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Author Topic: How to Pooklet Clothing I  (Read 7119 times)
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« on: October 12, 2010, 09:19:07 pm »


Photoshop (any version after CS2 is fine)
Pooklet's color actions:
Project Clothing:

I've been getting tons of questions on how to use 'Pooklet color actions' on clothes and such. Well, now I'll explain it to you  Wink

I'm using CS2 Photoshop currently. You know, the ancient Photoshop without the picture extractor? Oh, joy ^.^

But, this can be used with any photoshop (after CS2 that is).

At first, PSDs files may seem a little intimidating. But, once you familiarize yourself with it, you'll have no problems.

So let’s begin, shall we?

1. Download the dress (mesh is included).

NOTE: I have chosen this dress because I have already Pooklet’d and recolored it with a dozen different color actions so I’d call it ‘tried and true’ for beginners.

You’ve downloaded and exported it now. Let’s name it ‘PookletProject’. Easy to remember, right?

Now, navigate to your Sims 2 folder, then your Projects folder. There you will find your ‘PookletProject’.

Open your texture bmp. We want that one Smiley

This is the image we want to see. If you don’t see this, please recheck your steps.

IMPORTANT: You downloaded the Pooklet file, right? Unzipped it, too? If so, open up the Pooklet PSD files.

Navigate to where you saved it. Now, open up 07 – Volatile. We always start with Volatile. Why? It’s the base color. But, before you can use Volatile, you need white or light silver. Either color will work. However, closer to white, the better.

Do you see both files? Good. If not, please recheck your steps.

Now, zoom in on the layers in the corner (there will always been layers for PSDs. If your PSD is flat, you may have accidentally flattened it).

CTRL + CLICK on the layers until all are selected. DUPLICATE the layers onto your project file as shown above.

Your image should now look like this. Notice the hair texture in the corner? Fortunately, in this outfit, the hair image will NOT show up in Bodyshop. However, when working  with clothing where it could show up just simply hide the hair texture by tucking it away somewhere in the image.

But, don’t worry about that. We’ll cover that in the next tutorial.

Your gorgeous Pooklet’d outfit. Now, from this point on, you will add PSDs on top of the Volatile color. Remember, you MUST keep the Volatile color on the outfit or else the colors will come out wrong.

To check your work against mine, check out the Pooklet’d versions I made of this dress:,111226.0.html


Color Actions by Pooklet
Clothing Textures by NataliS
Bodyshape and Mesh by Warlokk (mesh is included)
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