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Author Topic: Sims 3 Tools  (Read 6622 times)
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« on: February 16, 2010, 08:05:33 pm »

These are the tools to help you in times when a problem arise with your game and your mods. The tools help you find conflicts, help you clean out the files, install files for you and help you keep your organized folders clean and reasonably free of corrupted files.

Delphy's Tools:

Sims 3 Monkey Install Helper

I personally never tried this program to install my mods, objects and recolors, but I hear people say this is a very useful tool to install the files without requiring technical knowledge and skill. Read the documentation and thread there before you decide if you want to use this tool to help installing stuff for Sims easy for you.

Sims 3 Framework Installer

This program differs from Sims 3 Monkey Install Helper. This program installs the framework you need before you install your mods. Use this tool first to install the framework, and then use Sims 3 Monkey Install Helper to install the mods.

Sims 3 Dashboard

This program is extremely useful in finding conflicts with the stuff you install and cleaning up any corrupted file the program finds inside your game folders and whatnot. This program is under constant development. Delphy has made fantastic progress with his work on Sims 3 Dashboard. It helped me find problems with my own mods and fix them when they need to be fixed so they will work with other mods made by other creators out there. I recommend this program as it is a better program than the original Indie Stone Compatibility Checker program by CaptainBinky at MTS. That program had not been updated in ages and is considered unsupported now for the later versions of Sims 3.

Experimental Sims 3 Clean Installer

This program is in its experimental stage, meaning that if something is broken, Delphy will need to know about the bug and fix it until the program functions well enough to be released as an official tool. This tool is supposed to clean up any corrupted file it finds and delete certain .cache files before the game starts up. It is supposed to help you maintain your Sims 3 game folders in a reasonable manner so the game will function properly to an extent.

For those of you who played Sims 2 and used Sims 2 Clean Installer, this is it. Same program from Sims 2 redesigned or re-written for use with Sims 3. So you know what Sims 2 Clean Installer did. Then you will know what Sims 3 Clean Installer do. But right now, it does not install files for Sims 3. So it functions slightly different, but the idea is the same.

I haven't tested this yet, but I will when I am able to. Feel free to add comments about this particular program.


If you are a Mac user, please recommend any program you find to help install stuff for Sims 3 or do similar stuff the above tools do. I heard that you need to run one of the tools above on Mono with X11 (a type of operating system that is supposed to be 11?).

There is one tool made by Marhis:

Sims 3 Framework Installer

The above works the same as Delphy's Sims 3 Framework Installer for Windows. That's the impression. I don't know if this program still continues to work with later versions of Sims 3 or its latest EP/SPs.

I do apologize for not being aware of any Sims 3 tool to be used on Macs, but at least I try to learn about them when I do come across them.

Please keep the comments and links to the subject of Sims 3 tools for both Windows and Mac. Any comment not related to the above subject will be removed.

Also, post your questions and issues in those appropriate threads from where you got the tools to use with Sims 3. We don't provide support for those tools here.

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