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Author Topic: Runaways - Chapter Two - When Tragedy Strikes!  (Read 4856 times)
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« on: April 26, 2010, 05:08:17 am »

I'm back with a new story.....hope its okay.....

Chapter One - A Perfect Life.

Bella was an ordinary girl from an ordinary family...

Her mum, Ellen was a teacher and her dad, Cam, was a police officer.

Bella often hung about with her little sister, Persephone (Bella called her Sephy). Sephy always looked up to her big sister, she was kool and didnt let people walk over her.

Bellas favourite time of the day was breakfast time, her mum would shout Bella and Sephy down for pancakes, as they sat down Cam would walk through the door
and join them, Cam didnt like the nightshift but was expecting a promotion any day soon.

Then Bella and Sephy would run back upstairs, get changed and go to
That was life as Bella knew things were about to change....


Apologies for the short chapter!
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« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2010, 11:11:05 am »

"Bella, Persephone, wake up, breakfasts ready" Bella woke with a jump, she was in the middle of an awesome dream.
"Coming" she shouted
Just then Sephy flew through the door

"Hiya B"
"Hey Sephy"
"Its friday, one more day of school then we go camping" Sephy loved camping
"Yeah it'll be awesome, come on breakfast"

They ran down stairs and sat at the table just as Ellen place a huge plate of pancakes on the table

"Dont forget your dads going to pick you up from school tonight, so you can get home and ready to pack for the camping trip"
"where is daddy anyway?" Sephy asked her mum

"He's probably running late, you know how short staffed they are right now"
The rest of the meal went quick, with Sephy talking about school.

"Right upstairs, get ready, your school bus will be here soon" Ellen told the girls
They ran upstairs got ready and ran out the door as they heard the school buses horn sounding
"Bye mum" Bella shouted
"Give daddy a morning kiss from me" Sephy added...

The school day had dragged because the girls were so excited about their camping trip. Bella walked round the corner to the primary school and waited for Sephy to run out the doors. Bella sat on a nearby bench day dreaming.

Sephy soon joined her.
"Wheres daddy?" Sephy asked Bella

"I dunno, hes probably stuck in traffic"
"What traffic?" Sephy couldnt see  traffic
"I dunno, he might be shopping for food for the camping trip"
"Oh yeah, ok" Sephy smiled

The girls sat waiting for half an hour until the headteacher of Sephys school approached them.

"Bella could you come with me to my office please, I need to talk to you" Bella knew it would be about Sephy again, she doesnt easily make friends
"Um yeah ok but what about Sephy" Bella didnt want to leave her on her own, especially outside
"Persephone can go sit in the staff room, Miss James is expecting her there"

Bella sat infront of the head teachers desk, it would have scared Bella if it was a different headteacher!
Mr Clough, was a nice man, with kind eyes, he smiled alot and seemed to really care about the kids at his

"Mr Clough, we have tried to encourage Sephy, sorry Persephone, to make more friends but she is just so shy"
Mr Clough intterupted Bella
"Bella im sorry, this isnt about Persephone"

"Eh, well whats it about then?"
Just then the secretary put her head round the door

"Mr Clough, Henry Smith, to see you"
"See him in Eleanor"

Bella recognised the man straight away, he was one of her dads best friends, and work colleagues...he was always laughing and playing with Sephy, but today he looked different.....sad...maybe....

"Bella" Henry sat next to Bella
"whats wrong Henry?" Bella asked

"Bella, im so sorry, this morning we received an emergency call, an armed robbery was in place at the bank"
"Erm ok"
"Bella, your dad attended the scene"
"Dad? why was he there?"
"He was covering for someone on sick Bella, im sorry, your dad tried to disarm ,a man, Bella he got sorry, i tried to resucitate but it was no use"
"No! dad wasnt working today, he worked last night, he doesnt work in the day! wheres mum? I want my mum!!!!" Bella screamed

"Bella your mum was in the bank.....the man your dad tried to disarm...he shot your mum, that why your dad tried to disarm sorry Bella, your mum
didnt make it either" Henry started cryin
Suddenly Bella jumped up and bega shouting.... NO!YOUR WRONG! SHE WILL BE AT HOME STILL, ITS HER DAY OFF! YOUR WRONG! ITS NOT HER! ITS NOT!!!!"

Bella suddenly slumped to the floor and everything went black...


would be nice to get some comments please? :-)
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« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2010, 03:12:06 pm »

I'm enjoying the story so far!

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