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Author Topic: Tutorial: Change The Sex Of Your Sim Using SimPE 0.72 Or Higher  (Read 26261 times)
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« on: January 22, 2010, 02:27:48 am »

Zirconia Wolf found a set of instructions somewhere and posted them at Simbology for changing the sex of the Sim using SimPE instead of with Insim. Insim did have an option to change the sex of the Sim, but the game still saw the Sim as the original sex. The instructions ZW found was originally used to change the sex of the baby, but this will work on toddlers and children. I don't know if this will work on teens and up, but use these instructions at your own risk.

So you want to change the sex of the Sim thoroughly after deciding you want your Sim to become a male instead or a female instead?


SimPE 0.72.x (AL/MG version)


1. Open SimPE and then click on Tools.
2. Select Neighborhood and then choose the 'hood you want to open.

*BACK UP your 'hood in case if you screw up and need to restore the 'hood.*

3. Then select Tools once again and choose Neighborhood>Sim Browser to open the list of Sims for your 'hood.
4. Click on the Sim you want to work on in the browser window and then click Open.
5. In the Plugin View tab, you should be seeing all types of information on the Sim you opened.
6. Click on More to open up a list of menu options and choose Open Character File to open that character file.
7. In the left window pane, select Age Data and then click on Age Data in the right window pane to view the character information in the Plugin View window.
8. Now, use the following steps carefully and pay attention to the details:

  • 1. In the Plugin View window below, you should see the gender (dtUInteger) line. Click on that line.
  • 2. In the Value field box, change to either sex you want.

      0x00000001 (Female)  or 0x00000002 (Male)

*Make sure you have 8 bits to the right of x, no less or higher than 8 in total.*

  • 3. Click Commit.
  • 4. Then in the left window pane, look for Property Set and click on that.
  • 5. In the right window pane, you should be seeing 7 Property Set items.
  • 6. Click on each Property Set, go to gender (dtUInteger) and change the value to either 1 (Female) or 2 (Male) and then click Commit.

*Do this for each Property Set.*

  • 7. Then click File and choose Save to save your progress at this point.
  • 8. After saving, click File>Close to close the character file.

9. Go back to Tools>Neighborhood>Neighborhood Browser to open the neighborhood you were just in.
10. Once again, click Tools>Neighborhood>Sim Browser to open the Sim you were just working on.
11. Tick the appropriate sex under Treat As for your Sim.
12. Then click Commit to save the changes to your Sim and you can at this point save the entire work by clicking File>Save.

This is also a perfect opportunity to change your Sim's name if you made the Sim from female to male or vice versa.


Practice on a test Sim in a test 'hood before you do serious work on a particular Sim you have in mind. Practice, practice, practice!

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