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Author Topic: Verona Is Not Just For Romeo and Juliet 2, Chapter 10 is up! 06/26  (Read 21436 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2010, 02:05:02 pm »

Ah, a long-awaited update! I'm happy to see the story going again, I was afraid you might stop! Can't wait for the next one~and the other pictures look great.
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« Reply #16 on: June 23, 2010, 08:15:01 pm »

YAY! Cheesy

I knew something about Christina would happen. If she was a child, she'd walk in on them, I'll bet. But since she's still a toddler; crying. xD Tybalt's being hotheaded and not listening, but when is he ever different?

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« Reply #17 on: June 23, 2010, 08:54:25 pm »

I have nothing better to do :lol: I have next two chapters written out too, but I have to heavily edit next one, because somehow I am not satisfied with it. Enjoy!

Chapter 9 - Encounter

Titania sat in the kitchen of her house and sipped coffee from her cup. Event from last night still bothered her and she sighed. Oberon stumbled in the kitchen and Titania frowned," Good afternoon..."
" Oh my...what happened? I fell asleep in the hot tub...I think..." Titania was not impressed.
" Nothing serious...You threw bottle at me last night..." Titania said in monotone voice. Oberon squinted," I did?"
" Mhm..."
" I'm sorry...I..."
" You have a problem...a SERIOUS problem!" Titania emphasized the word serious. Oberon slid in the chair. Titania sipped from the cup and didn't even look at him. Bottom was at school and Puck was in college.
" My creator..."Oberon mumbled. He did not remember anything from last night. Titania got up and came up to the window. She saw Tybalt and Diana who lived across the street from them, packing boxes and stacking them. Tybalt came up to Diana, who just dodged his attempt to hug and went into the house. Tybalt tilted his head back and run his fingers through his hair. He noticed Titania looking and waved and she waved back. He then went back into the house. Titania was relieved she was not the only one with problems, but she felt bad because Tybalt and Diana didn't need nor deserve it. She crossed her arms and continued looking out the window. It was a bright and quiet day and to have an argument on such day was not great idea. She went back to the tabled and picked up her coffee mug. Oberon silently watched as she put it in the sink.
" Honey...I'm sorry..." he started. Titania just looked up at the selling and then proceeded doing dishes. Oberon came up to her and tried to hug her," I'll change..." Titania turned around sharply and pushed him away.

" NO!" She shouted," You've been telling me this for how long now?! I heard this so many times, that I lost count! You tell me this and week later you go back to your drinking! No, Oberon just no!" She broke in tears.
" Honeybee, I'm trying..." Oberon started.
" NO YOU'RE NOT!" Titania screamed," It's been a year since you started drinking! A YEAR!" She bit her lower lip," I want a divorce..." She said. Oberon stumbled back and sat in the chair.
" Titania..."
" I can't take it anymore! I can't, I have a child to raise and you are not helping me at all! You're so lucky Puck is in college right now..."
" We can't divorce, we can't!"
" We will have to, unless you change! And I know you won't!"
" Please give me a chance!"
" Oberon..." She started.
" Please, honeybee! I love you, don't want to lose you for the alcohol..." Titania turned away. Oberon lost his job a year ago and he has been in big depression ever since. She knew there is still hope but it was hard for her to beleive it. Why was it so hard to believe it?," Honeybee?"
" You already lost me.." Titania cried out and run out of the house. She ignored her husband calling her. She ran up the street to the Capp Manor and knocked on the door.

" Who is this?" She heard Consort say in an angry tone.
" It's me Titania..." She cried out.
" Why didn't you say so?! Come in, come in!" She heard the door click. She pushed it open and entered the manor. It smelled like fresh paint and floor polish. The manor has recently been rebuilt, but it still had the old and mysterious feel to it. Consort came down the stairs," What are doing here, you rearly come over..."
" I need to talk to some one else besides Marina..." Consort frowned when he heard that name," I'm sorry if I'm bothering you..."
" Not at all, my grandson I supposed to move back here, just waiting up on him, so I can order boys to help him unpack..."
" that's...why he had boxes...outside his house..." Titania said slowly as she pointed towards the door.
" So what's going on?"Consort crossed his arms on his chest. Titania looked down," Oberon and I fought again..."
" Ah, again..." Consort mumbled. This was not new to him. When those two fought whole town knew," What's so serious now?"
" I threatened him with a divorce.." She rubbed her shoulder.
" Is that so? I think you would be better off without him..."

" It's hard, you don't understand..." She started," Seriously, why I even bother..." She rolled her eyes," It's not you it's just...UGh! My life has been so f**ked up since Puck left. He somehow managed to keep family together..." She titled her head back and run her fingers through her hair.
" I understand, married life can have rough patches sometimes..." Consort shrugged.
" I better go.." Titania nodded towards the door, " Don't want to be in the way of anything..." She hugged Consort," Thanks for listening..."
" No problem." He said and looked at Titania. After breif moment of silence, they leaned closer and kissed.

dun dun dun! D8 Thank you for comments guys!

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« Reply #18 on: June 24, 2010, 10:25:05 am »


Wtf? Consort, you old fart! D:< -stalks thread for next chapter-

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« Reply #19 on: June 25, 2010, 06:40:12 pm »


Scandal in Verona .... ville?
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« Reply #20 on: June 26, 2010, 08:25:10 pm »

Very girly and romantic chapter :lol: I wanted to sum things up in a cute fashion. Enjoy!

Chapter 10 - Friends Once More

"So, he didn't joke when he said he rebuilt it..." Tybalt said as he stoped his car by the manor," It took him a while.." He chuckled and notice Diana looking at him. She turned away instantly. Tybalt sighed," Dinee, how long are you gonna keep frowning? I appologized for yesterday..."
" This is ridiculous..." Diana shook her head.
" Really?" Tybalt said in a sarcastic tone," You are still frowning over a small argument, and when I try to applogize for being mean, you ignore me. Who is being childish now?" Tybalt tried to stay calm.
" You are making big deal out nothing!" Diana started getting frustrated.
" ME?! You are the one who is freaking out about nothing!" Tybalt protested.
" Don't yell when Christina is in the car!" Diana raised her voice. Tybalt paused and looked at his daughter who had very confused and terrified look. He raised his eyes to the roof of the car and got out and slammed the door. Diana huffed and got out the car as well. Tybalt opened luggage compartment and turned to her," Could you at least tell me your problem?"
" My problem is, that you have been distant and when we are together you hardly talk. It is nothing big..."

" Then if it is nothin big what's your problem?"
" You inturpting me is one of them!" Diana hissed. Tybalt just rolled his eyes," it is nothing big, but I don't like how distant we've grown...."Diana looked down.
" Diana, I've been busy..."
" You some how managed to find time for us before..."Diana said coldly. She grabbed few boxes and walked towards the manor. Tybalt clenched his hands," Son of a..." He paused rememebring Christina is in the car and stomped on the ground," UGH!" He exclaimed. Diana came back and checked up on Christina. Tybalt took few boxes and started walking towards the house," You're not same any more Tybalt...Whoop tee doo! Try to be same, when you grandfather loads you with 'chores'!" he grumbled to himself. He raised his eyes just in time to dodge Titania who run out of the manor and almost knocked him over," Whoa, watch it!"
" Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!" Titania mumbled as she tried to fix her hair," You alright?"
" Yeah, I'm perfect..." Tybalt said coldly. Titania squeezed out a smiled and walked away. Tybalt watched her leave and realized how odd it is. Titania is never over unless Puck is. To his knowledge Puck is in college right now, living in his old dorm. Tybalt shrugged and set the box on the ground in front of the door. Consort opened the door and peeked out.
"Tybalt, I didn't know you were over!" He said. Tybalt frowned," When did you get memory loss?" he asked jokingly.
" Don't get cocky with me young man!"
" I wasn't..." Tybalt shrugged.
" Hold on, I'll get boys to help..." He grandfather said as he went back in the house. Tybalt went back to the car. Diana was getting boxes out," Let me help..." He asked but Diana just gave him a cold look.
" Could you take Tina into the house?" She asked as she closed the luggage compartment," All boxes are out...Furniture truck should be here soon..." She said as she looked at the road. Tybalt took Christina out of the car. He closed the door with his foot and laughed," Still got it!" Christina laughed.
" Dad..." Christina asked as Tybalt walked with her to the house. Diana picked up her hand bag and followed them.
" Yeah?"
" Why are you and mommy shouting?" She asked. Both Tybalt and Diana flinched.
" Uhm..." he paused trying to think of a good way to explain it to a two year old," Adults do that..." he said as he was lacking better reasons.
" Adult life is hard..." Chritina concluded. Tybalt glanced over his shoulder," Can't argue with you on that..." He said as he opened door. Diana stood outside the house for a moment. She saw furniture truck stop by the house and some of Consorts body guards came out from backyard to help with boxes. She sighed and enetered the manor. Smell of paint and floor polish hit her nose and she felt dizzy. Tybalt stood in the middle of halway looking around. He turned around and smiled," Hey could you hold Tina real quick? I gotta go look for some she'd love to meet..."He said as he handed Christina to her. Diana felt Hershey rub aginst her leg.
" Who is dad looking for, ma?" Christina asked confussed.
" I really don't know..." Diana answered honestly. She watched Tybalt walk from room to room in the new manor.
" Seriously where the heck are they?" he rubbed his head. Diana raised her eyebrow," Who?" she asked, but instead of answering Tybalt let out a loud whistle. Christina covered her ears and Diana squinted wishing she could do the same. Hershey poofed up and hissed when she heard clicking and tapping. Two dobermanns ran into the corridor and knocked Tybalt over. They barked and licked his face," Okey, okey! I missed you too guys!" he petted the dogs and turned to Diana," Put her down." he said. Diana settled Christina on the floor," They won't eat her will they?" She asked while still holding on to Christina.
" These two? No, don't worry about it. Tina, this is Ralf," Tybalt pointed at of the dobermann's," he is my buddy, and this is..."
" BOSKO!" Hermia shouted as she entered the house. She spread her arms out as the other dobermann ran towards her," I missed you too buddy!"
" Yeah, he is your aunt's dog..." Tybalt concluded," Hey Herms!"
" Hi guys, I just got back from Campus!" She said as she petted Bosko," it is gorgous out there! Hey Tina!" She run up to her neice. Christina clapped her hands and hugged Hermia. Tybalt looked at Diana. She smiled and looked down," moving back in huh?"
" Yeah," Tybalt shrugged," How about you?"
" I'm still living in the dorm, stay here once in a while nothing much...Gosh I am so excited, grand pa told me the news!" She said as she set Christina down, who walked up to Ralf and hugged him.
" I'm going to go upstairs..." Diana said quietly. Tybalt and Hermia watched her leave.
" What's with her?" Hermia whispered.
" Long story..." Tybalt didn't want to talk about it.
" I have time..." Hermia was persistent. Tybalt sighed," She says I changed and she says we've grown distant...I've been busy and I have not changed, where is she getting all this from?"
" Well, just show her you did not change. Just be yourself with her, when you are not busy, plain and simple..."

" It's easy to say..." Tybalt started.
" You love her, right?" Hermia asked in a serious tone.
" Of course!" Tybatl exclaimed.
" I see no problem..." She said. She raised her eyes and noticed Diana come back downtairs and head towards the backyard," You could talk to her now..." she nodded in Diana's direction.
" I will, I just gotta change, I've been in this sweater whole day..." Tybalt shivered.
" Hey, how about I take Christina of our back and take her out some where? I haven't seen her in like 2 months, I feel like bad god mother..."
" Sure, just don't go nuts like last time..." Tybalt rolled his eyes.
" Uhm, what happened?" Hermia asked.
" Last time she went out with you her first word was 'cookie'!"
" It could have been a swear word..." Hermia huffed," Besides, she now has a nickname..." She paused when she saw Tybalt's cold look," Okey, okey, no more fancy words..." Hermia rolled her eyes and started looking for Chrisina, who managed to wander all the way in the kitchen while playing with Ralf. Tybalt went upstairs and changed into his swim trunks, because he wanted to go for a swim. He saw Diana sitting by the pool and looking down in the water.

Tybalt grabbed a towel and went downstairs. Diana didn't hear him," Hi Dinee.."
" Holy..." Diana jumped up and almost fell out the chair," Tybalt, don't do this..."
" Sorry, I thought you heard me..."
" No I didn't..." Diana said quietly and sighed. Tybalt paused and looked around," Hm..."
" Huh?" Diana asked.
" This house did not have a pool for the longest time..." He turned around," Whoa, he set mom's green house back up..." he slowly walked towards the green house. Diana tilted her head and followed him. Tybalt pressed his face against the window," I remember Hermia would hide in here if we argued. Mom was always here and she always managed to make peace. I always thought flowers were girly..." He chuckled and turned around," I still do you know? She always give me a red rose and say "Some day your princess will want one of these. Red does not only mean agression but it also means passion and love...." He looked up at the clouds," I sometimes wondered how she knew red roses will be your favorite..." Diana quietly looked at him," Enough with the memories..." He said as he walked away from the green house.
" You know..." Diana broke the silence," I never seen this house with the green house or the pool..."
" Grandfather took them down after mom got assasinated...They reminded him to much of her, I wonder what made him set them back up..." Diana smiled with corner of her mouth and closed her eyes, letting wind touch her face. Tybalt chuckled," heads up!" he shouted as he pushed Diana into the pool. Diana screamed and splashed into the water. She swam up and moved her hair away from her face," TYBALT! YOU ARE AN IDIOT!" She shouted as she splashed water towards him.

Tybalt moved aside and watched as water splashed next to him. He turned to Diana and cocked his eyebrow," Is that all you got, Lady Capulet?" He said unimpressed. Diana frowned.
" Ugh..." she hit the water with her fist," What got into you?!" She said as she swam up to the edge. Tybalt kneeled by the pool and when Diana tried to get out he pushed he back in," Really?!"
" Just being myself..." He smiled.
" No, it's called being silly..." Diana frowned.
" Aren't I always when I'm with you?" he asked. Diana paused and looked in his eyes.
" You didn't change..." She mumbled.
" There is difference between being busy and changing and you gotta learn that difference." He said coldly," How dare you say I changed when I was changed when you came into my life." Diana sobbed. She leaped up and kissed him. She pulled him closer and Tybalt lost his balance," Whoa..." was all he managed to exclaim as he fell in the pool. Diana laughed when they both swam up," Some one turned the lights off..."
" Your hair is over your eyes silly!" She laughed as he moved his hair.
" Oh, I knew that.." Tybalt said seriously and they both laughed.
" Aunt Hermia..." Christina asked as she pressed her nose against the window," What's that?" she said as she pointed at her parents splashing each other with water. Hermia looked out the window and chuckled," I'll tell you when you are older. Let's go, I'll take you to the play ground." She picked her up and they walked towards the front door.
Diana climbed out from the pool and shook her head," You're silly, you know..."
" Thanks Captain Obvious!" Tybalt laughed as he climbed out and sat next to her," How do I look?"
" Like a red mop..." she laughed.
" Gee, you're nice..."
" I'm sorry, I couldn't resist..." She nudged him. She put her head on his shoulder and sighed," I love the sunset..."
" Yeah...I never realised how beautiful it is..." Tybalt exclaimed. He layed back and looked up at the clouds," You wanna know something funny?"
" Sure."
" When I was sixteen, I never thought I'd end up with a nice girl, get married to her and have a child...I always thought I'd never marry." Diana sat closer to him.
" What changed your mind?" She asked as she put a hair strand behind her ear.
" Well, there are many aspects to it...You were this little persistant bug when I first met you. I never had a girl intersted in me beyond the fact that I'm strong..."
" I didn't even know you were strong until I saw you beat up that guy that was annoying Juliet..."
" Oh that's right...It's like...there was something about you..."
" When did you fall in love with me?" Diana asked. Sun has completely set and it slowly started getting dark.
" Our first valentine together. You told me something my mother and sisters have been always telling me. You said you love me for who I really am, not for strenght and money..."
" I said I like you..." Diana pouted her lips. Tybalt chuckled," We both know you meant 'I love you'." Diana shrugged. He was saying the truth," How about you?"
" The time we went to the mall with Dylan. You told me to think if every guy acts like Dylan, and when you left tot eh bathroom, I realized you don't act like any other guy I met or knew. Besides you look cute." she smiled and layed next to him. Tybalt put his arm around her.

" Comfy?"
" Mhm...You don't mind do you?"she laughed.
" You wouldn't be laying like this if I did." He hugged her, " I love you."
" I love you too. I'm sorry about thinking you changed..."
" It's fine, I guess I did get carried away a little bit," He said as he run his fingers through her hair. Diana closed her eyes and cuddled closer to him. She wanted this moment to last forever.
"Wanna go inside? It's getting cold and dark..." Tybalt asked as he rubbed her shoulder.
" Sure, I gotta change anyway..." Diana said as she got up.
" Hold on," Tybalt said as he went towards teh rose bushes that grew by the green house. He picked one rose of. he got suprised by the fact he didn't cut his finger," for you princess." he handed the rose to Diana. Diana felt her cheeks burning.
" Aaaw, you didn't have to..."
" Yes, i did. Now let's go it's getting cold!" he said as he held her side and walked with her to the manor.
Things are gonna go tiny bit low after next chapter, because I have nothing written out beyond that XD Hope you like it!

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« Reply #21 on: June 27, 2010, 12:16:34 am »

Shocked That was (grilled) cheesy, but I loved it! Twas stuffed to the brim with romance. xD Tybs is such a teddy bear! BTW, where did you get those boxes?

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« Reply #22 on: June 27, 2010, 12:35:53 am »

very cute chapter <3
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« Reply #23 on: June 27, 2010, 01:01:45 am »

DeliciouslyDemonic: They came with one of the many houses from GoS. Look around there, they know how to clutter Smiley
gumdrop Rain: Thank you Smiley

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« Reply #24 on: June 27, 2010, 02:20:27 am »

I found them. :3 GoS is probably my fave site for clutter and grungy stuff. xD

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« Reply #25 on: June 29, 2010, 09:45:24 pm »

Some heavy editing later, this cahpter isn't as bad as it was originally. original contained more swearing and junk, but now only warnign I have is : THIS CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND MILD HINTS ON SWEAR WORDS. You were warned :3

Chapter 11 - Pesky Cousins

Miranda settled her bag in the hallway and looked around. She rubbed her side and huffed," You know you can be useful and help with the rest of the stuff..."  Albany said as he set boxes in the doorway.
" I could, but I chose not to." Miranda said with a cocky smile. Her father frowned but kept silent.
" Your father asked for help, so go be useful." Goneril said in a strict tone. Miranda rolled her eyes and huffed," What...evah!" She walked outside where her siblings were taking boxes out of the car. She squinted," Pass me the box twerp!"She barked at her brother, Hal.

Hal stared at her coldly," Go get it yourself!" He said as he purposely bumped into her as he walked in the house. Miranda frowned and followed him in the house.
" Why there is no boxes in your hands?!" Goneril shouted," I told you to go help..."
" I will reorganize a room for myself...Which room belonged to Tybalt, I'll make sure I destroy it!" She smirked.
" You're not destroying anything! You are nineteen for crying out loud, let go of the childhood grudge...besides, you are only staying in this house on the weekends...So pick a small room!" Goneril hissed at her daughter.
" I'll make sure I pick the biggest..." Miranda said as she pranced around the house. Goneril clenched her fists and went back outside to the car to get more boxes.
" Ma, just say it, your eldest daughter is a b**ch!" Hal said as he saw his mother storm out he house. Goneril slaped her son across the face," DON"T YOU DARE SAY THAT!"
" Because she is mom!" he screamed. Goneril threatened him with another hit and Hal kept quiet. Miranda squinted from bright sunlight as she came out on the porch with a nail file," B**ch, huh?"
" You are and you know it..." Hal hissed at his sister. Miranda lowered her sunglasses when she saw silver car stop by thier house. She knew the owner," What the hell are they doing here?!" She screamed as she saw Tybalt and Hermia get out the car. Goneril ignored her daughter.
" Tybalt, Hermia! Nice to see you!" She exclaimed in a fake surprised tone and hugged her nephew. Miranda grumbled and went back in the house.

" Problmes?" Tybalt cocked his eyebrow.
" Big ones too!" Hal exclaimed," She is being b**cher then ever!"
" Stop it!" His mother shut him up.
" To think she'd grow up..." Hermia huffed.
" I don't even know any more, she is such problem child!"
" No offence, auntie, she always was..." Tybalt squeezed out a smile. Goneril squinted.
" Don't you think I know?"
" I never knew what was on your mind..." Tybalt answered honestly.
" She seemes to be holding more grudge against you then any one..."
" Gee, did she mention me? Because I will.." Hermia raised her hand towards the door but Tybalt stopped it. Giving his sister furious look he said," No." Hermia rolled her eyes.
" Going to help with boxes, you two?" Miranda said as she came out of the house again.
" You are supposed to be helping missy..." Hermia said.
" Not going to, I'm going to ruin my nails..." Miranda waved her hand at her cousin. Hermia grumbled and started walking towards her. Tybalt sharply stuck his arm out. Hermia bumped into his arm so hard it knocked the wind out of her.
" Can I just rip her nails one by one?" She pleaded.
" I said no! I don't care if my 'right hand', I'm in charge here!" Tybalt said through his teeth. Hermia huffed and crossed her arms on her chest.
" She is the Don now?" Miranda chuckled," I thought the position was asigned for Tybs!"
" Don't call me Tybs, Miranda!" Tybalt said coldly," And she isn't. She is second in command if you will..."
" Hal, come help me set up the kitchen..." Goneril said as she saw Tybalt and Miranda exchange furious looks.
" They are going to fight aren't they?"he whispered to his mom.
" I said go help with the kitchen!" She spat as she pushed her son into the house.
" Look, the heck you two came here for, if not helping?" Miranda fixed her nail.
" Talk." Hermia said as she stretched her arms out trying to reach Miranda.
" But really, why Herms?" Mirands ignored Hermia," After Tybalt's wife poped a kid he got to busy with fatherhood?" She smirked. Tybalt clenched his fists and Hermia grinded her teeth," Gee, I thought you were toughest guy in Verona... And you can't do nothing to me! Boys aren't supposed to beat up girls, and you won't get away with it any more, we are not ten and five any more!" She smiled and laughed. Tybalt clenched his fist harder. He was still holding his hand out blocking Hermia from jumping on her cousin.
" Whoops, my hand slipped!" He said as he moved his arm away. Hermia launched on Miranda knocking her of her feet. Tybalt turned his back to them.

" Get of me you psychopath!" Mirand tried to get Hermia of but Hermia was strong. Hermia broke in tears.
" MY BROTHER IS ALL I GOT AND YOU DARE INSULT HIM! HOW DARE YOU, B**CH HOW DARE YOU!!I HATE YOU, I ALWAYS HATED YOU YOU STUCK UP B**CH!! YOU ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!" Herima cried out as she kept hitting Miranda. Tybalt turned around and came up to Hermia," That's enough."
" NO IT ISN'T!" Hermia cried out and pushed him away, "This b**ch always got away with everything!" Tybalt put his hand on Hermia shoulder," I said enough!" Hermia looked up at her brother and nodded. She got of Miranda whipping her tears. Miranda got up and tried to keep still. Hermia turned around and kneed her in the stomach. She then walked away. Miranda spit out blood.
" B**ch!" She screamed at Hermia, which was a bad move. Hermia sharply turned around and run toward Miranda. She pushed her against the wall and punched her in the gut again.
" SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! YOU ARE THE B**CH OF THE FAMILY NOT ME!" She scremaed as she hit Miranda's head on the wall. Tybalt run up to Hermia and pulled her of of Miranda. Miranda slid down the wall. Hermia tried to rip her self out of Tybalt grip, but Tybalt picked her up in the air," LET ME AT HER, LET ME MESS HER UP!" she screamed as she tried to stretch her hands out to Miranda. Miranda pressed into the wall.
" I'll get you later b**ch, I'll get you later! You better not wander Verona alone!" She screamed as Tybalt dragged her to the car. Miranda watched them drive off and coughed up blood.
" Nice...But I think you went too far..." Tybalt said as he tapped on the wheel.
" She deserved it. She did." Hermia said as she fixed her hair," I hate her Tybs, I do, I always did. She took my crush away from me and now she is insulting you and Diana...And Tina, I forgot to punch her one for that..." She said as she tried to get out the car. Tybalt locked the door with a push of the button.
" Idiota, I'm driving..." He hissed.
" I don't give a crap!"
" How did she still Puck from you anyways?" Tybalt shrugged as he stoped at the light. Hermia flinched and looked away," she didn't steal Puck...."
" Then who?" Tybalt asked as he started driving.
" Mercutio..." Hermia said quietly. Tybalt pressed the brake sharply and Hermia flew forward. He caught her with his free arm.
" JERK!" Driver behind him screamed as he drove around him. Tybalt just frowned.
" What did I tell you about seat belts?!" he shouted at Hermia," AND WHO WAS YOUR CRUSH?!" He screamed even louder.

" Oh. What Juliet can get away with dating Monty and I can't?" Hermia said as she put seat belt on. Tybalt started driving and sighed," The hell is wrong with you girls, picking wrong guys..."
" You sound like grandfather right now...'cept you don't shove guys in my face..." Hermia chuckled. Tybalt squinted in disgust," Thanks for comparison..."
" What?" Hermia shruged.
" Look, I don't care who you like or date, I have personal hate for Monties and I'm sticking to it. That is the only reason I get mad for. That's it."
" Monites are sneaky snakes I know that much myself..." Hermia added," We are agressive they are sneaky. That's how Verona rolls."
" How true." Tybalt chuckled.
" I was indesisive at some point and he was one of the guys I liked. I liked Puck more though, but me and Mercutio were very close friends. Miranda then..." Hermia paused and Tybalt glanced at her.
" Yeah?"
" Uhm.." Hermia stuttered," She started dating him down the line. I didn't care. I was a little bit upset, but as long as he is happy. She started turning him agianst me. You know how hard is it to live with your old best friend in the same dorm, and he hates you for the lies your cousin told him?!" Hermia spat out and started crying. Tybalt bit his lip.
" Look, how about you stay over at the manor today, I doubt you wanna see Mercutio or Miranda tonight. I won't be there, so I won't be able to rip you apart." He suggested.
" Sure. I'm just going to call Puck and tell him I'm staying over at your place. He knows what's going on, he won't care." Hermia shrugged. Tybalt nodded in agreement. The rest of the ride was pretty quiet. Tybalt parked the car in the drive way and got out. Him and Hermia were greeted by Diana, Bosko and Ralf.
" Hello," Diana hugged Tybalt. She glanced at Hermia and gasped," What happened?"
" We had to attend the business for aunt Goneril.." Tybalt summed it up. Diana nodded, but she knew that there was more that bothered Hermia.
" Tybie, honey, could you go over Joey's and pick Tina up? Ingie took her and Tony out to the zoo today and I think they should be back by now."
" Sure, no problem. I haven't seen him in a while. He runs art gallery by him sefl all the time, might as well. I will see you later." he kissed her cheek and walked back to the car," By the way.." He called Diana over," Hermia is staying over tonight...Personal problems, I don't want her getting in the fight at the dorm and I'm not there."
" I gotcha." Diana nodded. She leaned forward and kissed him," take care." Tybalt smiled and drove off. Diana walked up to Hermia," Wanna talk?" Hermia looked up at her. Should she tell her? She might tell Tybalt and she didn't want him knowing. Bosko pressed his nose on her hand and whined. Hermia rubbed him behind the ear. She looked at Diana again and tears started pouring out of her eyes. She nodded as she sobbed. Diana put her hand on her shoulder and walked with her in the house," It's alright let it out. Want tea?" Hermia nodded her head violently," Shh, relax relax..." Diana said softly. She turned the kettle on and sat Hermia on the sofa. She sat next to her and held her hand," Tell me, what's wrong? Take your time, Tybalt never goes over Joey's for five minutes." She said. Hermia swallowed her tears.
" When I just turned fourteen, I was in love with two guys: Mercutio and Puck. I liked Puck more, but I was very good friend with Mercutio..." she huffed. Diana got up and poured both of them some tea. She handed Hermia a cup and sat down," Thanks..." Hermia squeezed out a smile," I have cousin Miranda. You heard of her right?"
" Yeah, your brother and sister mentioned her to me. They said at some point you were okey but then she became a b**ch..."
" Mhm. She became a b**ch because we were the favorite kids. We were born of the favorite daughter and junk...Typical sibling rivalary. She used to bug me a lot because she is only year younger and Tybalt would get so mad, he would get her in trouble. Who would believe her, she was a trouble maker as it is, but Tybalt, he was a good boy!" Hermia exclaimed sarcasticaly," Yeah right..."She sipped fromt he cup," She hated all three of us, but she hated me and Tybalt the most, because, like I said before, we would get her in trouble. When we grew older, I became friend with some Montague boys. Tybalt didn't really approve, but I did not force the friendship on him, so he was fine with it as long I did not bother him. I grew to like Mercutio. He introduced me to Puck and you know the teenage hood...The hormones. I grew to like Puck. Him and I seemed to bond pretty well. I still like Mercutio but we always said we will be friends. When I turned fifteen, Puck asked me out and I said yes. Mercutio started dating Miranda few months later. I got mad,  I told him he doesn't know her and he should stay away from her. He thought I'm just jealous and didn't listen..." Hermia's voice trembled. She held tight onto her tea cup and swalloed the tears. Diana rubbed her shoulder," He told Miranda what I said. Few days later when Puck and I were walking in the park....Miranda and some of the guys from Montague side of Verona attacked us..." Hermia paused. She wipped her eyes and broke in tears. Diana quietly looked at her. Bosko came up to Hermia and whined. Hermia rubbed him behind his ear and looked at Diana," Two of them...held..Puck and the other four started beating me. The kept hitting and hitting me...I...I felt blood flowing down my face and I remember Puck screaming for them to stop and hit him instead. Miranda just stood there...laughing....Laughing mainacly. She watched me get beaten up and she...she laughed, Diana. She laughed. She said that is for calling her b**ch and that my...precious brother is not there to help mee..." Hermia cried.

Diana covered her mouth. Tears run down her cheeks," Did...Did they do anything but beating? Please tell me they didn't!" She cried.
" No they didn't. After a while Miranda told them to stop and she then spat in my face and left...When they left Puck run up to me and held me close.
' will be okey...' He cried as he held me. I layed in his arm looking....looking at stars crying in pain. Tears burned my wounds,' We will tell Tybalt, he will deal with all seven of them!' he cried and held me closer.
' No..." i stuttered,' we can't...he will kill her...' I cried. I still tried to protect her....even after what she did..." Hermia wiped her tears," I made Puck promise he will never tell any one about this. Verona is giant yarn ball of gossip, if he tells any one it would eventually get to Tybalt and it will be all twisted and demented and it will just be fuel and he is a match, you know that..." She cried. Diana nodded and bit her lower lip. Hermia hugged Diana," I wanted to kill her today for what she did to me seven years ago. Tybalt stoped me. He doesn't know and he must never know..."
" Hermia you can't hide this from him! You have to tell him..." Diana started.
" NO! NO! DIANA, YOU ARE MARRIED TO HIM! YOU KNOW HOW HE IS, HE WON'T CARE SHE IS A FAMILY, HE WILL MURDER HER!"she screamed," please, I beg you please, swear to me he will never know, I beg you Diana...."
" Hermia, she hired people to beat you, what the hell is wrong with you?!" Diana yelled back.
" I know, but it my problem to deal with. Please, promise me...If any one is killing her, it is me...Not Tybalt. Dylan is his job..." Hermia muttered and Diana flinched when she heard the name," Please..."
" I won't...but you will have to tell him that some day..." She cried.
" I know..." Hermia leaped into Diana's arms and cried on her shoulder," thanks for listening...promise you won't tell...please..." she cried harder. Diana patted her shoulder.
" I promise..." She whispered," I promise."
Next chapter ill be up shortly.

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« Reply #26 on: June 30, 2010, 01:58:57 am »

Oh look~a deep family connection.
And more trouble 8D

It just gets better and better
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« Reply #27 on: June 30, 2010, 10:11:31 am »

I love it. Miranda is a b*tch in my my game, too. My sister had a story where she was obbsessed with getting revenge on Juliet for getting prego by Romeo and Hermia for supporting her, and she was helped by Tybalt. Long story short, she made Tybs flirt with Puck to steal him away from Hermia, which made Tybalt realize he was gay. xD

Anyways, another well-thought-out chapter. I can't wait to see what happens, and I do agree with Hermia about Verona being a big tangled ball of gossip and drama.

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This is an unexpected chapter, because apparently, while I was playing with my old laptop aka soundless, Diana managed to get knocked up and I did not know. This is a very unexpected turn of events, which I some how have to fit into the whole story. Oh well, more kiddlets, yay Smiley Enjoy!

Chapter 12 - New Family Member

Diana and Tybalt decided to take a week of and go on vacation. They both were over worked and little break wouldn't hurt. Hermia stayed at the manor for that week with Puck and looked over Christina. Diana brought the family tree book with her and showed it to Tybalt. Tybalt was surprised to even see the book, as he though it was long gone. He was surprised as well when Diana and Christina weren't added and agreed with Juliet about family secret. Diana spent most of her vacation looking over the book and looking at all the relatives an photographs. She felt really bad for Cordelia, as she was only 10 years older then Diana when she died. It slightly bothered Diana, but she didn't let it get to her.
" Hermia, where did the orange serbet go?" Diana asked as she was looking through the freezer. They got back from heir vacation a month ago, and Diana was looking for something sweet as she was craving some.
" I don't think we have any..." she answered as she walked into the kitchen.
" Well who ate it?!" Diana barked. Hermia froze on the spot," Whoa there..." She exclaimed. Diana shook her head, " I'm sorry, I'm on edge lately...My creator, why am I so hungry!" She excalimed as she turned back to the fridge and strted looking through. All she could find, that was of any interest, were strawberry cookies and hazelnut spread. Diana shrugged and took both out. She sat at the kitchen table and began dipping cookies in the spead and eating them. Hermia watched her confused.
" You alright?" She seemed concerned.
" Mhm, why?" Diana asked as she stuffed chocolate covered cookie in her mouth.
" You are usually concerned about your figure, and now you are eating strawberry cookies in chocolate..." Hermia waved her hand towards the table.
" It's hazelnut." Diana corrected her.
" Whatever. Besides, you've been having real bad mood swings..." she said as she sat down.

" I don't have mood swings!" Diana shouted. Hermia seemed unimpressed," Sorry...I guess I do..." Diana added sadly.
" I'm worried, when was last time you had your period?" She asked. Diana nibbled on the cookie and looked up at the celling in thoughts.
" Week before we left for vacation?..." She said.
" It's been about month and a half...maybe..." Hermia sretched. Diana looked at her confused, but then she dropped the cookie once the got the hint.
" No, impossible!"
" So you telling me two married adults, went on vacation for a week and never did the naughty?" She chuckled," Please, I wasn't born yesterday..."
" Maybe..." Diana felt her self blush," Look, you made me waste a cookie, silly girl!" she said as she picked up the cookie.
" Forget the cookie!" Hermia raised her arms to the celling," You might be pregnant here and you concern is a cookie?" She added. Diana rolled her eyes," Humor me, let's go get you a test or something. I will sleep better."
" Alright, only because I'm concerned too." Diana said as she got up and her and Hermia walked towards the door. They got back few minutes later and Diana went straight to the bathroom.
" Well?" Hermia said as she leaned against the wall by the door.

" I have to wait few minutes," Diana said," What if I am?"
" Isn't it a good thing?" Hermia shrugged," I thought you guys wanted big family."
" We do, but...I guess, we didn't really prepare for it..." Diana said as she opend the door. Her and Hermia spent the rest of few minutes in silence. Diana looked at the test and saw little plus sign on it," Positive..." She said. She had mixed emotions and didn't know what to do. Hermia came up to her and hugged her.
" Oh my creator, I'm so happy!"
" Me too, I'm just...confused I guess..."Diana paused," I need to think about this all for few minutes..." She said.
" I understand, I will be in the kitchen if you need me." Hermia patted her on the back and went down stairs. Diana sighed and walked to her room and layed acroos the bed. She looked up at the celling. Another kid. She was estatic. She was wondering about the gender, she already started thinking about the names and she already started planing how the future nursery will look, but at the same time it felt weird. Something about this was bothering her and she wasn't sure what. Diana took out her cell phone out of the drawer and dialed her mom. Marina picked up few beeps later," Yes?"
" Hey moomy, it's Diana..." Diana smiled. Hearing her mom made her feel better.
" I know sweety, my phone says that it's you calling," She laughed," How are you? Is there something you need to talk about?"
" How do you always know that?"
" I am a mother, I always know. What is it honey?" Marina asked. Diana paused and then sighed.
" Boy, well...this is awkward for some reason..." She mumbled," Uhm, I'm pregnant mom." Marina almost droped the phone.
" A...Are you sure?"she asked as she leaned back against the kitchen counter.
" Yes, I took a test. In fact I am looking at it right now." Diana said as she looked at the plus sign again, still not believing her eyes.
" This is so wonderful!" Marina said almost crying with joy.
" Really?" Diana got a little bit confused. Her mother didn't react that ecstatic at her first pregnancy.
" But of course! I want as many garnd kids as possible!" Marina laughed. Diana rolled her eyes.
" I know, I know..." Diana chuckled.
" You seem happy..." Marina said sarcasticaly.
" I am!" Diana protested," It's just...something's troubling me about it..."

" You worried about how Tybalt will react?" Marina suggested," I wouldn't worry about that. when you were pregnant with Christina, he was all happy, like he was pregnant, not you..." Diana laughed at the truth. Then it hit her. Christina.
" Mom, it's Christina..." Diana mumbed.
" What?"
" It's Christina. That's what bothering me about it..."
" Oh?"
" Yes. Think about it. didn't you have hard time telling Jordan and me about another kid in the house?" Diana asked," I wasn't too happy, but I dealt with it down the line. I don't know how she will react."
" Oh my creator, you are right. it's not just that too."
" What is it?"
" Tybalt. To my knowledge, she is very close with him, and having to share her dad with some one else..."
" Oh my, you are right..." Diana suddenly felt sad about it," How on earth am i going to tell her?"
" Look, I know she is very different. I don't think it will be that bad though." Marina said in a calm tone.
" I know mommy, I just..." Diana paused as she heard the door in her room open. It was Tybalt," I gotta go mom. Tybalt just came home." Tybalt raised his eyebrow and shrugged as he walked tot he dresser.
" Alright, call me later, tell me how things go, okey?"
" Alright, thanks for help." Diana smiled.
" Any time dearie, you know that. Bye-bye." Marina hung up. Diana put her cell phone back in the drawer and sighed. In the few minutes that he was home, Tybalt managed to change nto his pajamas and he sood in front of the dresser and streched," How was work?" Diana asked.
" A lot of paper work as usual..." Tybalt said as he cracked his knuckles," No, I mean actual paper work, not the other paper work..." he clarified. Diana giggled.
" I have to tell you something..." She said.
" Sure, what is it?"
" You might want to sit down..." She said.
" What did you brake?" he frowned.
" I didn't brake anything..." Diana rolled her eyes.
" I'm just messing," Tybalt said," what is it?" he said as he sat on the bed. Diana sighed," Give me a minute..." She said as she took a deep breath," I'm pregnant." Tybalt stared blankly at her. He then squinted," Are you sure?" Diana showed him the test. Tybalt just sat there looking at it. Diana didn't know what to think. Is he mad? is he happy?
"Honey?" Diana said as she rubbed his hand," Say something..."
"I..I'm just speechles really..." he chuckled.
" Are you happy? Mad?"
" Mad?! Me, creator, no!" he laughed," I'm freaking happy that's what!" he shouted, with no hints on sarcasm.
" Really?"
" Of course!" He pulled Diana closer," So who is it?"

" I don't know yet..." Diana laughed," How are we going to tell Christina?"
" Tell me what?" Christina asked. She walked out her room to look for Hershey, who run away from the tea party she was having with her dolls, but once she heard her name, she went towards her parents room. Tybalt and Diana looked at each other.
" Uhm..." Diana looked sideways," You...You..." She mumbled. Christina and Tybalt both looked at her with confusion," Okey...You are going to have a little sister..."
" Or brother." Tybalt added. Christina looked at her mom even more confused. She looked at her dad for support, but when she didn't get any looked back at her mom, " what do you mean?" she asked.
" Oh boy..." Diana said as she was trying to think of simple way of explaining this," we are having another kid..."
" So there is going to be another child like me?" Christina asked.
" Yes, that is an excelent way to put it!" Tybalt exclaimed," Thank you creator, for my daughter's smartness!" he mumbled as he looked at the celling. Chritina go terrified. She didn't want another kid. She didn't want to be forgotten. Her eyes filled with tears and she walked out of the room.
" Tina!" Diana stretched her hand out, but Christina ignored her. Tybalt rubbed back of his neck.
" That didn't go well did it?" he stated the obvious.
" Not really..." Diana sat on the floor and looked down.
" Let me talk to her," Tybalt said as he rubbed her head.
" Why?" Diana asked. Tybalt stoped in the door way.
" I reacted same way when mom told me about Juliet. You were right, she is a lot like me." He said without turning around. Diana nodded," Good luck."
" I need it..." Tybalt said. He walked to Christina room and all he heard was sobbing. He peeked in and saw Christina who was trying to climb in her crib but she was failing miserably," Hey..." he said.
" Go away!" Christina shouted. Tybalt came in and came up to her," You know having a sibling is not that bad..." Christina just pressed against the railing on her crib. Tybalt crouched next to her," I have two sisters and you mom has a brother and younger sister. Look at the positives, you will have some one to play with!" he said in cheerful tone.
" I don't want to..." Christina sobbed. Tybalt sat on the floor and leaned aginst her crib.
" You know, I'm going to come clean with you. You might be two, but you are very smart for your age," he sighed," I was two when your grandmother, creator rest her soul, came up to me and told me I will have a sibling. I reacted exactly same way as you did. I didn't want it. I was the only child for two years, and I didn't want my parents having to look after some one else. I felt like they will lock me in the closet and the my sibling will have all the attention now. I thought they will give my room away too!" he exclaimed. Christina looked at him but didn't say anything," I am actually surprised I remember this..." Tybalt added and looked over at Christina. She looked up at him," Are you going to do this?"
" Of course not. Just because we will have another child, doesn't mean we will love it more then you. We will love you equaly and we won't have a favorite. I know what having a favorite child causes..." Tybalt mumbled as he thought of his mom. Christina let go of the railing and sat on the floor.
" I'm scared," she said," I don't know if he will like me or not...or she. I don't want to share a room either..."
" And you won't. There is an extra room in the house the kid can have. Look, cookie, it's not that bad, really. At first you are always mad, but then you get used to it. Besides you might actually get along with him or her." Christina looked up at him.
" I guess..." Christina sighed. She then got up and tried to get back in the crib.
" Need help?" Tybalt raised his eyebrow.
" No, I can do it, I'm two!" She replied as she tried to climb. Her atempt failed again and she slid down on the floor. Tybalt rolled his eyes and picked her up.
" Come on," he hugged her," don't be mad, or I'll eat you!"
" I'm not mad...for now..." Christina stretched her hand towards her crib. Tybalt helped her get in and covered her with a blanket.

Diana knocked and came in," How is it going?"
" Pretty good. I think you can take it from here," he smiled as he kissed Diana," Good night." He rubbed Christina head. He was going to leave but she heald on to his finger. Tybalt turned around.
" Promise you will still play with me?" Christina frowned. Tybalt laughed," Of course. Sleep tight." He said as he left the room. Diana pulled a chair close to the crib and sat down," Mom, how is it to have a sister?"
" I get along quiet well with my sister. We have little arguments here and there, but it was never serious. Don't worry, who ever it is, you will get along with them."
" I don't want to be loved less..."
" And you won't honey." Diana smiled as she tucked her in," Daddy and I will never do that to you. Now don't be grumpy, I will let you help me pick a name, how does that sound?" Diana poked Christina cheek. Christina nodded," Good night honey, sleep tight." Diana said as she walked out the room and closed the door.

Christina turned on her side. She snuggled in the blanket and closed her eyes. She was having mixed emotions about this and eventually, she fell asleep.
I don't know how two year old's mind works really, so I hope I didn't make Christina sound like an Einstein child. :lol:

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Honestly, she does sound more like she's 4-5 years, or maybe even older.
But if you don't mind a few hints...  Wink

"I'm scared," she said," I don't know if he will like me or not...or she. I don't want to share a room either..."

" I don't want to be loved less..."

Two year olds have usually just started talking, so their sentences will be much simpler. They also don't care much about grammar, and their logic is something only they can understand. They'll usually say something more like "Mommy don't love me?" or "Baby not like me...", or something along those lines. They don't put in too much extra, and will rarely say more than the most neccessary.
They're also just starting to learn about concepts like sharing, and will only understand where the baby is if their mom actually says that the baby is inside her belly, and only when she starts showing. They probably wouldn't understand the concept of sharing their room unless it was suddenly invaded by a baby bed and hushing parents. Two year olds can be quite territorial, believe me... 

They also don't have much concept of time, and live more on a day-to-day (or hour to hour) basis. So understanding that they'll have a baby sibling in a few months usually won't happen until they see the proof (mommy's growing belly), and is explained what is happening. Even then, especially if they don't have siblings or younger family members, understanding the concept of it will be difficult for them. It's like if you tell them that they will have to share their favourite teddy bear with the baby when it arrives, then one kid might not understand it until the baby actually arrives. Another might hide the toy so that the baby won't get it, not realizing it will be months until the baby arrives, and even longer until he is actually old enough to actually want to play with the toy. The concept of time starts to come in with routines. At two, the toddler is starting to realize what "bedtime" means (kicking and screaming in the bathtub because he didn't want to stop playing), but won't understand that 7 PM means the same. A four year old kid might have started to learn about the clock, and knows that when the big pointer thingy is there and the little one is right up, then it's about time to play "bedtime hide and seek" with mommy...

Also, the concept of being loved less is more based on the concept of jealousy. Two year olds can be jealous of course, but usually they're too little to understand the feeling. They just want mommy to themselves. Wink

My own nephew (almost 5) just got a baby brother. He's smart for his age, and his mother is good at explaining things to him, so compared to other kids his age (there are several to compare with even just in our family) he talks much clearer, and understands a lot more than we might think he does, even if his logic still is a bit off sometimes (which is what makes little kids so charming, isn't it Wink). But he still have strange views on the new baby. For several months, he called his brother "the baby" when he was talking about him, and questioned everything - from feeding and diaper changing, to why we couldn't play with him while trying to make the baby sleep... He loves to be the center of attention (as my first nephew, and mom's first grandchild, he has a lot of practice), so I could clearly see there was at least a little jealousy in the air when our attention suddenly was on his brother, too. He's slowly getting used to sharing his mommy and daddy, though. But I do remember how he was like when he was two, so even if he understands things now, I don't think things had gone this smoothly if he had been younger. But kids are different, and most take family changes quite different. Like when my nephew had to part with my brother's motor cycle. There was crying and complaining, and you name it  Undecided

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