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Author Topic: Horses are Not Just For Girls-Sims 2 riding story.  (Read 4661 times)
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« on: February 01, 2011, 09:23:58 pm »

This is my FIRST sims 2 story, It was inspired by a friend of mine who is a guy who learned how to ride a horse because of his girlfriend. It has always been a stereotype that only girls ride horses, but there are PLENTY of teenage guys that do it! Hence the title.

Jake Gailand lays on the couch in the top floor of his friend's house. He has actually been living with with his best friend Colton for about 2 months, His parents are estranged and his mother has been abusive twoards him throuought his adolecence. He ran away from home and went to live with his best friend and his father. He has been best friends with Colton since the beginning of high school. Jake is about to doze off, but then a series of strange crashing noises on the roof awake him.
Jake:Damn Squirrels, Might as well hang out with Colt for a while.

Jake:Hey Colt, Whats up?

Colton: Nothin much, How about you?
Jake: Same here man.

Jake: So you're going there today?

Colton: Yeah,in a little while

Jake: It's funny, y'know? If you had'nt have gone out with Samantha, then you wouldn't know how to ride in the first place.

Colton: After we broke up last year, I wanted to continue doing it, got a problem with that?

Jake: I mean, look at you, Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse, You just dont look like the kind that would be into....Riding horses.

Colton: Well I was thinking of possibly today, taking you to the stable and possibly teaching you how to ride.

Jake ponders over it for a while

Jake:Well, ok Ill come with you, just DON'T expect me to get on a horse right away

Jake: Dad, I was thinking about taking Jake to the stable for a while, Can I
James: Ok! Be safe!
James is Colton's father, He is a professional bodybuilder. Unfortunatly him and his wife are separated, like Jake's parents.

Colton: I can? I love you Dad!
James: I love you too, Colt

The two of them go to the stable where the horses are kept

Colton: Well,here they are!

Jake: Wow, there are so many of them!

Jake: Who is this one?

Colton: This is Princess, She's a Thoroughbred Mare. She is actually an Ex-Racehorse, I guess her jockey got a faster horse. We didnt want her to go to the slaughterhouse, so we bought her!

Jake: This one is HUGE!!

Colton: He may be big, but he is the friendliest horse you could ever ride!

Colton: And this horse is the one I ride, his name is Star, He is a 12 year old Palamino gelding.
Jake: What's a Palamino?
Colton: Its a horse that's Golden Pearl in color.

Jake: Why is this stall empty?
Colton: The horse that was in there unfortunatly died of old age. He was about 39 years old, pretty old for a horse!

Colton: They are actually no stallions in this stable, only mares and all the male horses are geldings.
Jake: I forgot to ask you? Whats the difference between a gelding and a stallion?
Colton: A gelding is a castrated male horse. yes, the horse's balls are removed.
Jake: That's NASTY!
Colton: Yeah, I saw a horse get castrated, it was so f*cking gross.
But however, that is subject to change, you see we are getting a new horse, I saw it. A GORGEOUS black stallion.
Jake: Where did it come from?
Colton: He was actually a prized ranch horse, but his owner was abusive, and I heard he damn near whipped the poor horse to death.
Jake: OH my GOD! what kind of heartless bastard would do that?!?!

That day, Colton actually taught Jake how to ride
Jake: Colt, are you SURE I'm ready for this?
Colton: Yes you are, you really bonded with the horses at the stable, you're ready to ride! Now just put you're RIGHT foot in the stirrup and throw the other leg over, just don't accidentally kick her, because she WILL spook and take off.

Jake sucsessfully mounts for the first time!
Colton: Lookin' good Jake!

Then the boys start with a gentle walk.

Later that evening, the boys go hang out in the living room of Colton's house.
Colton: You did REALLY good riding Pasha today
Jake: Thanks man!
Colton: Also I would like you to go to the stable tommorrow. Mabye another riding lesson and mabye the new horse will come tommorrow.

James:Boys, Im going to the gym for a while!
Colton: Alright Dad, Also If the horse comes tommorrow, Dad will be there to help us.

Later, the three of them hang out in the Jacuzzi.

James: So Jake, How was your first time in the saddle?

Jake:It was SO cool! No wonder Colt Likes to do it!

Colton: I taught him everything he needs to know about riding, how to walk, trot and even canter.

James: I remember MY first time on a horse, It was when I as 16 years of age, and I went to my grandfather's ranch in Oregon. He had this beautiful Clydesdale stallion and he let me ride him all around the corral! It was an amazing feeling.....

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