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Author Topic: Skye's Policy for you  (Read 3803 times)
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« on: March 31, 2009, 03:20:07 pm »

I'm back....yeah, I thought I was done doing sims, but the call was stronger than I am! LOL

Anyhoo, here's my Policy for you to peruse--I have added my rules to the mix, for reasons I have recently expressed.

Thank you for all your requests through the years. It has been a wonderful time for me. I hope I continue to please as I attempt these sims!

Requests MUST

Have a clear picture of the person to be done. You can give me a link to the pic if you like.

I need picture of the face of your request-- a front view, a side view, and as many with detail as you can find. You may put a link with your request so I can peruse throught the pictures.  Oh, and ones without a smile help more than a smile does. Is harder to make the sim with a smile on his/her face.

If you would like a certain outfit, please show me the link to it. Not having to do the clothing saves me a lot of time. I can then concentrate on the face of the sim that way. If you have a special hairstyle that will help me too, and I really appreciate that helping hand.

You  Rock

And along with that, after the recent 'nastiness' experienced, I am listing my rules for requests. Don't worry, it isn't brain surgery or anything....

Remember one thing. I do know that my sims aren't as wonderful as some I've seen in the sims community, but I do enjoy making them. In making up these rules, I am attempting to keep my sim making a joyful thing.

(every creator loves to be asked nicely)
Please tell me the name of the sim you wish me to do. If you have pictures of them you can give me the link to their pictures. That way it won't tax this site with pictures.

Remember your manners when requesting. No demands or time limits (there are many requests on my list, and I cannot rush them, or it would spoil their look. Also, I have a new husband, children, and grandchildren whom I love dearly, to keep up with--so requests are a bit slow sometimes. I do them as I have the time.

Remember also that it takes some time to find the right parts to go with this requested sim. Sometimes the mesh hasn't been made yet. I am mostly a self sim/celebrity sim maker-the clothing is an extra bonus I like to include.

(Doing these things will cancel your request)

Demand a sim, or speak to me (or any creator) as if they owe you a sim. (they will laugh and tell you to make it yourself! LOL)

Keep pmming me to rush me on my way.

If I admit defeat, and tell you I give up, please don't keep pmming me to demand Why I won't do your sim. When I give up, it's because that sim just does not want to be online, or I just can't get the essencse of them. I do keep trying, I just sometimes stop for a while to try another one.. It doesn't happen very often though, so keep heart!

So now you see a few of my rules on simming. I have made them so it will make things easier on me. I do not try to be difficult. I do enjoy making these sims for you all, and I hope that they are pleasing to you all.  This is my hobby on the side.

Anyway, so have a great day, ya'll, and happy simming!

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I don't have net  so can't do  requests right now. so sorry
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