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Author Topic: Blind Colors [Chapter 2 is up!]  (Read 4241 times)
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« on: February 17, 2010, 11:46:11 pm »

Just a new story! Haha. My old one will never be fixed because my mom got me a new computer and she trashed the other before I could go and get my downloads. I tried to find them but I didn't. ): Moving on, here is a new story in my mind. Hopefully it plays out well.


"We're here finally. I didn't think that it was going to take us this long to get here," Ethan told his sister as he moved to open the door of the taxi. He was pretty sure that the drive yesterday was shorter, but then again, he had been listening to his iPod the whole time so maybe he had spaced out.

Gripping the handle, he stood on the curb as he gently grasped his younger sister's hand and took her out of the vehicle. With the door shut, he paid the taxi driver before turning his attention to the house. It was bigger than there last house since it had only been a one story. Just looking at the house made him a bit homesick, but he was sure that his sister was feeling a lot worse.

Khloe meanwhile walked a few steps in the direction of the hosue, using her sensitive skills of touch with her feet to find the sidewalk and not to land on the grass. Feeling the cool breeze ruffle through her dark hair, she quietly stood still and crossed her arms, surveying the house as if she could really see the beauty of it.

"It's beautiful. If only you could..." Ethan began before he stopped himself. Mentally kicking himself, he put his hand behind his head to scratch his neck in a rather irritable fashion. Why did he had to go and say something like that? He didn't want to hurt his sister's feelings or anything, but even though it had been six years, he was still getting used to the nw situation. Before he could say anything however, he watched as Khloe took a few steps to the house before turning in his direction with a small smile on her face.

"I know," she whispered with a reassuring look on her face. "I wish that I could see it too. I bet it looks way better than our old home." Hoping that she had given him the reassurance that her brother needed, she patiently waited to see what would come next. Luckily, she said the right words and before she knew it, her hand was taken and she was being led into the house and up the stairs.

Her senses quickly started working on her new surroundings. Right away she picked up the scent of new polished floors, some every day cleaners and a few other scents that were quite new to her. When they reached the stairs, she stumbled a bit, but caught herself easily enough. Right away she began counting the steps, not wanting to have an accident later if she needed to get something on her own.

Reaching the second floor, she followed close behind Ethan, her other arm gliding across the wall until they reached her bedroom. With the door opened, she stepped inside, instantly feeling a bit lost in her new surroundings.

"Mom brought all of your old stuff here. It's fixed just like the old bedroom except it's a bit spaced out. I even put your Tokio Hotel posters up just for you," her brother said softly as he hoped that his words would cheer her up. Khloe just nodded, hugging her arms a bit before she walked forward. Side stepping a few times, her right foot bumped into the bed frame and relief seemed to wash over her.

"I gotta do some other unpacking so I'll be back to check on you. Mom said that she'll be here in an our or so. She took Echo to get a new collar and a check up. Just stay tight okay?" With those words said, he left the room and headed downstairs to fix up the kitchen and the living room since he had promised his mom that he would get it done.

Left alone, the seventeen year old managed to sit on her bed comfortably, a sad look falling upon her face. She had been against this move since the begining, but she couldn't be cruel to her mother. She knew that she was tired of living in that house, their home that reminded her so much of their father. Six years ago they had been a perfect family until tragedy paid them a visit. Back then, Khloe had her vision and her father was there to put a smile on her face. She still remembered the last day she saw him, or saw anything for that matter.

The family had just finished having dinner at their favorite restaurant and were on their way home. It was storming, the roads slick with heavy rain and strong winds. When they were heading down the high way, a large fan swerved into their lane and hit the small car with the family in it hard on the driver's side. The opposite side where Khloe was sitting slammed into the guard rail. Metal crunched under the force while glass shattered from all around. The tiny pieces covered the family, but the most damage it did was to little Khloe. Somehow the pieces managed to get into her eyes, cutting them badly.

The family was taken to the hospital and it was there that Ethan and their mother Tina was given heartbreaking news. Adam was dead and Khloe was never going to be able to see again. The young brunette had stayed in the hospital for weeks before her eyes were healed, but the road for a full recovery was going to be a long one. Although Ethan and his mother had gotten injured as well, it wasn't as bad as what Khloe had. Her world was completely turned upside down and to add to it, her beloved father was no longer around.

Feeling her eyes water, Khloe tried her best not to let herself cry. She wanted her family to be happy and she knew that being sad like this was only bringing them down. Sighing softly, she looked out the window to see the clouds a dark gray and hear the sound of rain hitting the shingles up on the roof. How long had she been sitting her? Not really know, she rubbed her eyes again before moving off of the bed. Getting her footing, she went once around the room, careful not to fall as she tried to see if everything was there. When she was satisfied, she found the door and headed to the stairwell.

Thankfully her memory wasn't all too bad as she found the railing and slowly began to lead her way downstairs. Right away she picked up the sounds of her brother and mom talking somewhere near by. Reaching the bottom step, she turned the corner and found herself standing through a new doorway.

"There you are sweetie," Tina greeted as she took the preparations for breakfast to the counter. "Was your room okay? I tried to set it up the best I could. I don't have that good of a memory though," she said with a half smile. Khloe didn't answer right away, moving her head around the room as if hoping that she would be able to see something in the room. However, she was disappointed as she reached out a hand infront of her to feel a chair and then the table. Well, at least she had found the kitchen.

"It's fine mom. I found everything okay for the most part. Ethan showed me where my room was," she half whispered as she took a seat. Her mother didn't answer, merely nodding her head as she went onto cooking. Khloe kept quiet for the most part as well, simply laying her head down. As she did this, her mind suddenly went to Echo, her beloved German Shepherd. Where was he anyhow? "Mom, where's Echo?"

"Oh, he's in the yard sweety. The car ride was a bit too long for him so I let him run around the backyard. He seems quite happy with it actually. I'll let him in when we're done eating."

Blinking slowly, she let out a tired sigh as she buried her head in her arms. She was starting to get a headache, but she figured it was because of the new stress put on her body. With the smell of food hanging in the air, her stomach let out a growl of hunger that quickly made her blush. Well, perhaps skipping dinner last night wasn't the best idea.

"Khloe, don't lay your head on the table. Now sit up, breakfast is finished," her mother tisked as she placed the plate down. The teen sad up groggily, letting out a yawn as she leaned her head on one bent arm and casually found the plate with her right hand. Smelling the cooked eggs and toast, she knew right away what was given to her without needing to be told. Gripping the hot food, she blew cool air over it before taking a bite.

Ethan came in not a moment too late as he sat down across from his sister. He wasn't one to be late for a meal since he was almost always eating. His metabolism was one to be envious about since he could eat a whole cow and not even gain an ounce.

"Food looks great mom," he said with a grin as he quickly dug in. Tina simply nodded, sitting down next to her son as she too began eating. Breakfast went on uneventful for about fifteen minutes before Khloe finally sat up fully and dropped her half eaten food on the plate.

"I hate it here," she whispered as she leaned back in her seat. Tina frowned, looking at her daughter with worry. They had just moved into the house for a good few hours and already, her daughter wasn't liking it. She knew that it was going to be hard for her to get used to this, but she didn't think that her rather optimistic daughter would throw in the towel that easily.

"Khloe, don't say that. We just moved here and soon enough you'll like this place just like our old home. It's bigger here and the city to go shopping isn't too far off and-"

"I don't care about that stuff. Why does it matter? I can't go shopping anyways! It's not like I can see what I'm buying! I can't see anything!" she snapped as she crossed her arms angrily over her chest. "I don't want to be here! I want to go home. I want everything back!"

Ethan didn't say a word, simply lowering his eyes as he ate his food. He knew it was best to just keep quiet, especially since there wasn't much he could actually say anyways. Tina of course was a bit taken back by her daughter's words, but it wasn't like she didn't expect a bit of a hassel.

"Khloe, this is our home now. We aren't going back. You need to give this place a chance instead of shutting it all away. I did this for you and Ethan and myself. I did this for us," she said sofly, hoping her words would go through.

"No you didn't. You did it for yourself," she muttered as she moved out of her chair and moved out of the room. Taking a few steps from the kitchen, she suddenly bumped into something large and furry. Not even needing to look down, she knealed down on one knee and reached out her hand to feel a warm velvet tongue licking her finger tips.

"Hey boy," she said as her anger seemed to melt away and a smile appeared on her face. "Ethan left the back door for you huh?" Feeling over his wet fur, she got closer and hugged around him. The dog easily whined with delight, licking his master's face as his tail wagged. Feeling a bit better, she finally pulled away and started to walk forward. Echo stayed closer, making sure that his Master didn't hurt herself. Finding the living room, she felt around the end table and to the sofa finally where she sat down. The sofa was new of course, but it felt more comfortable than their old couch.

Right away, she tried to relax, simply telling herself that she needed a nap since sleeping last night seemed impossible. Shifting her weight, she finally laid down and got comfortable. Without a moment too soon, she started to fall asleep as her eye lids fell closed.

Echo watched, crawling over to lick his owner's hand before he left her side. He wasn't gone for long however as he found his favorite chew toy and returned to lay infront of the new sofa. He busied himself with the blue bone, quietly waiting for his Master to wake up. He hardly ever left his side unless he was told to. He guarded the other family members as well, but it was Khloe that he was closest too. After all, he was her seeing-eye dog and therefore was suppose to be her prized canine.
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« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2010, 04:58:01 pm »

I love it so far!


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« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2010, 07:04:34 pm »

Its great! Cheesy


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« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2010, 04:33:36 am »

Sorry for the late reply everyone. ): I came down with a horrible cold and ended up having a fever for two days straight. I feel WAY better now so I was able to finish chapter two. Sorry if it's borring. >.<;

"Khloe, wake up."


"Come on! You can't be sleeping all day. It's getting late...and you don't need mom coming in here and getting after you..."

Muttering another sigh, she rolled over on her other side before the brunette decided that it was better that she get up now instead of hearing her mother scream at her. She really didn't want to sit through another lecture.

Sitting up on the sofa, she shifted her weight to get comfortable before her brother took a seat on the floor. She was still very tired, but evening was going to be coming around the corner soon enoguh even though it was barely a little after two o'clock.

"I finished most of the living room. Mom left to get a few new items for the kitchen and what not," Ethan said as he leaned back on his hands. He then studied his sister's face, wanting to make sure that she was okay. He knew that the situation was stressful for her, but he was hoping that she would take it better than how she was now.

"You okay? Mom is still a little upset over what happened this morning."

Khloe didn't answer right away, her hands carefully intertwining with one another as she let out a rather tired sigh. "I didn't mean to blow up this morning. I'm just...still annoyed over what happened. Mom didn't even give us a reason to move. We could've stayed there."

"We could've..." Ethan agreed with a nod. "But you have to think about mom. She was losing it back there. Too many things reminded her of dad-"

"So? That's what I liked about it. Just because dad is dead doesn't mean that we have to forget about him."

"We're not forgetting him Khloe. Mom just wanted to start out new and try to build a new life for us."

"I don't want a new life. There was nothing wrong with our old life." With that said, she moved off of the sofa and started to walk away. She didn't get far though as a hand went around her wrist and stopped her.

"Khloe, wait. Please?" Ethan pleaded softly as he waited for his sister to turn around. "Mom knows that this move was going to be rough for you. That's why we decorated your room just like you had it before and she made sure to get you a home that would be easy for you to move around. Just...try to give it some time. I know that you are upset, but it'll be okay. I'm here for you remember?"

Khloe was still very upset over what was going on, but decided that her brother did have a point. There wasn't really a good reason not to give this place a shot. Pulling away some, she quietly wrapped her arms around her brother and gave him a tight hug. Ethan in turn, smiled brightly as he made sure to give his sister a warm hug to make her feel better.

When they pulled back, Ethan gave his sister a kiss on her cheek before he asked her if she wanted to go outside for a bit. She agreed and soon the pair were down the hall and out the back door. Ethan used the time to tell his sister of the pool that they had and the slide that she would probably want to use on a warmer day. That right there made Khloe feel a bit better about everything. She had never had a pool of her own before and having it at home meant that she could go swimming whenever she wanted.

Taking a seat at the pool edge, the pair stuck their feet in as they started to converse about the old times. Soon, Khloe's frown was no longer around and instead, a warm smile that reached her eyes was the only thing she showed on her face. Ethan was glad that he could still give his sister a smile. It had been hard for him to do so after the accident, but within a few weeks, he had his sister holding a small grin despite her eyes being bandaged in the hospital. Even at a young age he knew that life was going to be different because of her blindness and he of course wanted to be there for her.

As the hours slipped by, evening finally came around. Dinner was made, but Khloe didn't eat all that much of the fried chicken brought home. She didn't even sit at the table either. She still didn't want to talk to her mother yet and so, she went to sit in the living room where Echo kept her company. Her faithful canine simply laid by her feet, knowing better not to beg. When she had finished of course, she gave the scraps to the large furball currently licking her ankles. When her plate was cleaned, she dropped off her plate in the kitchen and headed up to her room. She was tired all over again, not even carring that it was still too early to go to bed.

Once in the safety of her room, she took down her hair and changed into her pajamas. Thankfully, her mom had organized her drawer the right way so she didn't have to worry about putting on something that she shouldn't be wearing to bed. When she was young, she had a lot of trouble with that, relying simply on memory to get everything days done. She had hated herself so much because of it, mad over the fact that she couldn't get things down as quickly as she could. Sometimes she would just fall to the floor and actually have a tantrum, tears of anger streaming down her face because of how frustration she felt. Luckily, that didn't happen now, but with this new house, she wouldn't blame herself if she fell apart.

Walking over to her bed, Khloe settled down and remained in her bed for the rest of the night. She didn't fall asleep until a little around midnight and even then, her sleep was restless. She tried her best to get as much rest as possible, but sadly, the hours went by too fast. Before she knew it, her bedroom door was opening and imediately, she ducked her head under the covers.

"Hey sis, you awake?" he questioned softly as he got closer to the bed. Hearing no reply, he moved and sat on her bed for a moment. "Today is my first day of school. Wish me luck?"

Khloe muttered something under her breath as she moved the blanket aside. Her hair was messy, but she didn't care since no one was seeing her but her brother. "Mom starts work today too right?" she asked as her hands moved to brush her bangs out of the way.

"Yeah, she does. Mom said that she already has your work out for you to do today on the kitchen table. As far as I know, it seems like simple reading, but then again, I can't read brail. I'm not a genius," he sort of teased her with a gentle smile. Khloe of course just stuck her tongue out before grinning as well.

"Yeah, yeah. Get going silly. I'll see you after school."

Ethan nodded right after, saying bye to his sister as he left the room and went down stairs to the kitchen. "Bye mom!" he called to her, hearing a muttered 'bye' as well from somewhere in the house. Sticking some pens in his pocket, he headed out the door and off to school.

With her brother gone, Khloe turned on her side and reached for her clock near the night stand. "The time is now 7:08" Frowning at the time, she sat up and pushed the blankets away. "Isn't that too early? He said class doesn't start until nine," she muttered to herself as she got out of bed. Find her dresser with a little difficulty (Mind you, she only had a few ours of sleep!), she fumbled with the drawer and hoped what she got was a matching outfit. With clothes in hand, she went to the bathroom and gave herself a very welcomed warm shower. Thankfully, the room wasn't that hard to manuver, or the shower for that matter. She didn't trip this time, which meant the shower curtain was going to be hanging up for a while longer and her mom didn't have to worry about taking her to the hospital again.

When the shower was done, she put her clothes away before getting out the dryer. She found the plug easily and so was able to brush and dry her hair. She never liked to have wet hair for too long, ever since she decided to keep her hair this long. When she was longer, her hair never reached past her shoulders, but once she lost her sight, she sort of forgot how she looked in a way. Ever so often she would fix herself up but most days, her hair was tied up in pig tails, which was what she was doing today. Once the braids were tied, she was out of the bathroom and straight back to her bedroom.

Plopping on her bed, she switched on the radio to make the sounds of Linkin Park fill the emtpyness in the room. Seeing that it was one of her favorite songs, she quietly moved to lay on her bed and just relax. The thought of taking a nap crossed her mind, but before she could even make it happen, the bedroom door opened and the familiar scent of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamond tickled her nostrils.

"Hey sweetie," Tina greeted as she walked towards the bed. She wasn't so sure what mood her daughter was in, but she hoped it was a good one. "I'm about to go to work in a bit. I just wanted to come and check on you."

In truth, the young teenager was still a bit upset, but she didn't want to ruin her mom's first day of work. She was finally working the job she always wanted and if that made her mom happy, why ruin it? "I'm okay mom. I'm just gonna listen to music for a while and I'll get started on my studying. Ethan told me that you laid out some new books for me?"

"Yes, I did. It's for your english so I'm sure you'll finish them by the end of the day. They aren't that hard so I know you'll do great."

Khloe nodded her head, raising a hand to brush her bangs from her face. "Yeah, I'll have it done later. Are you doing to be home late? I know that Ethan will be here around two, but you won't be in til around six right? I think you told me that yesterday."

Tina sighed, crossing her arms over her chest gently. "I know, it's later than I've worked before, but once I get used to this job, I'll ask for a different schedule. You know that I don't like leaving you home alone. Anything can happen when I'm away and-"

"Mom, I'm not five years old. I can take care of myself you know," she tried to reassure her mother as she smiled a little. "I swear not to cook anything this time or to run through the house chasing Echo...again. I learned my lesson when I nearly broke the coffee table."

Seeing as she had nothing to do but take her word, Tina went to her daughter and kissed her cheek. "Just be safe. I bought hot pockets for you in the freezer if you get hungry and I already fed Echo for the morning. His snacks are under the sink if you want to give him one." Pulling back, she headed to the bedroom door. "Oh, and by the way, I'll be calling the house around three o'clock to make sure that everything is alright. Just try and get some rest."

"Okay. Bye mom." A moment later, the door was shut and the teen was left to her thoughts again. Silently, she closed her eyes and instantly thought about Ethan. Hopefully he was having a good day at school.

Next chapter, it'll be about Ethan at school. Will he make friends or enemies? And what about Khloe? Perhaps this is the year that she would leave home school and try high school. Wink
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« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2010, 10:29:43 pm »

Yay! Love it so much!

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