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Author Topic: Living in the 60's/70's: The Camden Legacy  (Read 8134 times)
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« on: October 16, 2009, 11:27:53 pm »

Sorry I have to stories going at once...I'm guilty of multi-tasking lol. After reading a couple of good legacies on here I was inspired to write my own. I have never done one before so we will see how it goes...I am only doing it for fun not points so some of things in the legacy might break the rules lol. I am doing a 50's-70's theme so some of the clothes and furnishings will come from all three eras lol.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Bowerville

Hey what's shakin'? My name is Ian Camden and I live in a dusty old town named Bowerville. I inherited this giant dustbowl of a lot when my dad died unexpectedly while trying to make is own legacy. He never made enough money to build a house so he and mom died of heatstroke, leaving me to fend for myself. I was taken in by some nice people until recently. They gave me 20 thousand simoleons and dropped me off at my late father's legacy lot. Not much to look at if you ask me.
Ian's Profile:
Aspiration: Fortune
Personality: Neat 4 Shy 2 Active 5 Playful 5 Niceness 7
LTW: To have 5 successful businesses *thats never going to happen!*
Desired career: Medicine

Boy am I glad I took up construction in high school! In 10 hours I made my own house..looks more like a brick teepee but it will do. I couldn't make it too big since I don't have alot of money to work with. As you can see I decided to search the want ads. Got to make the bacon if ya wanna eat.

This is the inside of my brick teepee

Alright, let's see what we have here...Slacker, nope, Oceansomethingortheother, nope, surfer..hmm...well its not the medical career but it sounds interesting...I will give it a shot. Oh by the way check out my cool radio. Had to have some tunes. Thank goodness it runs on batteries because I ran out of money before I could hook the electricity up.

Look at me boogie woogie! Alright I can't dance for nothing. I look like something between a cat stuck in a hair dryer and a chicken laying an egg. But thats alright though! I'm still jammin.

Hey look I'm John Travolta! (Yea right!) Man I got some moves!

Drat! I guess I don't have it after all....*rubbing behind*

While I was attempting to sharpen my boogie skills this nice honey came walking by my house. Totally random. She had on some future looking outfit like the kind you see on the Twilight Zone (yea I watch that show don't laugh). Maybe she digs that kinda thing. She looks like perfect legacy material...let's see what kinda chick she is first though.

Me: Hey my name is Ian. What's yours?
Her: Lucy. Lucy Spitzig. Nice to meet you too.
Me: I'm new here.
Lucy: Right on! I'm new here too.
Me in my mind: Man she is HOT!
Me: Mind if we chat for a moment?
Lucy: No problem!
She seemed a bit happy about that.

Lucy: I love flowers. Especially white ones. One time, at summer camp, I was holding a flower and a bee came out and stung me in the face!
Me: Wow, that had to hurt.
Lucy: It sure did! My face swelled up like a basketball!
That was a bad visual.
Me: Well your face looks just fine to me (did i just say that? Am I flirting?)

Lucy: Why, thank you Ian. *blushing*
Me: Well, I like flowers too. White is ok, but i prefer purple tulips. Perhaps when I earn enough money I will plant a few.
Lucy: That would be nice. Be careful though. The desert soil is harsh on plants.
Me: I will keep that in mind.
She knows alot about plants. I suppose thats a good thing. maybe if we get hitched she can plant veggies so we don't have to go to the grocery so much. Man am I a sap. We don't even know what our likes are and I am thinking of getting hitched! Well the legacy clock is ticking....

Lucy: The earth is so important!
That was random. Kind of like her walking by. Cool.
Me: Mmmmyea it is.
Lucy: We got to like, take care of it and stuff! Otherwise the earth will evict us!
Yea. I am positive she is a Twilight Zone fan. i think we are going to get along fine. Unfortunately I don't like talking about the earth so much. Makes me feel like a hippie.

Unfortunately my carpool came before I could ask her about her hobbies. I told her to chill out in my house until I got back. I even hinted to make some dinner if she felt like it. I can't cook worth a lick so a woman's touch would be excellent. When I got in the car this creepy looking guy was driving. I hope he's not some serial killer. That would be a bad thing. Definitely. Wait, is that a hand print on the windshield? Oh man I am toast.

Lucy decided to boogie woogie to past the time. Now she has some moves! Better than me by a long shot.

Some neighborhood people came to say hello but I of course was starting my job as a beach bum. No time to socialize sorry! Gotta make that bacon! That chick wearing the quilt dress looks like a hippie. Yea, she's a hippie.

When i got back home from work I earned a grand total of 100 simoleons! Man I'm in the money! (Yea right!) I noticed my trash can was knocked over. I cleaned it up fast. I hope I didn't get any roaches. I am scared of roaches! ick!

As soon as I stepped into my dark house the phone rang. Funny how the phone works even without the electricity. I pick up.
Lucy: Hey you what's shakin?
She stole my bit! How cute! Geez I'm such a nerd.
Me: Well just came in from work. Kinda tired.
Lucy: That's ok. You should get some rest soon. By the way I went to this concert called Eartha-palooza! It was a benefit to raise money to help the earth!
She sure does like the earth huh? I hope she's not a hippie. Can't have a hippie in the legacy. I'm scared of hippies.
Me: Umm, that sounds great. Hope you had fun.
Lucy: Of course!
Lucy and I talked half the night. We got to know each other very well. She loves to cook which is a bonus. I just hope she comes over tomorrow so we can get to know each other even better.

Have you ever taken a bath in the dark? Well this is what its like! I thought I saw something crawl in my bath water, but it could have been a shadow of my own arm..I hope so. I am so glad I had enough money to buy this tub. Otherwise I would have been bathing in the kitchen sink.

Aaaah! Good ole mattress on the floor. I am so tired from being a beach bum, even though its my first day. I fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillows. i dream of Lucy. Is that a sign?

Good morning! Wait, the sun's not up yet. Geez why am I up so early! Oh well time for breakfast...and look what I choose! Cookies! Man I got to learn how to cook. Can't be living off of junk food. If I get fat i am sure Lucy will put m on some kind of earth friendly diet. Hahahaha! I laugh at myself.

I waited until the sun rose before checking the newspaper for want ads. I Can't read in the dark you know! Ok let's see..Pickpocket, nope, Dishwasher, heck no!, some kind of job involving playgrounds..nuh uh. No medical jobs. Oh well, time for my second day as a beach bum.


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« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2009, 08:32:40 am »

I really like this so far! Smiley

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« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2009, 11:42:17 pm »

Thanks for the comment Shibby, I'm glad you like it! I hope you keep reading.

Chapter 2: Getting into the groove

Lucy and I have been getting along great! She comes over alot now, but sometimes she comes when I am at work. I have discovered that she and I have alot of things in common, very good legacy material indeed. I am getting bored of my beach bum job so I hope the morning paper has my dream job in it. If I see one more grain of sand I am going to go out of my tiny mind! Ok, enough venting. Since this not so cool job of mine gave me a small bonus, I connected my electric and now I am going to ask Lucy for a date.
Me: Hey Lucy, how are you doing?
Lucy: (water running in the background) Oh fine. Just washing dishes.
Me: Hey, uh, I was thinking, maybe you would like to go to the diner with me? For a...a..
Lucy: Are you asking me out?
Me:Um...yea something like that. So what do you think?
Lucy: Of course. Let me just gussy up and I will meet you there.

Woo hoo! She said yes! I am one lucky guy! Hopefully....
I better clean the house before I leave, just in case the date goes very well. *winks* is clean, now lt me check the paper while I wait for the taxi. I better search quick because the taxi seems to move at the speed of lightning.
Gas station attendant, nope, dishwasher again..whats with that job? It seems like they always need dishwashers! They must have a million dirty is!! Medical Technician! I grabbed the phone before I could blink twice, called the hospital and I got the job! Yes! and they pay is much better! This is truly my lucky day...a date and a dream job..this is awesome.

I am floating on cloud 100! Forget about cloud 9! As soon as I got out of the taxi Lucy ran over to me and gave me a big hug. I hugged her a little longer, because she smells like sunshine and lemons...very nice.
Me: I am so glad to see you *inhales*
Lucy: I'm glad to see you too Ian. You act like we haven't seen each other in years!
Me: Ha ha ha...*nervous* sorry. I just like seeing you.

We went inside and got comfy at one of the tables. I just couldn't stop smiling. She is so pretty ya know, and I just didn't think she would give me the time of day. I am a lucky guy. I watched her as she scanned the menu. She took her time with everything, even talking. I am patient though.
Lucy: I think I want....hmmm...ribs. That sounds good. Kind of messy.
Me: Yea it is.
I quickly looked at the menu to see how much it cost. I know i sound like a cheapskate but I got a SMALL bonus not a big one! Phew ok its only 18 simoleans...not bad. I go the cheap route and settle on a bowl of rice. Hahahaha yea very cheap.

Lucy at those ribs like it was going out of style! Wow...if we get married I hope our kids don't eat like that. We will never have food in the house! I just nibbled at my rice.
Lucy: (Mouth full) Mmmm..this food's good. (gobble slurp)
Me: Yea looks like it *calmly nibbles*
Lucy: (burps) Ooh! Sorry I didn't expect that.
Me: Oh no problem, nothing wrong with a little-
Lucy: *BURP*
Me: Umm..burp.
Even though she eats and burps like a trucker, I still thinks she's pretty. I think I am desperate huh? Well I am not...just...lovestruck?

After lunch we decided to dance. She taught me some moves, which was cool. I admitted to her that I couldn't dance worth a rip. We danced until our legs started to ache.
Me: Hey do you want to play some pool?
Lucy: (small burp) sure! I warn you though, i am pretty good.
Me: We will see about that!

I got to break, which was a good advantage. Is Lucy checking me out? I think so. I looked over to her and she quickly looked away, and i could see her blush! Yes, she was checking me out! I almost lost my grip on the pool stick, which made her laugh.

She won the game, like I expected. But look what I got for a second place prize! This is better than the door number 3 prize on Let's Make a Deal! Wooooow!

This time I kissed her first. Don't we look cute together?

Lucy: I wish we could dance like this forever, don't you Ian?
Me: Mmhmm *Inhales*
Lucy: I..really like you alot. Like a Whole bunch and stuff!
Me: Mmhmm...I like you too. A whole lot.
I definitely know what I have to do now.

The next night, after I came home from my awesome new job, I asked Lucy to come over. I decided to make us official. I just hope she doesn't run off into the night like a petrified deer.
I was so excited to see her that I kissed her.
Lucy: mmmph! Ian! wow!
Me: Oh sorry. You are just so beautiful and all...I couldn't help it.
Lucy just smiles.

As soon as we got in the house, I got on one knee, a little wobbly because I was nervous, and said,
"Lucy, I know we have only known each other for a week, but I feel that we are perfect for each other. Will you marry me?"
She jumped and down and squealed. She was so excited, saying yes over and over again. I put the ring on her finger, my hands shaking. I never thought that propsing would be so hard! I just hope she doesn't mind that I bought her ring from the pawn shop. What?! That's all I could afford!

She jumped into my arms when I asked her to marry me tonight. I thought I was going to drop her! I think I need to work out, especially if she is in the habit of jumping on people.

I invited my friend Randy over to be a witness to our "wedding". He went straight to the chess board, watching us with one eye.
Me: I, Ian Camden take you Lucy Spitzig to be my wife...Hey Randy you payin attention?
Randy: Yea..sure..checkmate!
Me: Pfft....anyways, I promise to be with you forever and ever, even when you are sick with the plague.

Lucy: And I, Lucy Renee Spitzig, take you Ian Camden to be my husband, forever and ever, until the grim reaper takes us from this earth.
 Awww isn't she sweet? I know for sure that I picked the right woman to help me with my legacy.
Randy peeked up from the game and clapped a couple times before going back to the chess game. Geez he's not a lively guest is he?

The big kiss after the I am still buzzing from that kiss.

After the ceremony, I gave a new outfit as a wedding gift. She put it on right away, and fixed her hair all up. Isn't she beautiful? She also brought in 13,000 simoleans! Man she didn't tell me she was loaded!

Lucy Camden
Aspiration: Family
Neat 4 Shy 4 Active 4 Playful 7 Nice 6
Occupation: Education
LTW: To be an education minister


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« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2010, 03:40:35 am »

Aww, they're so cute together!  I do hope you continue this! Cheesy

Edit:  Apologies to the mods for the necro.  Didn't see the last post date.
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« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2010, 04:27:55 am »

Since this hasn't been updated in over a year, I'm going to lock this. Simgirl75001, if you plan on updating this again soon, feel free to contact me via PM.

Everybody should believe something.
I believe I'll have more coffee.
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