Chapter 3!
The girls went home and went to bed but Clover kept on waking up
through out the little time they could rest except this time she woke
up in a different place it was pitch black
everywhere she couldn't see
but she could hear people screaming in
the black that was surrounding
her.She could feel like something was going to
kill her she heard banging noises echoing around
her it was all nothing but black.Not the empty black
the bad feeling you get like when someone is watching
your every move you feel like they are breathing right in
 your ear and making you feel so afraid.

"Hello anybody here? Who ever you are stop this!"
Clover said with a quivery tone.She could hear the
screams getting louder and louder.

All she knew to do was run even though
she wouldn't go anywhere she could feel sopmething pulling her back inside.She ran faster but the noises and screams
were only getting louder it was after her.
The more scared she got the more weaker
she got until......................

BAM! she fell and couldn't move she
would cry for help she was thinking to herself "Is this a dream or reality?" that is the question that could set
her free.Then the noises and screams stopped
to a screeching hault but that's the worst part.The next thing
she knew was she was being pulled
by an unseen force and then the voice Lexxi heard was whispering to Clover "You In or Out?"

Clover: AHHHHHH! Oh uh it was....just a a a dream? Oh holy moly!
Trixie&Lexxi: Clover Whats wrong?!
Clover: Oh just another dream.
13  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 2 - School/The Worst thing that could happen part 4 on: December 06, 2007, 05:15:32 am
Lexxi passed out the other students could
not get to her because of the evil force
that was surrounding her she was still
breathing but very lightly.A voice was saying to Lexxi
"You in or out?" Then the force dissapeared
the lights came back on the phones were working
and the doors unlocked and flew open.
Trixie and Clover was so scared to think they
might have lost their sister.

Clover was trying to wake
her up she would not wake up Trixie calls 911

They arrive and manage to wake her up and she
was doing fine.The women was identified as
Ms.Halland Trixie's and Clover's teacher.The
pricible announced over the intercom
"Students please leave the school now
we will call your parents to tell them
what happened don't come back until everything
is under control we will mail you to tell you when to come back."

Lexxi:Nah I'm fine I just feel weird thats all
sorry about your teacher.
Clover: yeah I wished it would
have been me instead of you
going through that type of terror.
Trixie: I wished it were you too!
Lexxi: lets go home I'm tired.

So as Trixie, Clover and Lexxi walk
home heaven for bid the bus could
drive them home they all go to bed
and rest poor Clover is thinking whats going to
happen next you will find out next in
Chapter 3!
I hoped you liked it!
14  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 2 - School/The Worst thing that could happen part 3 on: December 06, 2007, 05:14:45 am

Lexxi: psst! psst! hey Shandle
did you go to school yesterday?
Shandle: uh yeah, how come you weren't here?
Lexxi: My mom told me that there
was a teachers meeting and that we could not go.
Shandle: huh? hmmm I don't know
why she would do that. oh well.
But then 5 minutes later the lights cut off the phones
where dead nothing worked the students are
scared out of their minds, the doors could not open
even from the inside because they locked by themselves
Something weird happened something evil was in
the school.

Clover: WTF?! AHHHH we are going to die and
the sad part is I have to die with Trixie!
A womens scream came from the halls
loud noises were heard its so cold
you could see your breath
your heart and mind are racing.

Lexxi was brave enough to knock out
the door to help the women but it was to late
the women was sucked dry dead on the floor
in the hallway,
Lexxi was looking in front of her and
beside her to see what caused this women's death
but she never thought to look behind her

She could feel the cold air and a icy
touch on her shoulder a touch that felt painful
and then she heard a voice whisper
"Only you can see this." All these images of people that were killed
and their life being sucked out of them,
just one flash after another it was taking her breath
out of her because of everything that happened at once.

I FEEL.....I FEEL......I.......
15  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 2 - School/The Worst thing that could happen part 2 on: December 06, 2007, 05:13:58 am

Nicole: Hey everybody listen up! Our teacher Ms.Halland
could not be here today because she has a very bad virus!
Trixie: Oh my god you mean like a virus you can catch?
Clover: No! A virus you can throw! Lexxi was right you
are a bimbo!

Trixie: Oh? Is that so? Well you are a BLONDE BIMBO!

Clover: NO I AM NOT! You were too at one point your such a big baby when you have to do homework!
Trixie: *gasp* FUN RUINER!
Clover: Llama Lover!
Trixie:Llama Lover? How dare you!

Nicole:Both of you shut up! You both are big babies!

Clover: I'm the cutest one!

Trixie: No I am way prettier than you!

Leo: Oh shut up please! You are identical twins which means
you look exactly alike!Stop worrying about your looks and start
worrying about if we get another teacher that looks 90 years old
and that snores really loud!
Meanwhile in Lexxi's classroom it was more quiet
and not so weird.
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