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Author Topic: some sims 3 buzz  (Read 2146 times)
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« on: May 12, 2009, 01:39:18 pm »

- There are no curly hairs, but there are some very long hairs.
- There is no underwear section anymore.
- Male Sims can wear makeup.
- There's a "Create-a-Twin" tool for every age.
- Changing hair/clothing/face is easy. You can just click on them and the CAS takes you directly to the right menu for editing whatever you selected.
- There is an eyelash length slider bar.

Build Mode
- There is a button that lets you choose to buy houses furnished or unfurnished.
- Sledge hammer tool has been enhanced, you can now drag an area to delete multiple objects.
- When placing objects against a diagonal wall the object will snap into place perfectly.
- There’s a roof height slider.
- The biggest lot size is 64x64 (same as a 5x5).
- There is an option for Auto-Roofs. So, while you build, the roof automatically appears.
- There’s a button that paints / carpets the entire room (instead of holding Shift).
- You can set light colors and brightness levels (both indoor and out).
- There is now a square terrain paint brush. Imagine using it to paint a sidewalk.
- You can change the floor / walls of a pool.
- There are single tile doors, double tile doors, single tile doors that center on double tiles, and even three tile doors.
- There are ceilings under ANY floortile placed. At this time, you cannot recolor the ceiling.
- There are no 1/2 walls yet.
- You cannot move objects up and down on walls.
- You cannot import patterns into the game yet.
- You can move the mailbox anywhere you'd like on your lot. Whatever door is closest to the mailbox is considered the front door.
- Fences rise with terrains.

Buy mode
- There are only 4 tv-channels: Sports, Kids, Action, and Romance.
- There is no diving board for the swimming pools yet.
- On the easel, there are three sizes of paintings.
- If you tinker on some objects, you can get upgrades like, fireproof, self cleaning and unbreakable.
- You can buy a Rubber Ducky for your bathtub.
- On a computer, you can: find coupons, browse the web, play chess, play computer games, tinker, and get a job. Computer Whiz sims can also hack and overclock.

- Jobs pay hourly, not daily.
- Options at work: Business as Usual, Work Hard, Take it Easy, Meet Coworkers, Hang Out with Coworkers, Suck Up to Boss, or Practice a Skill.
- You can become business partners with community businesses. Once you own the company you can rename it, fire the staff and make use of its facilities for free, so free food or books or movies.
- When a sim is at the top of its career, the others sims are aware and react to it. When your sims is a rock'n'roll-star Sims will ask for an autograph; a high-ranked soldier is saluted in the street.
- If you interact with your boss, you can ask to increase your salary or to get promoted.
- Part time jobs are: Bookstore clerk, grocery store clerk, Spa receptionist, Spa specialist, Burial specialist.

- You can set lifespans to range from 25–1,000 days or turn aging off completely.
- Free Will is on a slider bar. You can choose None, Low, or High.
- Sims don't need ladders to get in or out of the pool but can still drown if you cancel the action from their queue.
- When you are socializing, there is a small pop up that tells you what the other sim is thinking about your 'socializing'. You are irresistable, moving too fast, hilarious, boring, etc.
- Sims can not get hit by cars.
- Every article of clothing is always available to you in the game, and are always recolorable. So no need to 'buy' clothing.
- Every single item you interact with gives your sim a good or bad mood boost depending on their traits/personality.
- You can change a sim's outfit by clicking on them, anywhere at anytime.
- Sims automatically have a cell phone and you can change the ringtone.
- Bad Mood sims are less likely to listen to your commands.
- You can have a private wedding or give a wedding party alone or in a community lot (in this case you should rent the lot and pay a fee).
- No more wedding arch: Just click on the wife or on the husband and choose "get married". They'll talk a bit, then exchange the rings and kiss.
- You can donate money to different foundations based on your personality trait. This will give you good moodlets.
- Sims can take classes to learn skills much faster than reading or doing.
- You can finally visit your neighbors, just click on the door and choose "Ring bell". You can enter their houses too.
- Traits can be changed later in the game with one of the buyable lifetime rewards.
- If you have many people in your family, then you'll start with more than 20.000 simoleons.
- Sims cannot be invited to a townies party, but they can be invited to a community party with the right opportunity cards.
- Sims will still do what's in their action queue, even if you are looking at another sim all the way across town.

Pregnancy, baby,toddler,child
- Pregnant Sims get few days of paid rest from work and fathers will get few days after the baby is born.
- You can have the baby at home or at the hospital. The father can take the mother to the hospital, but she can go there alone too. There's no ambulance though.
- Sims that were happy during pregnancy have babies with better traits.
- You can announce pregnancy to others, feel tummy and talk to tummy.
- Infants are wrapped in blankets instead of only wearing diapers.
- You cannot change the infant's blanket; It is pink for girls and blue for boys.
- You can see the infants moodlets and motives bars.
- There is School Detention for children who fall asleep in class or cheat on schoolwork.
- Children can wander the neighborhood alone, but toddlers must be carried.
- There's a babysitter.
- Pregnancy is still three days, regardless of life span.
- Preggos can visit the hospital for 'Medical Advice'.
- School time: 9am-2pm for teens and 9am-3pm for children.
- The changing table is gone. You have to click on the toddler to change diaper or clothes.
- If you have the highchair, you can feed toddlers with the same food you prepare for the other family members, but you have to use the food processor first.
- Toddler interactions: Change diaper, change outfit, feed on floor, pick up, snuggle, teach to talk, potty train, tickle, teach to walk, toss in air.

The Neighborhood
- You can follow your sim in the taxi or car by right clicking their thumbnail.
- Cars disappear when you reach your destination, and they reappear when you leave.
- Pop-Ups in the right corner let you know when a shop is having a sale or a big event is happening somewhere in town.
- You must go to the grocery store to buy food.
- You can choose to move to a new lot, and you can either sell your furniture or take it with you.
- There's a community spa where you can get a facial, manicure, pedicure, or massage.
- You can modify both community and residential lots. Some community lots, like parks and swimming pools, can be totally customized. For work places, you can only add few things outside.
- Households can be merged, evicted and splitted.

- Some of the harvestables include the apple tree, lime tree, grape vine, watermelon vine, bell pepper plant, wild garlic, lettuce plant, onion plant and tomato plant.
- You can sell your own grown vegetables at the local supermarket.
- Food can go bad in the fridge, and must be cleaned out.
- There are 35 to 40 different food recipies.
- The Picnic Basket is very basic. Your sims can carry it around, sit on it, and eat.
- If you hover your mouse over a plate of food, it will tell you how good of quality it is and what it is.
- Fruit quality can be perfect, nice, poor, foul, putrid or horrifying.
- You can make tons of beverages. For example, you can make White Chocolate Soy Frathuccino with Banana Swirl.
- Shop for groceries: a window will show up with all the ingredients you can buy. You can also buy ingredients per recipe.

- Tombstones now show the cause of death.
- The ghosts are still colored according to death.
- There is no such thing as a 'funeral' option, you can stage a funeral, but that's it.
- At the graveyard you can find the Tragic Clown's tombstone.
- Ghosts are playable, can marry living Sims, and even make ghost babies.
- When someone dies, all his belongings are added to family inventory, so you won't lose them.

- Some Sims 3 developers are premade sims.
- There are now Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night Skies. The Sun and Moon move as well.
- The night sky comes with shooting stars, but I did not notice day time clouds.
- You can take pictures with your Cell Phone to hang on your wall or sit on your tables.
- You can hire Magicians for parties.
- There is a Party Planner that allows you to set the time for your party, the location, and the dress code.
- There are now 4 speeds of gameplay.
- Houses have difficulty levels based on the age and number and amount of sims living there.
- You cannot lock doors.
- Every townie has a home, NPC's do not.
- The maid put the left-out food in the fridge for safe keeping.
- No Gardeners!  Cheesy
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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2009, 10:29:05 pm »

Wow! the game sounds so awesome thanks alot Beatles for taking the time to fill us all in on all the wonderful aspects of the game Grin
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