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Author Topic: Big Sims 3 Magic Implementation Mod  (Read 8366 times)
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« on: June 19, 2010, 09:13:14 am »

Hi I was wondering if someone could make this mod...

Here is a list of spell ideas (Ambitions, World Adventures Required for some) For a sims 3 major magic implementation mod, with supposed spell names, spell effects, and supposed animations)

If possible could you make it so that a sim has to read a book in order to gain the spell like abilities, like the fishing/gardening manuals?

also if its possible to put them in the hidden objects catalouge that can only be accessed by the "Buydebug" cheat / code

----Spell like abilities----

Firey Illusion – Create Fireworks (REACT TO EXPLOSION ANIMATION)

Explosion/Fireball - Explosions based on the detonate ability from the ambitions expansion. (INNAPROPRIATE SELECTION ANIMATION)

Hex - Unlocked mummy curse casting for the sims (MUMMY CURSE ANIMATION)

Plague - Give targeted sim the nauseous moodlet

Misery – Give Target Sim the Heartbroken Moodlet (INNAPROPRIETE SELECTION ANIMATION)

Inner Peace – Caster gain tranquil moodlet (HOPLESS ROMANTIC HANDS TO HEART IDLE)

Power Shock - Shock a sim without killing them however 2 is lethal as per already implemented rules

Scrying - ability that works like the lifetime reward that allows you to find collectables (VIRTUOSO SELECTION FINGERS TO HEAD COMPOSE ANIMATION)

Chilling Terror – Give Sim Scared + Chilled (ambitions) moodlets (SCARE SIM ANIMATION)

Supernatural sense - ability that works like the ghost finder at the top of the ambitions ghost hunter profession (VIRTUOSO SELECTION FINGERS TO HEAD COMPOSE ANIMATION)

Invoke into light - Works like the esp sensor/ghost finder from ghost hunter profession in ambitions (VIRTUOSO SELECTION FINGERS TO HEAD COMPOSE ANIMATION)

Aging Curse – Ages sim to elder (MUMMY CURSE ANIMATION)

Sleep - reduces target sims energy to 0 (MUMMY CURSE ANIMATION)

Glamour - Gives sims attractive trait for 1 day (HOPLESS ROMANTIC HANDS TO HEART IDLE)

Starfall - calls meteor down as in ambitions expansion (REACT TO DETONATE ANIMATION)

Fey touch - Revive dead plants like gardeners, (USE DEFULT ANIMATION)

Invoke the Power – Give Sim Meditative focus + Oddly Powerfull Moodlets (NEUROTIC SCREAM ANIMATION)

Fairy Fire - Allows sims to transmogrify fruit like pyromaniacs (USE DEFULT ANIMATION)

Soul Jar – Works like the ghosthunter ability to catch ghosts, no machine though (CATCH BUTTERFLY ANIMATION)

Invoke the Power – Sim Gain Oddly Powerfull + Meditative Focus Moodlets (REACT TO EXPLOSION ANIMATION)

A pinch of Magic - Turns foods Rating (ie good, bad, ect) to one degree higher or perfect (HAND KISS PERFECTIONIST ANIMATION)

----Talismans/objects - Carryable----

Talisman of luck - Give luck moodlet when activated

Talisman of Warding - acts like the death flower

Ouiji board - forces the haunting event from ambitions ghost hunter profession when activated


Alter of transmogrification - works as display case from world adventures

Alter of the Old Gods – Sims prays and is granted 1 days life, like life fruit

Crystal ball / Scrying Mirror / Tarot Cards – Gain 1 random gossip, event updates  every 10 mins from around town

Kind Regards : WildWitch

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