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Author Topic: Rules ... or how to stay a member of IS!  (Read 17303 times)
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« on: December 05, 2008, 09:33:40 pm »

No flaming, bashing, or trolling.

No profanities - remember that kids come here, so keep it PG-13. This also included posting links to adult sites: don't do it.

No discrimination - racial, religious or otherwise - it will not be tolerated in any way shape or form - you will be warned and then you will be banned.

No advertising for your monetary gain. We make no profit from this site and we won't help you make it either.

No use of monetized redirection services (such as I'm a greedy jacktwat!) are allowed. Make all links for posted content point directly to the content. Violators may have their posts removed without notice.

Only one user account per person, please. As a note to people who want to change their usernames, you can change your display name. This can be done by going to your profile and selecting "Account Related Settings". You still log in with your existing username, but people will see what's you put in the display name field.

Do not post, request or link to keys, key generators, cracks, warez/illegal software sites (or software piracy), crack search engines, file sharing networks (such as Kazaa or LimeWire), or any other illegal activities. Asking for any information regarding the location of the aforementioned items for any reason is also against site rules. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, so please use your common sense and, if in doubt, ask any of the site staff for clarification. Violation of this rule may earn you a straight ban without warning.

No leet/text speak - eg: Lets c whu cn m@ke teh most complic@ted l33t spek ev@rr is not acceptable. A lot of users here have English as a second language and have a hard enough time understanding as it is. To that end, please make an effort to use proper grammar and spelling. We don't expect everyone to have perfect textbook English, but the clearer you are, the better you will be understood, and the more response you'll get to help questions, or any post in general. We are not the grammar police here and understand typos happen and not everyone is a perfect speller, but if you're not using periods, commas, capital letters and a reasonable semblance of accurate spelling out of pure laziness, we will call you on it.

While we're on the subject of punctuation, etc, please do not type in all caps. It's bad forum etiquette and viewed as shouting.

Avatar images can be no bigger than 100px by 100px. Anything bigger than that will get zorched. Repeat offenders will be given a chainsaw enema.

Signature pictures are allowed however they must be pg-13 and no larger than 250x50. Any signature pictures larger than this will be removed from your profile. If too many people abuse size/content then the ability to have pictures in your sigs will be removed

Picture limits are 600x600

Pictures must be hosted by a 3rd party - eg photobucket, tinypic

 - except when uploading your creations attach one picture (and one picture only) to display for the forum thumbnail

Videos must be hosted by a 3rd party - eg youtube

No raising the dead - if the last post on a thread is older than a month and you would not be bringing any new information to the thread then do not post or you will be fed to the rabid munchkins!

No duplication of topics - search the forum first to see if you can find what you are looking for

Do not spam all over the forum, we will set up a little corner for you to do it there and nowhere else Wink

When uploading your creations, please respect and adhere to other creators' TOUs - if they say don't include it then don't

Please provide full credit when uploading your creations and include links back to the original creation. If you link to the booty or other file sharing sites then please link to the original creators' sites too.

Mini-modding is not needed or wanted and is a bannable offense. If you do it, you will be warned about it a total of three times, then you will be banned. Our staff know their jobs and how to do them and do not need help from people that are non-staff.

If you become abusive to staff, you will be warned. Three warnings and your account will be deleted.

Should you feel the need to agitate and stir the sh*t, resist it. We don't need it and will not tolerate it.

Do not post any links or pics that are offensive or pornographic. There will be no warning, there will only be banning. The same goes for torrent links and such. Any links to illegal content will get you tossed out on your ear.

Please respect any reasonable request made by site staff. An example is if a staff member asks a line of dialogue to stop, or to use more civil language, or to remind a member of the site rules and request they follow them. Users not complying with a reasonable request may find their post deleted and a warning or banning (temporary or permanent) issued.

Smilies are pretty and shiny, we know and it's tempting to use as many as possible in one post; however, please don't. One or two is OK, but going wild with them is just plain obnoxious and we will feed you to the angry, malnourished trolls Jenna keeps locked in the basement if you succumb to smiley abuse. On the flip, resist the urge to post a smiley and nothing else (outside of the spam thread - it is there for useless, pointless posts Wink). Your posts should hopefully be about quality and not quantity and a post with nothing but a smiley says nothing at all.

While members of staff don't mind the occasional PM about matters that are important, constantly sending Private Messages commenting on moderation actions is excessive and can be seen as harassment. Using the PM system to flame staff or other members is also harassment. If you have a question that you wish to ask, that's fine. Don't abuse the PM function, however. Doing so will earn you a warning. Should you get three warnings, you will be banned and your account deleted.

The three warning system is used for all offenses that warrant it. Breaking rules and being totally unacceptable to members of this community will result in expulsion from the site.
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