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Author Topic: Better locations for food serving and dropping  (Read 2755 times)
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« on: June 07, 2009, 01:15:47 am »

OMG  Better locations for food serving and dropping

* Requires     : The Sims 2 (base game)
* Compatibility: The Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open For Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Store Edition, FreeTime, Apartment Life, Mansion & Garden Stuff, all Stuff Packs
* Modifications: Global (affects all lots)
* Hack Version#: 1.0

Quick Info
* You must also download the following addon(s) for this hack to work correctly:


  df_globals_pack.package (version 1.1 or higher)

Have you noticed Sims walking far distances all over the lot to find places (counters/tables) to put serving platters on, especially on apartment lots?  How about the Sim who prepares a meal in their apartment and then serves it up on the rooftop tables instead of on the tables in their own apartment?

This hack will eliminate most bizarre and unrealistic behaviors such as that.

The place setting (serve) locations are altered as follows:

- For apartments, only sets places inside of the current apartment (can be disabled)

- For all lots, will only serve to tables 15 or less tiles away

The drop food (serving platter or single dish) locations are altered as follows:

- For apartments, only drops on counters/tables/floors within the current apartment (can be disabled)

- For all lots, will only drop on counters/tables 10 or less tiles away.  If no counters/tables are that close, then it will drop on the floor.  This is done instead of strolling up to the rooftop just to drop it on a rooftop table

- Allows many counter/table drops to be canceled, which results in the food being dropped on the floor (as opposed to the default game behavior which prevented most counter/tables drops from being ever being canceled)

Some types of food will not be affected by this hack, such as: individual Pizza Slices & Chinese Takeout Boxes.  The Pizza Box itself and the main Takeout Tray are affected, meaning it's only the individual servings that are ignored by the main hack.  You'll want to try the much more invasive ADDON hack to restrict drop locations on any food types that are not affected by the main hack.  But the ADDON will affect many other "droppable" objects in the game as well though.  So the drop locations for the OFB pet brick, possibly some custom content objects, mail from the mailbox, etc will all be affected.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, it allows those objects be dropped in more realistic locations as well (instead of on far off end tables up on the roof).

* Check out the readme.txt file for more information.

* drop-loc.jpg (137.56 KB, 600x600 - viewed 34324 times.)
* df_better_locations_for_food_serving_and_dropping.rar (9.27 KB - downloaded 311 times.)
* df_better_locations_for_food_serving_and_dropping_ADDON.rar (0.43 KB - downloaded 257 times.)
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