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Author Topic: NECROMANCY IS BAD, M'KAY?!?  (Read 4780 times)
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« on: October 16, 2010, 02:03:06 pm »

Let me explain what that title means. It is counted as necromancy when you reply to a thread that is more than a month or so dormant, unless it's a game thread or unless you have some new and useful information to impart to your fellow users.

Shall I define what necromancy means on a forum? It means dragging up a thread that had a useful life and informed people of things or asked questions and it was allowed to die down and go dormant because people had discussed the topic to its logical end. Necromancing the damn thing means that someone decided to drag it out of its grave because they wanted to add thanks, an insult, a stupid comment, you name it. If the information is not new or useful, it is necromancy.

Now, I dunno about you guys, but I find that kind of thing to be a massive pain in the spot of my body that connects with my chair. I don't like it. Most of the staff doesn't like it. A great many of our users do not like it. So don't do it!

We've noticed a great many acts of necromancy within the last week and have had to start locking those threads that have lain dormant for so very long because people obviously have not bothered to check the last date that it was posted in, they just thought they'd go to the back page of a section and drag out the last topic there and raise it, dumping the corpse of a peacefully resting topic onto the carpet of the rest of the site!

Now, we're asking that people don't do that. We don't care if it's the Halloween season or not, we don't wanna play with the damn zombies of threads that died ages ago, back almost to when this site was new the first time around. We don't like the smell. We don't like the drippings the critters leave on the carpets and the hard wood flooring. We don't like the stupid things jumping us from behind and screaming, "Brains!!" (or in the case of vegetarian zombies, "Grains!!") before they try to feed. Most of all, we don't like having to blow their flippin heads off by locking the topic so it once again gets buried and sinks back to where it belongs.

So, we're asking you, the user, please keep in mind that necromancy is bad, m'kay??

Maybe some of you are wondering if I'm serious concerning this topic, but that is for you to make up your own mind about. You'll see when I start taking names and kicking keisters.

I'm not a button, so DO NOT PUSH ME.
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