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Author Topic: Apartment Life Patch Available(10-22-08)  (Read 6236 times)
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« on: October 02, 2008, 03:45:05 pm »

Complete list of changes:
  • Bathtubs from The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff can now be tinkered with.
  • All badges now take the same amount of time to acquire as they did in The Sims 2 Open for Business.
  • Lots now reset when an entire family moves in with another family
  • Switching between a pet and a Sim during a magical fire no longer improperly disables the Rewards panel.
  • All versions of Jewelry Rack from The Sims 2 Bon Voyage will now be available
  • Sims can now ask neighbors they have good relationships with to watch their children when leaving the lot
  • Cauldron now has ‘resume’ option for interrupted spells
  • Witch’s hats no longer become the default hairstyle when a Sim witch ages.
  • Sims may now invite their apartment neighbors to house and sports parties
  • Teens in neighboring apartments will no longer briefly appear both in the car and in their room when asked to sneak out.
  • Gameplay will no longer get stuck when a witch goes to the magic world while on a blind date
  • Maids and Butlers will now make the Murphy Bed and Heart Bed if they are messy.
  • Roommates can now gain hobby enthusiasm
  • Toy Dog will no longer get stuck in ‘Play With’ animation
  • Occupied apartment lots can now be moved in neighborhood view
  • The nanny will no longer stop working if a toddler falls asleep in a pet bed
  • Lots saved while the NPC witch is present will still have the witch when loaded again.
  • Sims can no longer be let into neighboring apartments while Freeze Time is in effect.
  • In Thai, spellbook now properly shows alignment.
  • Sims who use Vivificus Zombiae no longer end up with wants and fears as if they had a relationship with themselves.
  • Cars placed on unoccupied apartment lots now remain when a Sim moves in
  • Apartment neighbors of pre-made families are now hidden properly.
  • Downtown Community lots Similar Sights Sculpture Park and Lulu Lounge no longer are overlapped by buildings
  • Maxing out physiology knowledge no longer makes gaining all other skills much easier.
  • Typos in item descriptions fixed
  • In Traditional Chinese, while selecting “Spell: Save from Death,” Sim’s name is now properly displayed.
  • Apartment Mailboxes now behave properly when Sim attempts to retrieve a Love Letter
  • Hand of Darkness Floor Lamp now takes less time to create.
  • Correct thought bubbles now appear while Sim is reading a genre book without The Sims 2 FreeTime installed.
  • Sims on hotel vacations with their roommate are no longer stranded after their vacation time expires.
  • Toddlers and babies are no longer chosen as part of a group when going downtown.
  • Wall decoration height adjustment hot keys now match game tips in all languages
  • In Polish, build mode music track list is fixed
  • Correct Sim names will now be displayed for all Networking Messages
  • Conjured servants no longer count against the Sim per household limit
  • College Rock now an available radio station without Sims 2 University and Sims 2 Pets installed.
  • The lifetime aspiration pop-up window now appears correct in all languages.
  • The heads of witches will now look correct after they drop out of college.
  • Sims with Body Skills from 1 to 4 are now susceptible to death by Murphy Bed
  • Sims will now continue to play the piano until told to stop
  • Adult Sims can no longer ask young adults to be roommates.
  • There is no longer an error when a Sim returns to their parent’s apartment after college.
  • Computer in Apartment now behaves properly when Sim is awarded many scholarships
  • The landlord will now continue gardening, even if a butler is present
  • A nine Sim family can no longer be attained by having twins when there are already seven members
  • Sims may now Marry/move-in with their landlords
  • Moved in families’ apartments will no longer be hidden from view when the occupying family exits them
  • Error will no longer occur when player locks in and strands a neighbor in their apartment
  • Sims will now properly answer their cell phones and the phones won’t disappear from the inventory
  • A former landlord that has moved in with a Sim can no longer collect rent
  • Freeze Time spell no longer causes errors with Contained Pets
  • Chastity Gere will no longer cause an error if married
  • Dream Date Flowers/Card can now be placed anywhere on shelves
  • Butler will no longer leave the lot with a baby
You can get the patch here
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If you have a question about my mods post it here
Spamming Dork
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« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2008, 02:20:19 pm »

Complete list of changes:
  • Neighborhood decoration alleys no longer get inappropriately covered in snow.
  • The Sleek and Secure fence model now appears complete in all states
  • The Elegant Rails railing no longer clips through the post when placed diagonally.
  • The Butler no longer calls the fire department if there is a fire outside during a thunder storm.
  • A friend that was brought home from work after certain hobby chance cards will only be brought home once instead of every day.
  • Being friends with the iconic hobbyist corresponding to the Show Biz, Athletic, Natural Science or Gaming career now reduces the friend requirement for promotions by two instead of one.
  • Elders no longer receive Lifetime Wants to reach the top of any career.
  • Social Groups now generate significantly less NPCs
  • “Super Savory” Snack Machine by Chewie-Louie Factory and “Kooler Than Ice” Soda Machine by Freezer Time Industries both now have the ‘Show item’ interaction to customers when they are marked for sale with The Sims 2 Open for Business installed.
  • Bills will now autonomously be brought into Sim’s apartments.
  • Cats can now scratch Serenity by Kai Dai and Globulous Wonder by Anne Nuit sculptures.
  • Cats and dogs can now chew and scratch Industrious Divinity Dining Chair, Heavy Metal Chair by You Got Muscle and Eloquent Divinity Dining Chairs.
  • Pets can no longer destroy the following objects that are out of their reach: Vim's Ventilation Small Wall Vent, Vim's Ventilation Large Wall Vent, Transversal by Joi Structure, and Vim’s Ventilation Wall Section with Elbow.
  • Error no longer occurs when a Plant Sim attempts to clean Olde Tyme Toilette and Little Footprint Toilet by Sleek Sensations.
  • Sims will now finish eating gyros.
  • SuperTower, Hey Hey It’s the Monkey Bars and SlidenFraude (from Go Play!) can now be repossessed by the Repo man.
  • Single servings of salmon no longer display flashing blue textures.
  • Witches no longer have the option to use ‘Materialize’ spell in other vacant or occupied hotel rooms.
  • The option to ‘greet’ an invited Sim is now available before they ring the doorbell.
  • Rugs on foundations now disappear correctly when burnt
  • ‘Try for Baby’ interaction is no longer available on walk-in closets when the household has reached the family member limit.
  • Neighbors are no longer cloned when resurrected while their old apartment is still vacant.
  • Neighborhood Nanny will no longer be considered a nanny if he/she joins the Sims’ family.
  • The fire fighter no longer automatically arrives if there is a fire outside during a thunder storm
  • Pregnant Sims will now leave a neighbor’s apartment before having a baby.
  • Genie lamp can now be picked up in Buy Mode on apartments.
  • Closet ‘Woohoo’ animation will now fail properly if one partner is occupied with another activity such as reading a book
  • Child Sims’ interactions are now available after joining another Sim on playground equipment.
  • ‘Study topics’ no longer autonomously cancels unless Sims’ hunger or bladder motives are low.
  • Dynasty Dresser 2 now has design modes available with The Sims 2 Apartment Life installed.
  • “You Got Feets Bathtub” value is now consistent with other tubs in its class.
  • ‘Write Restaurant Guide’ option is now available on computers in apartment lots.
  • Neighborhood Decoration Building (Tall Circular version) thumbnail now matches the building being placed.
  • Various objects from previous Expansion and Stuff packs can now be placed on shelves with the Sims 2 Apartment Life installed:
  • ‘Dream Date’ reward objects can now be picked up in Buy mode on Apartment lots.
  • Error no longer occurs when a Sim tries to ‘Get Mail’ on an apartment mailbox with a Date Coupon inside.
  • Reward objects can now be picked up in Buy mode on Apartment lots.
  • Stepping stool is now visible when a child Sim ‘Stargazes’ through a telescope.
  • The Butler will now remain in the apartment with a toddler until his/her parents return home.
  • Endless Winding Staircase no longer blocks other spiral stairs from being built directly above the first one placed.
  • Elder Sims now have the option to ‘watch’ TV while lounging in a couch.
  • Cooking skill no longer goes down once a family is moved onto the same apartment lot as another Sim.
You can get it here

If you have a question about my mods post it here
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