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Author Topic: Old People Alert! aka Some 70s stuff I'd love to find / 70s memory thread  (Read 1556 times)
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« on: June 17, 2009, 01:16:49 pm »

If you're my age you'll remember some of these... kids, see if your grandparents kept back copies of the (not very) legendary 'Apartment Life' magazine - awesome for 70s buy/build designs;) At some point I'm going to learn how to make these. On a mac.

1) Those mirrors that had the orange/brown toned sunsets silkscreened onto them. An off-shoot of these were mirrors with photos of classic bands silkscreened onto them in black (I fondly remember the one I had, with the Beatles from the Rubber Soul album cover. Ah....)

2) Every kid had these sheets, or really wanted them. Girls had the full-color rainbow one, boys had the one that was shades of brown. White sheets/comforters/curtains with a broad stripe down the middle or sides made up of varying color shades. The pillowcases had the same stripe, only curved from the middle bottom to one edge, so when you put two together you had a rainbow, in color or in brown, that lined up with the stripes on the sheets/comforter. Remember these???

3) Hip-length bulky knit 'sweater jackets' that had a matching knitted belt to tie them, usually in tweedy natural multicolored yarns.

4) That little tv that looked like an astronaut's helmet.

5) Brightly colored Panasonic electronics - there was a radio shaped like a donut only fatter in one place. It twisted open and the dial was on the inside, speaker on the other. Had one in yellow. They also made a tape recorder that was sort of pocketbook shaped, and (I know, cuz I had one!) and EIGHT-TRACK player!

6) Old-school Marimeko - the sheet sets with the primary colored toy boats, or cars, with of course all manner of linens to match.

7) Basket-weave contac paper - came in browns, metallics, and an incredibly garish red, white and blue version.

Cool Soft velour turtlenecks, in jewel tones. Girls wore these with a necklace hanging over the neck just at the front. It looked really stupid, but we did it.

9) Wine sacks. Made of some sort of (real? Artificial?) skin, with a plastic spout, and on a little rope strap. I'm guessing Hyde on That 70s Show probably carried one of these around.

10) Smurf figurines (desktop clutter.)

11) Multicolored shag carpeting

12) Avocado wall phone (alt. Goldenrod wall phone.)

13) "Infinity" mirrors - had tiny lights spaced behind the glass that would reflect back... and forward... and back.

14) Fiber-Optic multicolored light 'things' - fibers that came out of a base on a slow turntable, and would change color as they moved

15) AMC Gremlin. AMC Pacer. The goofiest cars of the 70s.

(Okay, yeah, my favorite shop in the mall was the one with the room at the back with the beaded curtain and the mysterious little items in the display case that I SWEAR I still have no idea about. Why would someone need an alligator clip with a long bright blue feather on it? Who bought all those tiny little different colored boxes and what did they use them for?Huh?   Wink

One day I'm going to surprise my mom with a complete recreation of my childhood home.... one day....

70s memories? 70's finds?
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« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2009, 05:30:53 pm »

The fiber optic lamp can be found over at MTS, as well as lava lamps. Wine skins and the other stuff, I have no clue about. I'm not sure where you can get the cowl neck sweaters, either, but do I ever remember them.

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