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Author Topic: Instant Family - UPDATED! - chapter 6!  (Read 19732 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2009, 02:41:42 pm » brilliant...
 Let me get my brain organized.

Shauna MAY be pregnant with her ex-boyfriend...

Johnny MIGHT be cheating on Claudia...

Just when things were starting to get better! OH MY GOD! This is brilliant Starwish. I so feel for your characters.


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« Reply #16 on: March 30, 2009, 07:42:23 am »

Thnx Zorom! You're good guesser but...  i will say nothing else:)


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« Reply #17 on: March 30, 2009, 02:26:14 pm »

Yes, I have a talent for that, lol. I can't wait to see what happens!

Site Santa!
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« Reply #18 on: April 01, 2009, 07:36:26 am »

This is very, very good!


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« Reply #19 on: April 15, 2009, 03:48:19 pm »


- New project -

After consulting Rony, my manager, I tried to play a role of a good guardian. Well, it wasn't so hard cause the kids were ok, I convinced them - Shauna - that all that situation was so hard for me and It takes a little time for me to accustomate with new situation. I decided not to hire a nanny right now. My manager, Rony, consulted me to spend more time possible with kids somewhere where I can be seen and photographed. Shauna's coming birthday would be a great oportunity for that.

Simeons Mall was the most populated shopping center in Simcity. Regarding to this, it would be great to take children there. Shauna was a bit distrusful about it, but when Emma and Tommy started to shout about toy store and pet playgorund, she haven't got choice. I knew it would be a great idea! When we got out of the taxi, I noticed a reporter behind the tree, prepared for taking the picture. I smiled, took Shauna in my arms and hugged Tommy. We were picture perfect ( in the tommorow's newspapers).

First we went into the toy store. Tony and Emma were distraughted when they saw all that toys llieing around; I bet they never saw that much of toys in one place before. I bought few toys fro Emma and two pc games for Tommy. That was the best way to keep them occupated.

After that, we left them in the pet playground - that was a playground with toys and little dogs. Tommy is crazy for animals; I bet he will bother me after this, but never mind. Maybe I will buy him some animal eventually. Maybe guinea pig, or golden fish.
I took Shauna into my favourit fashion shop and she found beautiufl - ok, maybe little to short dress, very expensive indeed, but since the money isn't a problem for me, and since I had to be good guardian now, I bought it for her. And since her's birthday is approaching, well...

After few hours of walking, we picked up Tommy and Emma (they both want a dog now, of course) and I took them on a lunch in a fancy restaurant. Famous fancy restaurant for chosen ones. I knew it will be reporters outside, so I walked slowly to be sure they will picture us. The mission was completed.

Honestly, I cannot say that it wasn't fun, I found out - it was refreshing - that Shauna is actually really smart and talented young girl.
She has that creative trait like me; but she's not interested in dancing. She likes music and writing, she's more pacific, artistic type. Tommy talks just about computers and games, he will be very good tehnician one day. And Emma, well, she don't talk much, she don't eat much...she is more like Catherine, my sister. Well, it was an pleasant afternoon. I never thought that It could be actually interesting with kids. Well, not that interesting, hehe.

"'re actually spending your time with that kids." said Johnny during our afternoon relaxation in the hot tub.
"Well, I have to. I told you that before."
"You're ignoring ME now. And your work is suffering."
"That is so not true! Why are you saying that?" I was surprised.
"Cause I think you could do bether." answered he talking about my dancing. "And you don't practice enough. Maybe I will have to took another partner."
"Ok, you're kidding!" smiled I and kissed him, and then said. "Ok, I will practice. But you know that I have spend some time with kids and make better picture of me. I don't want be on the knifes of publicity."

"And I'm not ignoring you! Don't ever say that again. It's just a period of adaptation." I kissed him to show him that I mean it. I love Johnny so much, I don't want him to ever think in a other way.
"I just expect you to be more...committed to me."
"I will be, love, I will!" promised I.

Guess that my effort was pay out - next day, papers were full of pictures of me and my family on our little trip in a mall with big title: "Claudia Sommers - woman of career and children - it really can be done!" Rony called me while I was still reading the first part of article where the reporter scribed all about me, my career and kids, their life with and without Catherine. Now I was the savior; woman who successfully balances between her outstanding career and her new family.
"Hey dear, have you seen the newspapers?" I know he was smiling satisfied.
"I'm reading it right now."
"You don't have to, everything is ok. More then ok, it's great. Well, enough with that, I have something for you." He coughed theatretically. "Have you heard about Josh Blane? Well, he is a new one, fresh meat, I will say."
"English please!" sighed I. He always speaked in riddles.
"Rock singer. New one. New star. Apparently, he saw your picture and his agent called me today if you could make a coreography for his new song. Music video, of course. And you will have a major part in it."
"Ok...that is nice..."
"Nice? Claudia, listen, your sinking career needs that rope to be saved!"
"Rony..." sighed I again.
"You're actually think about it? Well, as your agent I will say you must do it. I will book you a room..."
"Where am I going?"
"The Three Lakes; our rock star likes to be in a nature. So, you will meet him there."
"Great. Just book in a nice hotel. Five stars; I want sauna, jacuzzi and pool."
"You're so spoiled. That's what I'm talking about! Ok, I will."

I was little bit worried for leaving my house under Shauna's custody, but she ensured me that everything would be ok. She will celebrate her birthday and invite her boyfriend; well, she can celebrate but...out of my house. Johnny wasn't so delighted with my business trip.
"Great. Now you're doin' your business without me." he accused me.
"Rony arranged that." whispered I.
"He should ask me first. I'm supposed to be responsible for your career. I hired him."
"Yes dear, you hired him and he is doing his job. I don't see the problem here?" And I was confused; why Johnny doesen't want me to go? First he told me not to ignore my career, now...
"Just that...I don't want you to slack with our dancing show. It's important to me, you know that. And I will miss you baby."
"I will not! And I will miss you too...oh, I'll make it up to you, I promise. When I came back. And I wouldn't stay longer then two days. Will you just check the house for me? And kids? I wanna be sure that nobody organises a party while I'm gone."
"It would be my pleasure." smiled he.

At least Rony found me a decent hotel; I actually loved it. It was big, five stars wooden hotel, with fountains around it, with big yard surrounded by decorated pine trees. It was just like it's Christmas, even it was november, and even if I didn't liked Christmas very much, it was beautiful. And then started to snow; ok, nothing can be perfect, obviously.

The rooms were very beautiful, that lifted my mood for a bit; very old fashioned but modern at the same time. Everything screamed expensive and carefully decorated. I put my tight jeans and fur coat on, looked myself in the mirror and smiled satisfied; I am ready. Rony gaved me the address of a hotel where I was supposed to meet with Josh and his manager so I called reception desk and ordered a taxi.

"We're here." said taxi driver. I was confused; there was no hotel, no motel, no winter cabin, no restaurant either; just long, white ski piste and endless cableway. Ok, where the hell am I? Before I managed to be more furious, a guy approached offering me his hand.
"Claudia Sommers? Uh, I will recognize you if somebody wakes me up in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping after few days of roaming in the desert."
"Uh...ok". answered I while my mood was little bit adjusted.
"Clark Whistle. Josh's friend and manager. Come with me beautiful."
"And where is Josh?"
"He will join us soon."

And then we sat in the ski-cottage and Clark ordered two sandwiches, for him and me I guess, even I told him I'm not hungry and that I want to talk about business. It was cold, wet and everywhere were exalted skiers with their children in pandemic chaos. I felt my migraine is approachign again. I wanted to kill Rony in that moment.

"Josh adores nature. It helps him for his songs. Cause, he writes them, you know?"
I nodded while he continued to talking.
"He will be great. Big star; rock star of the century! Have you heard his songs? He is unique!"
"May I ask where is he now?" said I very nervous at the moment.
"Snowboarding." answered he and bite off a big chunk of his sandwich. I wanted to scream.
"Great. So, can you tell me something about
"Right, right. Well, the point of the video is..." started he to explain.

After - possible - an hour, he was still talking what the point of video is, and after I figured that important things isolating them from non important, I basically switched myself off. It was still cold and I was more nervous.
"When will Josh come? And can we sit inside?" said I cancelling his endless monologue.
"Oh, there he is! That guy on the snowboard, in blue, right. Josh loves nature so much!"
"Great." sighed I.

Josh wasn't like I imagined him to be; big, tatooed and vicious; instead of that, he was like a teenager kid, gentle, soft...My doubts about him as a big rock star were bigger now when I saw him. He was very...childlish.
"We're waiting for you, Josh. Miss Claudia almoust frozed for a few times." waved he in mine direction. "She almoust left".

"Oh, I'm so unforbearing. Why didn't you warm her up a bit? Just kidding!" smiled Josh. They were slowly going on my nervs...
"Isn't wonderful here? Snow, nature, little kids playing around...perfect. What do you think Claudia?" asked he.
"Sure." answered I uncovincable. "Can we go now somewhere, where is warmer?"
Josh sat so near to me that I had to get away for few inches.
"You shoulda wear something warmer." said he. I wanted to punch him in a face, but instead of that, I put my irresistible smile on.
"Well, I didn't knew it would be a ski piste.
"Maybe we can go home, and show her few songs." asked Carl.
"Oh, that's good idea!" exclaimed I. I wanted that stupid appointment to be over already and dreamed about hot tub and massage back in a hotel...
"Ok, let's go then!" Josh agreed and we finally moved from that awful ski piste.



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« Reply #20 on: April 15, 2009, 07:05:39 pm »

good job

laugh a little louder, smile a little larger, dream a little further, love a little extra and live a little happier! Cheesy

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« Reply #21 on: April 16, 2009, 03:00:03 am »

Nice, Starwish! The hotel pictures are great by the way. I'm useless at scenery.. :O

Nice job!  Cheesy


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« Reply #22 on: June 21, 2009, 07:17:21 am »

:O I hope you haven't given up on this story...I love it so much!


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« Reply #23 on: September 21, 2009, 03:49:40 pm »


- New project -

So, we went to the Josh's winter cottage. It was nice and all that but...where is luxury here? Ordinary winter cottage even without fireplace? Isn't he a rock star? Or maybe my manager fulled he started to play some of his songs - none of them I had heard before, nevermind - telling me how this song would be ideal for me to act for it.

I wasn't so pleased, I guess his manager figured it out, but I remembered that I need this job (that was his words) so I tryied to be likeable and polite. He described me how this video has to look like, something with empty room and me dancing in it, with him on the other side looking at me through the window, blablabla...ok.

Then his manager told me how much money will I get what was the better part of it Smiley
"So, then we have a deal?" asked Josh.
"Well, I guess we do." answered I not so enchanted as he.
"One more thing!" remembered he. "Do you like kids?"
"Yes I do!" yelled I very estatic, don't know why exactly. "I have three at home. Well, they aren't mine, they are from my sister, she passed away...few months ago..."
"Yes, we heard that story." answered his manager. "Very sad..."
"Actually, that was the reason why we chosen you." smiled Josh. "Not many people would do what you did."
"They are my family..." said I and felt strange in that moment.
"I know. But somebody else will put them in some boarding school thinking he could buy their luck with money and expensive things. But all they need right now is love."
"Yes, you're right." I felt very uncomfortable in that moment and wanted to leave immediately.
"So, let's forget about that right now, I wanted to ask you do you want to come tommorow to the ski piste with me?"
"Uh, I'm not sure...I don't know how to ski, I never had, and I don't like the cold..."
"Oh, I will learn you how to ski!" said he before I managed to say anything. His manager looked at me with that observant look in his eyes, so I smiled and said I will. Damn it!

Finally at my hotel, in my room, in the warm bath! Civilization, thank u very much! I called my manager earlier to yell at him, but he told me I must be patient and that the work with Josh will be very worthwhile.
"He is very famous Claudia, I can't believe that you haven't heard his songs before! Do you know that every single girl in Simcity between 15 and 35 is crazy about him? He is a new king! And when the others see you in his music video you will become very wanted merchandise to work with."
"Thnx Rony, that was really right what I wanted to hear right now..."
"Don't get me wrong Claudia, but you have becamed boring. New, younger dancers are coming every day, you must save your reputation, you must climb forward!"
"So you want to say that my reputation depends on that new-commercial-boy singer?"
"Claudia, everything is commercial now. You must adapt on it."
"He asked me to go skiing with him! Rony, you know how I hate coldness, and snow, and it will..."
"Enough with it drama-queen, you need him, you need to promote yourself. You should go with him skiing, hiking and everything what he wants!"
"Or maybe I should get a new manager?" I hanged up the phone.

Rony really pisses me off. What does he think, who is he? To talk to me in that way...if he weren't so good, I would really consider to find new manager...

So, the next day taxi camed to pick me up and drive me to that ski piste. I was determinated to accomplish my goals, to ensure Josh I'm the one for that stupid video; even I wasn't so sure he is so needful for me; I'm needful for him, I'm the star here damn it! I wanted this show to end, I don't like the winter, I hate cold, snow and all that...I wanna go home! And that awful ski piste...
"Hello!" Josh interrupted my thoughts smiling with that stupid childish smile...argh! "How are You today? I'm just great!"
"Yeah, me too." answered I trying to sound like I really mean it.
"Great! C'mon, let's go, we must pick up the ski for you. Don't be affraid, you will be a real skier in a moment!"
"Uh..." I wasn't so sure in that...

So, we climbed, Josh helped me to put my skies on, and then - a surprise! Little boy approached to us and Josh hugged him.
"Hey little man! Come, you have to meet somebody. This is Claudia, she is a dancer and she will be in daddy's video. Claudia, this is my son Nick."

More children; is this a joke?

"Hello Nick." said I.
"Hi! You're beautiful; are you my daddy's new girlfriend?"
"Nick!" laughed Josh.
"No sweetie, I work with your daddy."
"Yeah, she works for me son. Isn't she great?"

Ok, he really could do without that last sentence. Nick went to ski and Josh tried teach me to ski. It wasn't very successfull; I falled so many times I can even remember right now; I was frozen, angry, hungry and tired. And I was acting I'm having a great time! Rony will pay for this...

"I told you I'm not for that!" after another fall I was on the edge of the nervous breakdown.
"Ok, ok." laughed Josh. "Nick, go down and wait for us, we will take the cableway."
"Ok daddy!"

Uh, at last!

Finally we settled on in a cozy ski restaurant - well, everything was cozy for me right now! Very low standards I had...
"So, how do you liked skiing?" asked Nick.
"Uh, it was great! I wish I could stay more, but I have to go home today, I have three kids to take a care off."
"You're a great mother." said Josh.
"Nick, I think they have games here."
"Really? Can you give me some money?"
Josh smiled and gived him few coins.
After a few minutes of silence, he said.
"I wish I could spend more time with Nick."
"Uh...and why you can't? And where is his mother?"
"She is here but...we're separated."
"What happened?"
"She dumped me when I started to sing...she found it ridiculous. And she wanted somebody with good financial background to ensure a nice life for her, and Nick."
"Uh, that's awful." I didn't want to talk about his maritial problems, that was so annoying...
"Yes, it was."
Uh, c'mon Claudia, talk, talk...
"Well, now you're famous, and I guess you make good money...?
"Yeah, now she wants to take me back." smiled he.
"What do you want?"
"I don't know." sighed he. "I wanna spend more time with Nick, but she..."
"Daddy, daddy!" damn. Stupid kid ruined everything when it started to be interesting.

"I won! I won!"
"Can I get more coins?"
"Not now, now we'll have to order. So, Claudia, let's celebrate our future colaboration!"
"Oh, great!" smiled I.



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« Reply #24 on: September 22, 2009, 12:56:32 pm »

Finally!! ^^ I like Claudia's attitude, I think its hilarious!  YAY It was funny how Josh had no idea that she was really bored of him. I guess thats why shes an actress.


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« Reply #25 on: October 20, 2009, 07:33:12 am »

wow, this has really picked up since last i checked, awesome updates Smiley

Crazy and lovin it

Random thought = probably bad idea

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EDIT: my life. ug.... watch me go.

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« Reply #26 on: February 22, 2010, 12:26:12 pm »


Shauna's Diary - Part 3

- november 20-th -

Dear diary
Sorry for this long break but I was really depressed; as you know, Evan dumped me. Obviously, he has another one, or he just took advantage off me. Doesn't matter anymore. Guess sun will never shine in my life...Claudia is trying hard to make me feel better. But, she doesn't know how is like to lose a mother and then, a love of your life.

Kids are doing fine with her. I can believe they forgot they own mother already. Ok, maybe I'm little to hard now...

Our conversations were usually like this;
"Dear, you shouldn't take it so hard...I know you liked him..." - started Claudia again.
"I was in love!" yelled I.
"Ok, in love...uh, you're so young, you don't know what love is!"
After that I usually ran into my room, but this time, Claudia followed me.

"Ok, that's enough." said she entering the room. " You must stop with it. You're in sorrow for a month because of that guy. And he? He is with another girl, having fun, making love or something. Do you think he is depressed right now? No? Damn he isn't!"
"What is the point?"
"The point is..." she reached into her bag and pull out two pieces of paper.
"Tickets for a concert."
"What concert?"
"Josh Blane. You know who he is?"
"That guy you worked with..."
"Yes, but he is a famous rock star also...well, he gave me this VIP tickets for his tonight show but I would give it to you if you want?"
"I don't know..."
"Well...I called Rosie, that new friend of yours, and she would love to go...well, actually she is on a way here, so you had to hurry..."

To be honest, I really postpone my friends lately...well, friends, Rosie actually. She's my only friend here. And to be honest, I realized that Claudia is right, that Evan obviously doesn't sit at home and cries, and I was touched with Claudia's concern. So I hugged her and promised I will go to the concert. Maybe that is a good idea.

And it turned out it was. Concert was great, Josh Blane is damn hooooooot and...well, I must say, I forgot Evan that night.

Yes, Josh is a God! Claudia didn't told me she work with someone that hot, I was delighted!

And when concert ended, Rosie and I went to find a backstage, since we were amazed with rock God...but then, I saw a familiar face in the club, well, well...

"Isn't that mister "nice guy"?
Johnny and some girl, who actually looked like Claudia's "good" friend, well, interesting. When they saw me, they stupid smiley faces turned to masks. Johnny was terrified, and that blonde too. To admit, I was very happy that I saw his stupid face last time. Well, that was what I thought...

"This is not what you think it is!" started Johnny to explain his self.
"Really?" I was overjoyed to see that little worm scared like this. "I'm sure it's exactly what I think."
"If you say one word to Claudia I will...I will..."
"I tell her about a little game between you and your ex boyfriend!"
"Do what you want, I don't care."
And really, in that moment I was so happy that I will get rid of the awful Johnny that I wasn't thinking about possible consequences after that. Claudia isn't stupid, she will understand.
I left the club forgetting even of Josh Blane and the backstage, with big happy smile on my face.

"You're sure about this?" asked Rosie on our way home.
"Pretty sure. Can't wait to get rid of the bastard!"
"But it will break Claudia's heart..."
"She will survive. She knows how to deal with it. She was the one who gave me a lesson about love today, she will manage it. Also, I care for her, and he is making a fool of her."
"Ok...I guess you're right...well, must admit he is hot!"
"Who? Johnny???"
"No, not Johnny hahah. Josh Blane."
"I couldn't agree more."

But, when I told Claudia about Johnny, she was...unbelievable...she was like, she knew for that, she actually wanted to break up with Johnny and that is why he did it. And after that, she yelled at me, Johnny told her about Evan, and she was furious. Wait a second? She was furious about me and Evan, and Johnny gets nothing? Well, great Claudia, you're so damn dumb and I couldn't believe it!
"Go to your room." said she.
"You're not my mother!" yelled I.
"Sure I'm not, my child wouldn't behave like this! But since you're living in my house, under my roof, you will obey my rules!"
And she closed the door of her room. I was furious, I hated her, hated Johnny, hated everyone. How can she be so stupid?



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« Reply #27 on: February 22, 2010, 05:47:44 pm »

Nice. can't wait to read more
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« Reply #28 on: February 23, 2010, 03:01:28 am »

Woah, I missed that update! Wonder why, I usually follow this story with bated breath. Cheesy Great update! And now we know for sure Johnny's true colours!


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« Reply #29 on: May 16, 2010, 09:20:24 pm »

*waiting patiently for new chapter*
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